Mile Chapter 204: Interrogation

Mile Vol 7-1
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Mile Chapter 204: Interrogation


The hunter group brought the criminals back to the royal city and headed straight for the royal palace.
Although the Hunter Guild is the one that put up the request and captured the criminals, it doesn’t have jurisdiction in this matter.
It’s the role of the royal palace and the guards to investigate and judge the captured criminals.

Usually, most of the cases are the jurisdiction of the guard. But this time, considering the political elements, etc. those criminals are examined directly by the royal palace.
It seems that is how the royal palace corresponds.

It’s natural.

This might be a kidnapping aimed at the beastkin race, as the criminals involved are a large number of magicians, rich and lower aristocrats. etc
And there might be accomplices who weren’t on the scene…
At the same time, this was not a case to be entrusted to security guards who could just do a simple task like punishing bandits.

As for Faril-chan…
Of course, last night Maevis also contacted the innkeeper couple as well.
They have been waiting at the town gate since this morning.
As the escort group returned, the girls handed over Faril-chan to her parents.
In the end, Mile didn’t have any chance to carry Faril-chan.




『Your majesty, let me explain the details of the incident』(Officer)


Even if the interrogation was done in the castle, his majesty wasn’t the one doing it.
It was done mostly by the officers, among them, there might be some persons of relatively higher ranks as well.

Of course, the outline of the incident was already reported in advance.
This is a rather big deal that needs permission from his majesty.

The guild master and staff members were mostly awakened in the middle of the night to prepare and wait before dawn.
They also prepared a letter to report to the royal palace, they just need to include the new information.


The interrogation was conducted based on the explanation and testimony of the 《Red Oath》and the 《Goddess’ servant》

And the criminals raised their objection about this arrest and interrogation from the beginning.
They said they are just a moderate religious group who didn’t intend to hurt the girls, but it was just because the ceremony required the presence of a beastkins girl.
It’s impossible to believe that they were going to return her when the matter was over.
Well, of course, there’s no way for anyone to believe it. So after that, the Royal palace decided to use severe interrogation individually…

But the biggest problem wasn’t there.
What is the size of this dubious cult, the history of establishment, the existence of other peers, and their ultimate goal?

It’s most important to clarify this.
Otherwise, we don’t know when the 2nd and 3rd incident will occur.
No, we don’t even know if this is the first case.
There might be similar cases that have happened before such as people that have gone missing in the capital.
Of course, in those cases, there might be a night flight or elopement etc.

The turn of 《Red Oath》and 《servant of goddess》was rather short.
All the testimony of everyone involved ended when the criminals acknowledged the facts of that part.
There was no reason for everyone to remain there.
After that, the officers decided whether the testimony of the criminals was true or they need more interrogation.

And the two parties went to the Hunter’s Guild.
Every one in the two parties already knew that in order to receive the reward of one silver coin for themselves, they needed to report in the success of the emergency request (which was worth the equivalent of 1000 gold coins in their mind)


『Can you tell us the result of the interrogation?』(Mile)


Hearing Mile’s question, Telyucia answered instead.


『The people of the royal palace won’t do such a thing to the hunter.
But if it’s something that can be to announce in the public they might tell us』(Telyucia)

『Well … ….』(Mile)


It is a problem.
Mile knows the information of those people, especially the myths that should have been disappearing among humans.

Though it’s a rather distorted form, why did they know about it, and why did they come to believe it?
In addition, it was impossible to think that was just coincidence, that, the dimensional magic was actually activated.
There might be accomplices elsewhere who can use that magic if we don’t find out their root.
This is a much more important and urgent project than the Ancient Dragon case.


『Well, maybe they will tell Guild Master a little bit.
But the information that the Royal Palace tells the Guild Master might not be a big deal … well …』(Telyucia)


Yes, as Telyucia says, the Royal Palace might report something about this case to the Guild Master.
And the Guild Master might give some explanation back to the hunters.
However, that’s only the necessary information such as the size and danger of the other party.
They will not be able to tell about the details of the incident.


(I’m in trouble now…
Well, let’s think of another plan!) (Mile)


Mile had a pretty negative idea when she was angry, but it was fairly outrageous when she was normal (lack of common sense)
As a result, what kind of plan she will come up with won’t be guaranteed normal.

And in the guild, the 《Red Oath》and the 《Goddess’s servant》 received the reward one silver coin each from Felicia who came back ahead. And then they withdrew to their resting place.
The 《Goddess’ servent》used a renting house, the 《Red Oath》 is, of course, back to Faril-chan’s inn.

Anyway, it will be all-night long.
Normally, the girls were supposed to have a meal and then sleep.
And although they already received today’s reward from the request.
They will also receive the reward from the guild and from the country at a later date.
It hasn’t decided yet, but maybe.


(Okay, returning to the inn, without 《Goddess’ servants》 getting in the way.
Faril-chan will be mine!
I will explain to Faril-chan that I’m the MVP of this case…
Fue… Fueeeeeee!) (Mile)


Apparently, Mile is grinning from her thoughts.


『Well, see you again』(Telyucia)

『Thank you for your hard work …』(Rena)

Mile Vol 7-1

Rena answers Telyucia with a little red face.


(((You, who are you…uu…uu…?))) (Mile’s trio)


Mile’s Trio shouted in their heart.




『We’re back!』(Mile)

『Ah, welcome back!』(Faril)


As usual, Faril-chan replied to Mile and opened the door at the reception desk.
It was quite a long time since they separated at the gate, and although there was a big fuss with the reunion with her parents, Faril-chan was pretty normal.
No, because the innkeeper couple was making a big fuss, Faril-chan wasn’t able to work like normal.

Unlike the innkeeper couple who had been worried since yesterday,
Faril-chan seems to have been put to sleep with medicine when she was kidnapped.
She has no memory after being kidnapped, and when she was waking up, she was rather happy.
Because she was surrounded by the big sisters of Goddess’ servants, she didn’t feel fear.

Although there was some fear and confusion when she was kidnapped, as she was able to talk to the big sisters in the goddess’ s servant for a while. And she was returning on Firii’s shoulder, which made her completely forget about it.
It seems Faril-chan didn’t get trauma, it was a relief.


And then, although it was out of the meal time, the innkeeper couple happily received an order of four meals.
In the meantime, Mile desperately explained to Faril-chan.


『Therefore, this time, it’s all thanks to me, I followed and tracked down the traces of Faril-chan who was kidnapped!』(Mile)


Although Mile to claim so, for Faril-chan,
Mile looked like a cunning person who is trying to steal the achievement of the 《goddess’ servant》


(The big sisters of the 《goddess’ servant》 didn’t boast about achievement but they were pleased with my safety.
Compared to that, Mile-onee-chan is somewhat cunning…) (Faril)


Faril-chan’s reaction wasn’t good.
Mile noticed it, she was impatient.


『It is true!
Following the smell of Faril-chan…』(Rena) 

(T.N: Rena doesn’t use a subject (Mile or we) here, which makes Faril-chan thought it was Rena who follow her smell)

『Eh? Rena-onee-chan?』(Faril)



And Mile remembered.
Uhm… the morning after the girls stayed at this inn for the first time.
Um… Faril-chan wrote in the guest book, a memorandum.

Maevis is tall and handsome but there’s no breast. Maybe.
Rena seems to be kinky. Maybe she has mixed carnivore beastkin’s blood. The same as me.
I feel Pauline is a bad girl. Probably.
Mile is petit. Probably.


(This is bad! She thought that Rena was her friend, I can feel a sense of closeness!) (Mile)


As Mile thought that, she was getting more and more impatient.


『 No, that’s wrong! That’s wrong!』(Mile)


Rena’s trio looked at the desperate Mile with a cold eye, a sorry eye, and an ecstasy eye…

Mile Vol 7
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  1. the myths that should have been {disappointing} -> {disappearing} among humans.
    I don’t know what the raw says but this seems better

    Also, shouldn’t it be Royal Palace (as in castle) rather than Royal Place (as in location)?

    Faril-chan {who} -> {} seems to have been {sleeping} -> {put to sleep} with medicine

    Although there was some fear and confusion when {he} -> {she} was kidnapped

    Liked by 1 person

    • Suggestion:
      Rena’s trio looked at the desperate Mile with a cold eye, a {sorry}->{pitiful} eye, and an {ecstasy}->{ecstatic/excited} eye…

      (I bet the last one is Pauline who love to see someone suffer/desperate.)

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I will clearly say that all of this ending truly made me hate the loli and the other group because for me, it’s a legit NTR(even if maybe other people didn’t think so). And I hate NTR or when a main characters didn’t get what they’re worth working hard for.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I agree with this anon. Not because of the NTR, this has nothing to do with NTR, but because of the way the other group stole Mile’s achievement. Sure they helped, but Mile is the one who has the biggest role in this case albeit she also has the smallest chest.

      I know, I know, this is just a comedy novel. This might because of different value of comedy. Stealing other person’s achievement might be just a comedy for the Japanese, but unfortunately it’s not for me. Up to this point, I still hate the other party.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. This whole ending interactions with Faryl after the kidnapping case feels too forced and underwhelming, just to make some comedy out of it. Kinda bad choice from the author.


  4. And I will say, is this true the ending?

    Or will there be another case or event that will make Mile return being a favor by Faril-chan?

    Like Faril-chan finally realize that Mile is really her benefactor and not petit (small minded) but have plain chest to accept all her wrong doing (accuse Mile as petit)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I dont think the other party were really trying to steal mile’s achievements, but they didn’t make mention it and neither party really became aware of how dire the situation really was since the other dimensional being decidad back away too easily.

    There will probably be a chapter somewhere in which the other party will recognize mile being the true mvp, but the nekomimi will think they’re doing it out of pity.

    I hope something will happen that would make hunters remember how lucky they are to have mile on theyre side but i wouldn’t bet on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Any1 else not able to read chap 203? I tried previous chap on this chap, brings me to 202, and on the toc when i click chap 203 it brings me to chap 202


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