Mile Chapter 205: Information gathering

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Poor Mile, one after another.

I demand justice for Mile, ah wait, Mile is justice herself.

My true story, no matter how much I love my niece until now, she is still rebellious.

Mile Chapter 205: Information gathering


『Well, we will confirm your smelling ability!』(Faril-chan)


Faril-chan suggested that Mile, who claimed it’s her who tracking the smell like a beastkin, not Rena.
Faril-chan had thought that Mile was a dwarf so when she heard Mile is beastkin,
she felt a little pleased and wanted to confirm it with her own eyes.

Unlike herself with kemonomimi or Rena’s canine teeth and carnivorous personality,
Mile apparently didn’t have any feature from the beastkin’s blood.

And when Faril-chan thought about that, she went down to the kitchen and came back in a moment.
She held 2 cups filled with water in both hands.


『In these 2 cups, there is only 1 cup that has a drop of ale dripping in,
I don’t know how good the smelling ability of a human being with mixed blood,
but if you can trace me with the smell, you should be able to easily distinguish this!』(Faril)

『Please leave it to me!』(Mile)


With this, I can prove my ability to Faril-chan.
Mile thought so, and she was enthusiastic.

Originally, Mile is more sensitive with olfactory than human, even though she doesn’t reach the level of animal and beastkin. (On Average value)
So, she used strengthening magic to greatly increase her smelling ability.
Well, just like when she tracked Faril-chan’s smell before.
No, even more, she strengthened as much as to match dog and wolf.
Failure is absolutely not allowed.


『Okay, maximum smelling ability! Bring it on!!』(Mile)


Mile breathed in heavily with her nose as she brought her face close to one cup.


Su~u~u~u… (breath in SFX) (Mile)


Mile concentrate all of her nerves on the sense of smell and all of her consciousness to analysis.
The odor of water and cup, Faril-chan’s lavish scent, and the smell of cooking and food swirling in the kitchen, the smell of the couple is also mixed.
And a variety of smells in the dining room as well…


『okay, the next one!』(Mile)


Again, Mile inhaled greatly in her nose.


Su~u~u~u… (breath in SFX) (Mile)

Patari (SFX)


And Mile lost consciousness, falling to the floor.
Looking at that, Rena taps on her ass with her right-hand palm “Pata Pata”
And Rena mutters in a small voice.


『…my bad …』(Rena)


Yes, animals and beastkins can withstand bad smells.
This is because their structures of sensory organs and brain are such.
So, Mile made that stinky weapon in the forest, but she never encountered it.
In that forest, though the beastkins vomited and fainted, no one went crazy or dead.

But human beings are different.
Originally, their sense of smell isn’t so sensitive, so there isn’t such a safety mechanism.
Mile, who is a human being, raised the sense of smell to way beyond animal and beastkin, and she breathed in her nose with complete defenseless… Rena’s thing.


『Are you okay…』(Pauline)


Pauline said that with a worried face, as she use her feet to check on Mile who fell on the floor.
Then, Maevis, who was silent watching, opened her mouth.


『Well, for the time being…』(Maevis)

『『For the time being?』』(Rena + Pauline)

『Let’s have a meal because it will lose its taste when it cools down』(Maevis)


Before they knew it, cooking was arranged on the table.
They never tried to turn their eyes towards Mile lying on the floor, with her hands blocked her face…




『Why didn’t you wake me up?』(Mile)


When Mile woke up, it’s already time for breakfast of the next morning, she completely missed 《Let’s play with Faril-chan!》time. Mile was angry.


『We can’t help it because you were asleep.
Just go getting breakfast already』(Rena)


Actually, Mile fell asleep in the afternoon yesterday, Rena trio woke up at night and became unable to sleep,
Faril-chan also couldn’t sleep as well because she was sleeping all the time since she was being kidnapped. And they were playing from midnight to the morning.

Mile now knew about it, shouting in anger, but she couldn’t do anything anymore.
Heard Rena’s words, she could only grit her teeth.



***And 3 days later***



As usual, the 《Red oath》 showed their face to the Hunter Guild and was called to the guild master’s room
Perhaps he might tell the girls the results of the investigation of the kidnappers they were waiting for.


『First of all, this is the prize money, please accept it』(GM)


The Guild Master brought out two leather bags from the drawer of the desk and put it on the desk.
Normally they would use a cloth bag. However, in the case of the Goddess’ servant, they felt leather bags would give a luxurious feeling.
And this time it’s not mere request reward but 《reward money》, so it’s proper to use leather bags…
Felicia, the receptionist, also wanted to use the leather bag but because it’s expensive so they normal didn’t allow her to.


『This is the prize money from the guild, and this is the prize money from the country.
Some of the criminals seemed unable to be sold as the criminal slave, so the compensation was actually from the country.
Well, those who become criminal slaves are also cheap because it was just a short-term slave, not a lifetime slave.
They aren’t bandits, they haven’t killed anyone yet, so it seems that they will only become criminal slaves for a fixed number of years.
Some of them even escaped the charge』(GM)


Yes, some criminals, for example like magicians, can’t be left alone without further investigation.
We don’t know whether they have some connection from aristocrats or influential people.

However, that has nothing to do with the “Red Oath” anymore
They aren’t in a position where they can hand out justice, and they have no intention of doing so.

Felicia, who was standing obliquely behind the guild master as an assistant, took the two leather bags on the desk and handed them to the leader, Maevis.
Apparently, Felicia seemed to have completely decided that everything related to the 《Red oath》was her charge.
And of course, there were no people who could complain about it, and other guild members accepted it as a matter of course.


『『『『Thank you!』』』』(Red Oath)


As usual, after lowering their head altogether, Maevis passed to Mile the bags without even trying to check the contents of the leather bag to store in the item box.
Of course, they will count it later, but they will not do such a thing here…

It’s not cool.


『So, how was the result of the interrogation?』(Mile)


And Mile asked what she was interested about.


『Oh, they are mostly middle-class aristocrats from other countries, as well as those in our country,
They are people who took ridicule philosophies that they purchased somewhere,
originally from the East.
It seems that was the country where this religion originated from but they couldn’t conduct it because it is restricted in their country』(GM)

『East country …』(Mile)


The 《Red oath》 went west from Mile’s mother country and Pauline’s mother country.

They went through the town where Mile registered hunter, west of the Tyrus Kingdom, via the Kingdom of Brandel which is the home country of Mile, continued going further to the west this country.
In other words, that country wasn’t far from the Tyrus kingdom but was on completely the opposite direction.
It was rather troublesome.


(But now, they were already coming here, and they might do it again next time …) (Mile)


Mile didn’t have a sense of crisis.


『Well, well, they seem to have done a summoning of God
《a ceremony for the descendant of God》…
They insisted that they didn’t intend to harm her,
In fact, since they hadn’t added any harm, they weren’t murderers but just kidnappers.
They don’t fall under either trafficking or illegal slavery.
No, even abduction alone is felony enough, but the victim this time isn’t a human but a beastkin.
Besides, some aristocrats and merchants who seem to be relatives have put pressure on our country…』(GM)


It is a big lie.
At that time, they surely said 《Sacrifice》

Besides, there is no way to use beastkins who were saying 《unclean creatures》 as God’s descent.
But that isn’t what Mile can decide.
Their remarks, including the word 《Sacrifice》, have all been testified.
On that basis, if it was so decided by political consideration or something,
it was no longer something that the C-rank hunter can do.


『Is that so…』(Mile)


Mile gave up collecting further information.
Besides, Mile wouldn’t even know if the story that the guild master heard was true.
More than that, it would be meaningless to ask.
Those people in charge aren’t like Mile,
With them, the kidnappers were punished, the same incident might never happen again so they are okay.
Their purpose was like “It is over and it does not matter anymore”

And even though there is pressure from aristocrats but those criminals won’t escape their punishment as the 《kidnappers》
However, they only thought that 《the evil spirit》 is just a myth and so on, so they won’t bother going further.

As for those who escaped criminal slavery were never innocent released.
They will still be imprisoned, they need to pay a huge amount of money to bail, and they will receive some punishment.
And it seems that even their friends, who weren’t here this time will still be properly surveyed.

…Now that the majority of main fanatics were caught, it would be impossible for them to continue to do decent activities.
But they would still be monitoring.

As for the 《Servant of the Goddess》, it seems that they already heard the explanation and got the prize money.

Only for this, the 《Red Oath》 was one step behind the 《servant of the goddess》


『Well, today I will do a normal job!』(Rena)

『『『Oh!』』』(Mile Trio)


Then they returned to the first floor of the guild, and the《Red Oath》 looked at the request board.




Go~sori (SFX)


At midnight, there was someone woke up in the room where everyone was asleep.
Yes, it was Mile.
Because she already cast the magic of soundproofing and anti-shake, the other girls wouldn’t wake up even if Mile was sneaking at the top of the bunk bed.

Mile already set a wake-up call from a nanomachine with the direct vibration of the eardrum, whispered at the ear.
Although it was still night, it wasn’t  《Morning》at all. But the nanomachines said 《Good morning Mile-kun. It’s time for your mission…》
Of course, that line was designed by Mile.

And Mile muttered.


『Well, now it’s time for the 《Spy mission》!』(Mile)


It seemed that she thought of something (average again), a dubious strategy, a single action.

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  1. Suggestion:
    Mile apparently didn’t have {a}->{any} feature from the beastkin’s blood.

    They aren’t {the bandit}->{bandits}, they haven’t killed anyone yet, so it

    where this regilion originated from but they couldn’t conduct it because {the restrict of}->{{the restriction of}/{it is restricted in} }their country』(GM)


  2. Now Mile have already experience how the beastkin feel when they get caught in the smelly bomb in the forest.

    Although it is Rena who doing it, but with Mile’s super olfactory sensory enhancement and no safety physicology like beastkin, I think it is a hundredfold than what the beastkin in the forest had experience before.


  3. What did mile did to deserve those kind of treatment? She just want to cuddle some loli 😦


  4. Does the picture at the bottom say there’s gonna be an anime for this? I’ve only taken 1 semester of the language, so I don’t know many kanji, but I can make out: “Anime” and “Congrats & Thank you very much” underneath it… along with a “doki doki” in the 2nd sentence below it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  5. And here I thought the safety feature was the brain not processing exessive input. Do animals actually have something like a special feature for that? I guess that’s just what Mile gets for utilizing magic so extremely.


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