Mile Chapter 218: The Seven Faces Woman ~Daze! 7

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Mile Chapter 218: The Seven Faces Woman ~Daze! 7



Trying to kill other people’s prey without permission,
Their actions are too malicious for the hunters.

If the guild knows of this, their reputation might be ruined, or even worse, losing their hunter qualification.
In the worst case, they will be forced into labor for several years as a criminal slave.

So, hunters tend to avoid such things unless they have to compromise.
And these hunters, they are still rather young in their early twenties, they can’t afford to do something rash.

And there was also the suspicious behavior of the bandits before this.


Rena turned around and quickly moved her eyes when facing other girls.
Yes, it’s one of the signs that everyone decided before when something happens.
And the signature that Rena issued was 《 they might be enemies, please watch out》
The three girls looked at it and move their gaze downward like Rena.
It was a sign of 《Okay》

It won’t be suspicious even if their opponents see it.


『… What are you looking at us for? Please go away quickly』(Rena)


Even if Rena said so, the men wouldn’t move.
Mile and Maevis stood between the men and the fallen bandits with swords in hand.
It’s a matter of course because the men still have their unraveling sword in hand.
And the men who noticed that Mile and Maevis’ eyes are directed to their swords, they seemed to be a bit hesitate
After that, one of the men sheaths his sword, and the other three also do the same.


((((Why do they hesitate to put away their sword?)))) (Red Oath)


Since all four bandits have lost their consciousness as they collapsed, they don’t need to watch out.
There’s also no problem if the bandits start regaining consciousness because they can’t immediately go to attack.
Nevertheless, the hunters hesitated to put their swords away.


(They were thinking whether to attack us or not …) (Rena)


Yes, as Rena is thinking.
However, although things didn’t go as the hunters expected, they didn’t seem planning to forcibly carry on
Well, if they do it, they will become bandits altogether.


『Anyway, let us take the bandits to town. It is still far from the town of Kaldyl.
And you girls are just some amateur to escort 4 bandits…』(Hunter’s leader)

『How can you still say such a thing? How persistent …
Your group called 《Twin heavenly Flying Dragon》, right?
If you dare do anything to our prey any further, it will be a prey stealing action, I will sue at the guild!』(Rena)

『Uuu…』(Hunter’s leader)


It was very inconvenient for the hunters.
Because they didn’t participate in the battle.
If hunters arrive at the site after the battle is completely over, even if the other party is hunters, they are still subject to punishment if they dare kill or steal the prey.
It’s completely a robber act.


『And why did you know we are going to the town Kaldyl?
There still a long way to reach the town Kaldyl, it might take days. Meanwhile, traveling to the town Zarbaf will not take even a day』(Rena)

『Uuu…』(Hunter’s Leader)


The hunters said like it was obvious from the beginning.

Did they choose the long way that spent days walking so that they could have plenty of time to do the work 《I carelessly let them escaped》
However, in the first place, the 《Red Oath》was unlikely to accept their accompanying.
Yes, as 《companion》
… However, if it is 《as prey》, the story will be different.


While Rena was playing with the hunters, Mile was quickly tying up the bandits.
As usual, she used the thin and strong fishing line.

In preparation for the attack from the enemy, Maevis and Pauline maintain the battle position keeping their guard and holding the attack magic.
Yes, against the suspicious hunters, not the bandits.

Then Mile took something out of her pocket and let the bandit’s leader sniff it.
She is keeping medicine like ammonia, the source is classified.


『Uuu…, Uu ……』(Bandit’s leader)


The boss of the bandits awoke while groaning.


『Where is this…?』(Bandit’s leader)

『 This place is the highway, you are the bandits that tried to rob our money and got captured.
We are appreciated the gold coins we will get by handing you over to the guild, you will become a lifetime slave and served for the country』(Mile)

『Huh……?』(Bandit’s leader)


Even he heard Mile’s words, his blurred head still worked slowly than usual because he didn’t completely awake.


『Wait! Wait! We’re not bandits! We were asked… Ah…』(Bandit’s leader)


The bandit’s leader noticed the four hunters and closed his mouth halfway.


『It’s bad if we keep the bandits alive.
It will be better for you to kill them quickly.
We are professional hunters, we strongly recommended you to do so』(Hunter’s leader)


The faces of the hunters seemed disturbed as he talked with Mile in a hurry.
And the same goes for the boss of the bandits.


『Wh… wha… what are you saying!?』(Bandit’s leader)


The bandit shouted in surprise.


『You, you betrayed us!』(Bandit’s leader)


Apparently, it seemed like everything was just like we expected.
And Mile added more “Spice” to it.


『They already tried to kill you all with their swords just now.
We were desperately trying to prevent them…
Well, it was really dangerous, because if we were late a few more seconds…』(Mile)

『You, you … …』(Bandit’s leader)


The bandit’s leader glared at the hunter with killing intent, the hunters instinctively went back a few steps.


『Somehow, there seem to be some circumstances.
As for how you threatened us and got capture, you may get a lifetime criminal slave sentence for your thief act.
But may I ask you if there is something you want to say?』(Mile)


When Mile pointed that out, the bandit’s leader started talking.


『We are not thieves, we are just some woodcutter!
And those hunters over there told us 《 We want to make a girl party hire us as escorts by threatening them.
Because those girls have no sense of crisis, they tried to leave the town without hiring an escort》
And we were hired by those hunters, being told that this means to help your girls.
Well, they might be just planning to promote themselves in order to be hired as escorts, but the bandits are certainly active in this area.
And I thought that it would help you girls, we also got money and the hunters got profit.
They told us so…
And they said that only the female apprentice knight has some fighting power.
I haven’t heard that you girls are enough to defeat us in an instant!』(Bandit’s leader)


The bandit’s leader said that and glared at the hunters, the hunters silently went back a little.


『Is that story true?
If it’s true, then you really have no intention of working a bandit act at all.
You were only trying to accept the request, it wasn’t malice but I didn’t think that’s good to do it.
Well, you may end up being scolded by the town guard.
We will not pursue any further.
But, if it’s a lie, you will get a more severe sentence as criminal slaves.
So, what is the truth?』(Mile)


The hunters heard Mile’s words, that the girls may even let the bandit get away without punishment, shined their eyes.
And the hunter’s leader talked in a panic.


『It is true!
Since I heard that you girls went on the road where bandits are active without hiring escorts.
I only intended to help you hire an escort for your safety.
I swear, not a lie!』(Hunter’s leader)


Perhaps it is true.
Even if there are plans to raise a high request fee by handling emergency requests at the site, submit additional requests later or withdraw Mile who has storage from her party.

In the first place, 《threatening to hire an escort》is meaning that they are not going to do bandits acts or to a certain level that will not break guild rule.
I wonder what he was planning to do.
Well, it certainly felt off at the time they tried threatening or deceiving us by pretending to be bandits.

They might only show us that for 《hunters who appeared to the rescue and driving the bandits away》
It probably wasn’t a problem.


『I am sorry that we tried to deceive you.
But for your safety, I thought that we could cover the mud for a while.
I thought that the goddess will forgive us as long as it’s a white lie to protect the human lives.
Do not you think so, too?』(Hunter’s Leader)


The Hunter’s leader thought of some good things to say with a (Doya) smug face.


『Well, that’s not true. It’s certain that we make you worried and it’s a matter of course…
Okay, then, I will have  lenient and say thanks to the people who play the bandits』(Mile)

『Thank you, we will be saved, then we will return to the town of Zarbak with those four, so it’s time to say goodbye …』(Hunter’s leader)

『Eh? What are you talking about?
These people only were used so we can forgive them
But you hunters will be caught as criminals and hand over to the town guard via the guild』(Mile)


Mile to declare to the hunters with a tone like it’s obvious.


『Well, I know it’s bad to deceive you. But we had a good intention, did you understand?
In addition, those four were the one threatened against you.
We just acted as your friend from the beginning,
If you forgive me for our lie, there will be no problem, right?』(Hunter’s Leader)


To the hunter’s leader who seems to be impatient,
Mile said with a smile


『Yes, indeed, it is true to us.
However, you knew that those people who played the bandits weren’t the real bandits but just someone you hired.

And you all had tried to kill them to seal their mouth.
If I and Maevis didn’t prevent it, it was surely giving a fatal injury.
That is an attempted murder.
That is also a malicious act that tried to kill those you hired for your own protection.
… It is a felony, isn’t it?』(Mile)

『『『『Ah……』』』』(4 Hunters)

『Because you four seems to be hunters, I think there will be punishments from both the guild and the town guard, both sides …』(Mile)

『Do it!』(Hunter’s leader)

『『『Oh!』』』(3 Hunters)


The hunters released their swords all at once.

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    • What can they do if they are really good hunters with good intention?

      Hire woodcutters act as thieves but when the “thieves” get caught, they should help the “thieves” prevent them from get killed by red oath and confess they play act from the beginning.

      Trying to shut the “thieves” mouth from telling the truth is already an action with bad intention

      Liked by 7 people

      • Well in the first place doing that not showing they had good intention it just show that they are scumbag try to take advantage of the weak female traveller to promote themself.
        Second their intention are too obvious that maybe even long time adventure like Dragon Breath might thing their action surpicious


    • I don’t think that it goes nowhere. At least there are world building that can be the main story. About how the world Mile get destroyed and rebuild all over every time. It just that, it takes many chapter to show this.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m confused? I thought we all knew this was a fluffy happy-go-lucky slice of life adventure novel, right?


  1. Suggestion:
    So, hunters tend to avoid such things unless they have {a compromise}->{to compromise}/{a situation they can’t avoid to kill}.

    ({There}->{they} were thinking whether to attack us or not …) (Rena)

    planning to promote themselves in order to {to}->{}be hired as escorts, but the

    In the first place, 《threatening to hire an escort》{is to mean}->{is meaning} that they are not going to do bandits acts or to a certain level that will

    … It is a felony, {is not it}->{is not it?}/{isn’t it?}』(Mile)


  2. In Another World How to solve problem. You found a problem, KILL THE PROBLEM.

    I love Mile as Seigi no Mikata anyway 🙂


  3. “Then Mile took something out of her pocket and let the bandit’s leader sniff it.
    She is keeping medicine like ammonia, the source is classified.”

    Family secret medicine?
    Wake up~
    Wake up or she’ll jumpstart your day with ammonia obtained via family secret medicine?
    I hope she didn’t extract that ammonia from an eco friendly source…
    I mean she can separate a compound into base materials…

    Hunter leader and 3 merry companions join your pa – nope

    Hunter leader uses verbal slip.
    It was very informative.
    Defcon 4

    Mile uses bait
    Bandit Leader pleads not guilty
    Hunter Leader uses top 10 anime betrayals.
    It was very effective !!
    Faith in humanity lost.

    Mile offers plea bargain
    Bandit Leader class change to Woodcutter.
    Faith in humanity restored

    Hunter Leader uses in good faith – nope
    Self defense conditions met.
    4 wild bandits appeared !!

    Thanks for the chapter

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  4. I do not understand your translators note at the top. Assuming we are fans of the other two, and encouraging us to read this one. This story is so much more enjoyable than those other two, is it not?


  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Maybe it’s not because of one group that travellers disappeared, maybe it’s because of multiple groups.

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  6. ‘After that, one of the men unsheaths his sword, and the other three also do the same.’

    You got it backwards. Sheathing the sword is to keep it. Unsheathing the sword is to pull it out and get ready for a fight. The man ‘sheathed’ his sword, not unsheathed it.

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