Taru Chapter 2: Girl Online (in EN)

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Taru Chapter 2: Girl Online (in EN)



『Pikon~』(Phone SFX)


I heard a LINE specific sound when I was sleeping.
With half-consciousness, I searched for my smartphone that was supposed to be at the bedside and confirm the contents while yawning.
The sender was Yuuki.


『Can you call me back later?』(MSG)


I’m sure he still worried about the confession incident.
And as I realized that I went asleep when I still wore the jersey borrowed from Kouya. I thought about changing my clothes before replying.


『 Please wait for a moment』(Taru)


When I planned to do so, I noticed something strange.
It’s strange that I have difficult to press reply.
To be exact, my smartphone is too big, it’s difficult to tap with the fingers of one hand.
No, I can’t do it.




And the surprises continued.
In a hurry, I stepped on my pants and rolled down from the bed.
My head hit against the floor and I frown with dull pain but I still managed to get up.

I can’t wear my clothes anymore.
Even the size of the clothes I am wearing is somehow too big for me.
Even if I stretch my arms to the fullest, my hands will not come out unless I pull the sleeves.

My height should have been 175 cm, but my point of view right now is several steps lower than usual.


『Eh, what?』(Taru)


And further strange thing.
My voice cried out is high.
It was a clear tone as if the sound of a bell, it was a sweet and clear voice.




I can hardly believe that it’s my voice.
However, with the sound that came out, there was no doubt it was my voice.


『Ah… Ah … Ah~?』(Taru)


As a result of speaking and analyzing several times, it seems that I have a young voice equivalent to the elementary school junior year.
I start pulling my uniforms to look at my body firmly again.

And what I was most concerned about was the hair that gently fell from the left and right of my face.
Long hair that can reach the waist.
Moreover, it was smooth silver hair.

I roll up my sleeve and I managed to look at the hair in front of my eyes.
It can’t be artificial hair, the fineness of texture, smooth and all.
I might lose in thought if I keep this up, so I release my hair.


『What is this …?』(Taru)


Shrunken physique.
A voice like a girl.
Long, smooth silver hair that I don’t know.

What has happened to me after I slept?
I can understand how dull a boy is.
I understand it, but that is a fantasy.
I can not be convinced just like this.

Is this the sex change case with an unknown cause that was being reported in the news?
All suddenly, some certain boys and girls whose sex has been reversed one day and it has become a hot topic recently.

However, the general public news may not have anything related to my case. Because the content of those case wasn’t clear on the news.
It didn’t feel real, I felt like a stranger, in the same way when I heard an entertainer’s gossip.

So, is this phenomenon I experienced just a dream?
I may think that I changed but this is a fantasy.
I can’t become such a figure.


I bet this is a dream.
I’m sure I’m watching this strange dream because of the big shock yesterday.
I try to pull my cheeks, but I have a long sleeve and I can’t reach out.


Munyuu. (SFX)


It’s hurt. No, wait, I can’t trust pain sense, that is tactile sense.
Because I did feel the pain when I fell down from the bed earlier
The jersey’s clothing and weight, the volume of reality that is unmistakable.




Calm down.
The hearing is not good either.
It’s strange that my voice is heard as a girl but I can hear the surrounding sound clearly.


And next is smelling.
I bring my nose closer to the clothes, mainly the jersey borrowed from Akira.




What can I say, it smells like sweat?
It’s summer. It’s early summer, it can not be helped.


And my pale blue hair is heterogeneous.
As I take it closer to my nose.
breath in* breath out*…
What a sweet smell, but the hair tickling my nose.
breath in*


『Hee…bushi! Ukku shioi』(Taru’s sneeze)


The tip of the hair is too fluffy, it makes a good stimulation to my nostrils, and I to sneeze.
This is bad.
Hearing, tactile sense, even olfactory also insist that this is reality…

No, it is still too early to decide.

The next one, taste.
I eat the nutritious food Calory Mate.

Even though the inside of the mouth is somewhat dry because I’m just getting up from sleep, the thing that I chewed has the taste as usual.


『…gachi?』(Taru) (T.N: don’t know meaning)


The last of five senses. Visual.

I use my hands to hit on my cheek.
However, I don’t look at it.
The fear makes me hesitate to confirm the final confirmation.
How many hours passed?
I didn’t drink anything, I was just sitting on the bed without doing anything.
And I noticed that the smartphone is flashing, I lightly tap it.

Yuuki, do you still wait for a call?
Because there was an additional message. For now, I will tell him that it’s impossible now.

Because of this girly voice.

I don’t feel like doing anything until I calm down.
And another message from my best friend, Kouya.


『”Clan-Clan” will start tomorrow, Jintaru, do you want to play together?』(Kouya’s MSG)


They say to play it together in the summer vacation, VRMMO.
In other words, it will be our contact from the virtual online game service started from tomorrow.

VRMMO is a sensible 3D online game.

It’s the latest game in which you actually feel like entering the world of the game and moving your body.

It isn’t such a big title,
Since the ‘develop and publish’ company, “Kaguya”, is a company I have never heard before.
Although I had not expected much, they have become a topic a bit because they were entrusted by many major game manufacturer companies.


Yuuki is worried about me, Kouya urges me to play a game to change my mood.
While I’m appreciating the compassion of those two, I was tired with the current state of no progress at all

I ready my heart and decide to take the hand mirror for checking the hairstyle from the top of the high desk.

I brought the hand mirror to my face with my trembling hand
I swallow my saliva because of the tension.


『Gokuri …』(Taru’s surprise)


And I look at my face in the mirror.
In the mirror is…
The face of a westerner silver hair bishoujo (beautiful girl) who was surprised.


『Oh, it can’t be. I’m a bishoujo…』(Taru)




The current time is 10 o’clock in the evening.
Since the closing ceremony was over at 11 am.
The estimated time of arrival at home was around 2 pm.
I woke up around 7 o’clock in the evening, and I started checking myself from there
And I’m sure I became a girl as I confirmed my body to every corner.

Unfortunately, I was a girl.

Maybe. It’s unbelievable.

Moreover, I was able to judge that I’m a young girl about 3rd to 5th grade of elementary school, from 9 to 11 years old in terms of age.
I measured my height by myself, it was only 135 cm now.


『For real…?』(Taru)


My skin is white and smooth like a pottery, my eye’s pupil is Sapphire Blue.
My long eyelash has a blue-silver color, my eyes seem bigger and the nasal bridge goes high.
My face is a slightly rounded outline due to this body’s young age. It is accompanied by a well-shaped rose pink lips.

To be honest, I looked like an angel without sin.

The deciding factor is a sky blue-silver hair that shines brightly, reflecting even the electric light of the room.

It was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.


I got lost whether I should contact the city office, contact the police, contact parents, or contact my sister.

My parents are traveling abroad on a business trip.
And my Imouto (little sister) followed our parent, they are all overseas together.
My big sister (Ane) is in Japan, but she began her living alone at the same time she entered university, and she also worked really hard while attending school.

So, I am enjoying real living alone in this apartment.
I am thankful for being free, but I also have to do all the cleaning, washing and cooking.
Sometimes it feels quite troublesome.

Also, I don’t know what to do when this situation happens.


『Should I contact my big sister …?』(Taru)


However, she seems to be very busy…
Should people normally report this to the city hall?
As I was thinking, I received a LINE notification message from my sister in good timing.


『Taro, in front of the church of 《Pioneer city Michelangelo》at 11 AM tomorrow』(MSG)


As I read the content by I avoid my eyes from my smartphone.
I’m not that surprised.
It isn’t an exaggeration to say that my big sister is a beauty.
However, occasionally, she makes some remarks beyond understanding just like this.
And she is also scary.

Somehow even I read the meaningless LINE message from my big sister again, it was difficult to understand it properly.

Today was a really tiring day.
I was physically exhausted mentally, so it did not take so long to reach this conclusion.
I will think about what to do tomorrow.
After thinking so, the action was easy and quick.

Preparing some snacks, using the toilet with unfamiliar behavior…

And I went to sleep again.



Ah, I forgot to wipe.
I didn’t say anything.
It seems that it will take some time to get used to this body.
I had a small sigh and returned to the bathroom in a pleasant mood.






The morning comes.
It’s the first day of summer vacation.

I got off to bed, I finished showering the first thing in the morning and I drunk a bottle of milk in a bath towel.




As expected, having a bottle of milk in the morning is the best.
After that, I make my own honey-toast with plenty of favorite honey and a fried egg.
I should go to the city hall soon, I thought about consulting what to do in the future.
And then Yuuki, Kouya got in touch with a group LINE shared by the three of us.


『Absolutely stay in』(MSG)

『Meeting time is at 13 o’clock in front of the 《Pioneering city Michelangelo》』(MSG)

『 The meeting place is the celestial clock base』(MSG)


Pioneering city Michelangelo…?


… Yesterday, my sister’s message mentioned the 《Pioneering city Michelangelo》 was about the VRMMO online game, was it the town of Clan-Clan?

Yuuki and Kouya seemed to have played this game from the beta test.
It must be quite interesting, they furiously play day after day.

It was not strange for 4 eyes Kouya to focus on games, anime, and manga. But I was surprised when he recommended we should play it together.

Hey, big sister. Did you play it too? Clan Clan.


『It also serves as a moral social gathering party, and it’s for fun!』(Yuuki’s MSG)


Such a message came from Yuuki right away.


『I just want to play games together』(Yuuki’s MSG)


I felt somewhat nice when he talked about it lightly.


『 This time it’s a real intention without a motive』(Kouya’s MSG)


I got a reply from Kouya


『I understand, thanks …』(Taru’s MSG)


Because I feel embarrassed, I make sentences that are transmitted in a word.
I also thought that it was embarrassing somehow, but this is also true.
I throw the smartphone onto the bed and think of their faces.

I try thinking about the best confession method while I was with them.
I wonder if I can make a funny story like that.

I kept wondering whether I should tell them about the transgender of rumors.
I don’t want to make them worry anymore, but I don’t know what this is.
Is there a chance that the body will return to normal?
And a heavy fear reaches me.

Really, this is a non-funny joke.

I remember the word of Yuuki yesterday.
We are friends.
But, is that what they can say when I look like this?

I forcibly switch my thinking to the clan-clan, to push away the uneasiness of my heart.

Surely, It is going to be a nice game to past time with.






The time is at 9:30 AM.

Since the official service of Clan-Clan begins at 10 o’clock.
I already finished drying the laundry, and I opened the clan-clan game box that I bought in advance.
The box containing the game software had a size less than 15 cm in diameter.

The accessories coming together with the game software, there are six contact lenses in pairs with large, medium and small size.
A durable USB flash memory and earphones.
Besides, there are only twofold instructions.




This is it.
Yes, this is one of the hot topics.
The existing VRMMO, in order to play, we must wear headgear that covers the face and head completely, but this 《Clan-Clan》 game is different.

It’s still the same as other VRMMOs in responding to brain waves and giving the feeling of entering directly in the game to play.
but if you get accustomed to it, you can notice everything in the real world
It seems possible to enjoy VRMMO while moving the body in the real world.

Despite the fact that the brain commands the body to move even in the game world,
At the same time, it is possible to realize different movements in the real world as well.


Although I have heard the details from Kouya, it’s not easy to believe right away.
Kouya told me, it seems that the science and technology of humankind is gathered to this little contact lens.
I have never played online games, so far.
But Kouya the game addict thought it was rare and got excited.

He said 《It is a revolution of the game world!》


Well, I read the introduction so far. It’s only 30 minutes left until the Clan-Clan start service time.
Let’s set up the game and make my own character.

First connect the USB flash memory to the smartphone using a dedicated terminal, download and install the game.
Although the capacity of such online games is quite large, it’s common knowledge, but Clan-Clan seems to be an exception.
It was the same amount of data as the application game.

Next, attach the earphones to both ears and attach contact lenses.
It took some time for the task of attaching unfamiliar contacts, but I managed to install it.

And then, I start the game from the smartphone.

While suppressing the excitement on the chest, I tap the Clan-Clan.


And then……………



『Welcome to the world where humans and demi-humans, demons mixed and fighting without distinction, Clan-Clan』(System’s announcement)


A mechanical woman’s announcement sounded in both ears.
And I was caught in the air while my body floating in the darkness, which is reminiscent of the microcosm.

So, this is Clan-Clan.

By indirectly linking to human cranial nerves with minimal contact as a mediator, you can experience the sensation in the game.
I tried moving the right arm.
As I imagined, the right arm swung up and down, but there’s no sense of moving in reality.
I am still sitting in the bed and my right arm isn’t moving either.

Inside the contact lens is an infinitely eccentric space,
The landscape are many large and small light spots float in front of my eyes

No matter what I see in the contact lens, I’m still in my room.
This isn’t something that can be described in a few words.
While playing VRMMO, I’m still able to clearly recognize myself in the real world.
It’s completely new, so to speak, a groundbreaking tech.

This is what Kouya excited about.
It was as if I was present in two worlds at the same time.
Hey, is this fantasy?
How can you embed such a high-performance thing in such a small contact lens?
Do you interfere with the brainwave and invite to the 3D world with this?
Is the science of human being progressing so far?

Actually, with the theory of how human beings that not be able to utilize all the functions of their brain, their activity rate is normally less than 10%.
And with the theory, human beings that be able to use their brain 100% full are really strong.
And people actually experiencing it in this clan-clan.

Rumor said that it succeeded in increasing the human brain’s activity range to 20%, and so on.
This is such a shock that it seems to have received such a dream story in a game.

When I enjoyed floating in the air, the announcement resumed the tutorial.


『Clan-Clan confirms the mutual recognition of the links is successfully linked.
Good response of the five senses』(System’s announcement)

『ah ah…』(Taru)

『Speech recognition, normal operation check.
Will you move to the Character Creation?』(System’s announcement)


Apparently, even the utterance is converted from brain to game.
It seems that it isn’t a game communicating by chat expression.


『Oh, yes』(Taru)


To indicate consent, the audio-only navigation system based on the AI ​​program began to explain.


『Scan and certify your appearance data in the real world』(System’s announcement)


A pale effect flickered on my body for a few seconds, and the light quietly disappeared.


『Scanning is over.
The skeleton of the character and the standard can be changed to actual size and error up to 5 cm.
Also, you can only create the same character as your real sex.
Appearance and other parts can be changed in some way.
Then, please call if character creation ends』(System’s announcement)


It was said that, if the difference between the body size of the real world and the character in the game is too large, it will interfere with real body movement when we log out of the game.
I can change the appearance freely, but I can’t fake gender and skeleton.
Apparently, the appearance of my character now seems like a real transcendental girl.
That’s why I fiddle all over here.

While looking at a lot of customized items, I was surprised by the abundance of variations.
Even just the kind of pupil, there are more than 200 kinds.
The color is also the same.
Fine adjustment of the waist and hips, finally the bust, the number of choices of facial choice items and parts are over, and it only makes you feel bad.
The only thing that was normal was the type of hair color.
I couldn’t select the color close to the silver line.

A few minutes keep looking at various items, I noticed a serious matter.
I’m a girl.
In other words, my character is still a girl.


Gender unchangeable = Yuuki and Kouya may question about my sex when we meet in the Clan Clan.
No, can I lie about the machine mistake recognition (T.N: Like Online Sense Online)?
I think I can do it.

At the beginning of the service of online games, I often hear that various bugs and inconveniences arise.
Kouya called this a festival (matsuri). I think I should do it as a festival.
As I decided to make it, I only customized my body lightly, and it looked the same as real.

And I customed “some certain item” to a large volume, one by one, because my current character is lackluster.


『Character Creation Ends』(Taru)


Based on my signal, The Navigation Voice answers again.


『Understood. Checking error with the real world…
other than the chest, nothing in particular』(System’s announcement)



It was pointed out by the navigation, I felt somewhat uncomfortable and tried not to mind it so much.
Yeah, I just tried to “honor” my chest just a little.
As you might expect, I’m a pettanko, so I just tried a little obligation.


『The current time is at 10:03 am. Would you like to login?』(System’s announcement)


Does the official service start at last?

The appointment with my big sister was at 11 o’clock, but in this case, I should log in first and let’s get used to the game.


『Yes, I will log in now』(Taru)

『Then, please enjoy the world of Clan Clan 《Moon Tear》which the Gods rule.
You will wander in this vast world as mercenary.
You can form a mercenary group (party),
You can create and organize a military group (guild)
You can even build and govern a country (town’s ownership event)
You can aim at the treasures left by the dragon race and challenge the gods』(System’s announcement)


And Navigation finished her long singing phase.


『You are free to do anything』(System’s announcement)


Finally, she left with such words.

Whether it was a signal, my sight was swallowed up by the whirlpool of dazzling light.

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