Mile Chapter 209: Litoria 4

Mile Vol 7-6
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『Everyone, can we talk for a while…』(Mile)


Mile stands up and gets closer to the 《Goddess’ servant》
And then she pulls them to another place away from the “food and drink” corner.


『 Hey hey, you don’t have to pull me so strong! We get it so we can come by ourselves!』(Telyucia)


『 …may I talk with you for a little bit here』(Maevis)


As she said so, Maevis pulls Dunbine.




Litoria doesn’t understand the situation and still sit there, so, Rena and Pauline talk to her to earn time. She is rather a curious lady so it’s easy to distract her.
Litoria listened to the story about the hunter life from Rena and Pauline with sparkling eyes.






『… and what do you want?』(Telyucia)


Telyucia asks Mile suspiciously.


『Actually, this might sound strange …
Uhm, in the 《Goddess’ servant》, only Raselina-san is the magician and she isn’t strong. Aren’t your party feel a bit tight?』(Mile)

『Well, well, that’s right…』(Telyucia)


Telyucia answers Mile while looking at the direction of Raselina.
There are five warriors and a magician.
No, there are many parties that don’t even have any magician. If you complain that you only have one, you will gather hatred.
Even the 《Red Oath》 have three magicians, but that party is not average
The balance is rather bad.


And Raselina isn’t a powerful magician, her rank is still D.
She is very helpful in attacking, supporting and deftly.
But to be honest, Raselina is 《deftly poor 》, she doesn’t have powerful striking power.
Also, because her support is helpful, so she might need to use magic a lot and might run out of magical power in the middle of the fight.
When the convenience of Raselina’s support ceased, the comprehensive power of the 《Goddess’ servant》 is no better than some normal hunter girls.

No one was talking about that weakness.
They might worry that if they say it, Raselina would blame herself for her under power.
That’s why Telyucia was hesitant when replying…


『 There’s a 14-year-old beautiful magician girl who has just become a hunter.
She is strong enough to skip ranked.
She can use multi-attribute attack magic as powerful as a C-ranked hunter.
She also has great physical strength even when she is a magician. That’s why she might handle melee combat to a certain extent.
She has a family home in this town and she has been approved by her family to become a hunter.
… How is it, do you need that girl?』(Mile)

『『『『『 DEALLLLLLL!!』』』』』(Goddess’ Servant)



Meanwhile, Dunbine received explanations about the 《Goddess’ servant》from Maevis.
They are an all-girl party that started at E-ranked.
But none of them died or got a serious injury, there’s no one ever leave this party either.
There’s a D-ranked magician who seems to be close in age with Litoria.
and other girls are also close to each other. They can be good companions.
Unlike the 《Red Oath》, it’s a solid party on the orthodox way, much safer than coming with the 《Red Oath》 for the growth of Litoria.
And above all, they settled in this city as their base, etc … etc.


Dunbine had bought (T.N: trust?) the capability of the 《Red Oath》at a high price.
But the kidnapper event is still only known to the guild, so the news and the power of the 《Red Oath》 still doesn’t spread yet.
As a result, he only admired their knowledge, tactics, the feeling of justice and that way of thinking.
He didn’t know their nonstandard in the fighting power.
Also, even if he knows it, for Dunbine, Litoria is an image of 《weak from sickness lady》
And he was worried about Litoria might feel helpless when surrounded by very strong people.

On the other hand, for Dunbine, the other party seems more mature, reliable enough to protect their friends, experienced women, only female party, and settled in this town.
This is perfect for him, no for Baron Aura and all of the people here.


It’s also impossible for Litoria to enter a party with both male and female. That won’t be acceptable for Baron Aura, as he said that men outside of his family are wolves.
So, the Baron who also thought  《Red oath》 as trustworthy might think the 《Goddess’ servant》 as trustworthy as well. Everyone in the 《Red Oath》 also recommended them after all.


『In any case, their leader even received work with only one silver coin reward to help a young girl, and their leader also stood before the enemy’s magic attack to protect our precious member, Rena』(Maevis)


Dunbine was amazed at the explanation of Maevis.
That is either a hero or 《an idiot》
But still, there wasn’t dead or injured.
It’s only a few days ago that the 《Red Oath》came to this city, so that event only happens a few days ago.
And there’s no one who seems to be injured.
That means everyone is unscathed.
Even it’s a party with the noble idea.
A skillful party that could afford to save the  《Red Oath》!


『By all means, please!』(Dunbine)




『… she had saved my life. She is mature and beautiful, the leader of the party, Telyucia-san.
I think the magician Raselina is about the same age as Litoria.
She seems to be D-ranked as well, so she is the same as Litoria.
Well, it seems that she raised up from the bottom though.
Even if she is D-ranked now, she started from E rank』(Rena)


Rena tells Litoria about the story from the other day, of course, she doesn’t tell a lie about the 《Goddess’ servant》 but arranges words properly.
Of course, Pauline is supplementing accordingly.


『Wow, that’s a nice party!』(Litoria)


As Litoria raises her voice of admiration, Rena and Pauline smirk.
…as planned.




Then Mile and Mavis brought back the 《Goddess’ servant》and Dunbine, respectively, moved the next table and the chair, and all the story began.
The people from the other tables kept quiet as they could read the air.


『 Young lady, you must be Litoria. I’m Telyucia, the leader of this C-ranked party, 《Goddess’ servant》』(Telyucia)

『Yes, nice to meet you!』(Litoria)


Litoria was told various stories by Rena and Pauline just now, so she already knew.
And Litoria smiled at Telyucia as she replied with a cheerful voice.


Telyucia had heard Mile’s explanations about Litoria’s capture strategy.
But of course, Mile’s group hasn’t mentioned to Litoria about joining the 《Goddess’ servant》
Which means Telyucia must ask for solicitation in a natural way.
Of course, Mile also explains properly that Litoria wants to enter 《Red oath》


『But you know, only Maevis is the vanguard in the 《Red oath》  and the other three are magicians …』(Telyucia)

『『『『『Ah … …』』』』』(Many people)


As expected, everyone must think it’s strange for a party to have only 1 vanguard and 4 magicians in the rearguard.
No, 1 vanguard and 3 magicians in one party are also unheard of.

Anyhow, the reason why the 《Red Oath》 can’t accept Litoria though she is a promising newcomer was understood by everyone without any doubt.


And then, the fight of 《Red Oath》and 《Goddess’ servant》and the Baron Aura’s well-being began.

Mile Vol 6 Page 12
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