Taru Chapter 5: Sister

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I really understand that feeling… But we can’t do that, can we?

Taru sister 3

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Taru Chapter 5: Sister



My mouth raised the evil words, on the connecting hands of the of the lovey-dovey Net-player couple,
I dropped the chop with a lot of power and cut off their bonding.

What a painful feeling!?

It’s annoying! (T.N: a cry or shout, maybe)


The couple’s love toxic bonding was cut from behind, they turned around in surprise.
However, they are late.

With the speed of light, I take advantage of my angel-like smile.
I used my lovely teen years appearance skillfully.

Well, even though I harassed the couple.
It is just a cute little girl being naughty on her first day in VRMMO~!
No problem will occur if that is the case.
Most of them will just say 《it’s just a small child’s prank, so, it can’t be helped》


I use the momentum when I chop, sneak in between them, I will run as it is and get away.
Wa~aa, the wind, and the mood that hitting my cheeks are exhilarating.
The two people are just freezing there with me running in between and don’t do anything.

As expected, the couple wasn’t angry or did anything,
Then I would get away as they were still shocked.


『Cute!』(Female Player)


Suddenly, something soft hits my back.
Two arms vigorously hugged the place around my chest.
And both my legs float from the stone pavement.


『What is this child! So Cute!』(Female Player)


Apparently, she seems to have embraced me.
No way I can not believe it. What kind of enemy is this?
It is unfortunate.




To the people who make me feel irritated, even if it’s just an online game.
I was trying to bring down the couple’s holding hands.
But right now, both my hands are held by the couple and I was guided around the 《beginner city Michelangelo》

The male player is holding my right hand while the female player is holding my left hand, as we are visiting a town with a sense of harmony.


『 Okay, if we could have children, is it like this?』(Female Player)

『 Stop it, it’s embarrassing, isn’t it?』(Male Player)


I think your flirting is embarrassing enough.

Well, I am still me,
Even though my appearance has changed to a girl.

Sometimes, they let me make use of the difference in height with the two people,
The so-called middle-aged couple and young children often do it,
I’m having swings experience walking stuff

This is quite interesting, Kohon* (Ahem)


『This is an item store』(Erina)


Even while flirting, Erina-san, the female player still guide me properly.


『In this part of《Michelangelo》city, there are only expensive items lined up, but those things have additional effect』(Yoshio)


The male player, Yoshio-san, gave supplemental details to Erina-san’s word.

Both of them, from the appearance of their avatar, they seem to be in the early twenties.
It seems that this baka-couple are the Beta Testers,
They said that they already played Clan-Clan, which is officially serving today, about two weeks in the Beta Test.

So they are familiar with the structure of this beginner city 《Michelangelo》


『The explanation of Erina-san and Yoshio-san is easy to understand』(Taru)


Even though I’m going with them, I’m still jealous.
I just change the strategy and use this Baka Couple.
I will get various useful information.

But far from getting familiar with this city.
I mean the starting point of the adventure, even though it’s just the starting city, 《Michelangelo》is too vast.
However, I noticed the reason by having them guide me.
That was because there are so many mercenaries, or I’d say a large number of players, appear in this city without a doubt as soon as service starts.

It was necessary for the initial city to be large enough for a large number of players.


『Even so, Taru-chan’s hair color is very beautiful. Sparking Azure Platinum.
It’s nice. What kind of equipment is this?』(Erina)



Erina-san turns her eyes towards me and asking me.


『In the hair color item in the initial character’s setting. There shouldn’t be any Azure Platinum』(Erina)


She points out about my silver hair with a gentle smile on the surface
She isn’t laughing.
I remembered the chill so I answered honestly and quickly.


『No, no, this is my appearance, I just scan it …』(Taru)

『 Haaa~, As expected, it is a real module.
It is reasonable for the early character setting and the coloring hair which should not be able to do.
Does that mean Taru-chan in real life also have silver hair?』(Erina)


It was the first time I hear that there was no silver hair in the item of the character.
This might be why she wanted to have a good look.


『 Et-tan, don’t talk about real life like that. Taru-chan is in trouble』(Yoshio)


Yoshio-san seems to misunderstand when I remembered about character’s setting, and he backs me up.
Okay, thank you, Yoshio-san.


『Yes, sorry about that, Taru-chan』(Erina)


Putting one hand on her head,
Erina-san takes an apologized posture pose.


『No, I’m fine.』(Taru)

『 But… but what did you do that your long hair sparkles like this?
Please, could you tell me that much?
Onee-san/Big sis is begging you』(Erina)


That’s right.
Earlier when Erina-san admired my hair, I noticed that some blue particles are emitted from my hair.

It sparkles like some mini fireflies and goes away.
Because my hair is almost flowing behind, which didn’t enter my sight of view, that’s why I did not notice at all until she pointed out.
But, I don’t even know myself why the light is emitting.

Is it the initial setting of character?
I can not help it, so I answer honestly.


『This is also from the beginning, but cannot you make it like this…?』(Taru)

『There wasn’t such an item』(Erina)


Erina-san cuts my words…
Is this the habit of this girl? This person is slightly annoying.
Do you want to make your hair sparkle that much?

『 Do not ask too much, Et-tan』(Yoshio)

『But Yoshiki-kun, Taru’s hair is so beautiful』(Erina)

『Well, I will not deny that either』(Yoshio)

『 I want it… it’s so cute,
I want an angel Taru-chan so badly』(Erina)


I’m scared of Erina-san, who brings her face closer to me with an ecstatic smile.


『It is rare, it may be the effect of a rare title』(Yoshio)


Yoshio-san guesses about the reason.

Yes, I had a title  《Elder Loli》
Well, I will check the title again.


《Elder Loli》

《 A magical girl whose appearance and content are incompatible.
Because the old soul dwells in a young body, you can take far more efficient action than others.
The enormous magical power maintains her beauty and young, and it overflows from the hair just like the witch》

Acquisition condition: rejuvenation.

Efficacy: Triple skill point acquisition amount at level up.


The enormous magical power overflows from the hair… just like the witch.
…This is it.
This title is the cause of the blue particles from my hair.
Should I tell them about this?


『 Well, as expected, only a rate title might do something like this in the initial state,
And it’s also something I have never seen any other mercenary possessed…』(Yoshio)


Yoshi’s self-completion, I judge that it’s better not to tell others about my title.
I am scared of human jealousy and envy.
Uuu, I cut the bonding of these two people because there were such emotions.

In online games, if you have a rare weapon, you will just get hated, even my best friend Net Gamer Kouya.
I have heard from Kouya.

And this world of Clan-Clan allows players to fight and capture equipment, items, and money.
It would be better to stay silent.


『 Is the title worth anything?』(Taru)


Because I have no information about this, let’s listen to the details of the title.


『Well, that’s not it』(Yoshio?)

『There are some titles that can easily be obtained』(Erina?)

『Yes yes, but mercenaries will hide most of the titles have special effects, they don’t tell others about acquire condition or the effect of the tittle』(Yoshio?)

It the same with the name.
You can also display the title you have acquired so that it can be seen by other mercenaries』(Erina?)


Umm, just like George said.
Clan-Clan is a game with the specification that you can’t see each other ‘s name unless you become friends or in combat.
And isn’t it like to show off your appeal to make the title visible to the surroundings?


『However, although it’s rare, sometimes, players also tell others about their titles that give some effect』(Erina?)

『Oh well, that’s a very weak one. But it’s still better than nothing.
Holding a title that affects the status during the Beta Test get a lot of attention after all』(Yoshio?)

『What kind of title was that?』(Taru)

『Uhm… for example, fire magic,  《Acquaintance of Flame Emperor》 improves the power of fire magic by 2%
Or  《Millennium Blacksmith’s wisdom of age》 increase smithing skill correction』(Yoshio?)

『There’s also a man who has a title 《All-purpose archives》that was center of attention.
I heard rumors that he spent fewer consumption skill points than other people to master skill』(Erina?)

『They might exaggerate thing. The game balance will get strange』(Yoshio?)


It is more complicated than 《All-stock archives》
Since I am holding the title of triple gain skill points at level up.

Perhaps, there is such a title.


『Taru, why did you have that kind of difficult face… when you have a lovely face…
No, a beautiful girl’s worrying expression is also aroused…』(Erina)

『 It’s about upgrading. What happens if there is a title that double skill points gain?』(Taru)


Ignored Erina-san, I ask Yoshio-san.


『Haha, if there are such wonderful title, it will become a riot』(Yoshio)

『It’s a dream that everyone wants』(Erina)


And my title tripled it.
This is a title that must be concealed at any cost.


『What is the acquiring condition to acquire such a rare title?』(Taru)


Anyway, all the titles heard from Erina-san and Yoshio-san are useful,
If I can, I would like to have some.


There are some people published the conditions for the title acquisition,
but most of them are mysteries, they’re hiding them』(Yoshio)


As expected.
When Yoshio-san speaks with difficult expression, Erina-san takes over the explanation cheerfully.


『Some players are hiding intentionally, but this game is too deep.
Even within the field opened in the Beta Test, there are still many mysteries and there are undeveloped areas.
That’s exactly what it seems to be a big adventure』(Erina)



It seemed to be a huge amount of elements to make one Art Alchemy.
There are many things I want to try.


『Besides, there is a reason that information is difficult to transmit in Clan-Clan』(Yoshio)

『What does that mean?』(Taru)

『It is prohibited to publish a site other than the bulletin board or thread that the official administration manages information』(Yoshio)

『Normally it also serves as the advertisement for games, but it isn’t something serious like this game.
It is like crushing everything. Personal blogs and other violations of regulations, all information seems to be blocked』(Erina)



Certainly, sharing and dissemination of information on this product are prohibited to the terms of use.
I guess it was written on the back of the package, but I didn’t pay attention.
This company seems serious about information control and management.


『 They already destroyed 《Snow White and Blue White Doll》battle strategy information and capturing site with haste…
It was such a hard time…』(Yoshio)

(T.N: Snow White in JP as Yuki Hime, Blue White in Katakana EN)

『Even in official threads and bulletin boards, such comments have been deleted as well』(Erina)

『Ha ha…』(Taru)


It is thorough.


『That’s why it’s hard to keep accurate information, even though, those who save the content of the captured site still tell others by word of mouth』(Yoshio)

『Now that we can exchange information only with official site threads, the truth is in the dark』(Erina)


People can’t deny the part which is completely managed by the operation.

However, rumors and folklore transmitted from people’s mouth to mouth.

They push the player to rely on other players instead of captured site.


『It’s almost like… a world different which we must use the power of civilization …』(Taru)


Clan-Clan’s Mysterious world 《Moon’s Tear》


『There are a lot of things to discover with adventure…』(Taru)


Erina-san and Yoshio-san, for some reason, was looking at me with warmth eyes.
I somehow feel embarrassed.

I was exploring 《Michelangelo》 while talking with Erina-san and Yoshio-san.
And when I noticed it, the time was around 11 o’clock in the morning.
I have to meet up with my big sister soon.

When I talk with the couple, not only I get the location of the meeting place with my big sister, the 《Church》 but I also got quite useful information.


『By the way, was the church the meeting place with your big sister?』(Erina)

『That’s right』(Taru)

『Well, here it is, the church is over there』(Yoshio)


Looking towards where Yoshio-san is pointing to, there was a medieval age church.

As if to protect the church, in front of a big door, there are two soldiers wearing armor based on blue standing.
Because I can see the name, I think they are NPC.


『Heavenly Soldier Deus… Your sister has chosen a nice meeting place』(Yoshio)

『Maybe she is a beta tester?』(Erina)


The eyes of a couple looking at the defender of the church are sharp.
Blue armor soldiers’ name is Deus.
It’s a big name.


『Well, uhm』(Taru)

『Oh, sorry.
I remember the first trauma when I see the Heavenly Soldier Deus』(Yoshio)

(T.N: Trauma in Kata EN)

『 Don’t worry Taru-chan, so, where is your big sister?』(Erina)

『Oh, no, thank you for telling me the location of the church』(Taru)

『Is this a bye-bye with Taru-chan? No, let’s stay together a little more』(Erina)


Erina-san squats down to hug me and her chest is emphasized.
My arm is squeezed by her chest and it’s poisoning my eyes.

No, I know that she never do it intentionally, but my line of sight was nailed.


『I’d like to say hello to your sister, can’t I?』(Erina)

『Oh, no, but…』(Taru)


When I meet my sister, I have to explain to her about my appearance.
How could I tell my sister that my girl character is a bug when I told this baka-couple that this is my real appearance?

And I also don’t want to do it in front of others.


『She may not say it’s impossible, but Taru-chan is in trouble』(Yoshio)


Yoshio-san is nice.


『Well then, how about a friend?
Taru is really cute. When a weird person approached, Onee-san will beat him down with a single shot』(Erina)


Erina-san, even though you try to show a good smile, you are the number one candidate for that (weird person) at the present time.


『But I was told that it’s dangerous to make friends without my sister’s permission』(Taru)


Running away with an innocent refusal inherent in children.
I swear I’m not trying to get used to such a thing.


『Look, Taru also said so. I guess it will be nice to say goodbye here, too』(Yoshio)


Erina-san didn’t back down easily even Yoshio-san said that.


『Yosshii, you know nothing! This Clan-Clan.
And there is such a pretty angel in the world where people are always killing among each other!
Because this world is such a wrecked land, there are only a few children under 15 years old.
Taru-chan, from how we see, is the youngest group of 10 to 11 years old!
Besides, she is such a beautiful girl with mysterious Sparkling Azure Platinum Hair!
And Yosshii, didn’t you hear it properly?
This loli, she said her character was made by scanning her real figure!』(Erina)


Erina-san loudly revealed her true intention and got crazy.

Mercenaries who were walking around, in response to her voice, pay attention to me.


『Hey, did you hear that just now?』(Player A)

『That blessing figure is a real module?』(Player B)

『There was no item of silver hair indeed …』(Player C)

『Was that her real figure…?』(Player D)

『Cute Lolita is justice』(Player E)

『…Erina, calm down』(Yoshio)


Oh, Yoshio-san doesn’t use the nickname for Erina-san.




Erina-san seems to have finally noticed the surrounding eyes with Yoshio-san’s words.


『Because of Erina’s stupid remarks,
Now, the perverts might really approach Taru-chan…』(Yoshio)

『Taru-chan, sorry …』(Erina)

『I am sorry for things to have become like this…
As expected, I still think it’s dangerous for you to go alone here.
Well, this is just a suggestion,
Why don’t we act together until Taru-chan can meet with your big sister at the very least?
I would like to say a few words of greetings and apology』(Yoshio)


I was breathtaking by Yoshio-san’s gentleman attitude, he is worried about me,
and the flow to introduce the two of them to my big sister was decided.




The door of the church.
The huge wooden door on the stone pile.
Its height is about 4 meters.
It makes me feel awe, but wood seems to be aging but it doesn’t rot.
The door created a heavy atmosphere.

Both sides are the Deus in the blue armors in defensive stance.
They stand before the door like an iron wall defense, the beautiful guards standing dignifiedly with sword arms being crossed.

Standing before the god statue, with the long pony-tail jet black hair and high end cut before her eyes, it’s my beautiful girl with a good style.

Unlike me with the initial equipment, she is wearing leather armor with a cloak, and carry twin swords on her waist.

Taru - Laura.jpg

She is my big sister.
It is undeniably my big sister.

Does big sister also scan her real figure as it is and reflect it in the character?
If there is any different from my memory, it’s only her hair that growing a little more than the last time I saw it.

I accompanied Baka couple and came close to my sister.
The Pony-Tail beauty keeps looking in the direction of the door.
I bet she is looking for me.


『Taru-chan …that, is that your older sister』(Erina)

『 Hey, isn’t that…』(Yoshio)


Erina-san and Yoshio-san have a close look at my sister and say something.

My sister reacted to the word of 《Taru》and finally looked at me.

Our eyes met.
My sister just kept staring at me without a word.

Well, what should I say?

This game is VRMMO which doesn’t allow different-sex character.
If someone looks like girls, in real life, she is a girl too.
My appearance is a silver hair foreign girl pretty much over 10 years old.
And Can my older sister believe that her younger brother who was a normal high school boy until yesterday, is transforming into a beautiful girl?


『Michelle? Taru?』(Taru’s sister)


Ah, this beautiful voice is dignified, it can’t be mistaken even with 10,000 people.
She is definitely my older sister.
To easily realize that it’s me, she is such a terrifying older sister.


『Big sister』(Taru)


I reply in a blatant manner.


『Ah, how should I call you here? Taru?』(Taru’s sister)

『Yes, my sister』(Taru)

『Eh, but you, Taru, are you getting more cute than usual?』(Taru’s sister)

『I think that I am not cute in the first place』(Taru)

『Baka, everything about you is cute』(Taru’s sister)

『Ah, as expected of my older sister』(Taru)

『The same to you, Taru』(Taru’s sister)


My big sister believes this beautiful girl is her brother.
My older sister rushed to college and started living alone, and I rarely had opportunities to see her face.
Therefore, I feel a little nostalgic for the usual interaction.


『There is a reason for being such a figure』(Taru)

『… Taru, I will listen to the story later …』(Taru’s Sister)


Truly, my big sister.
The decision to talk later about the beautiful girl figure is nice as usual.


『So, who are the two people behind you?』(Taru’s sister)


My sister is staring at the couple as if looking at enemies.


『Ah, the guides?』(Taru)

『Taru is a meanie, and when we are friends …』(Erina)


When Erina-san says those words, I hide behind my sister.
I don’t intend to make friends with the natural enemy, popular (Normie) girl anymore.


『If anything, I can only see you as a bandit Baka couple, what are you doing to my Taru?』(Taru’s sister)

『You are the 《hunter of the wind》 Shin, why are you in this starting city…?』(Erina)


Eh, what of the wind?


『I thought you were heading towards the frontier…』(Erina)

『Can’t you see it?』(Shin)


My sister took a glance at me and
then reached out to the twin sword hung on her waist.

Taru - Fie.jpg

Erina-san and Yoshio-san startled and took one step back.


『Wait, wait. If you start with PvP near the Deus like this, they will attack all of us?』(Erina)

『Yes, Shin-san, please calm down. Even if you fight here, we all will be suppressed by the Deus and will get penalty』(Yoshio)


My older sister is turning her eyes on the NPC with the blue armor standing next to her for a moment.

Does the NPC like Deus interfere with the fight between the players?
Is it like a police in the city?

My sister seemed to have listened to a couple’s warning for a second.
And then she had an undisturbed smile.


『So what’s wrong with that? Before the Deus stop me, I still have enough time to destroy you』(Shin)


Apparently from what my sister said, they are all Beta Testers,
But I can see that there was some problem between the Baka-couple and my sister during the Beta Test period.


『Big sister, stop it』(Taru)

『Why? I want to kill these guys』(Shin)


My older sister replied so without taking her line of sight off the Baka couple.


『Leave it later』(Shin)


My sister wants to start the battle now, I don’t understand about Clan-Clan battle at all.
And my weapon is just a wooden sword.
It’s unlikely to become a fighting force.

Besides, it’s somewhat uncomfortable to see the scene of the frightening couple that I was talking just before to be killed by my sister.
I don’t like how they showed the lovey-dovey out in the open but I appreciate their help.

The tensions between both sides are antagonistic, and the couple seems to be anxious.
It seems that only I can still deal with thing quietly now.




I pull lightly on my big sister’s sleeve and telling “no no”
As I repeated for a while, my big sister stopped and sighed, just like I thought.
Then putting the twin swords on both her hands back.


『I’ll overlook it for Taru this time, next time I will not miss it』(Shin)


You know what? She is giving a silent pressure.


『I was just showing Taru-chan the way to this place』(Erina)

『Hey, wait, Et-tan, that’s bad, don’t add more oil』(Yoshio)

『Well, you have my thanks for showing the way for my Taru so far』(Shin)

『Yoshio-san, Erina-san, thank you very much』(Taru)

『Tee hee hee, you are welcome』(Erina)

『But, don’t you ever approach to my Taru again!』(Shin)



Erina-san is surprised.


『Do you understand?』(Shin)

『Interchange among players is personal freedom…』(Erina)

『Do you understand?』(Shin)

『Haa~, but. Taru-chan, if you need something again, call me out…』(Erina)

『Hey, hey, hey, we should get away …』(Yoshio)


It looked like it was getting downside, and the Baka couple disappeared into the shadow of the city.


『Well then, Taru』(Shin)

『What, my sister』(Taru)

『 I have done what Taru wanted and next, you will answer my question, right?』(Shin)

『Ah, well, yes.』(Taru)

『Why is Taru becoming a beautiful girl?
It was impossible to create a character that does not match real sex.』(Shin)


My sister, I also want to know the answer to that question myself.


Status 2Equip 2

Skill: Alchemy Lv 2

Title: Elder Loli
Triple skill point acquisition amount at level up.

Taru sister
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  1. Quick suggestion:
    邪魔 じゃまな(もの): something/someone who’s a hindrance, in your way literally or figuratively.

    {Zamaaaaaa!}->{It’s Annoying!} (T.N: a cry or shout, maybe)

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  2. Oh no!!
    I hate clinghanger!!

    I cannot wait to see shin reaction.

    By the way why her name is shin? Sound like male name


    • Shin

      “Jintaru my cute otouto, I can’t wait to meet him”

      “What is this !? Is this cute girl really him? And what’s with those baka couple getting friendly with her!”

      “Ahh… Washi no Otouto kawaii wake ganai!( My little boy {brother) can not be this cute)”

      “I will not stand any girl other than me getting near my brother, say your prayer, you thieving cat/fox”

      “I can’t refuse such a cute pleading voice from my little boy, i give up, you may live now when Taru-chan is here”

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  3. Suggestion:
    Well, even {}->{though} I harassed the couple.
    It is just a cute little girl being naughty on her first day in VRMMO~!

    No way I can not believe it. What kind of enemy is this?
    It is {regrettable}->{unfortunate}.

    To the people who make me feel irritated, even {}->{if} it’s just an online game.

    I think your {name}->{flirting} is embarrassing enough.

    Well, I am still me,
    Even {}->{though} my appearance has changed to a girl.

    『In this part of《Michelangelo》city, there are only expensive items lined up, but those things have additional effect』({Brahn}->{Yoshio})

    Even {}->{though} I’m going with them, I’m still jealous.
    I just change the strategy and use this Baka Couple.

    {One-san}->{Onee-san/Big Sis} is begging you』(Erina)

    『 Is the title {a worthy thing}->{worth anything}?』(Taru)

    Umm, just like George said.
    {Cran-Clan}->{Clan-Clan} is a game with the specification that you

    『There’s also a man who has a title 《{All-purpose library}->{Akashic records librarian}》that was center of attention.

    It is more complicated than 《{All-stock archives}->{Akashic records librarian} (same?)》

    As expected.
    When Yoshio-san speaks with {astringent}->{difficult} expression, Erina-san takes over the explanation cheerfully.

    violations of regulations, all information seems to be {blocking}->{blocked}』(Erina)

    『 They already destroyed {《Stuffed Snow White Blue White》}->{white and Blue Snow White doll} battle strategy information and capturing site with haste…

    those who save the content of the {capture}->{captured} site still tell others by word of mouth』(Yoshio)

    They push the player {must}->{to} rely on other players instead of {capturing}->{captured} site.

    Clan-{Cran}->{Clan}’s Mysterious world 《Moon’s Tear》

    My arm is squeezed by her chest and it’s {poisoned in}->{poisoning} my eyes.

    No, I know that she never do it intentionally, but my line of sight was nailed.

    Erina-san, even {}->{though} you try to show a good smile, you are the number one candidate for that{}->{(weird person)} at the present time.

    Erina-san {doesn’t}->{didn’t} back down easily even {}->{though} Yoshio-san {says}->{said} that.

    until Taru-chan can meet with your older {}->{sister} at the very least?

    {It}->{I} was breathtaking by Yoshio-san’s gentleman attitude, he is worried about me,
    and the flow to introduce the two {}->{of them} to my big sister was decided.

    she is such a {terrify}->{terrifying} older sister.

    『Ah, {guide men}->{the guides}?』(Taru)

    Erina-san and Yoshio-san {fall}->{startled and} took one step back.

    And then she had {an irreverently}->{a cheeky/an undisturbed} smile.

    『{Big sister}->{Siss~}』(Taru)
    I pull lightly on my big sister’s sleeve and telling “no no”

    『But, don’t you ever approach to my Taru again{?}->{!}』(Shin)

    『 I {heard what Taru says}->{have done what Taru wanted} and next, you will answer my question, right?』(Shin)


    • It is more complicated than 《{All-stock archives}->{Akashic records librarian} (same?)》

      It’s not the same.
      It isn’t in EN Katakana and Japanese people love the Akashic Records.
      This title is simple like a knowledge with all-purpose (learn all skill with fewer skill points required than other about 10%)
      How can I explain this?
      Uhm… just like you already have a glimpse of a book before, you will need less time and effort to read and understand that book than people never read that book.

      That man seems to be a bookworm in real life that read a lot of books.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. From poopman to silver loli
    Aint that big change lol

    Well its kinda exciting so i think i will follow even after ch 8

    Cause it show quite potential
    Unlike certain summoner story

    Liked by 1 person

  5. 《Elder Loli》

    《 A magical girl whose appearance and content are incompatible.
    Because the old soul dwells in a young body, you can take far more efficient action than others.
    The enormous magical power maintains her beauty and young, and it overflows from the hair just like the witch》

    Acquisition condition: rejuvenation.

    Efficacy: Triple skill point acquisition amount at level up.

    since he also have high INT, maybe he will change Job to a Witch in the future, then advance from Witch->High Witch->Arch Witch->Witch Lord->Witch Queen->Witch Empress->Ancient Witch->Legendary Witch->Mythic Witch->Witch Goddess Trolololololol

    Thx for the chapter ^^


  6. Ah… Could it be that the older sister is actually a brocon and a bit of a yandere? The kind that alway thought that her plain looking younger brother was always the cutest?


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