Arge Chapter 143: What can be dedicated

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Mira is about 30% translated.

Arge Chapter 143: What can be dedicated


『I thought that the blood of the Dark Elf which is abundant in magic is very attractive to the vampire.
Arge-sama… How about you?』(Richelle)

『Well, u… gu …』(Arge)

Arge Emo 13

I was surprised by the sudden event,
but honestly, it was an attractive proposal.
The reason why vampires suck blood because they are seeking the opponent’s magical power.

Therefore, depending on the quality of magical power, the taste of blood is different for individuals.
Just as Richelle-san says, her dark elf blood is abundant of magical power, it will surely be delicious.
I swallow my overflowing saliva when I think about it.

Richelle-san thought that I would deny, so she lowered her eyebrows dejected.


『Is it no good?』(Richelle)

『No… as a matter of fact, I’m happy with that but uhm…』(Arge)


『I knew what vampire blood sucking is like. And I saw Arge-sama getting blood from Felnote-sama』(Richelle)

『…that is』(Arge)

Arge Emo 12

Since leaving the Cyril Big Safe, Felnote-san gave me blood every day, just like while we were living in Arlesha.
However, today I was helping Richelle-san from the morning, so I have not received blood yet.
Saying “I don’t want it” is just a lie.
For a vampire, my impulse and desire for bloodsucking are quite small, but I still have to drink regularly, so I always try to do it whenever I can.

Just looking at her Dark elf peculiar dark-colored slender neck
How good will it feel when I put my fangs into that fancy skin to drink blood?
How does it taste?

I could feel a tinge feeling in my fangs every time Richelle-san came near and I stepped back each time.
And then Richelle-san came near me again each time.
After I was repeating it several times, I could feel the hard tree on my back.



Arge 10

『Arge-sama … Is it impossible for me?』(Richelle)

『No, that’s not what I mean …』(Arge)

Arge Emo 13

There will be a sense of repulsion in the act of biting and sucking blood directly.

I met the Blood Princess in the Republic, she said that when vampires pierced their fangs directly and sucked blood, the vampires would give their opponent the most desired feeling.
In other words, it means that you may rewrite your opponent’s heart.

Of course, I don’t dislike Richelle-san.
I don’t dislike her, but I can not tell what kind of change will happen to Richelle-san’s feelings as I bit her.


『…Are you worried about what will happen as a result of biting?』(Richelle)


Arge Emo 22

Richelle-san probably knows more about vampires than me.
It’s natural when she taught me about how the vampire was born and about the vampire’s figure.
I felt that there was no meaning to hide it, I obediently nodded to her question.

Richelle-san smiled happily as she heard my affirmation.
Her hands are gently stretched out like wrapping around my cheeks.
The touching fingers were warm and conveyed her body temperature.


『… Richelle-san?』(Arge)

Arge 7-2

『I am not worried, as Arge-sama is gentle with everyone
Having you sucked my blood … will not be a bad thing』(Richelle)

『… is that so?』(Arge)

Arge 6-1

I wonder if anyone is concerned about the feeling of uneasiness tightening inside my chest now.
I don’t understand.
I have never worried about someone until now, I don’t know what this feeling is.
Even so, if this feeling is really for someone.

… How uneasy was it?

I remember it from a long time ago.
Certainly, they were looking at me with anxious faces.
Hanako-san and Aoba-san.
They certainly were worried about me.



『Ah … no, it’s nothing』(Arge)

Arge Emo 26

I should not do it. I remembered the old memories even I was talking with Richelle-san right now.
Richelle-san held my hand and put it on her neck.
It’s a bit sweaty and has a moist feeling.
Her body temperature is low but it seems that she is sweating because of humidity and exercise by hunting.


『Would you please drink my blood, because this is my only way to thank you that I can do』(Richelle)

『…I understand, excuse me then』(Arge)


Her purple eyes looked straight at me, there was no hesitation.
Even if I can address that feeling, I will not be able to respond well. However, it’s not the uncomfortable feeling.
Most importantly, it’s true that I’m interested in tasting Richelle-san’s blood.

Slowly leaning at her neck, the smell of sweat mixed with the smell of blood.

I have olfaction skill, I was aware of this smell several times in my journey, it was the smell that I fancy with.



Arge -4

『… Arge-sama, because I’m sweaty, please don’t sniff too much…』(Richelle)

『It’s all right … you smell really nice…』(Arge)


The more I sniff, the more vigorous my voice comes out.
Just like the bee invited by honey, I sucked on  Richelle-san’s neck.




Richelle-san raised her voice as I bit my fangs on her soft skin.


『uu.. aah… uu…』(Richelle)



『It’s… alright…, I’m… still okay… as it is …』(Richelle)


At the moment my fangs stabbed on her flesh, I heard her groaning, moaning, but Richelle-san herself said she was okay so I decided to continue.
As my fangs stabbed deeper, her blood overflows in my mouth, I can feel heat in my tongue, my body was numb.

… It’s different.

Is this the difference in the quality of magical power or a difference in races?
Richelle-san’s blood was very hot.
The taste is sweet honey.
And when I swallowed, my body became enormously hot from the stomach.
I can feel my body heating up like burning.
Instead of quenching my bloodthirsty, I wanted more, And I sucked up with a nasty sound.


『…Uhm… well… ku…』(Arge)

『Wa, ku~u…… hi ~a~』(Richelle)

『umm… Richelle-san’s blood… uhm… tasty …♪』(Arge)

Arge 1-1

『Hi ~ya~u…… wa, wai… more, please do …』(Richelle)


Once I sucked on, my head could no longer have patience.
I would seek more blood even if Richelle-san didn’t urge me.
I put my tongue on the wound

Richelle-san’s neck is trembling, and her blood fills my mouth each time.
It’s irresistibly comfortable, I want more.
Every time I gulp it down, I feel a warmth and relaxing feeling, I can’t stop.
I don’t want to stop.


『Wa fu, fu~a…a… ha~a…tasty oh…』(Arge)

『Ah, ah, Arge-sama…, Arge…sama …』(Richelle)

『…  Richelle-san … please, more … more…』(Arge)

Arge 2-1

As I gulped, I felt her stroke on my hair.
By the way,  Felnote-san did this as well.
I recalled it just now but it lasted only for a moment.
I was forced to forget it, after being plucked by the pleasure of bloodsucking.


『Ha~a… n, chi~yu~u…more… a ha~a…♪』(Arge)

Arge Emo 9

I think that manners are bad manners, but right now I don’t care about something like that.
This melting feeling, I want to taste more of it, all of it.
I do not care about the sweat on our body, I repeated sucking blood from Richelle-san’s neck many times.
I plucked blood and drank all the warmth given.


『Umm… Ahhh … fu~a …』(Richelle)

『Oh …no… not good… Pain pain go away…』(Arge)


I shouldn’t have done that.
I was out of my mind and I was late to notice that Richelle-san’s reaction was weakened.
I quickly licked her wound and used recovery magic.
The gentle light wraps Richelle-san for a moment and disappears.
The magical light swept away the smell of the flowing blood and the scent of the sweat and quickly closed her wounds.
I went overboard but my recovery magic had the blood restoring effect, so she should recover soon.


『Um … I’m sorry, Richelle-san, well, I got hooked …』(Arge)

『… It’s okay, I’m honored if you liked my blood so much.』(Richelle)


Richelle-san smiled for me, although she looked somewhat tired.
It seems that she doesn’t have any power yet, so I support her leaning on the tree.
Eventually, when her breathing gently returned, Richelle-san traced her neck with a finger and smiled.


『It was good … Arge-sama, please be relieved…』(Richelle)

『Yes, about that … Thank you very much.
It was very tasty.』(Arge)

Arge 11

I think that I am undignified until the end because I was sipping blood as I say that,
But it was very valuable that I must do so, but it’s still embarrassing things.
No, of course, it was true that I was pleased.
I realized that the heat of my cheeks was rising because I was told that I wanted to suck blood, but I didn’t deny it because it was the truth.
Richelle-san gently looked at me and it made me feel relieved from the bottom of my heart.


『Uhm, Richelle-san. Do you feel weird or anything on your body?』(Arge)

Arge 11-1

『… It’s okay … It was my first-time got bloodsucking …
And While Arge-sama was sucking my blood, somehow, I feel relieved …
It was a fluffy feeling』(Richelle)

『… If that’s the case then I’m glad』(Arge)

Arge Emo

She doesn’t feel pain or suffering means that I didn’t give her bad feelings.
But that wasn’t what bothered me.

Did I want to feel relieved when I was asking Richelle-san?
Or, did I feel like wanting to be taken care of?


If you feel like it, no matter how many times you suck my blood, I don’t mind.
Whenever Alge-sama wishes, please tell me』(Richelle)

『… Next time, could you give me blood with a teacup or something else?』(Arge)

Arge 9

Although I thought that it was luxurious and although Richelle-san didn’t mind it.
It is nice when she gives me blood but it may have something to do with Richelle-san.
And even if she smiles like this, doing it every time might make her feel disturbed someday.
I know that I’m a vampire and I regularly need blood intake, but I don’t want to suck someone’s life or make someone captivated by me.
As usual, I feel doubtful in my mind, but that is really what I feel.


『… okay, I’m aware, only when Arge-sama wants to suck』(Richelle)


Richelle-san smiled at me with her beautiful purple eyes and acknowledged it.
I have always relied on Felnote-san, and now it seemed that the number of people who could give me blood increased.
Conversely, that means that it will become harder to leave this land.

Sometimes, I started to think that I could stay here forever.

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  1. Suggestion: (It’s a little hard for me to suggest this time, if someone has something better please do so)

    I swallow {me}->{my} overflowing saliva when I think about it.

    I felt that there was no meaning to hide {}->{it}, I obediently nodded to her question.

    I wonder if anyone is concerned about the feeling of uneasiness {like tightening}->{tightening inside} my chest now.

    it was the smell that I {found fancy}->{fancy with}.

    but right now {I’m not pay something like that any mind}->{I don’t care about something like that}. This melting feeling,

    I shouldn’t{}->{have done that}.
    I was out of my mind

    Did I want to feel relieved when I was asking Richelle-san?
    Or, did I feel like wanting to be {nourished}->{take care of}?

    but I don’t want to suck someone’s life or {paint my heart}->{make someone captivated by me}.


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