Mile Chapter 213: The Seven Faces Woman ~daze! 2

Mile Vol 7-7
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Mile Chapter 213: The Seven Faces Woman ~daze! 2


The roles of the four people were made as close to their original as possible, except for the fact that they are hunters.

Maevis is almost intact.
Rena, aside from being a magician, is left intact.
Although Pauline is a maid role, it was judged that if it is Pauline it will be able to do all the work.
And Mile …


『It’s impossible for you to act, choose different role』(Rena)

『What! How rude!
My family often said 《you are such an actor…》!』(Mile)


Mile angered and protesting to Rena with a red face and Maevis blurted out.


『… that is not a compliment…』(Maevis)


So, the role of Mile is decided to be the daughter of a lower aristocrat of another country longing to become a Hunter.
Even her parents tried to stop but she didn’t listen.
In this case, it will be safe even if she acts accidentally like a hunter.
People might just think that she is playing as a hunter.

And she sets the magical talent to specialize only for storage magic for some reason.
It’s because the bandits definitely get baited, and everyone was relieved.

Even they thought that they shouldn’t depend so much on Mile, and on the way here, Rena’s trio tried carrying the baggage by herself, but the storage of Mile was too convenient. (T.N: Once you go average, you can’t un-average anymore)


And 《Red Oath》 finally arrived at the hill that can observe the Zarbaf town


『Well, from here onwards, we will assume our respective roles.
Since we don’t know who might be eavesdropping or listening, we only have the conversation as 《Red Oath》 when the coast is clear or Mile has secured the barrier.
Everyday’s conversation should also be done as a person in a disguised role!』(Rena)


Three girls nodded with Rena’s words.


『《Red Oath》, Sortie!』(Rena)

『『『Oh!』』』(Mile Trio)


And, four people descended from the hill towards the town with high spirit, but Maevis muttered lonesome lines.


『I’m the leader… Everyone, you have not forgotten, right…?』(Maevis)

Chirin* (Door Bell SFX)


The entrance to the guild has always attached a doorbell.
It was for the guild staff to quickly judge whether the person who came in is likely to cause trouble.
I won’t be nice if a dispute suddenly arises in the guild and you late to notice it to prepare yourself.

So, if someone who is likely to cause a problem comes in, the guild members will immediately keep an eye on him.
And the people who came now were in a different sense caused a dispute.


Guild officials are not the only ones that will immediately mark down those who have entered the guild.
It’s already a habit that the gaze of everyone who was present was directed toward that door,
and now the thoughts of all the hunters and guild staff have synchronized.


(((((Ducks!!))))) (Everyone in Guild) (T.N: similar meaning to Duck lays the golden egg in Western)


It is a pretty facial but people can notice it.

A girl that seems to be a daughter of a lower aristocrat.
A big tits maid.
A red-haired girl with a strong look.
A young female swordsman who seems to be slightly weak.

No matter how you looked at them, they were perfect ducks.
If the girls came here, which meant they might order an escort request.

If the hunters escort a naive Lady, they may be able to roll up extra charges on the way if they do well.
They can’t get too much with the order received through the guild,
but if they go some 《additional request》in the middle of the escort mission, it’s not related to the guild then they might get a separate charge.

As they thought so, the C-ranked hunters in the guild shined their eyes.

However, the 4-girls group who they thought would go straight to the request counter, headed toward the request board for some reason and stopped in front of the information board next to it.


『Milady, there are bandits aiming for travelers in this vicinity, should we hire an additional escort?』(Maevis)


Hunters were smiling at the proposal of a female swordsman came.


『Well, If we must hire someone just because of some bandits,
wouldn’t people laugh at us like cowards?』(Mile)

(((((NOOOOOOOOOOOO!)))))) (Everyone in Guild)


Heard the words of the aristocratic girl, everyone was plunging into their heart.

Then the aristocratic girl turned towards the big tits maid and said.


『And Pauline. weren’t you constantly training in the backyard in breaks and rest days?
The 《Maid Style Killing Method》or so on …』(Mile)

(((((NOOOOOOOOOOOO!)))))) (Everyone in Guild)


It is probably a play or a beauty exercise,
but the hunters and guild staff can’t raise their voice, keep it in their hearts.
And somehow 《Mu fu fu》the busty maid laughed proudly.


『You girls, what a frustrating thing you are saying!』(Rena)


The redhead girl called out.


『For this group, I was given full authority by our master!
Any act will be decided by me!』(Rena)


Despite having a female swordsman who is about 17 to 18 years old and a big tits maid 15 to 16 years old,
A young girl around the age of 12 can’t be assigned a leader.
In other words, although it looks young, everyone thought that this girl is actually older, that is, a dwarf or an elf.
Even there seems to be no breast, that’s no doubt.

But since her body shape and color don’t seem to be an elf, she is probably a dwarf or a mixed blood.
Apparently, it seems that this girl holds the initiative.
If this is the case, she will hire an escort properly.
When everyone thought so.


『I don’t want to hire an extra escort.
Or I will get one-third of the money below the appraised value. I will not spend money on such a thing!』(Rena)

(((((EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH!)))))) (Everyone in Guild)


The leader role prioritized her interests rather than safety.
Moreover, that 《safety》also includes 《safety of her own life》!
People in the guild were stunned.


『Huh, there is not much information, so let’s go … Ah, that’s right!』(Rena)


Just when they about to return. The girl with red hair looks like changed her mind.


『The cash on our hand is running down, Milady, come on!』(Rena)


She called her as 《Milady》 but she doesn’t seem to have respect for the noble girl.
Everyone had somehow got the power relationship of this team…
And the girls go to the receptionist.


『Please bring it out!』(Rena)


A redhead girl ordered the lady of nobility so.
The hunters don’t even know which one is the master.


『Ah, yes!』(Mile)


But the noble lady obediently listens without anger.


『Okay, come out』(Mile)

Don (SFX)


And suddenly appeared, the dead body of two Orcs.


『『『『『『EEEEEHHHHH』』』』』』(Everyone in Guild)

『The storage magic… and a ridiculous capacity …』(Hunter)


One of the hunters groaned in a surprising voice.
Yes, the capacity of two Orcs.
It was an ability to be located considerably high even among rare storage wizards.
Even if this noble girl is a powerless girl who has no other specialty, her transport volume comparable to a carriage will cover all the other drawbacks.

Also, for large merchants and noblemen, her usefulness is infinite, such as concealment documents and supplies at the time of unannounced inspection by the tax collector, transportation of unlawful supplies and unloading.

Again, the hearts of those guilds were united.


(((((Ducks …………)))))) (Everyone in Guild)

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  1. Suggestion:
    The roles of the four people {made it as close}->{were made as close} to their original as possible

    Mile {angered protesting}->{angered and protesting to} Rena with a red face and Maevis {muttered in a blur}->{blurted out}.

    the daughter of a lower aristocrat of another country longing {for}->{to become a} Hunter.

    but Maevis muttered a little {lonesomely}->{lonesome lines}.

    {The way of calling is}->{She called her as} 《Milady》 but she doesn’t seem to have respect for the noble girl.

    Yes, the capacity of two Orcs.
    It was an ability to be {located considerably higher}->{considerably high even} among rare storage wizards.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Forgot this:
      『Milady, there are bandits aiming for travelers in this vicinity, should we hire an {addition}->{additional} escort?』(Maevis)

      Liked by 1 person

    • I also suggest replacing the “taxpayer” with “taxman” or “tax collector”.
      Taxpayer is the ordinary person who gives money to the government (and often finds oneself unhappy with the way the government spends it), but people with a lot of money often find themselves in need to hide that money from tax collector, a person who comes to take taxes away (because having a lot of money means having to pay a lot of taxes).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Maid flow killing method” should be “Maid style killing method”. Ryuu (流) means flow, but it’s also used to denote name of martial art styles or schools. Ie Hitenryuu would be Sky Soaring Style.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Well, from here onwards, we will {become} > {assume} our respective role{} > {s}.” ‘assume’ because it’s play pretend.

    “we only have the conversation as 《Red Oath》 when the coast is clear or {only when} > {} Mile has secured the barrier.” The earlier ‘only’ and ‘when’ still apply.

    “{Every day’s} > {Everyday} conversation should also be {done as a person in a disguised role} > {held while maintaining disguise}!”

    “A red-haired girl with a strong-look{ing} > {}.”

    “Well, {just because there are some bandits and we must hire someone} > {If we must hire someone just because of some bandits},” reversing the order here makes for smoother flow and eliminates the problem of ‘just because’ applying to ‘and we must hire someone’.

    I wonder why they decided to have Rena play the leader. . . It’s really awkward in spite of how she usually acts. Or is it to lower the evaluation of the group even further? That would make sense.

    Liked by 1 person

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