Mile Chapter 215: The Seven Faces Woman~ Daze! 4

Mile Vol 7-7
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Mile Chapter 215: The Seven Faces Woman~ Daze! 4



『Mile, you…』(Rena)


After entering the room, Rena complains to Mile with a frightened face.


『 Don’t lust over men like that,
It’s unbelievable!』(Rena)

『We don’t want to be seen like this!』(Pauline)

『Such a young child is a crime, that is…』(Maevis)


Pauline and Maevis also joined, it was rather rare.


『That… that’s wrong!
I just wish to have a little boy…』(Mile)

『Y…you, after all…』(Rena)

『It’s a pervert!』(Pauline)

『There’s a pervert … ….』(Maevis)

『That’s wrong!』(Mile)


『…so, haven’t you gone yet?』(Rena)



Mile doesn’t understand what Rena is saying.


『To bring that child to our room soon!』(Rena)


Even she said all that, Rena urged Mile to do so.
Maevis and Pauline were also staring at Mile with the face full of expectations.


『What’s with thatttttt~~!』(Mile)


Yes, Rena is a single child.
Pauline has a younger brother and has a nostalgic from the young age
And Maevis is the youngest sibling, she always wanted a younger brother, she was starving for 《 a young child to settle for》way more than Mile.


『What were the accusations you all have to me a while ago!?』(Mile)


And, as expected Mile didn’t dare take that boy to their room.
It might be fine if it’s a loli. But it’s truly bad for 4 girls to bring a boy into their room…

At dinner time, the four were talking about their schedule of tomorrow in a loud voice.


『Okay then, we will leave in the morning at the 2nd bell and proceed straight to Kaldyl down, where we will review the future plan』(Rena)


Rena’s well-heard voice reached to other guests and in-store employees.
If the girls announced their departure time and destination, it will be easy for bandits to attack.
The bandits might also plan the ambush because they don’t need to spend too much useless waiting time.
It was a big service.

After returning to the room,
Ignoring the reminder  《Are you still not bringing in yet?》 from Rena, Mile crawled into the bed quickly.

And as expected, the girls are really tired because they have endured for traveling on foot for 4 days.
And this time, it was even more, as they were moving with baggage on their back.
Because of that, they fell asleep rather quickly.




『Well then, departure!』(Rena)

『『『Oh!』』』(Mile’s Trio)


The 《Red Oath》already stopped saying 《yes》from their role.

Adults might just think of them as children imitate the hunter’s way of saying.
The girls judged that it seemed more natural that way than to change it to an unfamiliar way of saying.


『 This time we will walk at normal speed』(Rena)


The other three nodded in Rena’s words.

This time, besides Maevis whose role is a novice swordsman, the other three are not equipped with sword and canes.
Besides Mile has the lady’s role, she can’t have a sword anyway.
Their luggage is stored in Mile’s storage except for small water bottle.
Because they already showed the storage at the guild, if they don’t use it now, it will be rather unnatural.

So, right now, they can go faster than normal travelers, but in that case, the bandits’ schedule might go wrong as they would assume that 《the girls will travel at the speed of woman travelers or even slower because there’re children as well》

There’s no point in going ahead.


『I guess it is about time …』(Rena)


Rena muttered so at the sunset.

From the guild master’s information, only the travelers who departed from Zarbaf town got attacked, not those arriving at the town got attacked.
That means the bandits were probably lurking in Zarbaf town, or at least there was an information provider.

And in order to get the information, the girls don’t think that the bandits would have a base in the place far from the town. But on the other hand, it wasn’t near either.
In the first place, the crime scene has the distance of a day or two by foot.
Because they might encounter troops or hunter when they attacked too close to the town.
So the girls took that distance into consideration.

After Rena said so for a while, 5 men appeared from the shade of the rocks beside the road ahead.
Both their hair, appearance and clothes aren’t so bad, the men are in their 30s to late 40s.


『Apparently, they don’t have a base around here, it looks like this is a work from the town』(Rena)

『Looks like it……』(Pauline)


Rena and Pauline say so.
If they live around here, they should be hairier, long beard, clothes and so on will be more “bandit-like”
Besides, there’s no water source around here.


『Three people from the back』(Maevis)


Yes, as Maevis was saying, three men also appeared from the back, approaching with a dark smile.


『I’m warning you!
If anyone dares to approach us, we will assume you as a bandit, and as the guards of an aristocrat lady, we will subdue you!
In that case, we hold no responsibility for your injury or death.
And if we catch you alive, you will be handed it over to the guard via the guild as a criminal!』(Maevis)


Although Maevis announced so, of course, the bandits aren’t going to withdraw just because they heard it.
This is merely a procedure for aligning the condition 《 we can do it without reserve》
By doing this, the girls can completely exclude the men’s excuse such as 《misunderstanding》or 《I didn’t mean such things》later.


『Hey, keep it quiet, we have totally 8 people, and you only have only one person who can fight fairly well.
Even if anything goes wrong, we are at worst getting some light injury』(Bandit)

『I see. A confession of bandits act, intimidation act! Legitimate defense behavior, Start!』(Mile)



The bandit thought that the girls would be scared or gave up by now.
However, their prey said some words that he didn’t understand well, and he had a surprised face.

And 《Red Oath》quickly rearranged their formation.
For five enemies in front, vanguard Mile, rear guard Pauline.
For three people in the back, Vanguard Maevis, rear guard Rena.
Pauline and Rena are almost back to back.


『Hey, I don’t know what you imitate, but what can some girls with barehand like you do?』(Bandit)


While talking about that, the bandit laughed.


『Bare hands? What is that?』(Mile)

『『『『『Eeh?』』』』』(5 bandits)


When the bandits in front looked closer, the noble lady who had been bare hands until a while ago already had a sword on her right hand.


『Just when you…, ah that’s right, storage!』(Bandit)


Guild related, definite.

Even the girls talked loudly many things at the inn, but they didn’t talk about the storage.
And, they shouldn’t be able to reach a conclusion so quickly that the noble lady must have a storage, which is a rare skill.

Usually, they shouldn’t even think about it
At best, they might only think 《the girls have been hiding it somewhere!》


『Huh, even if you have a sword, after all, it’s just a little girl’s play sword technique, you are just getting yourself hurt!』(Bandit)


The bandit leader told Mile so, Maevis who was holding swords, facing the enemies in the back, she turned her back on the boss and moved swiftly.


『It’s in vain for some little girls to have a sword to play pretend!
If you were quietly staying at home and behaving like a princess, you wouldn’t meet such a fate, Ha ha ha!』(Bandit)

Buchin (SFX)

『What, … you lowlife, just now, what did you say …?』(Maevis)

『『『She snapped』』』(Mile’s Trio)


Noway, Maevis snapped.

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    • My own story:
      No way!? Maevis snapped
      Trio Red Oath shout ” quick, Run away!!!”
      Bandit 1 ” what are you talki..”
      Bandit 1 & 2 ” Gya!!”
      Trio Red Oath “ah… It’s too late”
      Bandit 3 “hiii!!!”
      Bandit 4 to 8 “quick!!! Help him”
      Bandit 3 have been slashed
      Then incoming sword shockwave to bandit 4 and 5
      Bandit 4 ” wha.”
      Bandit 4 and 5 ” argh!!!”
      Maevis come and pass through the others Bandit. Then sheet her sword ” now it is done…”
      Bandit 6 to 8 splashed and down without words.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Mile didn’t bring the Shots into the room. Seems there’s still some common sense in here.
    Looks like this common sense isn’t joining the others in the common sense graveyard.


    • Just wait, may be she will bring him at the next chapter. And later the boy find older onee-san much more better than the girls around his age.


  2. Suggestion:
    It might be fine {}->{if} it’s a loli. {}->{but} It’s truly bad for 4 girls to bring a boy into their room…

    『It’s in vain for some little {}->{girl} to have a sword to play pretend!
    If you were quietly staying at

    『What, … you lowlife{,}->{…} just now, what did you say …?』(Maevis)

    {Noway}->{No way!?}, Maevis snapped.


  3. Mile: to let Maevis calm down, we will only take 1 bandit and Maevis will take the rest!

    R&P: okay…

    Thx for the chapter


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