Taru Chapter 6: Slime and the weakest me

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Taru Chapter 6: Slime and the weakest me



『Why did Taru become a beautiful girl similar to Michelle?』(Shin)


Michelle is our non-blood related little sister, she comes from Northern Europe.




Seeing me just stay silent, my older sister keeps asking me in worry.
I have forgotten, when it comes to younger siblings, my big sister is somewhat overprotective.

If I talk about my sex change incident with my big sister, she will probably take me to the hospital immediately.
I know I should do that, I must tell her properly.




But, honestly.
I’m scared.
Actually, the current me.
No matter how you look, you will think that I’m a girl.
But I had lived as a boy for 16 years.

I don’t know for sure yet.
It might change, it may heal later.
That’s why I don’t want to be certified clearly that I am a girl after undergoing a physical examination at a hospital or city hall.
In the unlikely event, this symptom will not be cured. I am afraid of hearing that like a criminal afraid of the death sentence.

I heard the news that there are six people who have the same situation as me in Japan.
I can feel relieved somewhat because there are people who have already been gender-swapped.
But can we turn back?
Will we return to normal?

And my current appearance, I look like an elementary school grade girl.
What will become of my study at school?

My best friends, Kouya and Yuuki,
How will they respond when they see this figure of mine in real life?

Everything is scary…


『…a bug, maybe』(Taru)


I answer my older sister’s question awkwardly.


『I have never heard of such a bug at the Beta Test. Are you, in fact, Michelle or something like that?』(Shin)

『No, Mi has no time to play, and she is in Turkey with our parents now』(Taru) (T.N: Mi is Michelle’s Nickname)

『… Taru, did you hide something from me?』(Shin)


Currently, my sister is a college student, but she is a sociable person whose name is known in her field.
And my excellent sister can even take care of her living expenses and school expenses on her own.

While I can be proud of having such an excellent big sister,
I feel that I don’t want to make her worry for the moment.

I made my consideration for my sister as the reason for turning my eyes away from the reality…


『No, I didn’t hide anything…』(Taru)


Trying to bottle my dark emotion, I made a calm face and looking at my big sister.
A little more, just a little more.
Right now, the mega failed confession with Akane-chan still affected me.
Even after what happened to me.
I still can’t accept it as reality.

My older sister was staring at me as if she doubted.
But then she got tired of looking at her brother’s face, she moved her eyes away and said.


『If Taru says so, I will believe in Taru’s decision』(Shin)


I remembered something similar happened before.
For now, it seems that she was convinced.
After that, my sister stopped asking about it and said a word appropriate for online games.


『Let’s raise your level』(Shin)

With that said.


We, the sisters came out of the pioneering city, Michelangelo and stood in a field full of green as far as we could see.

This field called 《The beginning prairie》, it seems to be a place where beginners initially act and get used to the game.

With the wind blowing, it makes the grass moving like a wave, a smelling green odor, a scene suitable for departure.


『Let’s quickly raise the level by building a PT』(Shin)

: PT invitation has arrived from 《Shin》:

《Yes》and 《no》choice came up, so, I tapped 《Yes》without hesitation.

After accepting the PT application, part of the older sister’s status is displayed.



(T.N: All equipment besides weapon are in Katakana EN, doesn’t ask me if it sounds weird)

Level 11 … her HP is more than 9 times of mine.
Wouldn’t this be a blunder if she PVP with level 1 like this?

For the time being, I found out that it is possible to check equipment other than accessories by joining the PT. For now, I want to examine the equipment in detail.





The weapon that I am equipped, Rhone wooden sword has rare degree 0
And my sister’s twin sword has rare degree 4.
So, I will ask her this question first.


『How is the rare degree 4 of weapons?』(Taru)

『Oh, at the moment, it’s the highest peak, which will be updated to 5 tomorrow』(Shin)


Hey. The highest peak.
And from the previous reaction of the Baka couple, my sister is probably one of the top Beta Testers.

While walking around Michelangelo with my sister, there were many players who looked at her,
I thought that it was simply because she is beautiful, perhaps there are other reasons?

In conclusion, from what I learned from my sister and PT,
My older sister seems to have trouble with PT in online games. (Lonewolf type)


『 Oh, it’s here. Come on, defeat that monster』(Shin)



When I looked at the direction my sister points at, something was buried in the tall grass, and a light blue object was squatting.


『What’s that?』(Taru)

『It’s a monster』(Shin)

『I don’t see its name and so on』(Taru)

『Because the information will be displayed in battle. Although there’s also information that isn’t displayed』(Shin)


Battle state?


『That is the Clan-Clan’s weakest monster. You can defeat it even with the wooden sword on your waist』(Shin)


In the second half, my older sister smiled, she made fun of my equipment.


『watch me』(Taru)


I was a bit awkward,
I held my Rhone wooden sword and approached the light blue object.

The size of the target is a small creature about 40 cm in diameter.
The appearance is pulp like jelly, the form is round.

I swung my wooden sword down at that round blue form.

Taru Monster - 59

『Kyui~!?』(Puni Slime)


At the moment the wooden sword touched the monster, it dug deep into the jelly-like body and was repelled from the flexibility-rich nature.

I could not respond to that shock, the wooden sword was repelled and hit my head.


Gon~ (SFX)



There is no pain, but there is a shock, my head is tingling.
And then it throws its own body at my abdomen. My body received a shock.
It seems that this light blue jelly monster, 《Slime》 can counterattack after getting hit.

Two points, its two eyes that can be seen as a bullet, are looking at me.
I can’t see well the part corresponding to the mouth.


『This is slime … ….』(Taru)


This is a battle in VRMMO…
How to move your body doesn’t change compared to the real world anyhow, there’s no sense of incongruity.

I picked my wooden sword back on and looked at my older sister.
She was looking at the situation with a dumbfound (pokan) face.
It seems like she was so surprised that couldn’t cope with the situation.

I was planning to borrow some help from my older sister for this monster that is the weakest in this Clan-Clan, but then I changed my mind.
Therefore, I release the next attack.




Again, I strike the slime with my wooden sword.

Although I successfully hit it, the wooden sword was repelled again by its elasticity body.
And the slime throws itself to my abdomen again.




Although I fell with that attack, I stand up quickly.
And then, this time the slime jumps to my face.
I dodge by crouch.

When I noticed it, my HP has decreased from 30 to 20.
Despite being the weakest, isn’t this slime’s attack rather hurt to me.




This time I use “Yokonagi Issen / Side-Sweep Flash”

As I swung the sword from above, the slime was pressed against the ground and bounced off.
But if it was from the side, it should be able to blow the slime away without being repelled.
As expected, slime became eclipse, the wooden sword …didn’t hit it.

The slime deformed its own body and reduced its height.
For that reason, my attack ends up as a swing.


『What!? (Nandato!?)』(Taru)


And the slime throws itself towards me in the position full of gaps.




A light impact runs through my shoulder.
HP decreased from 20 to 15.

This is … Clan-Clan’s weakest monster 《Slime》

Too strong.
This weakest is so difficult.

However, I have the worst experience in the history yesterday, I will never break on this level, I will not yield.
The slime finished attacking and landed on the ground, it continued to prepare for the next attack as it was.

It seems that he is setting aim at my legs this time.
I pull my right foot back and forth.




I was planning to kick according to the slime collision.
If I can kick it up, the slime in mid-air won’t be able to attack or change his body form.
And I will hit it with my wooden sword aiming at the landing point.

That’s the plan.

My kick collided with the slime.

The body of slime that should be throwing to mid-air, pushed my right leg back.

Yes, my kick lost the competition on a soft slime body.
The right feet is dragged backward by the impact, and with that momentum, the slime jumps to attack my face.

The fall.

(T.N: raw is “The 転倒”, Author might want to use half EN, it’s hard to translate properly while keeping “the”)


『Wha…t!? (Nan…dato!?)』(Taru)


HP decreased from 15 to 11.
Bad, this is bad.

Because I have completely fallen, I lose sight of slime for a moment.
I have to get up soon.

As I was in a state of kneeling position.
My field of vision was dominated by the light blue slime.
It was the slime jumps to attack my face again.




I fall down to the meadow on my back.




The slime gives a voice of delight.
This is the winner’s cheeky.?
I vaguely imagined such things, I turned my eyes to the beautiful blue sky.

The flowing white clouds, infinitely continuing Azure.
What a big sky.
Compared to it I have a dwarf existence.
Is this adventure?

Even with all my guts after that failed confession, I can’t even win against the weakest monster.

My remaining HP is 5.
Perhaps my HP will be 0 with the next blow.
I prepare for death and close my eyes.


『Hey, Taru, why are you giving up?』(Shin)


My sister kicked the slime that trying to jump at me.
Then, the slime was liquidized and disappeared in a moment.
Truly level 11.


『No… Big Sister, this is impossible, the slime is too strong for level 1』(Taru)


While lying on the green carpet (grassland) and pouting with my cheek, I give my honest impressions to my sister.
I don’t feel like winning.


『No, no.
Even at 1 level, if you attack it about 3 times,
The slime will lose all of it vitality and burst…』(Shin)



My older sister looked at me awkwardly.


『I need to ask a little…』(Shin)

『Ah, yes?』(Taru)

『Taru, can you tell me your status?』(Shin)


Status 2

As I told her, my older sister started thinking a bit.


『Too biased…』(Shin)


Is that so?


『Usually, the initial status is completely random, but it is set so that all the total status value is 120』(Shin)

『Hou hou』(Taru)

『In the case of Taru … your attack and defense are abnormally low』(Shin)


She said 《abnormally》


『I see』(Taru)

『Even if it is nice to have a high speed. Other is garbage to discard
Kohon (Ahem)
The intelligent which is called garbage status is too high』(Shin)

『Is intelligent trashy?』(Taru)



For my sister to say all that, I begin to feel a little down.


『We couldn’t find any use for intelligence at the Beta Test.
It’s a status that is not reflected in combat.
The only thing that we have found out is that it raises the success rate of the 《Alchemy》skill』(Shin)


Oh. Is 《Alchemy》 easy to succeed with high intelligence?
I will not give up my intelligence.
Tabun (maybe).


『For Taru’s case, you can’t beat the slime that is the weakest monster in the Clan-Clan due to your attack is only 1』(Shin)

『Is there such a thing?』(Taru)

『This is the first time I saw a player lose to a slime』(Shin)


Atelier_Lydie_and_Suelle 2009-01-03 03-41-57-59

(T.N: Atelier’s fans might like this picture because you know the reference and joke)


Because I play online games for the first time,
I was worried that I might be wrong somewhere,
And I can’t defeat the weakest monster.

Continuing from the failed confession, I met with too many misfortune.
My sister taps her hand on my shoulder when I’m in despair.


『 Don’t Mind』(Shin) (T.N: Don’t mind in EN as Don Mai)


She was laughing.
My older sister seems to be enjoying the weakest situation of her younger brother’s debut.


『… ….』(Taru)


I pout and look back at my sister with angry eyes.


『Geez, you don’t care for your younger brother at all?』(Taru)


Did my grudge gaze make her feel guilty?
My sister started sighed as if giving up and pressing the window.

(T.N: Window in EN)


『Come on, I’ll give you this』(Shin)


: From Shin Lv 11 request a trade 《Kodachi: Impure Evening》:

: Do you accept?:

And the system log came.


『Ooooh, this is?』(Taru)

『Yes, we can’t transfer Eso (currency) between players, but I can trade accessories and items with others.
It’s supposed to be an unusual weapon because the equipment condition status was Attack 1 and Intelligence 15.
And this thing will just collect dust in my item inventory as it is.
But it will be useful for you,
I think its attack power is higher than Taru’s wooden sword』(Shin)

『Can I use it, big sister?』(Taru)

『You don’t have to worry, I will take a reasonable price for it later』(Shin)


I have a bad feeling about what the reasonable price is, but for now, I can’t do anything but accept it.

Accept the transaction, and immediately looking at the status of 《Kodachi: Impure Evening》

Image result for kodachi

《Kodachi: Impure Evening》Rare degree 2

Equipment condition Attack 1 Intelligence 15

Attack power + 10 (+1) Skill correction G


It looks like a short katana.
Part of the handle is a purple embroidery clasped with cloth and the sheath is black.
Including the blade, it would be as long as 40 cm in diameter.

Although the equipment condition is: attack 1, there is +10 more attack power.

Given that Rhone’s wood sword was +2, it is 5 times the attack power.
Moreover, the rare degree is 2.

What is “Skill Correction G” …?
I don’t know well, but the correction should make it become better, how can the correction occur?

Anyhow, this is really nice.


『Big sister, thank you』(Taru)

『It’s fine, Taru』(Shin)


After that, I fought several times and succeeded in defeating about 8 slimes.

The Kodachi which received from my older sister is shorter than Rhone wooden sword, but I can react to movement of slime and attack even with a short sword and it also has the power to cut the slime, it worked great.


『There are many players』(Taru)


As expected, it was the first day of implementation, so many mercenaries were hunting for mobs in the beginner field, it was hard to encounter monsters.

So it took a while.

When I knocked down 8 slimes, my level rose to 2.
And I got Level Point x 100, Skill Point x 15 at level 2.

Since the skill point should be tripled by the effect of the title 《Elder Loli》
I think the normal Skill Points gain should be 5 points.

The Level Point is the point that strengthens your character by using that point to upgrade the status as you like.

Skill points can be used to raise skill level, by raising skill level, we can unlock new techniques and the like.


『Taru, Congratulations on level up』(Shin)

『Ah, um』(Taru)


I immediately use the level point to my status.

After all, since I want to raise the success rate of my skill 《Alchemy》

I will make it a policy to focus intensively on my mind.
Besides, let’s raise Speed from the beginning.
It will be fine if I don’t raise Attack because of the equipment condition so far.

There is no need to raise defend if I have Speed to avoid attacks.
I wonder if there is a chance to aim for such a romantic development.

Status 3

Okay, next is the skill point.

Of course, even if people called it rubbish kill, I am planning to keep raising it.


『By the way did Taru learn skills?』(Shin)

『Yeah, I learned Alchemy』(Taru)

『 That character should be erased』(Shin)


It was an immediate answer.


『In the first place, you will have a sense of incompatibility between your real body with the girl’s character with a bug.
It will be difficult for you to move if your real body’s feelings are too different from the game.
I think that it would be better to rebuild them after all』(Shin)


Even if I erase it, I can only make girl character now.
And because of the Clan-Clan system, it will judge me as a girl from my female body at the present moment…
It will be bothersome if my sister asks why the character I rebuilt is still a girl character again.


『Because it’s not a big deal, I will keep trying this character now』(Taru)

『But, that … ….』(Shin)

『Please Big Sister, let me try it for a while』(Taru)

『I just give advise because I’m thinking about you…』(Shin)


My big sister frown.


『I know that』(Taru)

『Muuu, then, then, what is that?』(Shin)


However, my sister suddenly became fidget.



『Come over here, c’mon』(Shin)

『what (Nani) !?』(Taru)


My older sister sits on the spot.


『Sit here』(Shin)


Patting her hand on her thigh.




Somehow I could read my sister’s intention.


『It’s fine』(Shin)


She looked at me with a strong gaze.


『Yes yes…』(Taru)


I sit down on my older sister’s thigh according to her instructions.
Then my older sister held me from behind and stroke my hair.

Mile girl sit on lap

Mile Pat cat girl head

『Please stop patting my head』(Taru)

『In the past, whenever Taru was depressed, I always did it like this.
Do you remember?』(Shin)

『I remember, but I wasn’t depressed』(Taru)


My sister keeps patting my head ignoring my complaints.


『Fuu, good boy good child』(Shin)


My sister just keeps saying those words while patting my head.
I wonder how many years it has passed.
My older sister often did it like this.

I wonder if the first time was the elementary school.

I feel a sense of nostalgia and feel ticklish while being hug and pat by my sister in a wide field.


『Fuu … …』(Taru)


I feel somewhat restless.
But compare with my biggest failure confession experience, this seems to be a tiny thing…


『Taru isn’t activating sexual guard?』(Shin)

『Sexual guard?』(Taru)

『Yes, it’s a system that prevents other to touch your body except in combat.
And you can also set which part of your body is allowed.
So, are you doing it?』(Shin)

『No, I have not done it』(Taru)

『Except for me, please set up the sexual guard for everyone』(Shin)

『I’ll do it properly later』(Taru)


If I set all parts with sexual guarded, I won’t be able to hold hands or lend a shoulder,
It looks boring.
Other than the sensitive parts, let allow everything else.


『Mumumumu …』(Taru)

Taru Lap pillow 1

Along with my older sister, I was looking at the blue sky for a while in the prairie where the pleasing wind blew.
While thinking of Akane-chan who was troubled with my failed confession…
《Clan • Clan》

《Official Site: Mercenaries Banquet Message Board》

(Genre ● Living system)

Thread name: 《healing》, Introduction of the good spot 《Landscape》

1: I want to know many interesting places in the Clan-Clan!
That’s why I made this thread.

2: Good, sir. I also want to know

3: If you don’t limit to only the sight…
There is a good thing. Well, the place surround it is also beautiful

4: If you want to have a sightseeing, I guess 《Moonlight Tree Hill》 is okay.

5: Surely, that place is good.

6: Is that the hill with the tree only blooming when the weather is 《moonlight night》?

7: That’s the one

8: Oh, I tried confessing it there before

9: Normie goes exploded

10: >> 9 Jealousy of other people’s success?


[For a while from here, we cut the ugly comments that just repeated unsightly language]


46: Let’s go back to the topic of sights.
And by the way, do that with the “couple” thread.

47: Isn’t that right?
Well, what place would you call interesting places?

48: Any good landscape that can heal people.

49: Isn’t that nice?

50: Today, a Loli and a beautiful girl were sitting at 《the beginning prairie》
It was a very healing two-shot.
Somehow, a cool beauty gently strokes the Loli, It was a nice feeling.
The Loli also seems to have been looking at the sky

51: Where is that? I need to know for (T.joke: research purpose) the landscape … Yes, for the landscape.

52: Loli!? What? Did you take a closer look at her appearance?

53: What happened to the screenshot?

54: Really, seriously, hope!

55: It is unusual for players under the age of 15 in Clan-Clan.

56: What kind of girls are they?

57: Actually I took the SS

Taru Lap Pillow

58: >> 57 GJ!

59: You did a good job there

60: >> 57 P favor up! (T.N: P stand for point)

61: This is the healing SS (T.N: SS stand for screenshot)

62: What is this angel?

63: Pretty lovable flowers…

64: The older sister is also broken with a beautiful avatar (T.N: Broken stands for overpowering or overkill)

65: Silver Hair Lolita Kitaaaaaaaaaaa (appeared)

66: I’m not a pedo, but surely, this picture is healing

67: Lolicon daze?

68: Oh, I saw this girl in the pioneer city, Michelangelo

69: Well? Which girl did you see?

70: The silver hair lolita

71: I envy you

72: I’m so jealous

73: Ofu~u, I wanted to see Boku-chan… and peropero her (ペロペロ)14487874_p0_master1200.jpg

74: Moreover, they were talking about Character creation,
This silver hair child, she was scanning the real module and it seems to be her first day playing.

75: Eh, are you serious?

76: Hou … If there is such a real figure …

77: What a beautiful loli!
By all means, be my waifu…

78: Foreigner Loli?

79: She might be a half.

80: Are you serious? Such a transcendental girl?

81: I want to be friends with those girls

82: Me too, oh!

83: Me as well

84: Peropero (ペロペロ) incoming.

85: Calm down, Lolicon group www

86: You all are ugly … calm down a little

87: Yes, calm down. If you look carefully at the cool beauty who hugs her.

88: Oh, is this lady a bad news?

89: She is a Beta Tester, there are a lot of people know about her

90: Black Hair Pony Tail Twin Sword User…

91: 《Hunter of the wind》?

92: Eh, This girl is 《Shin》the one who has destroyed a bandit lair by herself?

93: This person…

94: There are thorns in beautiful flowers…

95: I want to be stepped on by the older sister

96: This guy is seriously horrible.

97: It is said that it’s difficult to fight her with her twin sword technique.
Moreover, she is a magic swordsman type that uses the magic of wind system

98: I had mastered magic before and I decided to gather all my guts to PvP her.
And of course, I was instantly killed by her. w

99: You weren’t afraid?

100: Well, of course, I don’t have such feeling because I want to become closer. w

101: This kind of honest of a hunter, I saw it for the first time…

102: Oh I also saw her in the mining town Gureld

103: She is really a Cool Beauty

104: Even such a hunter can’t win the mysterious Silver Hair Lolita Angel

105: Don’t worry Pufu~u

106: Indeed. Should we form a fan club? (Lol) (T.N: Lol in raw)

107: Seriously? Then I will become the first fan of Pretty Angel

108: It isn’t good getting ahead by yourself. Fan # 1 is me!

109: No, I’m Older!

110: You all aren’t suited for such beautiful flowers.
This gentleman is fit to be her groom.
Fan # 1 is me!

111: Do you know the word seniority system? The first fan

112: I’m going to play with my odds! Sumo exclamation!

113: It is the maggot that you misunderstand. Angel-chan

114: Then, I’m Fan # 0

115: What! You are such a coward.


From here it was forever a thread that showed excitement with the topic of a silver hair Loli pretty girl and a black hair beautiful big sister.


362: So, what are this topic about after all?

363: >>>362 It was about interesting places where there is a beautiful girl



Status 3Equip 3

Skill: Alchemy Lv 2

Title: Elder Loli
Triple Skill point acquisition amount at level up.

Taru Lap Pillow
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  1. Thank you. If only Taru could be honest with her sister and then with her friends. The sooner the better + his friends and his sister love her, and would probably give her all the support she needs. I don’t understand why Taru is so afraid.


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  3. Suggestion:
    I heard the news that there are {total six people}->{six people who} have the same situation as me in Japan

    I made my consideration for my sister {}->{as} the reason for turning my eyes away from the reality…

    Even {}->{after} what happened to me.I still can’t accept it as reality.

    『If Taru says so, I {}->{will} believe in Taru’s {judgment}->{decision}』(Shin)

    : PT {application}->{invitation} has arrived from 《Shin》:

    After accepting the PT {application}->[invitation}, part of the older sister’s status is displayed.

    Body : black {hind}->{wind} armor

    Arm: black {hind}->{wind} arm

    Leg: black {hind}->{Wind} leg

    equipment other than accessories by {assembling}->{join the} PT. For now

    『{Just look}->{watch me}』(Taru)

    It seems like she was so surprised that couldn’t {cooperate}->{cope} with the situation.

    .{Despise}->{despite being} the weakest, isn’t this slime’s attack rather hurt to me.

    As I was in a state of {knee standing}->{kneeling} position.

    Even with all my guts after that failed confession, I can’t {win even}->{even win against} the weakest monster.

    Continuing from the failed confession, I met with too many {miserable}->{misfortune}.

    Equipment condition Attack {}->{{>=} 15

    but I can {reach to}->{still follow} movement of slime and attack even with a short sword

    『Yeah, I {mastered}->{learned} Alchemy』(Taru)

    I feel a sense of nostalgia and {somewhat tickled like being squeezed}->{feel ticklish while being hug and pat} by my sister in a wide field.

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          Intelligence 15 (fifteen) < (less than) Taru base Intelligent
          The only weapon Taru can equip.

          At chapter 100+ Taru base attack is still 1. But she can solo the field (will lose a lot of items)

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          I’m really strict when it comes to game.

          Top player must be someone with good reaction, good brain.

          Not someone with Isekai Cheat Plot Armor from the Author.

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      When Taru view its status at first only 10 (+1 correction)
      But at the end of chapter 14 (+5 correction)

      When Taru up level 4 it will become 22 (+13 correction)
      Taru can create Rice Ball +10 attack buff.
      Taru has firework, longest distance ranged AOE attack in game.
      Taru has flying and fairy as well.
      Flying will immune all melee monster attack.
      Fairy have same magic attack power as a player.

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  5. Oh, thank you!
    Just ignore this, as this is only me going wild after reading all 6 chapters at once: I WANT MORE, MORE CHAPTERS! IT’S SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!


  6. *look at novel update list* wops 200 chapter of this novel?
    Somehow im getting more excited due to number of fluffy it gonna be

    Good luck at translating~


  7. Yes, those guys on online game does exist. Once they know there is a women playing, they will constantly trying to be nice, help, do anything to attract the female player attention. It can be fun, but most of the time they are a bother especially if the female player already have lover then those people going to hunt the couple down as much as possible.


  8. intelligence only for Alchemy? hm.. maybe high intelligence also needed to learn a very Sophisticated Magic Spell and Magic Formula, A Very Sophisticated Magic Circle for magic spell and Alchemy, Creating and Inscribing Magic Scroll, Learning Taboo, Legendary, Mystical and Godly Magic Spell. and so on,

    Thx for the chapter ^^


    • Int isn’t magic attack.
      Over 9000 Int still doesn’t increase 1 magic attack.

      Int is just increasing ALCHEMY CRAFT SUCCESS RATE.

      We can totally control the stats in this game.

      You can go full 100 attack per level (glass Cannon)
      You can go full 100 magic attack per level (Explosion like Megumin and faint on spot)
      You can go full 100 defend per level (Maple from full defend build novel)

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      • it seems like you not get what i mean. it’s not about increasing his magic attack

        but the requirement intelligence to learn a Sophisticated Magic Spell and Magic Formula, A Very Sophisticated Magic Circle for magic spell and Alchemy, Creating and Inscribing Magic Scroll, Learning Taboo, Legendary, Mystical and Godly Magic Spell. and so on,

        so it means those super high lv spell, magic circle, Creating and Inscribing Magic Scroll, needed a high Intelligence or Wisdom or Mind/Mental Prowess. it will not be amusing if high lv warrior that their stats full of str but can learn Meteors Rain, Comet Strikes, Giga Slave, Endless White 9 Heavens, Summon Seraph, Summon Satan, Summon Tiamat, Sun, Moon and Star Great Seal[Kekkai+Deadly Trap, using Ancient Magic Circle borrowing the power of sun, moon and star] and so on.


        • And this is Virtual Reality + MMORPG, so it’s need more logical and more to the real and True Fantasy and Magic World. so intelligence can become the requirement to mastering all of those i said before, so there will be no chaos and bug, like a newbie lv 10 mastering Magic “Summon Gate of Hell”, well maybe it can happen if the MC make a Soul Contract with the King of Hell. 😀

          Summon Gate of Hell: Open the Gate to Hell, that will let all High Lv Hell Creature come out and Invade the Mortal World, Mana Cost: 1000, But with Soul Contract with the King of Hell, no mana will be consumed, instead the player will Sacrifice his lv by 1 and Sacrifice 90% for price.
          Note: The Gate will Still Open for 24 Hours even if the Summoner has Death, Because the Gate will consume the Mana In the Air as the power source after it was summoned in Mortal World to maintain its existence. JK


        • Well, because of high INT, Taru can SUCCESS craft homunculus and heart of boss monster.
          I also thought that INT seems strange to have no offect on magic.
          Should I change the INT to LUCK then.
          (The Author might mistake his intention when naming INT)

          As you can see, there’s no STR, CON, VIT, WIS that often appear on other games.

          If you want, you can change it like this to be more real.
          Attack => STR
          Mag Atk => INT
          Defend => VIT
          Mag Def => SPR or WIS
          Speed => AGI or DEX
          INT => LUCK
          See, easier to understand, right?

          But I want to respect Author’s idea, even he might make a mistake.

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        • No, Magic attack is the requirement.

          As I said, INT only have 1 effect, raise ALCHEMY CRAFT SUCCESS RATE.
          That’s why it was called TRASH.

          Until Taru shows the prowness of INT ALCHEMY to the world.
          (200+ chapters later she still doesn’t have 1 magic skill because she can’t wait STATS for magic attack)

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  10. Yeah int should be “luck” because it makes no sense at all for intelligence to *not* correlate with magic considering almost all games do it that way. (The only exception being Priest spells getting dictated by the wisdom stat in AD&D games). Incidentally… big sis seems to be…slightly yandere?


    • Author’s setup. We can only deal with it.

      It’s not “LUCK” either.
      You can’t use it for other craft beside “Alchemy”.

      Author should rename “INT” point as “Alchemy Craft Success Rate” point.


  11. the first item the sister give her is kodachi…. and the trade system also almost similiar to Iruna online…

    gah her first expetience in games almost like me in Iruna Online games. my first item given by someone also kodachi hahaha


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