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Tarou Chapter 1: Talk


… It was uncomfortable, my stomach was really hurt.
The brain was dominated by the bowel movement.
I’m Futsu Jintaru,  an average high school boy, 16 years old, first grade of high school.
The appearance is average, the academic ability is average, my ability for sport and club are also average as well.
I wonder why I have to endure such difficulty.

Am I forced to make this choice?

It’s poop or death.
Why? you ask?
Before I made this biggest failure of my life, I had decided to do it for once.


It was the end of July.
I was dripping in sweat from my whole body and was standing in the front of a beautiful girl.
Yes, I called her out here to make a 《confession of love》to her, Miyanouchi Akane-san.


Even the voice of the cicadas somehow echoes in the belly…
Please bear it, my intestine.




The closing ceremony was over and the students around the school start going home.
I am waiting for someone with an upright immovable attitude just like a soldier at the corridor.
Why? Of course, it’s to confess.

I don’t know how long have I waited.

However, my clothes are sticking to my body because of the sweat.
Moreover, it seems that my condition is getting worse due to this heat and my stomach hurts.
I want to go to the bathroom immediately.


Oh no, it looks like it will leak anytime soon.
I thought of going to the bathroom at once because I was unable to withstand a lot of pressure on my intestines.
At such time, one of my classmates was coming, I could hear the sound of someone went up the stairs.
She was that person I was waiting so I couldn’t go.




The moment I saw her, the uncomfortable and the abdominal pain disappeared like a lie.
My confession target is standing in front of me, she is the embodiment of 《beautiful》
Her name is Miyanouchi Akane.


Her skin that see-through the shirt was so white, unlike my yellowish skin.
Her unsharp pupils are shining, unlike my eyes that are lethargic and neat.
And above all, a charming floral smell drifts from her glossy black hair cut from the shoulder.
On the other hand, my body smells like garbage dumping grounds.
You can say that we are totally opposite.


『Fuu …』(Taru)


Even she belongs to the class hierarchy, she is really attentive and kind heart.
And the first thing she says is the words of apology to me.


『Did I make you wait? I am really sorry!
I was helping in cleaning up my club activities and it turned out like this.
I heard from Kouya-kun and Yuuki-kun…
…do you have something important you want to talk about?』(Akane)


I could not tell from her expression whether or not she knew my intention.
However, I thought that I might have a winning chance when she took me seriously.
I tried calming down and suppressing my growing feelings.


『No, that’s not it. Thank you for making some time for me』(Taru)


She shook her head slowly.


『No, that’s okay.
Jintaru-kun is my classmate.
If you have any trouble, I will listen to anything if it’s okay with you.
So, what happened? Is it a bully? 』(Akane)


She looks at me and tilts her head strangely, and then she speaks with a serious look.


『 Don’t push yourself, please tell me the truth. It’s okay, I will not tell anyone.
I’m friendly with everyone in our class.
If you want an enjoyable summer vacation, I would like to help you deal with your problem.
Yes, because I have many friends, I won’t give up so easily』(Akane)


I felt amazed as I listened to those words.
After all, Miyanouchi-san is really cute.
And such a beautiful girl cheered someone like me. With how kind-heart she was, everyone in the class loved and trusted her.
It was obvious that many boys love such a girl, and I was one of them.

If this is theater, she is a princess role while I am just a passerby, a background character. No, the lighting staff that … not even a role.
My help might not be even needed, so perhaps, I’m a standing guest.
Trying to ask her out like suddenly coming to the stage and talk to the Princess.
I would just get caught by a security guard as a suspicious person and was sent off.


I didn’t become a suspicious person, it was all thanks to Yuuki and Kouya.
I owe my thanks to my two best friends.
They have done a lot like guiding her to me.
I might not even talk to her without their help.
So, I decided to give it my all.


『Well, actually, I’m worried …
Well, this is going to be a problem …
…I had something to say long ago』(Taru)


Since I entered high school, I fall in love with her at first sight and start talking briefly about the circumstances so far.
She rounded her eyes in surprise, but she kept her calm while looking at me and listened to me gently.
Maybe it’s just my imaging but her cheeks seem to be slight flushing.

When I noticed it, my heart began to beat stronger but it might be heard by her.
I can’t say anything, I feel that a pale pink aura wraps us.


『Mi… Miyanouchi-san is kindly saying hello to everyone.
I was glad when I was greeted by Miyanouchi-san …
So, I also started to say hello to others』(Taru)


I overcame the tension, shameful and came to interact with Miyanouchi-san greetings on the way back home.


『And about English homework, Miyanouchi-san often taught me where should I learn before the lesson.
Thank you』(Taru)


In junior high school, I didn’t do homework earnestly,
but since June I realized that homework will be a common topic with Miyanouchi-san,
so I did homework essentially every day.


『I heard that Miyanouchi-san likes short hair, so I tried to cut my hair short』(Taru)


I have never cared about my appearance but after July, I start putting a strong emphasis on my hairstyle.

As I tell her such a thing, she becomes embarrassed, fiddling with her hair.
Her behavior and reactions are really girly, I nod and chew my words carefully.
Even with only a small gesture, my chest feels tight.


『And that’s why I wanted to talk honestly with Miyanouchi-san at least once』(Taru)


I made up my mind.
Both study and exercise, I have never worked hard on anything at all.
But I don’t lose to anyone about the feeling for Miyanouchi-san.


『You just wanted to talk … right?』(Akane)


She spoke so.
It’s obvious that she is waiting for the next word.
And I knew what to say.
But at the moment when I tried to say the word,
I realize that another thing is going to be released.

This is bad… I really want to go back and forth.

It’s the final weapon, Armageddon
Why is that!?
Even though I have been fine until now.
I have no idea what was the trigger.
Unbearable abdomen, intestine cries of echoes a warning bell in my whole body.
It’s no doubt that it goes beyond the dangerous area and it seems that nuclear warhead dangerous substances will descend from the inside of my body.

Meltdown begins.
My despair also begins.


Haa~ haa~…

But I endured. Hanging on.
I gathered as much power as possible on my belly and anal.
I can’t afford to fix my expression … but as a man, I must do and show it!
I gather all my spirit and betting on it, make sure that the hydrogen bomb doesn’t drop from the hole, and forcefully make the best smile I can.

Tactile, spirit, gut. It’s the Sekigahara battle, the great celestial war.
If you win, you will get the promised land, if you lose you will end up in the prison.

I have done everything so far… It’s just another step.
I have tried to change everything, it’s all thanks to her.
That’s why, in front of her, I wanted to draw out the best myself, I tried to match her. Desperately.

Kouya, it was a mega evolution that I could not even imagine.


Futsu Jintaru from the pronunciation named 《Average human》
So I tried hard to make a middle school era with a subtle nickname that makes me feel comfortable as a character.
I’m still confident that I can exceed my average range.

She gave me that confidence.

If she is in trouble, I will lend her a hand.
If she is bored, I will become a clown to make her laugh.
If Miyanouchi-san wishes, I can be anyone.

Yes, I can become a brave man.
So, I don’t want to draw it here.
Even though it might become a nice feeling if I can go…


(Oh, wait, I can’t say toilet here) (Taru)


It can’t be done, it will be just like running away.
She is really kind-hearted, she might allow me to go to the toilet.
But before that, I won’t forgive myself for mention toilet now.


I will face my conflict, or… a confession?
It’s an absolutely superb treat and will the husband say he has stomachache with his wife?
My stomach and belly hurt.
Anyway, let’s do it!




When I tried to say the word of confession on the wind of early summer.

It’s a devil, it’s gloomy.
Unbearable pain in the abdomen that was supposed to be suppressed by my spirit, it came up like a rippling water surface.

Poop or die.
Is it wrong or death?
Thinking enough to burn out the brain, it instantly leads to 2 choices.
Well, is it still a toilet dash to do the poop, or will I miscalculate and die society?


If my legs can reach the land of relief, the toilet, I will shout in the midst of the soul the crying in the mind…
However, the voices of my two close friends reverberated in my brain.


『You’ve worked really well this far.
Please do your best with your feeling, Jintaru』(Yuuki)


Always comforting me with a smile, Yuuki
Yes. I feel sick right now.
If I let this feeling down, I will become a poop man.

Aya, the brown bombs are going to be spoiled!


『We cooperated. So please report, whatever the result is』(Kouya)


The Glasses (4 eyes) Ikemen, Kouya, he usually protects me physically.
What can I report? Can I report that this dump came out?
You want to take the stool test data, this glasses idiot!

I can no longer figure out why I am doing my own self-conscious answer.
However, I still remembered the words those two said to me before this.


『You don’t have to be sad alone, nor will you cry alone』(Yuuki)

『Because you have us』(Kouya)


That’s what my parents and my friends wanted to tell me the most.
My two best friends called her to the corridor on the fourth floor.
On the fourth floor of the schoolhouse, there are only a few facilities that people normally will not use, such as the audio-visual room, the music room, the science room, so there aren’t many people here.
Yuuki and Kouya offered their help to prepare for my confession.

As a result, I and Miyanouchi-san were alone here in this situation.
I do not want to get the result of going to the toilet.
It will be worse than a broken heart.

Poop or confession!

I reached the new ground, I will make a new choice.
Even I thought so far, it was only 4 seconds after Miyanouchi-san said her word of doubt.
The flow of time is strangely slow.

I can do it.
It can be done.
I shouldn’t run away.

As time goes by, as time passes by, the life of my anus shrinks.
I only have one word to say.
I opened my mouth to that and said it clearly.


『Miyanouchi-san, there is something about you (that I love)…』(Taru)

《buryi~! Ryu, puri~ pu~》(SFX)

(T.N: Anata no Koto ga Suki desu: there is something about you that I love.
It loses the meaning when translating into English as simple “I love you” or half-word “I love…”)


At long last, my word was released halfway.
And my Poop was also released.

Unprecedented exhilaration shakes both my heart and body.


『A~a~a, u~eaaaaaaaaa!!』(SFX)


It was a loud noise from the large release of what I shouldn’t take out of the butt.
It was the worst thing to beat the moment of confession.


『Ee, wait, you okay…no way! Kyaaa!』(Akane)


When my urine was released together with poop, Miyanouchi-san screamed and fainted on her back.

Of course.
A human who seemed to confess just a while ago suddenly leaks, she couldn’t imagine anything like that.
When I understood that, my tears were overflowing. Sweat is already coming out from a little while ago.

At the same time, someone’s voice echoes to my ears.


『What, this’s stinky! Seriously, it’s so stinky!』(Student)

『Hey, someone brings Sensei here!』(Student)


Students who have not left the school yet heard the scream of Miyanouchi-san and came.
Students from the science room and music room also came over.
Those people surround Miyanouchi-san and me.
Some are of them raised their voice of abuse.


『 Hey, the cleanse committee members! It’s your job to clean them!』(Student)

『 Don’t be silly! I do not want touch this bastard!』(Student)


The doomsday, the words of abuse can be heard.
However, I do not care about such a thing.
I was just in despair, and laughing with my knees being shaky.
My waist doesn’t have any power and I collapse in the puddle of the waste which I made myself.
Uniform fabric absorbs dirt and becomes heavy, living warm liquid adheres to my body.

Burning on my mind was Miyanouchi Akane-san’s astounding face just before she fainted.
Everything is over.
Confession and school life.
I was supposed to do it nicely…

In my fading consciousness, I heard the voice of an unexpected person.


『Hey, you! Don’t your mouth know anything better to say!』(Kouya)


Even though he is usually intellectual but this rough voice how Kouya is when he is angry.
When I raise my face a little, I can see him even from here, he is hitting some people with his bag.
He quickly pushes the crowd away and comes to help.


『Jintaru! I’m sorry, I am late.
People are gathering, so do want to go back now…
Hey, why are you covered in poop!?』(Kouya)


Even he noticed it now, he didn’t bother me who has become dirty, he helped me stand up and went away from this place.


『You are not a spectacle! The closing ceremony will be over soon, you should return home!』(Kouya)


Kouya kicked the trash box that was in the corner to threaten some hostile boys standing in the way.
That trash box hit one of the boys, but Kouya continued without worrying about it.


『Get out of the way!
Now let’s go to the fire extinguisher!』(Kouya)


With how furious Kouya is, the students scattered in a blink of an eye.

『Alright… Yuuki, I will come after this and I will explain to Sensei.
Jintaru, you can go to the shower room of the swimming department with Yuuki.
Since Yuuki is doing self-training there, you can ask them to lend a shower.
Also, I have my jersey in the locker so please use it. It’s clean.
Oh, that’s right.
Someone should take Miyanouchi-san to the bed in the nurse’s office.
Taru, maybe I will be a bit late, so please come back first』(Kouya)


Kouya clearly tells me all that.
He is a 4-eyes who think and act quickly and also has a nice look.


『Okay… so I will go ahead, Jintaru, are you alright?』(Yuuki)

『…Uh, yes』(Taru)


When my mind became more clear, I nodded.
When I tried to descend the stairs slowly with the help of Yuuki, Kouya took out the PET bottle sports drink from his bag and put it in my bag.


『 I forgot about this, you might be thirsty from draining the water early, it may be a dehydration symptom』(Kouya)

『……Thank you』(Taru)


Kouya, if I were a girl, I might be falling in love with you …




Fate is cruel.
No, there was a moment I can change my life.
How did I fail and make a mistake like that?

However, it was a salvation that my two best friends were here to help me.
Kouya and Yuuki, I can’t thank you enough no matter how many words of appreciation I say to you.

After that, I washed my body in the shower room of the swimming club with the help of Yuuki. And I changed to Kouya’s clothes that were in the locker.

And now I was in the middle of walking back on the school road along with Yuuki.
My student bags and covered uniforms are strangely heavy.


『Well, I can guess what you want to say,
We don’t mind, everyone will have failure sometimes, right?
Well, but I guess that it’s unlike for anyone to have such a big failure』(Yuuki)



Although Yuuki encouraged me he seemed to tease me as well, I could only look up at the sky.
On the way home with this idiot, we arrived at the crossroads of the main street.
Suddenly, I looked at the giant television news that was hanging on the wall of a large department store across the street.


『 Continuous all over the country! Sudden transsexual case…』(TV News)

『It begins at last! A glimpse of VRMMO. It will start distribution soon』(TV News)

『Oh, this VRMMO! The game we played in beta test. Jintaro let’s play it together, you will feel better』(Yuuki)

『Ah … yes …』(Taru)


Yuuki was concerned about the game and didn’t catch on another news.
Well,  don’t look carefully.
That news.

It’s better if I turn into a girl, I want to start over all the past, not just for today’s events, without anyone being caught up with my mess.

Why am I thinking of stupid things?
I shook my head and erased that thought.


『Hey, Yuuki. We… we are friends, right…?』(Taru)


Yuuki was surprised with my question and answered with a bitter smile.


『Haa~? What are you talking about?
If you weren’t my friend, I wouldn’t help Jintaru who covered with poop.
I can still smell the poop.
It’s stinky』(Yuki)


As he talked about it, Yuuki sniffed the smell of the uniform and frown.
But I can feel Yuki worried about me, he told me with his true feeling. His bitter smile is illuminated by the sun.

As I was about to get sweat from my eyes, I turned my eyes away from his sight.


『Seriously… Thank you』(Taru)



With his usual laughter, Yuuki walked ahead.


『This kind of thing,
I’m a little embarrassed though…
But because we are friends, I think that you will also take necessary action at times like that.
Just like Jintaro did help me in our middle school,
So today, we helped you. Isn’t that right?』(Yuuki)


Yuuki keeps walking ahead without turning back to me.
Looking at the back of my close friend, saltwater spilled from my eyes.


『So, this is “average”, isn’t it?』(Yuuki)


Somehow when Yuuki was fiddling with my nickname, I gained a little energy from his words.
Tomorrow is the summer vacation. It will be a good time for rehabilitation of the mind.
I don’t need to face Miyanouchi Akane-san.

There’s nothing left to lose anymore. After that, I also pick myself up again.

Yes, there’s nothing left to lose…






I sigh at I look at the ceiling.

I went home and lying on the bed in my room, there was no one else besides me, the room is cover in silence.


『Huh ……』(Taru)


Somehow when I moved my hand, I hit the TV remote control.
… It’s quiet.
I thought so and I turned on the TV instead of BGM, there was some news flowing.


『 This happens throughout the country, an abrupt Sex Change.
The cause hasn’t yet been found.
There are already 6 cases known, and those 6 boys and girls are suffering from this mysterious symptom.
Regarding government response and future policies…』(TV News)


An abrupt sex change…

While having such a hazy thought, I remember the situation clearly at that time.
I was going to confess to my favorite girl and end in despair.

Why didn’t I go to the toilet?

The reason was obvious.
I can’t break the atmosphere of confession.
It would be impossible to go to the toilet in that place and reconstitute the confession a second time.

Whether releasing my stress is important or the confession is important.
Of course, it’s a confession.
I made the right choice, or so I thought.

Kouya, I made a choice.
I chose to be a man.
The attitude of trying to be a good man.
Was that a mistake …?


『…geez, being a girl might have it better』(Taru)


If it’s possible to be done.
I am making a fool of content from the most talked news now,
such as Sex change conversion in the news and squeezing my nose.


It’s summer vacation and my title at my school soon will be 《poop man》
The 《average human》in junior high school days is still better.
Familiarly half, amazing half.


『Eh …』(Taru)


Not good, my tears overflowed again.
I buried my face in the bed again.
I’m in despair and I escape from reality, I plunge into bed to heal my exhausted spirit.




How long has it passed?
I wake up with the sound of a smartphone and I yawn.



Taru 1

I heard something like a girl’s voice.




But, that voice.




Is my voice cute?

A very pretty voice was emitted from my mouth.

T.N: This is the only illustration of Taru from the author.

Other images are just some random silver hair loli.

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