Mile Chapter 211: Joyful Great Strategy

Mile Vol 7-6
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T.N: Well, the next ARC isn’t a cliffhanger but it still kinda long.

After this, we will have “break the marriage” ARC and “Goddess” ARC, it’s very funny

Which means we won’t have Kaoru for at least more than a month.

By the way, Kaoru Atelier ARC is 27 chapters long.

Mile Chapter 211: Joyful Great Strategy



**********And a few days later.********

At the Baron Aura’s family residence, a party for Litoria becoming healthy celebration was held.

The invited guests were people who loaned money for the butler Dunbine at that time, such as 《ordinary commoner》, two hunter parties 《Red Oath》and 《Goddess’ Servant》
It is as promised.


Originally, the Baron should invite relevant aristocrats to appeal Litoria’s health. And he should be ready to prepare for Litoria’s debutant ball (a debut event to the social circle) that came a year later.

Litoria, right now, can use attack magic, is healthy and strong.
And if aristocrats know that she is such a pretty girl with a beautiful appearance like a goddess (father correction, + 50%)
She might be forced to engage with an influential aristocrat and she might be married at the age of 15.
Baron Aura was greatly concerned about that and didn’t want to announce to the aristocracy yet.

… Likewise, there was no one in the Aura family who opposed it.

And as he was afraid that the guests might not know anything about the aristocratic party, in order not to confuse the commoners, the Baron plan to make the party adapted to the commoner and that proposal was denied by the butler Dunbine.




The guests who lent money at that time are mostly merchants of small and medium shops.

They raised an admiration voice to the lavish cuisine that was lined up with the party venue of the aristocratic house that they saw for the first time.
As a noble, the baron who is the lowest rank (excluding the nobility of one generation), and actually he could only make a little cheaper than an average (Viscount Mile) party.
but still, the luxury still made a distinction from the 《party of the commoners》
Everyone was really surprised and felt amazed.


However, in reality, 《there are lots of aristocratic dresses chatting, dancing, singing》 in a noble party.
The party venue where there are no aristocrats is just 《luxurious dishes arranged side by side, decorated Ball room》

However, the Baron can’t call the commoner to the party that inviting other nobles.
The Baron wouldn’t know what to say to other nobles if he did such a thing.



『Mina-sama (oh our dear guests)
Today, our family wanted to thank you for helping our daughter, Litoria by inviting you to this party』(Baroness)


The Baroness greeted everyone with courtesy, followed after that the eldest daughter, the second daughter, and the eldest son as well.

Somehow, the Baron himself didn’t participate in it and only smiled at everyone…

However, it’s still impossible for the commoner to received such a greeting from the nobility’s wife, son, daughter.
It’s literally once in a lifetime, first and last.

The invited guests were moved deeply.


『… It seems that it is working well』(Mile)

『Well, the Baroness and her children seem to be working hard』(Maevis)

『With this, the merchants would recognize the Baron Aura as 《 a good aristocrat who keeps promises with the commoner and also shows sincerity to the commoner》And what they experienced today will also be a tale to tell.
The story would spread more and more because this kind of event has never happened before.
In other words, the rumor that the Aura family is friendly with the commoners will spread in the kingdom in the blink of an eye…』(Mile)


Yes, as Mile says, it will be useful someday for Baron Aura to have the reputation of an aristocrat who takes care of the commoner.
After thinking so, Mile and Pauline also consulted and explained to the Baron and his family (wife, daughters, son)

Originally, the Aura family was already a house that cherishes the commoner.
And they were also thankful to the people who really helped in this case.
They don’t mind to do special service to the commoners.


『Thank you, everyone, thanks. Thanks to you, I got better!』(Litoria)


Litoria smiles brightly and holds the hand of each invitee.

Baron was very unwilling, but he kept his smile like pasted on his face.
Well, there wasn’t many fathers who are happy to see his beloved daughter holding hands of other men, so it can’t be helped.


『…but you did trick us, you girls …』(Telyucia)

『Eh? But we have not lied about anything.
Isn’t it good for the 《Goddess’ Servant》 to get Litoria in your party?』(Mile)

『U gu gu…』(Telyucia)


After that, while the dishes were bringing out one after another on the tables, the 《Red Oath》 and 《Goddess’ Servant》  have such conversations while hanging out.

Everyone in the 《Goddess’ Servant》already has met with the baron family in advance.
The Baron wanted to keep on checking the partners of his daughter.
And apparently, they seemed to be approved by the baron.

Of course, Dunbine has reported the details about them after survey through guilds.
The Baron is such a doting father.


The girl hunter groups can talk to an extent with Litoria anytime.
So today, the merchant guests tried their best to talk with Litoria.
Her family and friends also told Litoria beforehand that she should be other people’s entertainment today.

Otherwise, they thought that Litoria wouldn’t stay away from her friend group.
Litoria isn’t stupid, and she knows that she can be with her friends forever, so, she obediently obeyed the instructions of Mile.

And then, after talking for a while, the 《Goddess’ Servant》 started speaking something by themselves

The 《Red Oath》 also gathered only by themselves and was consulting.


『…With this, we have almost finished all the flags in this city…』(Mile)


Of course, Rena’s group understand the meaning of the word 《flag》that Mile says.
Because it’s a concept that comes out frequently in Mile’s Japanese Fukashi talk.


『Oh, that’s right, it’s time to tide』(Maevis)


Meavis replied to Mile so.

Yes, the 《Red Oath》 is essentially the way of a journey of learning.

It’s not a journey that keeps on traveling because if you do that you can’t get knowledge about each place, it will be just a tour of sightseeing.
So, they need to stay at a place to a certain extent, understanding the country, receiving interesting jobs in that area and advertising their names.

However, they won’t permanently settle at one place, once they get used to an area to a certain extent, they will depart to the next country. It’s 《 a journey of training of young hunters》

Mile and Maevis are saying that it’s about time to leave soon.


『Oh, this is surprising, I thought that Mile would say, 《KEMONOMIMI! Let’s stay here more, no, let’s live here forever》!』(Rena)

『I thought so, too …』(Pauline)


Rena said that while laughing and Pauline was in tune with that.


『Well … and I thought Rena would say 《No, I do not want to leave ONEE-SAMA》or something like that!』(Mile)

『Wha… wha…a…』(Rena)


Rena was stuck with a red face to the unexpected counterattack of Mile.


『…What is it?』(Mile)


『Gunununu …』(Rena)


『Now now now now!』(Maevis)


Maevis tried to calm other girls down.
She didn’t want to start a commotion at a noble family party.
Especially, when she is an aristocratic lady, Maevis has common sense for this situation.

The reason why in normal condition, Maevis doesn’t have common sense because that is the common sense of the common people.
While she only has recognition about the knights or magicians (due to the story and the influence of the brothers’ exaggerated boastful talks) and the nobles.
But as long as it’s in her range, she the one with most common sense in the group.


The guests, 《Red Oath》, 《Goddess’ Servant》divided into three groups and everyone is satisfied.
The party celebration goes smoothly.

Yes, invited guests could talk to the noble’s daughter.
And the latter two groups were good as they could eat lavish cuisine for their belly.

Mile Vol 7-1
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      • I have thought of Maevis’ marriage. Because if it is Mile’s marriage with Maevis’ brother, it will be supported by Red Oath themselves exclude Mile.

        It could also spell as the ending of Red Oath group if Mile runaway or break from the marriage.

        But aren’t Maevis’ doting male’s relatives should be decline of her marriage?


  1. Suggestion:
    Originally, the Aura family {wa already s}->{ was already} a house that cherishes the commoner.

    They don’t mind {}->{to} do special service to the commoners.

    Rena said that while laughing and {Paulin}->{Pauline} was in tune with that.

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  2. The line: “Well well well well!”
    Since she is calming the rest, assuming the original was “Maa maa maa maa!”, it would probably translated better as “now now now now!” (my perspective is American English, and I’m not sure if the UK/Commonwealth usage is the same word. Is “well” used that way overseas?)

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  3. Hmm… Thank you for your translation!!!
    Can’t wait to see the next!
    Give us Mile until we got diabetes


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