Mile 206: Evil

Mile Vol 7-13
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Mile Vol 7-14
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An AVERAGE plan of Mile

Mile 206: Evil


After closing the door of the room, Mile which gently released her magic of sound insulation and vibration prevention.
If she kept this magic, other girls will not notice it even if the burglar breaks in, and it will be dangerous.
Sleep magic, etc, was out of the question.
Even though the probability is low, Mile can’t expose her friends to such a danger.


And Mile to get out of the inn.
The destination was the royal palace.

When she goes near the royal palace, she uses optical camouflage, sound insulation, vibration isolation, and barrier magic that also blocks smell for precaution.
Because this is the royal palace, the possibility of deploying a beastkin as an olfaction detection isn’t zero.
No matter how low the probability is, it’s better to be alert.

Anyway, it’s important not to let anyone find out.

Mile sneaks into the royal palace after confirming that the barrier magic is perfect.


Actually, Mile could just go passing the guards right before their eyes, but that’s not fun.
No, to be honest, Mile thought 《is she really visible?》
or 《The magic can suddenly become undone》
exposing her back is uneasy and uncomfortable.
So, it may serve as a practice for some emergency,
Mile is acting on that assumption 《sneaking in without a barrier》
And she didn’t wear her usual clothes,
she properly disguised, so that her identity won’t be known even when she is spotted.


On her face, a mask.
On her head, a cat ear headband.
And she really wanted to make clothes like a female thief and Leotard,
but she didn’t know how the Leotard is, she has never worn or touched the real thing so she didn’t understand well.
She only felt that the fabric must be thin
And instead, she replaced it with a familiar school swimsuit.

But as expected, she can’t be relieved unless it is actually proven.
And, she won’t be able to wear it on top, so she must wear it without underwear.

And right now, Mile judged that neither Leotard nor school swimsuit would be much different for those in this world without knowledge of such things.
…Certainly, it may be true.
In terms of immodest and unbelievable preference, neither will be much different.


(Search magic! Display the place where those guys are caught …) (Mile)


Yes, Mile intends to listen directly from the kidnappers…
In her own way.
The full interrogate (with torture) is already over, but it doesn’t make sense if Mile can’t get the information.
So, Mile is going to do the so-called 《personal question》again.
… It was troublesome.


In any case, for those criminals’ actions won’t be tolerated,
It was a completely unreasonable act.
However, Mile doesn’t care about whoever the criminals are.
This place isn’t the earth and it isn’t Japan.
That was a very trivial thing.
… For Mile


(Okay, this is it!) (Mile)


Mile properly remembered the detection reaction of the perpetrators, especially the leader,
in order to grasp the place where the criminals are caught.
It was, of course, not an important part of the royal palace, but a sinner housing facility built as a separate building.


(The criminals were divided into several groups as they were imprisoned.
Well, that’s natural. There was no fool who would gather all the dangerous magicians in one place.
In addition, their mouths are sealed as well,
It would be bad if they could cast the spell) (Mile)


And after Mile sneaked into the accommodation facility, she released the mysterious magic.


『Good evening』(Mile)

『Who are you!』(Fanatic Leader)


Both of the guards went to sleep suddenly,
The kidnappers were intensely wary of the abnormal state.
This group of criminals is 5 people, including the leader.
And a suddenly hidden voice, a dubious voice without an appearance.
It was natural to be wary.


『I’m a thief…』(Mile)


Yes, Mile just can’t stop talking about the promised lines.


『A thief?』(Leader)

『Ah, no, I just pretend to be a thief…』(Mile)


If they think that Mile is really a thief, the story will not progress.
So, it is Mile corrects it in a hurry.
In order to listen properly, Mile thought she should show up.
Because there won’t be anyone willing to talk honestly to someone who doesn’t show up.
So Mile released her barrier magic.


『 My name is 《Cat’s eye girl》!』(Mile)

Mile Vol 7-2

That’s right, it was a combined name of the story of 3 female thieves (Cat’s eye) and the daughter of a cat monster, this is the respected stage name that Mile thinks for Faril-chan.


『Wha… what… Chi (Small)…』(Leader)

『『『Chippai (small)!』』』(3 men)

『『Slut !!』』(2 men)


It was horrible comments, both factions.


『Wha…what …』(Mile)


Mile was upset with the men’s unexpected reaction, and her face was red with anger.
But that can’t be helped.
In this world, female underwear is a drawer.
Such as highly exposed swimming suit perfectly show the body line was recognized as nearly naked rather than underwear appearance.


『A cat beastkin!
This is why I said the Beastkin is immodest…』(Man 1)

『There is no idea of virtue,
It’s a beast itself!』(Man 2)

『 She is completely not embarrassed at all……』(Man 3)

『Well, I am not interested in anything, such as the nude body of poor little girl』(Man 4)

『Well, somehow it looks pretty nice…』(Man 5)


It’s all strange evaluations.
The last one… I am not happy about it!


It seems terrible, but other than me, it will be harmful damage to cat beastkin!
There’s no choice but to change the name so that no inconvenience will be brought to cat beastkin…) (Mile)


And then Mile removed the cat ear type headband on her head, put it in the item box.


『『『『『Eh? Did you take off your ears?』』』』』(5 men)


Mile repartitioned and reassigned again to the surprising men.


『 My name is Jashin-chan!』(Mile)

『『『『『What’s with that…!!』』』』』(5 men)


***And after a few minutes***


Mile introduced herself again to the men who finally regained their calm.


『I’m the survivor of different world gods who visited this world long ago.
When most of my colleagues withdrew, some of us who didn’t escape remain in this world.
During the final battle, I was almost destroyed by the people of this world.
I was in dying state and must seal myself in the barrier,
I have been sleeping for a long time.
And then, I could feel the gate connecting to my hometown has been opened again, I woke up and seeking for the source…』(Mile)


Now that they have already been caught and were locked away,
The Royal Palace now didn’t even interrogate them anymore.
It also doesn’t seem like Royal Palace tried to deceive, this girl knows more than that.
And most of all, they could not think that this girl was an official of the royal palace or a spy.
There are no such officials or spies.
This person is more conspicuous…uhm…than the character of Miami Satodelle-sensei’s novel …

Besides, sneaking in here and putting the guards asleep. It’s obvious that this girl didn’t work for the royal palace side.

Even so, they didn’t believe the word 《god of different world》that this girl says,
but these men’s suspicion has faded a bit.

And then Mile demonstrated.


Twist* (SFX)


A steel pole bending with just the force of a finger.


Go~o~! Pikapika! (SFX)


Mile breathes fire from her mouth and her eyes shine like the flashlight line.
And lastly, Mile’s Goddess Phenomenon


The men bowed down in prison.

Mile Vol 7-2
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    • Police POV “mysterious disappearing girl”

      Police “Eh who is that girl? Why does she almost naked? Ehhh!??, Did she just disappear? Is she a ghost who die young and have regret of not find any men? Do we have such kind of criminal girl die in here?

      Liked by 8 people

      • lol
        Let’s see, passing yourself off as a Goddess to a bunch of religious fanatics.
        I’m betting in 2 years time, she’s going to see ‘naked’ statues of her (flat) self turning up in the East.
        (Yes, she might not actually be naked but to a conservative society, her ‘nakedness’ is going to be emphasised)

        Liked by 5 people

  1. Suggestion:
    Actually, Mile doesn’t mind {passing through}->{knock} the guards {deeply}->{down} , but that’s not fun.

    Such as highly exposed swimming suit {perfect}->{perfectly} show the body line was recognized as nearly naked

    『 {It totally isn’t embarrassing}->{She is completely not embarrassed at all…』(Man 3)

    but {the wary of these men}->{these men suspicion} has faded a bit


    • There’s quite a few interesting anime titles in Anichart’s ‘TBA airdate’ section, and this is one of them.
      I’m looking forward to hearing dates on a lot of these. There are several that are clear bids to go after old-school anime fans (there’s a reworked FLCL, a Patlabor series, a Ghost In the Shell, a Macross and a Boogiepop, which is seriously old school as one of the titles that began the Light Novel industry) plus a lot of cool new titles like this one, Arifureta, Kaguya and Kumo desu ga.

      Liked by 3 people

    • At the criminal’s eye, it looks like that she just paint her body blue cause of her flatness and there also some white square picture on her chest that censored her chest.


  2. Thank you for the chapter!
    Well, the author truly brought out a big bomb this chapter. Moe level over 9000!


  3. Congrats mile you made what a lot of flat chested girls didnt make… you made me love a girl with aspect of a loli! I have fallen! I curse you , but now i love you too!


  4. funny thing is, while I was reading this chapter, I hear police cars chasing someone in front of my house, I got scared shitless

    Liked by 2 people

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