Taru Chapter 3: The world of Mercenaries

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Taru Chapter 3: The world of Mercenaries


I was wrapped in dazzling light…

And when I notice, I was standing in a big city plaza.

From the architectural style, you can say that it’s a medieval European style.
The city was breathtaking, just like the illusion of “time slip” (T.N: time slip in EN)


『Clan-Clan is amazing』(Player A)

『Is this a game …?』(Player B)

『The wind is cool』(Player C)

『The smell and sound feel so real as well!』(Player D)


There seemed to be other players who just logged in.
And when I observed the surroundings again, there were around tens of people.
Everyone said their impression of this new world and couldn’t hold their excitement.
Of course, I am the same as them.

It is unheard of that a game that can sense all five senses.
Especially regarding the smell.

VRMMO world seems to be the first one could achieve this.

The blessing of adventure starting now.

The sky is clear and blue.
The breezing wind gently blows, pushing my back softly.
The bustle and smell of the vibrant city.

I have a lot of expectations for the future adventure.


『It’s really awesome…』(Taru)


From the Plaza, I can only see a slightly small position of the city.
If I go to the edge of the plaza and look at the town from the hill, I may have a better look.

I can feel that some players are staring at me, but I will go without worry about it.

And I reached the edge of the square.
I hold both hands to the handrail and pull myself up. (T.N: She is only 135cm now)


『Su~u~u』(Taru’s breath in)


Take a deep breath.


『Haaaa』(Taru’s breath out)


And I breathe it out.

I was a little worried about my pretty voice, but it feels good.

The view is also the best.
From this, even though I still can’t see the whole picture of the city, but I can see many different buildings with colorful roofs, piling stones, and timber, yet unknown material.
Ignoring the law of physics, a magical building like a tower of Babylon can be seen,
as the floor goes up the size increase.

The worldview is a typical fantasy thing that is a subject of common medieval Europe.
There are people moving around that building.




I may be just overthinking, but it seems like the surrounding male players have concentrated their gaze to me.

Especially the green-hooded boy who was the nearest person.
He is around 16 to 18 years old, he isn’t much different from me.
His clothes dressed in a novice armor for beginner mercenaries (player)


I raise my vigilance.
My present appearance is a 10 years old girl.
What kind of people will try to speak to me like that …?

Lolicon… or, he judged me as a weak person to fight with?

If it’s an ordinary game, I may not think about such things
But this online game,  《Clan-Clan》has a section that recommends PK, that is player kill.

Mercenaries are vulnerable in this VRMMO world with equipment and money between them. They compete for items, depriving of war items, living as desire, everything is a singing phrase.
In other words, PvP is a system in which battle between players occurs frequently.
Depending on age, there seem to be restrictions on PvP, but I have not looked into it in detail.

I may be a beginner in online games,
But I know it’s strange if an unfamiliar person is obsessed with me.
I was worried.

A boy with green hair, he is either a lolicon or battle frenzy.
When I reach that conclusion, it will be a bad news either way. And my action is decided.
I should take the initiative.
Calmly and quickly make a decision.
Dash in silence!


As I was away from the plaza where novices were gathering, I sat down there because there was a good white wooden bench.
And I decided to check my status for now.

I think about the menu in my mind and a menu window is generated at the lower left of my field of view.



Skill: None

Title: Elder loli
It was like this.
First of all, it was a character name, but I have not decided yet.
I judged that it would be better to decide it right now.

My real name is Jintaru
So, I decided to name Taru inexorably.


Next is the status.

The point in my status. It seems that my attack and defense are really bad, and in exchange, my speed and intelligent are rather high.

Well, I’m convinced.
Regarding weapon, a Rhone wood sword?
What is Rhone?

How can the initial equipment be a wooden sword?
The players were set as mercenaries, weren’t they?
In which world, mercenaries use wooden swords as their main weapon…?


As I tried to tap the Rhone wood sword from the menu screen, a simple explanation, the status required to equip it, the offensive power, etc. came up.


『Rhone wood sword』rare degree 0

• A wooden sword created from miscellaneous Rhone trees.
• Required status: attack 1 HP 20
• Attack power + 2


The required status to equip 1 attack and 20 HP or above.
It is exactly how my status is, but I think it is a very weak weapon.

Initial equipments are usually trash level.

A girl with a poor appearance with a wooden sword on her waist, no matter how you look, she isn’t a mercenary, it’s a Chinchikurin (means like Dwarf)
Is this why people glaring at me when I walked around the street a little while ago?
Although I have such disappointing equipment, everyone should have the same thing because they are also beginners.


However, there was a part that I couldn’t take my mind off.
It’s the title.
I tap the menu just like with the Rhone wooden sword and read the explanation.


《Elder Loli》

A magical girl whose appearance and content are incompatible.
Because the old soul dwells in a young body, you can take far more efficient action than others.
The enormous magical power that maintains her beauty and young, and it overflows from the hair just like the witch.

Acquisition condition: rejuvenation.
Efficacy: Skill point acquisition amount at level up is triple.

Such an explanation was written.

I don’t understand well, but I understand that the Clan-Clan is an excellent game corresponding to my real-life’s female’s body and rejuvenation.




There is something wrong.
What is this title?


『Bug? Is this a bug?』(Taru)


Moreover, it seems like a cheat from the title’s effect.
Triple the skill point when you level up?
I have yet grasped how the skill is in the Clan-Clan.
But wasn’t this make me learn skills and raise skill level 3 times faster?
It’s such a terrible title when thinking so…
I don’t really understand about the skill in the first place.


『Skill, skill…』(Taru)


I should check a skill-related facility nearby, I couldn’t confirm the whole city … I could check the map.
Apparently, this Clan-Clan game, the map won’t display anything unless it’s the place I visited before.
But, fortunately, there was a shop called 《Shikenzen skill ☆ George》across from the bench where I am currently sitting.

Regardless of the naming sense, it might be a shop relate to skill. I may get a clue about the title 《Elder Loli》 as well.
Besides, its appearance was quite elaborate and the atmosphere looked good.

It’s a simple wooden shop and there are many parts that make from glasses.
From the roof, it made by bending or twisting thin metal rods, like an emblem? An elegant ornament is hung.
To put it briefly, it has the appearance of a fashionable coffee shop.

Let’s try looking inside the store.
And I gently open the wooden door.


『Excuse me (Ojamaoshima~su)』(Taru)

『Ye~eees, wel~come~ee』(???)


He greeted me.
He has purple and pink Mascara or eye sticks,
He instantly winked at me, the closed eye has a ridiculous black color.
It’s an Okama with messy makeup.


『(Ara ara ara) Oh my my my, a little cutie has appeared♪』(???)

『I’m sorry』(Taru)


I learned from that confession incident, just calmly and quickly do it instead of frozen from shock.
Made a rotation from the right.


『 Don’t go away♪ That’s N~o~t  G~o~o~d!』(Shopkeeper)


By the speed of God, the shopkeeper grabbed my arm who was trying to close the door.
To be honest, when he winked at me, I could felt biting cold as death is coming near.


『Ummm… geez. You are a good mercenary, R~i~g~h~t?』(Shopkeeper)


I was drawn into the shop, pulled by the shopkeeper.


『Ah, yes ……』(Taru)

『What… why do you show such a bad face.
Isn’t today the first day to implement Clan-Clan,
Don’t you want to enjoy some adventures?』(Shopkeeper)


I think facing you is hard enough to count as an adventure.
He is an extremely unique NPC (Nonplayer character) alright.

NPC is not a character manipulated by a player character but a program, that is, a robot. (T.N: Robot in EN)


『Then, you came to look into my shop, I wonder if you came to buy Shining Sword (Art)?』(George)


As expected, it seems to be a store related to skills.
However, Shining Sword (Art), what is it?


『Hmm… Maybe, you don’t know anything about Art at all?』(George)

『Ah, yes』(Taru)


I will answer yes to NPC’s question honestly.
Since this’s a good opportunity, I will draw out information from this okama-san as much as possible.


『Oh my, then, are you playing with your papa or mama?』(George)


Speaking of which, he is such a well-made artificial intelligence (AI).
From my appearance as a little girl, he seems to be worried about me.

Kouya said that there is a function of child protection program in Clan-Clan, is this part of it too?


『No, I play by myself』(Taru)


He has been looking at my face with caring expression, so, I should reply to him properly.


『It’s too dangerous for such a cute girl to play the game like Clan-Clan by yourself.
《 Don’t worry, please tell me more about Art (Taru)》 』(George)


I don’t whether this NPC has AI capable of responding to the questions,
Rather than being caught by a weird Okama NPC, I want to explore this 《Pioneer city Michelangelo》more.

So I decide to exchange information concisely.


『Mmm … well, first of all, do you know what a skill is?』(George)



Okama responds to my question, it seems like he isn’t mad that I interrupted his word before.

It is natural because he is NPC,
This also made the conversation,
Considering this situation and appearance,
Conversely asking for questions… Clan-Clan’s NPC is amazing.


『Well, before talking about Art, I will explain the skills first』(George)


『As for skills,
Using the skill points you got, increasing the skill level,
And you will learn new ability』(George) (T.N Ability in EN)


『Yes, Ability. Or you can call it easy as《Technique》』(George)


I see.
If you increase skill point to a specific skill to raise skill Lv, you can acquire abilities and technique.


『However, even if you have skill points, without a base skill to increase, there is no point』(George)


『And it’s my place’s turn to shine』(George)


Okama-san strikes the thick board in the shop.


『Here, please take a look♪』(George)


Okama NPC points at the window in the store by gesturing.
I nodded and went to look around.

Something reflected in the light, it was plugged through the shelves, it’s glittery and sparkling. The crystal-like things were beautifully displayed.
When I looked carefully at the crystal-like things, it was daggers stabbed on the shelves.


『Those things are…』 (Taru)

『Yes, It’s the tools to learn skills.
The shining sword (Art).
You can easily learn any skills with it.
Hey, my cute little angel.
What kind of skills are you buying?』(George)

『I see. I need to buy Shining sword (Art) at skill shops to learn the skills?』(Taru)

『Well, actually, even if you don’t buy the shining sword (Art) at skill shops, you can also get it from monster drops, treasure chests of dungeons, rewards obtained by clearing certain events ♪』(George)


The Shining swords (Arts) were lined up from large to small.
As I looked more carefully at it, there were a variety type of crystal daggers from the amber flame, sky blue, jade color, purple color, gold color, dull color, transparent.


『There are also unusual Arts that wasn’t selling at any stores, but I have it ♪
Please take a closer look』(George)


There were several Arts which I was concerned when watching all the way.

Five kinds of magic skills such as fire magic, water magic, wind magic, soil magic, and thunder magic.
I came to the world of the game with great expectation, so, I would like to release the flashy magic.
However, naturally, there was not enough money to buy everything.
Every magical skill is 800 Eso.

There were other weapon skills such as dagger, one-handed sword, two-handed sword, twin sword, shield, big shield, spear, cane, wand, axe, bow, short bow, flail, hammer…
Each of them is 500 Eso.

The one-handed sword skill is the essential skill for my wooden sword… NO.


In the upper row, there were weapon smithing skills for armored workers, armorsmithing skills, woodworking skills, decorative skills, leatherworking skills, culinary skills, sewing skills.

Those skills are 3000 Eso each.


Furthermore, in the top row …, it can’t be seen.
I am too short and I can’t see.


『Angel-chan, you can use the stepping stool over there』(George)


Okama-san, the shopkeeper pointed to wooden stepping stool in the corner.

I silently moved the platform to the front of the display shelf and climbing it while keeping the balance.

My field of vision gets higher, and I can see the upper shining sword (Arts)

Lower summon magic 50000 Eso.
Magic sword technique 35000 Eso.
Lightning magic 45000 Eso.
Ice magic 40000 Eso.

It’s an awesome amount Shining sword (Art)
All of them were lined up there.

But none of them has a powerful skill name.

Either way, I am really excited about what I should acquire from these skills, and I have found a ridiculous thing.
In the place where only high-priced items are lined up on the shelf, a distinctive appearance Shining sword was there.

That skill name is:
The price is 800 Eso.

The Alchemy skill was only 800 Eso.

Alchemy can turn iron into gold.
A technique that changes everything, creates unknown objects, its power may equal to God.
That is alchemy.


『Shopkeeper, this please』(Taru)


I have learned my lesson, do things calmly and quickly.
Instant prompt decision.


『Oh my, what you choose, I wonder?』(George)


Okama-san, the shopkeeper NPC seems trying to check which glittering sword I was looking at.


『The Alchemy Shining sword (Art)』(Taru)

『Well, angel chan…』(George)


Okama was a little surprised, his purple eyes were opened.


『I can not recommend this skill』(George)

『No, I will have this skill』(Taru)


Okama-san, the NPC seems to be impatient somehow but I stand firm.


『This skill seems to be a convenient skill at first sight, but in reality, it’s rather useless. And you will need the special alchemy kit for it』(George)



Don’t tell me, this is…


One Shining sword that is too cheap, placed in the high priced item’s corner.
And the shopkeeper NPC recommend that I should not buy it…

It’s flag of a sharp balance adjustment strategy from the admins so people will not possess overwhelming skills from the beginning?
So far, the situation is the evidence itself, and his answers were somehow guided me.
Yes, with a bug on the first day of service, a mistake on the displayed amount.
In fact, alchemy must be a super rare skill beyond 10,000 Eso.

I decided not to make the same mistake like that at the time.
I will go attack without hesitation.


『I do not intend to buy anything else, right now, I only want to buy this alchemy Shining sword (Art)』(Taru)


I will tell him that I will not pull back here.


『I can’t really recommend it …
I have never seen anyone selling it at any other shops, did you understand what I said before about unique skill?』(George)


No other shops sell this… Deal.
In other words, I can’t get it anywhere but here.


『I will buy it!』(Taru)

『It’s just a dust maker, is it really okay?』(George)

『I will buy it!』(Taru)

『… Okay, I got it, I will sell it』(George)



I instinctively raised a voice of joy.
The store owner, Okama NPC watches such a state of me with a somewhat sad expression.
He awkwardly took 800 Eso, and I bought it, the alchemy Shining sword (Art)
The remaining money is 200 Eso.

I hold the beautiful crystal dagger with both hands.
I open my item inventory and click on the 《Alchemy Art)》
As soon as I used it, the large crystal block which the dagger was piercing fading and disappeared, and that light went into the dagger’s blade side.


『Pierce it in your chest』(George)



The shopkeeper gave me a strange advice, I was confused.
And as I looked at the shining blade.


『If the glow is lost, you will not be able to master the skills and it will become just a dagger』 (George)


Wait a minute!
My Super rare kill,
I must avoid the punch line that I couldn’t master the skill because of a moment of hesitant.

This is the first city NPC. He will not say a lie.
I struck a glowing blade on my small breasts, the chest of a loli.
And then Shining sword that was stabbed in my chest releasing a rainbow-colored light.

And then, at the announcement’s log:

: You have learned the skill 《Alchemy》:

: You have learned the ability 《Conversion》:

Such a message was displayed.


Kita kita kita! (It’s here, it’s here, it’s here)
My new Ability 《Conversion》


I must read the description at once.



Require the alchemy kit 《Material balance》 to use the ability
《Upper Conversion》 and 《Lower Conversion》 can be done.


It’s necessary to have the alchemy kit, 《Material balance》?
I want to accumulate Eso soon and try out the Ability 《Conversion》


『Fu fu, Angel-chan, a little service. Don’t you want to have this?』(George)

(T.N: Service in EN)


At the counter, the okama NPC winked and talked to me with a teasing voice as he grabbed a thing that seems to be a balance.

(T.N: Counter in EN)



『A necessary alchemy kit, a 《Material balance》  with the capability to use the alchemy skill 《Conversion》.
I will give you』(George)


Maybe my mind played a trick on me, but somehow that wicked wink looks strange and beautiful.


『Is that okay?』(Taru)

『Well, it’s okay.
It’s a Service.
I can’t bear selling such trash Alchemy skill to the pretty angel, and you can’t try your Ability ♪
I don’t want you to stop playing Clan-Clan ♪ Angel-chan
You are a beginner who just started Clan-Clan today, right?
I think your starting money is at most 1,000 Eso, isn’t it?
Even the cheapest Alchemy Kit Balance will cost 500 Eso』(George)


『So do not hesitate to accept it ☆』(George)


Okama NPC winked again when he gave me the balance.
He hasn’t been doing it well until now, he always kept closing his second eye as well right after closing the first eye. He can’t wink.

When I received the balance from such clumsy and gentle okama-sama, the logs displayed.


: George Lv 10 has request trading the 《Copper Balance》:
: Do you accept? :

Waa. This NPC is George?
Besides, Lv 10 is very high.
That might be the reason that he could drag me into the store with godspeed.

After accepting the trade. Item 《Copper Balance》 entered my item inventory.


《Copper Balance》 rare degree 1

Alchemy kit necessary for using ability 《Conversion》
Raise the performance, conversion success rate by 2%.

There’s no doubt that this is the alchemy kit.

I look at the NPC George again.

Now that I think about, this man is a pretty naughty man.
He explained about the Art from the beginning to me, sold the rare alchemy skill cheaply, and gave me the alchemy kit.

Even though he had a ridiculous makeup and a macho body. But I don’t hate his hobby.
Or rather, I ought to appreciate his help.
I was really happy and my face had a natural smile.


『Thank you, Onee-san』(Taru)


I included a little lip service and thanked him properly before leaving the store.


『Oh, ♪ I thought you were a little cheeky.
But you are really a good girl.
Besides, that Angel’s smiling face is just
T~o~o C~u~t~e』(George)


Okama’s voice echoes from behind, and then the sound effect reaches me.


『Ping』(System SFX)


: George Lv 10 has requested a friend invitation:
: Do you want to approve the invitation? :

Such a log was displayed.

For the event that happens the first time, a brief description of the system was displayed.
And I read the explanation about the friend and the friend invitation.

In summary, 《Friend》is a convenient function between players that allows you to communicate with each other regardless of how far you are away from each other.

Between players…


『George is a player!?』(Taru)

『Oh my, that’s right』(George)


Okama closed both his eyes again instead of a wink.

Status 2.jpg

Equip 2.jpg

Skill: Alchemy Lv 1
Title: Elder Loli
Triple skill point acquisition amount at level up.

Taru 10.jpg
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