Taru Chapter 8: Non-Sleeping Sorcerer

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Taru Chapter 8: Non-Sleeping Sorcerer



The clock tower of the pioneering city Michelangelo. Looks like I arrived 10 minutes earlier than the appointed time to meet up with Yuuki and Kouya.


『The Clocktower is base on celestial circle』(Taru)


Around the huge square clock tower, there is an object imitating the star is circulating around.
I don’t know what kind of principle it holds, but it is quite a fantastic modeling.


『Somehow, there are many people here』(Taru)


Well, it’s understandable. The building with such a unique shape, it’s a good landmark of the meeting place for players.

And also, it seems like players are often gathering at the places where there are Heavenly Knights Deus in blue armor to suppress the battle between players. There are 8 Deus standing at this place.

The security seems to be good.
Those Deus knights seem to regularly visit the main points of the city.
However, I can’t see them anywhere else other than that.
In other words, the field and dungeon
Which means those places are lawless zone and PvP is possible.
Actually, we can PvP everywhere, but thanks to the Deus, people often refrain from doing it in town, right…?


『As expected, Yuuki and Kouya still haven’t arrived…』(Taru)


I wonder if there’s enough time to do some 《Alchemy》 practices.
At the meeting place, I saw a planter full of colorful flowers and then I started collecting around the flower beds etc.
I got 15 《Weed》. Okay, let’s use them on 《Alchemy》 and kill time.

Atelier_Lydie_and_Suelle 2018-10-04 08-55-20-24

Taking out the 《Copper Balance Scale》and placing 《Weed》× 5 on the left dish.

And there’s something I must do before trying 《Upper Conversion》


《Copper Law of Convert》!』(Taru)


Activate the ability learned with the 《Alchemy》skill Lv3.

Consume MP and raise the success rate of Conversion.

MP decreases from 25 → 20.

Consumption MP is 5?


When 《Copper Law of Convert》 was invoked, there’s a blue light sparkle on the left tray of the Balance Scale.




Somehow I feel a lot of gazes, but I continue to use 《Alchemy》

I guess people just stare at me because they feel strange that someone is using the unpopular garbage 《Alchemy》 skill before their eyes.


《Upper Conversion》!』(Taru)



: 《Weed》× 5 → 《Clean Grass》× 1 Successful 《Upper Conversion》:

Alright, It’s the result as recorded in the recipe.


And I keep activating the 《Copper Law of Convert》with this condition, I have 15 《weed》in total and with 《Upper Conversion》 3 《Clean Grass》were made.


The remaining MP is 10.

After this, I need to make 《Sewage》

First, start pouring 《Water》× 10 into the left tray.

The water sphere becomes bigger as I pour more  《water》 in, and when the Balance Scale returns to the equilibrium state.


《Failure is the royal road of success》!』(Taru)


Trying the ability I learned with 《Alchemy》Skill Lv 6.

It is an effect to consume MP and raise 《Conversion》 failure rate.

MP decreases from 10 → 0.


However, I need this ability because I aim for a failure to make 《Sewage》

And a red light sparks on the left tray of the Balance Scale



《Upper Conversion》!』(Taru)


Result is.


: 《Water》× 10 → 《Sewage》× 5 Failed to convert:


It feels good.

As planned, I can make 《Sewage》 with this.


『This is where things get serious』(Taru)


I took out 《Copper Synthesis Pot》and putting 《Sewage》+ 《Clean Grass》in it, and then mix.


And then, I safely made 《Pure Water》which is the material for 《Emerald Tear》

Temperature adjustment and stirring timing of the Pot is the same as what I did in 《Shikenzen skill ☆ George》

Although I knew the tricks with the 《Alchemy》, I must have enough abilities in order to do all this.


『Fuu …』(Taru)


No mistake is allowed in the final finish.
Even though the surroundings become somewhat annoying, I don’t care.
And then, I drop the blue stone 《Slime’s Nucleus》 into the 《Copper Synthesis Pot》

Next, open 《Pure Water》from the bottle and pour it in.


First stew at high temperature, confirm that the blue color of 《Slime’s Nucleus》 spreads out quickly.
Then quickly lower the temperature of the Pot.
This time there is no unpleasant sound.
As expected, the last time, I keep the pot at the high temperature for too long

And I keep stirring carefully with the 《Stirring Stick》 for a while

And then the Blue smoke comes out.


: 《Pure water》+ 《Slime’s Nucleus》→ 《Emerald Tear》:

: 《Emerald of Tear + 2》was created:




I grasp the green shining bottle 《Emerald Tear + 2》 and observe.
It seems that performance is better than 《Emerald Tear + 1》that I made earlier.
The amount of HP recovery when used is increasing to 200.
In the same way, I created 2 more 《Emerald Tear + 2》successfully.


『…such a beautiful princess, what are you doing here?』(???)


Just as I finished with《Alchemy》, someone called out to me.

When I look at the direction of the voice, there is a red-haired high school student wearing a magician-like robe. (T.N: He is a Chuunibyou so don’t mind if his words sound strange)

And if I look closely, I could see that many players are looking at me, when I look at their faces, they turn their faces away.


『Uuu, that guy!》(Player A)

『Then, you can talk to her just like him?』(Player B)

『No, to such a cute girl …』(Player C)


Oh…, have I done something?

Anyway, I should reply to the question of Mage-kun with red hair.


『I am waiting for someone』(Taru)


I choose to reply to Mage-kun’s question in a safe manner.


『Hmm, it’s inexcusable to leave such a beautiful flower in a garden filled with rabble』(Mage-kun)

『Ah, yes?』(Taru)

『 Make a lovely girl like you waiting, such a foolish people』(Mage-kun)

『 …is it so?』(Taru)

『Why do you not try adventuring with me, the one with the name 《Non-sleeping Magician》?』(Mage-kun)


What? Non-sleeping magician?

Somehow that name, it’s a little painful.


『 I already promised…』(Taru)

『 What a pure heart!
That attitude waiting for your friend, passing on the obligation to the unjust friends is exactly a Holy Girl.
If there is no time, how about just registering friends, my princess?』(Mage-kun)


As he said that, Non-sleeping Mage-kun was kneeling to bring his sparkling eyes to the same as mine.


『 What… he added her as friends』(Player D)

『I can’t stay like this! I am participating in this war』(Player E)

『 Oh, it’s right! Do not you want to be friends with me?』(Player F)

『Become friends with me!』(Player G)

『me…me, please, please become…』(Player H)

『Fuha. Cute Lolita, I want to lick…』(Player I)


After Non-sleeping Mage-kun requested a friend invitation. Other players come along and spam the friend invitations.


『What are you doing!
This is where I am talking to the angelic princess!
Stop your foolish act!』(Mage-kun)


Non-sleeping Mage-kun raises a voice of protest, but nobody listens.
I am at a loss as to how to respond.
But I guess I should be cautious with the last man…




I feel uneasy and I look around the place.
Is there any good countermeasure?

And then, two people with familiar faces got into my sight.

Despite this fuss, I can spot them from farther away.
It was Yuuki and Kouya, my best friends who had promised to meet up.

Did they also scan their real appearance to create their characters?


『Yuuki! Kouya!』(Taru)


I called them out loud from the circle of players gathered around me.
Then they looked at each other for a moment, looks like they were surprised, I can see the question mark on their head.
Even the surrounding players followed my line of sight, looked at Yuuki and Kouya.

To put it briefly, Yuuki’s character is an Ikemen and Kouya’s character is a four eyes Ikemen.

The surrounding players are murmuring something as if checking these two.


『What? was Angel waiting for those 2?』(Player 1)

『They have the faces that I don’t like』(Player 2)

『Let’s give them the Lolicon’s hammer of justice』(Player 3)


And the players around me start to scatter.
The only one who has a different reaction is the Non-sleeping Mage-kun.


『That’s it, this is what it’s like to be toyed by fate』(Mage-kun)


He holds his face with his right hand and says those words with his trembling body.


『It is a suitable ceremony to bear the end of the century』(Mage-kun)


A spirited, bad speech was spoken, and he gave a grudging laughter.


『Kahahahahahahahahah! This is fun!』(Mage-kun)


And then he sweeps his robe, dashing to Yuuki and Kouya.


『 And here I wonder what kind of idiot that makes such a pretty maiden waiting in a barbaric field.
Now, I’m convinced.
Aren’t you two Yuu and Kou of the 《Hundred knights of the night》, what a disappointment』(Mage-kun)


He spread his hands and involved with Yuuki and Kouya in a gesture like a big speech.

And then Yuuki, Kouya began to smile.


『Kou, the Non-sleeping magician is saying something, do you understand?』(Yuu)

『You should leave him alone, Yuu. It is a well-known fact that his head is crazy』(Kou)


Both of them have countermeasures that are quite dangerous.


『 I’m not surprised that you don’t understand with your foolishness.
It seems like if I don’t burn you with my flame, you will not notice the sin of making a girl wait』(Mage-kun)

『Glen-san of the《Hundred Demons of the night》
You did this every time we face each other, will you stop tangling with us?』(Yuuki)


Yuuki returns a remarkable speech to Non-sleeping Mage-kun, who is furious.


『Your 《Hundred knights of the night》 and our《Hundred demons of the night》
I don’t like the way your clan name is similar to our…
such a stupid thing』(Glen)


Fix his eyeglasses, without changing any facial expressions, Kouya gives the signal to Yuuki.

Related image

『We aren’t talking about such a thing right now.
Our knights aren’t stupid like you』(Kouya)


And then they both talked in sync.


『 A Demon that keeps fighting people for some stupid reasons』(Kouya)

『 A Demon who doesn’t even have human intelligence who keeps spewing nonsense』(Yuuki)


Yuuki puts his hand on the sword on his waist, and Kouya fixes his neck.
And the air becomes heavier.


『Burn in regret』(Glen)

『You were just screaming “moe” with the girl over there, aren’t you?』(Yuuki)

『You scoundrels!』(Glen)


In response to Mage-kun brought out a long cane, Yuuki and Kouya took out their weapons and entered into combat.

Yuuki is a shield and a sword. Kouya is a … gauntlet?


『Hey, you guys, are you planning to PvP here?』(Player)

『There are eight Deus…』(Player)

『You will be instantaneously killed』(Player)


The surrounding became noisy.
It seems like they can sense the battle between players, the Deus start moving.
The 8 Blue Armor Guardian make a circle around the clock tower.
I don’t understand the situation, but it may be my responsibility that this has happened.
Is this impossible to solve peacefully?

Non-sleeping Mage-kun, I didn’t know why he talked to me and seemed to be mad at Yuuki and Kouya because I waited for them.

And it seems like he talked to me was an event invited by my girl’s appearance.
Then, I can use this girl’s appearance to end this.




I squeeze as much voice as possible and pushed the surround players to go in.


『Fuha, I got touched by the angel』(Player)


I heard a bad voice but I don’t have time to worry about it.
Three people who were really to fight turn their eyes towards me.

Yuuki and Kouya seem to calm down for the moment.


『The little girl from a while ago, do you know her, Kou?』(Yuuki)

『No, I don’t know… um, when I look closely…』(Kouya)


It seems that they did realize it’s me, their classmate and my best friend.
However, there is no time to explain.
There is no choice but to do this now.
I cling to the Kouya’s waist.


『Do not bully Kouya-oniichan and Yuuki-oniichan!』(Taru)


Deathblow, a shout of a naive and innocent pretty girl.
I guess that Chibi-girl is behaving like this, right?
Let’s try making myself look cute.
And then let this problem go peacefully.

However, contrary to my expectation, Mage-kun doesn’t let go of his weapon.
Yuuki and Kouya are also doing the same.


『Gununununu, I will not forgive you to take such a beautiful girl as a shield. Cowards』(Glen)


Non-sleeping Mage-kun became more ferocious.
At least if it was me, I would try to appeal to the upsetting beautiful little girl (Bishoujo) first.

Why would he want to defeat the friends of the Bishoujo when he wanted to become her friend?


What should I do next?

That’s it.

I should show how important the friends that I’m trying to protect are.

They will think that if they can protect the Bishoujo’s important friend, they can raise the Bishoujo’s favorite point and can become closer.
Should I appeal how important my friends are?
The bond appeal is important.
Let’s properly include my memories as well.
Kouya and Yuuki might realize from those memories that I’m Jintaru, it’s “kill two birds with one stone”


『Yuu-oniichan is a gentle older brother who taught me how to swim in the pool thoughtfully!』(Taru)


In the summer pool lesson, you taught me how to float and breath longer.


『 Kou-oniichan talks with me about interesting anime and manga for hours!』(Taru)


Oh, I still didn’t return the borrowed manga. Sorry.
With this, the case will be closed.


『Hey hey, going to a pool with a beautiful little girl,
And you giving footwork guidance from head to toe?』(Player)

『I’m so jealous of you』(Player)

『 The beautiful little girl in a swimming suit… yet an immature body!』(Player)

『Death penalty』(Player)

『Wait wait, despite being an Otaku, he can spend hours talking with a beautiful about his favorite? Such a sinful four eyes』(Player)

『Surely. I also want to have a conversation with such a beautiful girl about my favorite anime and manga』(Player)




『… ….』(Taru?)


『『『『You are guilty!!』』』』(Players)






It seems that I made a mistake somewhere.
No, wait. How about the state of Non-sleeping Mage-kun?


He is…

He had a steady face like the statue from the temple.


『 You scoundrels! What did you do…? Such a beautiful girl…! Non-sleeping Sorcerer, Glen will kill you!』(Glen)


Why did he have such a face (Angry God Face)?
I mean, this game, there are too many lolicons.

Fuu~, calm down.
There should be a way to resolve this somewhere.

For now, I will move in between to block Non-Sleeping Magician Glen attacking Yuuki and Kouya.


『Princess of love, please get out of the way, I have a mission to do』(Glen)

『No, you plan to bully Yuu-oniichan and Kou-oniichan, right?』(Taru)


That’s it. Bully.

This should be a key solution here.


『They have done things that they shouldn’t do, I must defeat them.』(Glen)

『But Non-sleeping magician-san is strong, right?』(Taru)


That’s it. He seems to have strong self-esteem.


『Mu~, that’s right』(Glen)

『Because you are strong and cool, you will not bully weak people, right?』(Taru)


This is it. It is a persuasive tickle for self-esteem.


『I’m cool…?』(Glen)


Non-sleeping Mage-kun grabbed his own chest with both hands and trembled with fire as if he was shot through on his chest by something.


『Ha~, what I have done …』(Glen)

『You are a good person, right?』(Taru)

『Aaaaa! That’s right I’m the powerful and cool Non-sleeping Magician, Glen!』(Glen)

『You don’t bully the weak, right?』(Taru)

『Ah! Ah! That’s right! The 《Hundred Knights of the night》 are weak.
This time, I will overlook you for the sake of the lovely princess!』(Glen)


Sweet! Just according to the plan. (Not Keikaku doori)


『No! Glen is the weak one here, isn’t he?』(Yuuki)

『Wait, Yuu. Let’s get out here』(Kouya)

『What are you talking about, Kou?』(Yuuki)


Kouya looks at me while raising his glasses like giving a signal

『It is as Kou-oniichan says, Non-sleeping magician-san, see you again.』(Taru)


As I said so, I pulled Yuuki and Kouya’s hands to get out of this place as soon as possible.


『Ah, I also want to be handheld by a beautiful little girl…』(Players)


I moved away from the scene, leaving the voice like grudge behind.







The place changed to 《The beginner prairie》


『Well, I think it’s about time for you to explain this situation, Young Miss』(Yuuki)


Yuuki apparently still doesn’t realize that it’s me.
Kouya … well. As usual, difficult to read, but it seems like he somehow noticed.

To be honest, although we are in the game right now, I’m still afraid of what kind of reaction they will show as they see the figure of me have changed completely.

After having encountered so many surprising things today, my mind is somehow stronger.

Regarding this matter, I may have to thank Non-sleeping Mage-kun.


I point alternately between the two.


『Asahina Yuuki, Higure Kouya, Both of you are the first-year of public High school Takehana, common name Hanakou』(Taru)

『Why do you know our name and…?』(Yuuki)

『…Jintaru, right?』(Kouya)

『Eh, really?』(Yuuki)


Kouya pointed out while fixing his glasses.


『That’s right』(Taru)



Yuuki is screaming while Kouya fixes his glass in a cool pose.


『So… Why did you know it’s me?』(Taru)


Kouya, how did you notice it?


『Somehow, I can feel this character looks a bit like Jintaru when you are small』(Kouya)

Kouya lifts up his glasses and answer. I put a Tsukkomi in.


『Hey! First of all, Kouya, you don’t know my face when I was small』(Taru)


My embarrassed childhood, I’m scared of being such a beautiful girl.


『No, no way …』(Yuuki)


Kouya is pushing his glass with a (doya) smug face, Yuuki is screaming and observes me.


『Ehh, are you really Jintaru? Or Jintaru asked you doing something like this to make fun of us? 』(Yuuki)


Don’t be afraid.


『I’m not Kouya, I don’t do such a thing』(Taru)

『Well, you might have a point』(Yuuki)

『 Hey! Was that what both of you thought of me, I’m the intellectual cool four eyes』(Kouya)


Kouya seems to be dissatisfied.


『『 Aren’t you a weird person?』』(Yuuki + Taru)


I and Yuuki said that in sync.


『Ku~. Yuuki, aren’t you a devil as well. And Jintaru, you are just the most average among average people』(Kouya)

『『Ku~』』(Yuuki + Taru)


I and Yuuki both got hurt in the most painful place, we both raised suffered voice.

As I went through this routine, Yuuki will believe that it’s me soon. Well, should I put out a trump card?


『Do you know about 《World Alliance》? 』(Taru)


This is the name we used when we were still middle school students (8th grade) when we set up an alluring ally.

It is an embarrassing black history that only 3 people know.


『Ahahah. You are certainly Jintaru』(Yuuki)

『See, I told you it’s Jintaru』(Kouya)



At last, Yuuki trusted me. And I immediately asked about the matter before.


『This might be sudden, are there any reasons why the two of you are in the bad term with that Non-sleeping Magician?』(Taru)

『Ah, actually, we are getting stuck because he decided it one-side』(Yuuki)

『And everything starts with our 《Clan》 is at 《War》 with them』(Kouya)

『Clan war!?』(Taru)


『Clan is Mercenary Organizations made by players, other terms are team or guild or something like that?』(Yuuki)

『 And then his clan is declaring war on our Clan』(Kouya)


Declaration of war…


『Truly PvP mainstream VRMMO…』(Taru)

『That’s right, That’s right, Jintaru, will you also join our 《Hundred Knights of the night》Clan later?』(Yuuki)

『That’s right.
I think that is good as well』(Kouya)

『Both of us want to gather 100 humans full of chivalry spirits who share ambition,
That’s why we make 《Hundred Knights of the night》』(Yuuki)

『Chivalry spirit … ….』(Taru)

『Indeed, I want to help Yuuki express his (8th grade?) disease through the Clan (lol)』(Kouya)

『Kouya, Don’t laugh with your nose…』(Yuuki)


I don’t even know the system Clan, so, for now, I don’t think I will join.


『Your Clan, is it only two people, Yuuki and Kouya?』(Taru)

『No, our members are five people including us』(Yuuki)

『As we talked earlier, we want to grow as an elite clan』(Kouya)


So,  you have three members?


There is nothing wrong with experience people enter,
But if a beginner like me enter, it may cause annoyance.
The other three might be Beta testers as well.


『Will you wait for a while until I get used to this game?』(Taru)

『Yes, Of Course』(Yuuki)

『Jintaru shouldn’t join because you are just a beginner.
And when you join, you might be hunted by enemy Clan in war state』(Kouya)


Then why did you try to invite me to such a dangerous place, you guys?





『Aha, but it’s fun, right?』(Yuuki)


Yuuki said it while laughing happily.


『Oh, it’s fun~ze』(Kouya)


Kouya has a wry smile as he nods.

Well, it certainly looks fun.

But I don’t really like the conflict between players,
People VS people,
I’m afraid I’m going to get some kind of grudge or trouble.


『By the way, why did he declare war?
Why was that so?』(Taru)

『Oh, the name of his Clan is 《Hundred Demons of the night》』(Yuuki)

『And our Clan is 《Hundred Knights of the Night》』(Kouya)


Hundred Demons and Hundred Knights.
Demons and Knights.


『As for that Non-sleeping Magician, he thought we have similar names and it will be difficult to distinguish.
It’s very unpleasant if people make a mistake that we are the same clan.
Rather than the knight who use sword, the demons who manage the night are better, or something like that』(Yuuki)

『However, from what he said just now, it seems like he didn’t care about our names are similar but something else』(Kouya)


Kouya, that concludes.


『Haa~, how big is the opponent?』(Taru)

『30 members, six times the size of ours』(Yuuki)

『That guy, even though he is weird but he is strong』(Kouya)

『 People rarely see him log in our log out. It is said he is a devil that never sleep』(Yuuki)

『What Yuuki said just now means he is a geek, heavy player』(Kouya)

『So, it’s natural for the same kind of players to gather up』(Yuuki)

『Strong wasted players gather up』(Kouya)


『 Isn’t that bad?
Although if there is such a difference in power in the first place, is it really a “war”?
It will be unilateral bullying』(Taru)

『Certainly there are advantages of numbers, but there are war systems and rules properly there』(Yuuki)

『Oh, I see』(Taru)

『Well, maybe we will talk about this later』(Yuuki)

『Yes, right now, I have something to talk about…』(Kouya)


And they carefully look at me.


『That’s right, let’s adventure sooner rather than standing like this』(Taru)


I can start playing Clan-Clan and play with Kouya and Yuuki.
It seems that I was not the only person who wanted to go on the adventure soon.




Somehow, Kouya, the four eyes Ikemen sighs with my words.


『Well, that’s right.』(Kouya)


And he said that with a bitter smile.


『What’s with that?
As the experienced seniors in this world, aren’t you going to guide me, the beginner?』(Taru)

『That is true, but…』(Yuuki)

『 Don’t get ahead, Jintaru』(Kouya)

『Haha, then, please take me to the recommended place that I am likely can go』(Taru)


Using the little girl figure, I make fun of Kouya.


『Haaa~ … It isn’t what we care about』(Kouya)

『Eh ……?』(Taru)

『For the time being, there is a field called 《Forest of Misora》 we just need to go south of this 《The beginner prairie》』(Yuuki)

『Forest of Misora? What kind of forest is it?』(Taru)

『It is said that the Wiseman Misora ​​is governing the forest』(Kouya)



Wasn’t this thrill of a fantasy, went into the forest where the Wiseman lives.


『But well, it seems like nobody has met that Wiseman before』(Yuuki)

『 The next field is 《just a forest》』(Kouya)

『It seems that NPCs were saying that the Wiseman Misora ​​is living there』(Yuuki)

『It is said that information has uncertainties』(Kouya)

『In the first place, that forest is near the beginner city of players.
There should be many people coming there.
But, no one can encounter that Wiseman, it’s a strange story』(Yuuki)

『Because there are many mysterious elements in Clan-Clan』(Kouya)



『Speaking of mystery elements』(Yuuki)


Yuuki glanced at me.




Kouya also shrugs his shoulders.



『Until we reach the 《Forest of Misora》, shall we talk?』(Yuuki)

『Rather than the mysterious Wiseman, we are more concerned about you』(Kouya)

『What kind of story is it?』(Taru)


Kouya signs again.


『 This game doesn’t allow different sex avatar』(Kouya)


And Yuuki takes over.


『why does Jintaru have a girl avatar? Besides, your avatar seems to be about elementary school age』(Yuuki)


I thought that I could trick those two by acting naturally in front of them.

It seemed that was impossible.

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    • Baka to Test is the most funniest anime I’ve watched. I think the scene you’re referring to involves Hazuki-chan. I think it’s the OVA 2 where Akihisa and Yuuji battles the Tokonatsu Duo in the tournament. One of the funniest episodes of the series.


    • Aren’t little girl avatars usually used by old geezers in mmo? I think that there’s a race called Elin in a game where I will most certainly call you a lolicon if I see you using it.


    • Aren’t little girl avatars usually used by old geezers in mmo? I think that there’s a race called Elin in a game where I will most certainly call you a lolicon if I see you using it.


  1. It might be to early to worry about this but I hope that MC’s gender change isn’t simply treated as solely a means to make people act stupid around the MC. I want to read about the MC struggling internally with gender identity, sexuality, and other things other than people acting stupid around him.


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