Taru Chapter 7: Synthesis

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Taru Chapter 7: Synthesis



After having been chill out in the meadow for a while, I separated from my older sister and returned to the pioneering city, Michelangelo.


『Somehow it turns out like this』(Taru)


My sister has been playing Clan-Clan since the Beta Test, she is called the frontier player.
Therefore, rather than wasting time around the initial town, she wanted to explore new areas that have been updated.
That’s why we took different actions.


『Well, what shall I do?』(Taru)


As for the classmates who invited me to play this game together, Yuuki and Kouya, I still have time before the meeting time.
Until then, let’s try to raise more money.
I got the dropped item of Slime that I knocked down earlier.
Should I try Alchemy on the new materials?

The loot from slime is as follows.


punitaieki《Slime Jelly》× 1

プニプニ玉・青_画像《Slime’s Nucleus》× 5


From the number dropped, slime jelly seems to be a rare drop.


《Slime Jelly》 Purple jelly of slime

《Slime’s Nucleus》good compatibility with liquid, blue nucleus of slime




I will use 《Copper Balance Scale》 and decide whether or not the drop item of slime is possible to change.
Since there is only one slime jelly, let’s refrain from the experiment here.
It’s a rare drop.
Tabun (Maybe).


I put one by one on the left tray of the balance scale to see whether or not the 《Slime’s Nucleus》 can be converted upward.
And then the balance scale begin to tilt.
Again, is it possible to convert to upper level?
I add the more in, one, two, three.
If the balance scale can reach the equilibrium state, which means, I have the number necessary for the 《Upper Conversion》
However, even though I put five pieces of 《Slime’s Nucleus》on hand, the balance scale isn’t at equilibrium state yet.


『Was the number insufficient for upgrading …?』(Taru)


Next, I put one 《Slime’s Nucleus》 on the right upper tray to try the 《Lower Conversion》.

For the 《Lower Conversion》, one piece should be enough.


《Lower Conversion》!』(Taru)


However, the 《Lower Conversion》did not activate.


《Lower Conversion》!』(Taru)


I shouted again, but there was no change in the《Copper Balance Scale》

In other words, the 《Slime’s Nucleus》 can’t be converted backward, right?


『Well ….』(Taru)


Even though I got new material at my disposal. It’s something like this.

Alchemy is quite difficult.


『Pikon』(MSG SFX)


When I was somewhat down, a friend message from George, the owner of skill store who took care of me when I bought a skill, arrived.


『I wonder if you are free now』(George) 

『Oh, yes』(Taru)


『How is alchemy going?』(George)

『Little by little ~desu ~ka ~ne』(Taru)


『Oh, that is amazing.
Actually, I thought that Angel-chan might hit a roadblock』(George)

『Yea, there are things I find quite difficult』(Taru)




Heard George’s bad voice reminds me of his face is getting ruined.


『Do you call me for something?』(Taru)

『Let see.
Because I got an Alchemy kit.
Of course, I will not use it.
And there won’t be any customer buy it.
I wonder if I can give it to Angel-chan』(George)



George, he is a god.


『Yeah, it’s true!』(George)

『Oh, but I only have… 200 Eso』(Taru)

『I do not need money. I just thought this as inventory disposal, ♪You got it?♪』(George)


George, he is a holy mother!


『However, it won’t be useful for Angel-chan yet so you don’t need to rush.
You can come and get the Alchemy Kit on later day』(George)

『No, if you can give it to me right now, I will be very happy』(Taru)


I dashed with full speed to 《Shikenzen Skill ☆ George》






『Here it is ♪』(George)


I arrived at the Skill Shop and I received the Alchemy Kit from George.


: You have received the Alchemy Kit 《Synthesis Pot》《Stirring Stick》 from George:


『Thank you』(Taru)


I thank him and read the explanation of the Alchemy Kit I received immediately.


《Copper Synthesis Pot》Alchemy Kit necessary for 《Synthesis》ability of 《Alchemy》 skill

《Stirring Stick》Alchemy Kit can be used in conjunction with 《Synthesis Pot》


From the Okama-san, when he did something like that, I felt an awkward feeling. (T.N: Half admired/ thankful, half disturbed)


《Synthesis》ability of 《Alchemy》 skill…』(Taru)

『Angel-chan, you just acquired the 《Alchemy》 Skill, so it will a long time until you can synthesize』(George)

『Yeah … I only learned the ability 《Conversion》』(Taru)

『I heard that the level of 《Alchemy》 is difficult to raise.
But it was also said that you can raise level easily using skill point on 《Alchemy》
But I don’t recommend wasting the skill points because you won’t have enough for combat skill』(George)


And then George told me that there are 3 types of skills, roughly speaking.

The first one and the most popular one is combat skill including magic and weapons skills, etc.

The second one is production skills, such as smithing and cooking skills.

And the third is a bipolar skill, the one that combines both battle and production, 《Alchemy》 skill is said to fall into this category.


『 Bipolar skill is hard to raise the level even if you use it.
And it’s recommended that precious skill points shouldn’t be put into the 《Alchemy》 skill, which is uncertain.
And it would be better to put it in combat skills and production skills.
And because of that, most players don’t want to use alchemy, which takes a huge amount of time to raise the level!』(George)

『Skill points …?』(Taru)


I had completely forgotten, but when I got up to the character level 2, I still have 15 skill points left!
If I apply those skill points to 《Alchemy》 skills, will I learn 《Synthesis》 ability now?


And then I add my skill points to 《Alchemy》 skill one point at a time.

: 《Alchemy》 skills rose to level 3:

: You have learned 《The Copper Law of Convert》ability!:



『Is there something wrong, I wonder?』(George)

『Oh, no, I just add skill points in 《Alchemy》 skill』(Taru)


《The Copper Law of Convert》

Consume MP and increase the success rate of 《Conversion》

Success rate depends on intelligence.


I was able to master the ability that can be used for both upper and lower conversion.

And I add more skill points to the 《Alchemy》 skill


: 《Alchemy》 skill rose to level 4:

: 《Alchemy》 skill rose to level 5:

: 《Alchemy》 skill rose to level 6:

: You have learned 《Failure is the royal road to success》ability!:



『Oh, you seem to have learned something』(George)


Ignoring the Okama-san who smiles and watches me, I look at the explanation of the ability I just learned.


《Failure is the royal road to success》

Consume MP and increase 《Conversion》 failure rate.

Fail rate depends on intelligence.

Use it when you want to create a failing material.

(T.N: You need to play Atelier Sophie to know why you need failure craft/synthesis)


Raise the failure rate of 《Conversion》…?


Hmm. Is it also an ability that uses MP?

I may need to raise the MP at the next level point acquisition.


The remaining skill points are 11 points.

I will add skill points steadily.


: 《Alchemy》 skill rose to level 7:

: 《Alchemy》 skill rose to level 8:

: 《Alchemy》 skill rose to level 9:

: 《Alchemy》 skill rose to level 10:

: You have learned 《Synthesis》ability!:


『It came! (Kita)』(Taru)

『Oh my, my. You just get something, don’t you?』(George)


The remaining skill points are 7.

To acquire the 《Alchemy》 skill 《Synthesis》ability,
I spent 8 point skill points, but it can’t be helped.

However, if you are speaking of the royal road of 《Alchemy》, it must be 《Synthesis》!
Combine materials and materials, and make new items!

My tension is rising.


『I will try 《Synthesis》at once!』(Taru)


I declare so to George.


『Huh? … you have already learned 《Synthesis》?
Even my friend who had 《Alchemy》 skill in Beta Test, took one week to learn it』(George)


Perhaps that friend of him didn’t use skill points on 《Alchemy》 skill but tried raising by proficiency degree.


『It’s Skill point allocation』(Taru)

『Angel-chan … you do not want to learn combat skill?』(George)



Combat skill will be postponed.
I only want to do 《Synthesis》 now.

Alchemy Kit 《Copper Synthesis Pot 》, it is a thick copper pot.


When I looked into the pot, it was filled with the liquid which sparkled with the smallest sand grains like the sparkling stars in the dark night.

(T.N: You might need to play Atelier Sophie and look at the Caudron to know how a pot/cauldron was filled with liquid and sparkling like stars in the night sky)

Taru Caudron

It looks like a night sky.
Apparently, it is good to throw the material you want to synthesize into this pot.

Again, here is where I’d like to 《Synthesis》new materials.


punitaieki《Slime jelly》purple jelly of slime

プニプニ玉・青_画像《Slime’s Nucleus》good compatible with liquid, blue nucleus of slime


Although the explanation of 《Slime Jelly》 didn’t serve as a reference to the alchemy, 《Slime’s Nucleus》is related to the alchemy.


『Compatible with liquid…』(Taru)


When I look at the liquid materials in my hand, I still have

なめし液_画像 《Sewage》× 5, the failed products of water 《Upper Conversion》

怪しい液体_画像《Mud Water》× 12

idomizu《Water》× 10



For the time being, I throw the 《Slime’s Nucleus》 into the 《Copper Synthesis Pot》 and observe.

When I look inside the pot, there is no change, and I can only see the quiet night sky scenery.


Next, take the 《Water》from item inventory.
And when hold the 《Water》 in front of the Alchemy Pot, a change occurred in the alchemy pot.

A thin smoke, something like clouds appeared in the night sky scenery of the Alchemy Pot.

The shining from the liquid of the pot was getting dull.




I don’t know the meaning well, but I’ll throw 《water》into the Synthesis Pot for now.


: 《Synthesize》started. Please mix the ingredients in the pot with the 《Stirring Stick》:


As the assist log flowed, I will follow instructions.

Mix with the stirring rod.


: Please maintain the temperature of the Pot while observing inside the Pot:

: While observing the inside of the Pot, you can do some mild adjustments with 《Stirring Stick》:

: The hint is 《Smell》《Color》《Appearance》《Stickiness》:




Suddenly the system log flows continuously.
Maintain the temperature of the Pot?
A place to adjust such a thing … ah
There was a button of strong, medium and weak in the pot (lol)

It looks like a simplified version of IH.

It seems that the current temperature is medium heat.

While observing inside of the Pot … adjustment…

*Smell … Especially not doing anything.

*Color … Cloudy night sky.

*Appearance … Especially not changing anything

When I thought so, I began to stir the pot and bubbles started to afloat!


Are the bubbles because of the boiling? Or I must be timing to stir it so that the material of the contents doesn’t scorch?

Should it be a low heat?

For the time being let’s do both. I will stir with a faster speed and a lower temperature.


*The rest is stickiness… unchanged.


『U~n, I don’t understand it at all (Chinpunkanpun)』(Taru)

『Cute Little Witch-chan』(George)


Ignoring George who smiles Ufufu beside me, I carefully keep staring at the inside of the Pot.

After a while, red smoke blew out from the Pot.
And then.
The red smoke blew out from the key points.
Apparently, it seems that the materials exploded in the pot.


: Synthesis failed. The materials used were lost:

And a heartless log flowed.


『For real…?』(Taru)


My 《water》and 《Slime’s Nucleus》


『From your appearance, did you fail?』(George)



『My my, don’t be discouraged.』(George)

『But the precious 《Slime’s Nucleus》…』(Taru)


『Oh well, failure is a source of success, right?』(George)

『Ye… yes…』(Taru)


『This Clan-Clan is a game with a lot of things to discover.
Because it is such an unknown territory, humans can not help but go on an adventure.
If you already knew the answer, could understand the puzzle and knew about the place to go, you wouldn’t be impressed, would you ?』(George)




It is an era where chemistry also advances now, you can see all the places and landscapes you have never been at home.
Right now, only the rich people and travelers who can afford to spare money to go to unknown places.


『I hope you can encounter wonderful unknown things with Clan Clan ♪』(George)


My heart skips a bit from the wink of George, such a shocking Pink eyeshadow was painted.

The failure of 《Synthesis》is also unknown thing.

That’s true.


『Yes, I will try 《Synthesis》 again!』(Taru)


I will not be beaten to do a second 《Synthesis》

What will be the next Synthetic material…

Let’s choose something that doesn’t hurt at all even if it disappears.


Again, should I use  《Sewage》, the failed product made by 《Upper Conversion》 of 《Water》?

I pour  the《Sewage》into the 《Copper Synthesis Pot》.

And the next Synthesis material…


I was concerned about the change in the content of the Synthesis Pot which occurred when I tried to insert the second material at the time of Synthesis earlier.


『 Maybe there was some change depending on the material I will put in?』(Taru)


When I try to put 《Sewage》as the second material in front of the Pot…, the smoke like dark clouds occurred, the night sky got cloudy.
That’s right. It is going to rain anytime soon if it’s such a cloud.
The choice of this material may be bad.


Next, I try the オールドストーン_画像《stone》generated by the lower conversion of 《hard stone》

This also a miss.


『Well ….』(Taru)


… Material that seems to match 《sewage》

Ah. there were!


『Made from cobaltsou《weed》with 《Upper Conversion》

うるおい草_画像《Clean Grass》(Taru)


Isn’t it a name that would clean up dirty water?


When I put《Clean Grass》in front of the Synthesis Pot, the inside of the Synthesis pot remained as a beautiful starry night sky.

It feels like a good choice.

Obviously, this suggests the success rate of Synthesis or material compatibility in proportion to the weather.


It is easy to succeed if it is fine weather.

It is dangerous if it is cloudy.

Fail if it rains. And so-on?


Under this hypothesis, I put 《Clean Grass》Into the Synthesis Pot as the second material.


『… It was a classic stuff to simmer grass with low heat』(Taru)


Make the temperature of the Synthesis pot to weak and slowly stir.

The scenery of Synthetic pot, the clear night sky is dominated by brown of 《sewage》


This … what should I do.
Is this color okay?
And then, the inside of the Pot began to boil down steadily.
And the color is becoming a beautiful green color from brown.

Mum, this is … Clean Grass sterilizes 《Sewage》, right?


I increased the stirring speed while keeping the temperature.
Somehow, it was too long to grind the grass and I felt like I could not melt it.
Is it not necessary to finish mixing quickly before boiling?

In the pot, the green eroded the brown and immediately turned into a smooth green full color.

Moreover, blue smoke blew out from the pot.






: 《Sewage》+ 《Clean Grass》→ Succeeded Synthesis of 《Pure Water》:

: Recorded in Synthesis recipe:



『Oh, you seem to have succeeded this time』(George)


While smiling “Kusukusu”, George celebrated my success with a lot of love wink.

It’s a little disturbing, I’m not pleased.

聖酸-1_画像《Pure water》

Green purified water, Material suitable for the potion


『It finally came…』(Taru)


Basic items of RPG, potion.

The material to make it is now completed here!


『What, what materials did you get?』(George)

『It looks like material for potion』(Taru)


『Oh my!? But I heard that it takes time and effort to make potion material』(George)

『Well, could you tell me a bit more about it?』(Taru)


『Okay, I heard from my friend in Beta Test, that he succeeded 《Upper conversion》of 《Water》 3 times and finally made 《pure water》, the material for potion』(George)


Three times 《Upper Conversion》of 《Water》

I am aware of 《water》《fine water》, but in addition to this, I have to convert upward twice more.


《Water》《fine water》《?》《Pure water》


In one step, when it was 《water》, in order to convert the material upward, 10 pieces were necessary.

《Pure water》that is 3 times succeeded 《Upper Conversion》of 《Water》

I will need 1000 《Water》


Because 《Pure water》that I was able to produce earlier was made from 《Sewage》that could be created by failing the 《Upper Conversion》 of the original material 《Water》


『The other way is too far …?』(Taru)

『That’s right, that’s why Alchemy was treated as trash skill』(George)


George sighed.


I see.
Is it too much effort to make potions?

Anyhow, at random, I have synthesized and created high-tier《water》to create potions.


『Haa~ ……』(Taru)


Compare with the tremendous effort of collecting 《Water》× 1000.
The 《Pure water》I just finished seems to be too easy to get.
That’s why I throw it into the Copper Synthesis Pot without hesitate.


『What shall I Synthesize next?』(Taru)


I pondered at what Synthesis should I do.


『I’m cheering for you, Angel chan ♪』(George)


Somehow, George puts his hands together cheering for me.

With the cheering of George, I try the second material that I will put into the 《Synthesis pot》one after another.

Everything has cloudy skies, and there is even material that creates ripples like rain falling.

Only the new material which dropped from the slime remain.

Since I can not help it, I will hold 《Slime’s Nucleus》over the 《Copper Synthetic pot》

Nice starry sky.




As expected from what was written in descriptive text, that it’s compatible with liquid.
However, the last time when I tried to Synthesize 《Slime’s Nucleus》and 《Water》, it was a cloudy sky.
Is 《Pure water》more compatible than 《Water》?

And then I throw the 《Slime’s Nucleus》into the pot

Start the 《Synthesis》


《Slime’s Nucleus》 looks like a blue coral stone.

In other words, I judged that it wouldn’t melt with 《Pure water》in the Alchemy Pot if it wasn’t hot, so, I raised the temperature of the 《Copper Synthesis pot》

Then, as expected, the blue color of the 《Slime’s Nucleus》slowly spreads to the Synthesis pot, and it coincides with the green color of 《Pure water》

At first glance, I saw the green smoke began to emanate with a sound.
I felt like resembling the sounds when making cooking.
And because I had a bad feeling, I lowered the temperature of the 《Copper Synthesis pot》to weak.


The noisy sound gradually lower and the green smoke went off.

As it is, I stir slowly, the inside of the Pot changed to the color of a clear emerald green, and then the blue smoke came up.


: 《Pure water》+ 《Slime’s Nucleus》→ 《Emerald’s Tear》:


: 《Emerald’s Tear + 1》could be generated:

: Recorded in Synthesis recipe:


Apparently red smoke is a sign of the failure of Synthesis, blue smoke is a sign of success!


『Uoooo, Synthesis completed』(Taru)

『Oh my ♪ congratulations☆』(George)


Hehe. Emerald of Tear.


《Emerald of Tear + 1》

Can use to recover 180 HP instantly.
It is said that it was popular with civilians during the Ancient Heavenly Dynasty period.
It is rumored that the regret of the destruction caused by the magical pollution by the heavenly people themselves back then has become tears.
It has the action of purification, its healing ability is high


As expected, Alchemy is wonderful.
Without this, I will not really understand The Legacy of the Ancient Heavenly Dynasty
It was only possible if you follow the path of Alchemist. maybe.

The flow of time, such as the flow of time before alchemy, something insignificant.
No, a great alchemist Taru transcends even time.
Am I cool?

Is this the beginning of my Alchemist path?

The first useable Alchemy item, such as the resurrection of the Ancient Heavenly Dynasty, is exactly right for me.


『You look very happy.
By the way, what is the material this time?』(George)


And when I’m in a great mood, imaging about the Ancient time and the fall of Alchemist as much as possible, George disturbs me.


『 It’s not a material, it’s a revolutionary item, a potion that inherits the Ancient Heavenly Dynasty’s will』(Taru)


You can’t understand the wonder of this Alchemy.


『Ha~an …』(Taru)


Such as the wonderfulness of Alchemy that needs a great of wisdom,
You can’t grasp even 1 Micron.




Okama-san looking at me while keeping his smile.


『what’s wrong』(Taru)

『Uhm… I wonder what did you say just now? ♪』(George)

『So, I said that it was possible to make potions easily just like this』(Taru)



George keeps his smiling face for a while. (George.exe crack, restarting)
And then he opened his eyes and mouth wide in surprise.




He stared at me with amazing eyes, as if his eyes are popping out.
I would like him to quit it right now, as I’m honestly feeling bad about that expression like he has seen some unbelievable things.
Besides, I felt hurt too.

And with his reaction, just in a moment, my Alchemist’s fever became cold.


『Huh, wait for a moment.
If you can make potions that easily, you don’t have to buy potions with high price from NPC, is it true?
If it is true, it will be a revolutionary thing!?』(George)


Human is strange.

I should be happy, but on the contrary, I feel somewhat uncomfortable because I get praised though it’s not a big deal yet.


『… That’s such an exaggeration. It’s just something a beginner of Alchemy skill can make』(Taru)



George, you are annoying.

Well, but what did you say?
Did you finally understand the greatness of Alchemy?

I don’t understand it, but I feel a little happy.


『I have not heard that potions can be created so quickly!》(George)


… What are you talking about, George?
But, it was George who was taking care of me until now.
Thanks to George, it was possible to make 《Potion》as soon as possible by 《Synthesis》

In the first place, he gave me the first alchemy kit 《Copper Balance Scale》
And then he gave me  《Copper Synthesis Pot》and 《Stirring Stick》
I will not forget the gratitude that I have received,
even though he is an Okama wearing a thick makeup.

Even though I just play Clan-Clan, I don’t expect to be able to return the grace I received from George with such a small stuff, but I want to show my gratitude to him.



『Wa~aa~ain!? What’s is it, Angel-chan?
As expected, it wasn’t a potion after all, right?』(George)


If this is the common things in online games, communication between players will be funny.

Although, normally, I should feel sorry that my first helpful friend is an okama,
What makes me happy is the fact that I’m not feeling bad.


『George taught me a lot』(Taru)



『You gave me an alchemy kit』(Taru)



『This is my first succeed in alchemy,
A Memorial thing that could be used as items』(Taru)

I hold the ハニーシロップ_画像《Emerald of Tear + 1》in my hand which has a green glowing.


『Please receive it』(Taru)


: Transfer 《Emerald of Tear》 to George:


I request an item transaction.

George’s face after confirming that log.


His mouth was opened wider than before, and I could see the inside.
The graphics produced by the wonderful Clan-Clan.
As I admire it, I think that the man in front of me is awkward.


『What? This potion is…』(George)

『What’s wrong? Come on』(Taru)


I don’t mind. It wasn’t a big deal.


『…for me?』(George)


He murmured something, while kept looking at my face.
Can you receive it sooner, Idiot Okama-san?
This strange time is really embarrassing.


『Green potion…
And besides, it’s possible to recover 180 HP in a flash,
…can I really get it?』(George)

『Yes, I will give it to you』(Taru)

『A potion that I have never seen!
And also the first alchemy creation item of Angel-chan!
George is so happy ♪ ♪』(George)


George was exaggeratingly pleased.
He put the potion on his cheeks and also kissing the potion.


『I will make it an heirloom anymore.
Oh, well, I will put it on the shop front, I think that it is a good idea,
Oh, but it’s an angel’s memorable♪…』(George)


The scene that the Okama is getting excited is poisonous in my eyes and I regret giving the potion a little.


However, this 《Emerald of Tear》
Also, as it seemed to be ready, I can give it away.


『Please use it as you like』(Taru)


I said that and leave George in the excited state, I left 《Shinsenya skill ☆ George 》


Outside was a pleasant sunny day.


『Fuu … …』(Taru)


I stretch.
I feel nice in my heart.
Because of this wonderful and refreshing feeling.

It’s not because Okama-san was excited with my potion.

It’s not because he was so delighted, but because I learned the way of Alchemy

It must be because I did what I wanted to do so I’m satisfied.



『Well, it’s soon the time to meet Yuuki and Kouya』(Taru)


And I remembered about the failed confession,
My face became awkward.
Besides, I have a silver hair girl character,
If they saw a figure that was far from me that the two were used to,
I’m worried about what kind of response they will have.

But, maybe. It’s them after all.

And because this is a game.

I think that it will manage somehow …

I decided to head to the clock tower of the pioneering city, Michelangelo which is the meeting place.





Status 3

Equip 3.jpg



Skill point: 7

Title: Elder Loli

Triple Skill point acquisition amount at level up.


Skill: 《Alchemy》Lv 10


*《 The Copper law of Convert》

*《Failure is the royal road of success》


Taru 5
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    After having been {chilling}->{chill out} in the meadow for a while, I separated from my older sister and returned to the

    That’s why we took {action differently}->{different action}.

    As for the classmates who invited me to {do}->{play} this game together,

    Until then, let’s try to raise {}->{more} money.

    《Slime’s Nucleus》good {compatible}->{compatibility} with liquid, blue nucleus of slime

    『I do not need money. I {thought that was}->{just} thought this as} inventory disposal, ♪You got it{}->{?}♪』(George)

    『No, if you can give it to me right{, I’m}->{now, i’ll be} very happy』(Taru)

    From the Okama-san When {rod It}->{the rod} was somewhat like this, I felt {a strange}->{an awkward} feeling.

    so it will {}->{take} a long time until you can synthesize』(George)

    If I apply those skill points to 《Alchemy》 skills, {you}->{will} I learn 《Synthesis》 ability now?

    『It’s Skill point {Fury}->{allocation}』(Taru)

    『Angel-chan … you do not want to learn combat skill?』(George)

    There was a button of strong, medium and weak in the {shuttle}->{pot/cauldron/ burner}(lol) (i don’t understand which part of the pot called shuttle)

    If you already knew the answer {and}->{} could understand the puzzle, and knew about the place to go,

    {I skipped}->{my heart skip a bit from} the wink of George, such a shocking Pink eyeshadow was painted.

    It is going to rain anytime soon, {}->{if} it’s such a cloud.
    The choice of this material may be bad.

    Mum, this is … Clean Grass {is sterilization}->{sterilize} 《Sewage》, right?

    {Is not it}->{is it/is it not} necessary to finish mixing quickly before boiling?

    《Slime’s Nucleus》 {is a looking blue stone cola}->{looks like a blue coral stone}.

    The noisy sound gradually {}->{lower} and the green smoke went off.

    『So, I said that it was possible to make potions {}->{easily} just like this』(Taru)

    I don’t expect to be able to return the grace I received from George with such a {salty}->{small/cheap} stuff, but I want to show my gratitude to him.

    {}->{If} This is {the daisy of}->{common things in} online games, communication between players will be funny. (Many okama and loli chat together)

    I should feel sorry that {the first favor communication}->{my first helpful} friend is an okama,

    His mouth was opened wider than before, and I could see the inside. The {reproducibility of}->{graphic produce by} the wonderful Clan-Clan


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        there are almost nothing that are perfect, no human are perfect, there are also haters and lovers that like and dislike the novel. maybe if the Author reading this comment, he/she can improve his writing in his next novel, or making a remake for this novel, or for manga version.


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