Taru Chapter 4: Alchemy

Taru 9
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I finished my friend registration with George and I left 《Shikenzen skill ☆ George 》


George said,


『 The name is displayed on the NPC and the player can be displayed and hidden.
I’m setting as invisible.
This is a measure that makes it difficult for the hostile players to search for by name. Because in this game, PvP frequently happens.
It’s a good consideration to have a skill that can disguise the appearance as well…』(George)


So he said.
Then again, this game has many battles between players, it seems to be easy to retain grudges among players.
In other words, there is also a factor that identifies players by just looking.
When becoming friends or entering a battle state, it seems that the name of the other person’s character is displayed regardless of hiding setting.


I didn’t hide my name at all.
There were other detailed setting items, but I skipped reading because it is a pain.
I thought that I will deal with it as I get used to the game.

By the way, George’s Lv was 10 even though it was the first day of service, he must be the beta test group like Yuuki and Kouya.

At the time of the beta test the upper limit of the level seems to be 10, George is the highest level at the present time.
It’s the reason he has a store at the first day of service.

George has a production job, seems to be emphasizing on decorative skills. His merchandise is based on the material that was brought up in the dungeon, Arts and decorative items, accessories.




Although it feels a bit disappointing that the first friends to be commemorated are colorful Okama-san in Clan-Clan’s world 《Moon tear》
But he seems like a nice guy so I decided to be his friend for the time being.

He also seems to be a Neta (Net addiction)
I cannot say anything about his hobbies though.
Okama is is a generic term for those who play as a girl in the net games but he is a guy in real life.
Right now, both my real life body and in-game character are exactly a girl, but I definitely want to claim to be a man. (T.N: Just like Jun(Shun) OSO)




If I go to a city hall, I will be judged as a girl after receiving a fine inspection after all…
Well … well. It’s a good thing. Maybe.
I tried to forget about the anxiety feeling and return consciousness to the game.


Anyway, George is a beta tester and he can provide useful information if I become his friend.
There was such a thing to be considered.

And now I am in the process of exploring the first city of Clan-Clan 《the pioneering city Michelangelo》

Or rather, I’m searching for materials that could be used in alchemy.

George said materials not only can be collected in the field, outside the city but also can be found in the city as well.


The current time is 10:20
The meeting time with my big sister is 11 o’clock, so I can’t go into the field.
Since I could not locate the location of the gathering place with my big sister, the 《Church》
I’m looking for the 《church》and materials at the same time.


While walking around appropriately, I occasionally break some wooden boxes

Taru material 1


Taru material 8

And collect various things besides the road.

Taru material 4Taru material 3

There are many things that don’t contain any material.

Taru material 6

idomizu《Water》could be collected from the pot.

And various items could be collected on the road.

甘露の実_画像《Miko’s fruit》 cobaltsou《Weeds》

《Water》and 《Weeds》are as the name suggests, but I have no idea what the 《Miko’s fruit》is.


Even if you read the explanation, it is only written that 《nutritional value is high》
It is a very ordinary red tree fruit about two centimeters large.

Speaking of other strange things, I got a small amount of 《Moss》at the 《mold》in the corner behind the alley that the sun doesn’t reach.

Taru material

Also, maybe the corner was broken by the shock of something. When I checked the part that was broken.

磁鉄岩_画像《Hard stone》can be obtained.


『Materials gathered and I should try alchemy now』(Taru)


I sit on the ground behind the alley where the sun will not reach and use the 《Copper Balance》

The balance is an object to measure the mass of the object that has the same weight
The balance in my item storage looks the same.




There is nothing on both side of the balance, the balance is on equilibrium state.
Well, shall I try it now?

Ability 《conversion》is described as being able to convert materials or items upwards or downwards.

In other words, the original material can be made better, and vice versa.
It is an ability suitable for alchemy, changing iron into gold.

First of all, 《water》which I have many in the item inventory.

《Water》was in a bottle made like a wine bottle.


I put it on the left stray of the balance.
I’m worried that the balance doesn’t tilt with the weight of 《water》, but it is okay.
Maybe I need to do something.

Activate Ability 《Conversion》!



Neither the balance nor 《water》has any change.


《Upper conversion》!』(Taru)


Even if I give out a cute voice, there isn’t any change.
Well. What is wrong?
I look at 《water》more carefully.

Water in a wine bottle-like bottle.
The top was closed by a cover.

This is it!

Maybe I need to open the cover first before I can use it?

And I open the 《water》


Then I put it again on the upper tray on the left and activate the ability.


《Upper conversion》!』(Taru)


However, it’s unresponsive again.
What does this mean?
Maybe I need to spill water directly on this thin plate.
Since there are 12 《water》, I judged that I don’t need to mind if I waste some of it, I slowly tilt the bottle and pour water on the stray.

Then a strange phenomenon occurred.

The water didn’t drop according to gravity but stopped the falling movement before touching the dish and floated in the air.
It changed like a sphere in the air as it was, and stayed there.

In addition, the bottle, which was a container of 《water》, disappeared with the light effect when the contents became empty.


『Wow … it’s exactly fantasy.』(Taru)


And the balance is leaning to the left dish side where the water ball is floating.




Maybe the balance will tilt when it recognize something as the material of ability 《conversion》?

I was excited somehow.
It seems like alchemy is something that seems like research, and to clarify by stepping through the stage.


『Kohon』(Taru) (T.N: Silimar to English 『Ahem』cough*)


Let’s retry ability 《conversion》


《Upper conversion》!』(Taru)


However, there is no particular change this time as well.
Both the water sphere and the balance remain silent.
It seems like something is still missing.

In the first place, there is a possibility that 《water》material can’t be 《converted》, but it is still too early to give up.


I place the correct place for the material.
I also learn the ability.
But why doesn’t any change happen?

After thinking, I reach a conclusion that the quantity is insufficient.

I only came up with this, I took out the bottle one after another and pour into the water sphere.
The water sphere gets bigger and bigger, and the balance also gradually tilts to the left side.

This is…

A big change occurred when  《water》x 10 were putting in.
The balance which clearly tilts to the left side, but now both strays are in equilibrium.
In the left stray, there is a 《water x 10》water sphere
the right stray shows an equal mass.

That, that’s it!

If I convert, the upper plate material of 《water》 will appear on the right plate!


《Upper conversion》!』(Taru)


As the prospectus, the balance is shining…
The water ball which was on the left stray disappeared and muddy water balls were floating on the right stray.

Craft Fail 1


《Upper conversion》 water × 10 failed

Sewage × 5 were created

《Upper conversion》 of water × 10 failed → sewage × 5 was recorded in the recipe:


A heartless log came out.
… failed.
Sewage 《unwanted water》

Well, now that I grasp how to use the balance and the principle, let’s say it’s ok.
However, this is really interesting.
Then I tried ability 《conversion》several times with the materials I had on hand.
And when I comprehend what I understood, it looks like this.

First of all, about upgrading to upgrade the material.
I must place the material on the left stray and continue to place the same material until the balance returns to the equilibrium state.
Depending on the material, it seems that the number needed to upper convert is different.

I only need to place 5 weeds on the left stray, the balance already returns to the equilibrium state and I can 《Upper conversion》

And the total number of any 《Upper conversion》 will be less than before 《conversion》


『It seems like the 《Upper conversion》 consumes the same material in large quantities and produces materials that are one rank higher…』(Taru)


Vice Versa, for 《Lower conversion》, I only need to put one material in the right stray of the balance.
The balance was in equilibrium when one material was put on, and I can use the 《Lower conversion》ability.
The major feature of the lower order conversion is making many lower materials with one material.


The result was like this.


《Upper conversion》

Craft Success


Weed × 5 → clean grass × 1 <Success>

Craft Fail

甘露の実_画像x10→.png 雪の女王-1_画像x1

Miko’s fruit × 10 → Kudzu’s fruit × 1 <fail>


It turns out that the upper conversion will result in a smaller number of materials whether it fails or succeeds.


Next is 《Lower conversion》

Taru Success 1


Miko’s fruit × 1 → fresh fruit × 5 <Success>

キンバー鉱石-1_画像 x1→.png オールドストーン_画像x10

Hard stone × 1 → stone × 10 <Success>


Water × 1 → Mud Water × 10 <Success>

Craft Fail 1


Water × 1 → Mud Water × 2 <Fail>


It turns out that 《Lower conversion》 increases the number of materials regardless of failure or success.

In addition, my skill alchemy increased from Lv 1 to Lv 2.
I can improve the level not only by using skills but also by using skill points.
It seems that skill points can be obtained as the level of the character rises.


Anyway, I used all of my stock materials for alchemy material, so I can’t continue to make any more.
However, this seems to be quite deep, so I’d like to try it more and more.

Especially, I wonder what kind of material is produced by the 《Upper conversion》 of 《water》

I am very excited.


At such a moment, I suddenly noticed that a bottle was placed on the table at the back of the alley.




I take that bottle without hesitate.

From other people’s point of view, I was like one girl who was thirsty for moisture that she took a bottle desperately.

With this 《water》x 1 Get!

However, the sentence that flowed in the log was an incredible thing.

飲める水_画像_0《fine water》× 1 obtained!

This is …

I read the explanation immediately.

High-quality water 《More Clean compare to ordinary water, high quality taste》

No way …

I quickly take out the balance and pour 《fine water》into the right spray.
It more clear than ordinary water, the sphere is prettier.

No, it’s not the case that I am moved by such a thing now.

I confirmed that the balance is in equilibrium, and I activate 《conversion》


《Lower conversion》!』(Taru)


Then the beautiful sphere on the right spray disappeared, and a large water ball appeared about 10 times in the left spray.

Taru Success


Fine water × 1 → water × 10 <Success>





Is it not strange that the material 《fine water》 obtained successfully by 《Upper conversion》《water》× 10 with 《alchemy》to appear on the roadside?

It is much more efficient if you pick up the bottle than converting the 《Upper conversion》 and creating 《fine water》× 1 with alchemy.

It somehow bothers me.


『I can’t stand selling trash skill like alchemy to Angel-chan…』(George)


The words when George gave me the alchemy kit 《copper balance》are across my mind.




No, it is too early to conclude that alchemy is still a trash skill.
Will I yield to such thing so easily?


And I move from the back of the alley to the main street, with low spirit.
Passing mercenaries are cheerfully walking around with tremendous weapons.
As opposed to them, my stepping is heavy.

200 Eso funds remaining.

In item inventory, only materials with unknown purpose created by alchemy.

Contrary to the lively surroundings, my feelings have sunk.


As if to respond to my sentimental mood, the time in the Clan-Clan seems to have arrived in the evening, the sunset dyes the city in a crimson color.




Spurred by the dark feelings, I recall the surprised expression Miyanouchi Akane-san at the moment I confessed her.

A certain thing appeared in my sight when I began to get depressed.

It’s a pair of male and female mecernaries.

Two people who love each other, walking in the twilight of the different world fantasy style.
The pace that the two people walking down the slope are slow.




It was almost as if a pink aura around the two people, the atmosphere of (Normie) popular people.

Something that I could only dream about…

And then it came …
This is the world of Clan-Clan where PvP is said to be the main focus.
A world where human and human conflict and compete with each other.
Does such a black world allow other people’s hope and happiness?

I decided.

The Male player dyed his cheeks vermilion happily, look at the smiling female player.
The Female player looked at the male player had a sweet look on her face like having a Honey Toast.

I will annihilate this couple in this fantasy world called 《Moon Tear》


The current time is 10:45.
I still have 15 more minutes before meeting with my big sister.




I’m sure that I have a villainess smile on my face right now.
I approach carefully behind the two people without any sound.
Then change the right hand to the hand of the sword.
The aim is their holding hands with sweet toxic.

And then, I release my fastest chop – Angel Chop!

I will cut off your link!



Taru 4
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  1. Suggestion:
    both my real life body and in-game character are exactly {a}->{same, a girl}, but I definitely want to claim to be a man. (T.N: Just like {Jun}->{Yun(Shun) OSO})

    information if I become his friend. There was such {a computational part}->{thing to be considered}.


  2. It is infinite leveling of alchemy skill
    Upper conversion
    10 water -> 1 fine water
    Lower conversion
    1 fine water -> 10 water

    Repeat and will level up alchemy that will increase success rate and the material itself can be use repeatly with upper and lower conversiom.

    Reach the limit of alchemy skill and you can make iron into orichalcum or adamantite.

    Isn’t it overpower economy skill?


    • It doesn’t cost MP.
      Later there will be skills that increase success / increase failure rate for each craft that cost MP though.

      The only limit of this method is only the success rate.
      If you fail, it will be end of loop.


  3. …. Mamo-chan… Is there an no pic inserted version?

    Not sounding like a douche, but I can’t have a sense of immersion reading ‘cuz was kept distracted by the pics(petty excuses). Especially when reading on mobile, pics too big.


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