Taru Chapter 9: Misora’s Forest

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T.N: I got many comrades, I’m so happy.

I was afraid that people might even quit at chapter 1.

Of course, I planned to continue translating from the start.

Taru Chapter 9: Misora’s Forest



『It’s a bug, maybe』(Taru)


Why can I use female characters in this game? Clan-Clan is a game that doesn’t allow to choose different gender.
I reply to the question of Yuuki and Kouya with the same reply to my sister.


『A bug…?』(Yuuki)



It’s not that easy to say I have the mysterious sex change, which has occurred several times already in Japan.

Besides, there is a possibility of returning to my original form during summer vacation.


『Yeah, it’s a bug』(Taru)

『Can a bug do such a thing?』(Yuuki)

『From the beginning, this Clan-Clan game doesn’t allow different sex avatar or avatar with too much difference from the real body to avoid incompatibility』(Kouya)


Both of them are looking at me somewhat with worry asking me if I’m okay.


『I don’t feel any difficulty. And I can report to the GM if I need to fix』(Taru)

『Oh, that’s right』(Yuuki)

『Well, then there’s no problem』(Kouya)


Yuuki and Kouya still don’t understand well so they observe me from head to toe for a while.

And Yuuki coughed.


『But, Jintaru-kun.
You turned into a pretty cute character!』(Yuuki)


Kouya seems to think of something,
And he has a nasty smile from the back of his shining glasses.

『Did you like that kind of girl?』(Kouya)


The two begin to grin and tease me.


『It’s annoying, I don’t have such preference』(Taru)


I know really well he is such a moron. But Kouya doesn’t stop there, he pushes his sparkling glasses again.


『Lolicon, right?』(Kouya)


And he comes out with a blow.


『… I’m not』(Taru)

『Even so, your avatar is totally different from your real body and it feels a bit incongruous』(Yuuki)


Yuuki has a dry laugh Ahaha.


『Your characters are pretty much the same as you two in real』(Taru)

『『To save the trouble』』(Yuuki + Kouya)

『Geez, you guys are already handsome in real, so it’s good』(Taru)


When I was able to return to the appearance of a boy,
If I create a character based on my real appearance, will it be handsome? I doubt that.
If possible, I want to become handsome like them in real life…


『But, it’s really cute, it’s a waste to report to GM and change back to a male character』(Yuuki)

『But, in that case … People who gathered because of the loveliness of Jintaru,
They will be discouraged when his character returns to the original figure』(Kouya)

『Certainly … because male players want to get the attention of girl players, there are also people who give items and equipment or want to meet in reality.
It would be gruesome if you attract such people』(Yuuki)

『Recently there is also the worst girl who took advantage of those people who want to appeal to girls』(Kouya)

『Ah, that’s something I feel rather sad about』(Yuuki)


It’s rather rare for Kouya to insult someone.


『Well, when men to women ratio are 7 to 3, it’s true that girls are popular』(Yuuki)

『Some may even do princess-play, I wonder if there is someone like that』(Kouya)

『I can’t stand guys like that』(Yuuki)


I see, there are a few girl players.

However, for those who were full of despair, and thought that they finally met a beautiful girl.
After having sending a lot of items and equipment to and it turned out she was a man, they would definitely feel hurt.
I was also actually a man, wouldn’t people feel like, deceived by me when they find out.


『… if it’s so, I would not want to get involved with others as much as possible』(Taru)


This is my conclusion.


『Well, then it will be boring』(Kouya)

『Yes, there are people who don’t care about it,
so, you should be actively involved when you think someone is a good person』(Yuuki)


The two did not agree with my conclusion.
But I don’t want to leave a grudge.
If so, then I will honestly tell people that “I’m a man” then maybe there will be no problem. (T.N: Just like Yun/Shun for over 10 volumes)


『If you say so,
then how about telling people that I’m indebted about I’m a man in advance?』(Taru)

『Even so, when you become a male avatar of a man, people can still hold grudges,
There are also a few people who feel like they get tricked …』(Yuuki)

『In the first place, they probably will not believe what Taru says, because this game can not fake gender』(Kouya)

It may be better not saying it, well, everything is up to you』(Yuuki)


If you said that, should I not get in touch with other people.
For a while, should I mainly go with solo activity?


『Oh, let’s create a party before entering the forest』(Yuuki)


Solo activity stopped.

For now, I accept the party invitation. And the level of those two, Kouya is lv 9 and Yuuki is lv 8 when I’m lv 2.







And we arrived at 《Misora’s Forest》 which is rumored to be the place Wiseman Misora ​​lives.
Even this place was called Forest, it seems rather strange that the growing trees are so sparse.
I can see the clear sky over my head and the smell of the trees is pleasant.


『 But isn’t this just an ordinary forest?』(Taru)



Kouya agrees with my opinion.
However, it seems to be a treasure trove of material collection.
There are a lot of collection points here.


: 《Branch of Rhone tree》collected:


: 《Weed》collected:

: 《Weed》collected:


: 《Chiko Fruit》collected:


: 《Stone》collected:


『Hey, Taru … Even if you gather these materials to sell, you only get 1 Eso each』(Yuuki)

『Is that so? But I use them as materials for my Alchemy skill』(Taru)

『Huh? Did you take Alchemy skill, Taru?』(Kouya)


They were surprised.


『… Ah, yes』(Taru)


Why did everyone always react like this?


『Do… do your best…』(Yuuki)

『I will not say bad things, it would be more fun to use other skills than Alchemy skill』(Kouya)

『Yeah, well, I will keep using it for a while and I will change it when I got bored』(Taru)

『O, Ou …』(Taru)

『A new material get!』(Taru)


: 《Caterpillar》collected:


It is a collection festival.

Looking at me holding a caterpillar as if I am in heaven, they seem to be amazed, but they don’t say anything.


『Hahaha …』(Kouya)

『… Well then, for the time being, you should take the quest』(Yuuki)


Yuuki says so


: From Yuu, Quest’s sharing has arrived:

: Do you accept? :


And logs flowed.



『Yes, just hunt 5 (Mofu Usa) Mofu Rabbits and you will get 50 Eso delicious quest reward』(Yuuki)

(T.N: I don’t make a mistake there,  Yuuki really said “50 Eso as delicious quest reward” the money in this game is as low as Atelier, different from OSO)


Mofu Rabbit…


『We are lucky to get this level-chain-quest from the 《Prize & Auction》』(Yuuki)


An unknown word came out. For now, I will accept the quest and ask about it.


『《Prize & Auction》? What is it?』(Taru)

『Well, it is placed in each city, it’s a bulletin board on which quests are issued,
and it’s also a place where players can sell items and equipment to other players or buy it』(Yuuki)

『 What Yuuki just mentions is an essential facility for finding quests and searching items and equipment』(Kouya)


『I see, Sanki~yu (Thank you)』(Taru)


I would like to say this gratitude word once.

But there are only 50 Eso for quest reward?


『Well, you can collect materials and search for monster Mofu Rabbit at the same time』(Yuuki)

『What kind of monster is Mofu Rabbit?』(Taru)

『Ah, there it is』(Yuuki)


It seems that the target monster appeared.
As I looked at the direction Yuuki pointed to, there were two white creatures that look fluffy.
On its rounded silhouette, there are two long ears like rabbits.
There are two kinds of eye-like things with red light like jewels.

Taru Monster - 86

The size was a small monster of about 50 cm. A fluffy white ball with something like rabbit ears attached to it.
It is kind of cute.
And, the moment I thought so.
The fluffy white ball cried 《Pyon Pyon Pyon》
And then a Meramera Flame appear in front of Mofu Rabbit’s red eyes and it changed shape to a sphere.
What is that?

And then the fireball flew at me.




I startled putting my hands in front of my face to cover.

《Bofun~tto》  I can hear the impact sound and something smells burning at the same time.


『Are you all right?』(Yuuki)


As I lower my crossed arms in front of my face…

Yuuki stood in front of me, it seemed that he jumped there and blocked the fireball with a shield.


『Taru, are you okay?』(Yuuki)


His hair is kinda messy, he doesn’t care about the explosive impact in front of him.

When he turns his face around to ask me, he doesn’t have the usual carefree smile but rather worrying about me.

His back which defends the weak was exactly knight.

Yuuki, you are such a handsome guy.


『You have to be cautious, Taru, it can use magic』(Kouya)


From the back, Kouya pulled out his arms Gauntlet and gave me advice when readying himself.

That’s magic…

Even though it’s such a small scale, it has an amazing force.


『Let’s go, Yuu!』(Kouya)



Kouya gives a signal and runs toward the Mofu Rabbit, Yuuki slams the shield at the Mofu Rabbit

However, the Mofu Rabbit jumps away quickly to avoid. Then Yuuki uses his sword on the other hand to attack. But the Mofu Rabbit jumps away again.

When it’s busy to avoid Yuuki’s attack, Kouya steps in and uses his Gauntlet to hit the Mofu Rabbit.

The beaten Mofu Rabbit disappeared with just a blow.


『First one down』(Kouya)

Kouya fixes his glass again, that figure is truly a devil four eyes.



『『Appeal!』』(Kouya + Yuuki) (T.N: Appeal in EN)


Yuuki shouted loudly and invoked Ability toward the remaining Mofu Rabbit.
He tapped his sword on his shield and a small, dazzling light appears.
As soon as the ability was triggered, the other Mofu Rabbit changed its target from Kouya to Yuuki and shot the fireball.
Yuuki guards that fireball again with his shield.
Apparently, that Ability attracts the attention of the enemy to the caster.

So Yuuki was pulling aggro of the monster? I can’t do that.

But at least right now, I can attack and I take out the 《Kodachi: Impure Evening》


『Taru, he’s fast, it’s difficult for me to hit it alone. I’m attracting it right now so try attacking it at the landing point after jumping』(Yuuki)

『Roger that』(Taru)


Yuuki approaches the Mofu Rabbit and attacks with his sword again.

Aiming at the landing point of Mofu Rabbit after it jumps to avoid, and slash it with my 《Kodachi: Impure Evening》

Here I go!

I successfully hit the Mofu Rabbit, and make a scratch on its fluffy body.

It’s only a shallow scratch about 3 cm.


『Pyon~pyon~pyon!』(Mofu Rabbit)



After I slash the Mofu Rabbit, it starts crying again to activate fireball to counterattack.

In front of me, a sparkling fire is swirling and a fireball is generated.




At that moment, Kouya releases a blow that strikes the ground in the back of the Mofu Rabbit.

Received the attack of Kouya, the Mofu Rabbit fell down, its fireball magic also disappeared and I was saved.



『Are you okay, Taru?』(Kouya)

『Nice follow, Kou』(Yuuki)

『Yes, I was saved, Kouya』(Taru)



: From Mofu Rabbit 《Red Eye Stone》× 1 was obtained:

Although it was dangerous, I got a new material and was somewhat excited.


『 These monsters just now are the troublesome type, it even has faster casting speed than players』(Kouya)

『Well, in the case of Mofu Rabbit, it is only 《Pyon~ pyon~ pyon~》』(Yuuki)

『However, the magic released by players is more powerful』(Kouya)


『Anyway, the quest hunting for Mofu Rabbit only requires 3 more』(Yuuki)


Yuuki said that with his dazzling handsome smile as he put down his weapons.

And when I checked again, his HP has decreased from 380 → 350.

In other words, when he used his shield to receive the fire spell of Mofu Rabbit twice, he got 30 damage.

I wonder if it’s me, the one with only initial equipment received that fire spell of Mofu Rabbit head on, will I lose the whole HP?

I was protected by the two as we were progressing this quest.


『What’s wrong, Taru? we need to go hunt for more Mofu Rabbit』(Yuuki)


Yuuki encourages me as I stand still.



『By the way, I think that Taru’s equipment cannot endure the attack of Mofu Rabbit』(Yuuki)

『That’s right. I forgot about it as well』(Kouya)


: 《Traveler’s Coat》and 《Traveler’s Gloves》 have been transferred from Yuu:

: 《Butterfly hair ornament》and 《traveler’s trousers》 have been transferred from Kou:


While puzzled by the abrupt transfer of equipment from the two, I say the gratitude word.




Equipment that we got from them was low enough to equip, even I can use it.

I’ll put them all on right away.


『Oh, now you have a more appropriate look』(Yuuki)

『Will he be able to endure at least a single blow with this?』(Kouya)

『You moron…』(Taru)


Somehow, I feel bad to be indebted.


『I also have something I want to give you』(Taru)

『Oh, you do not have to worry about it』(Yuuki)

『That’s right, Taru has only begun and you can depend on us』(Kouya)


It is true, but I still want to thank them as friends. With what I can do as my present self.


『Please receive it』(Taru)


I gave them  《Emerald Tear + 2》 to each of them.

Three potions had become one, but it would be better to hand it first, just in case when there was something happened to Yuuki and Kouya.

There is no doubt that this PT would collapse when Yuuki and Kouya are dead.


『Please wait a minute, what is this item』(Yuuki)

『Well, this is … … Potion?』(Kouya)

『It’s my hand-made potion. Because I am making it with a different material from a normal potion, it may be different but the effect should be the same』(Taru)

『Hey hey』(Yuuki)

『Is Potion something that a player just started today can make?』(Kouya)

『No, I heard that it is more difficult』(Taru)


Lift up his glasses, Kouya observes the 《Emerald Tear》


『In the first place, if it is easy to make a potion like this, the player’s potion placed on 《Prize & Auction》 for sale should be cheaper than the one sold at the NPC’s tool store』(Kouya)

『That’s right… it’s rather hard but we both buy potions from NPC… with 30 Eso each』(Yuuki)

『 I talked about it before, if you placed this on 《Prize & Auction》 board for sale, it will be more profitable than this quest reward』(Kouya)

『 I cannot receive this, I have never seen such a green potion with such performance at the Auction or the tool shop…!
Normal potion, it will only restore 120 HP in 1 minute』(Yuuki)

『 In other words, it only recovers 2 HP every second for 1 minute.
This instant recover 200HP item will change the PvP common sense!?』(Kouya)


HP Potion is the only one thing that I don’t worry about.
Now that I know the recipe, I can easily make it again and I want you to give it here.
Just being on receiving end doesn’t sit well with me, aren’t we equal friends?


『No, I was learning a lot of things from you two』(Taru)


As I insisted, they looked at each other and sighed.



『If Taru says so…』(Yuuki)


Yuuki and Kouya looked at each other again.


『We will accept it!』(Kouya)


And they laughed together.

It’s somehow embarrassing when they deliberately do it at the same time.



After that, we finished hunting Mofu Rabbit smoothly.

There was nothing dangerous that needed use of 《Emerald Tear》


As we had enough time, we hunt 15 more Mofu Rabbit, my level rose to 3 and I got 10  《Red Eyes Stone》 dropped from Mofu Rabbit.

There was a brook in Misora’s forest, from which I collect more 《Water》

This is a fruitful adventure.


Only one problem.

It was very difficult to fight Mofu Rabbit alone.
The timing to attack the Mofu Rabbit is overwhelming short.
And my low attack power as well.

Even if I finally hit it, it won’t stagger.
Even I can wound it, but it’s shallow.
We have tested it, Yuuki pull all of the aggro to help me practice, and the result is I need to hit it 25 times to kill it.

If it is 1 vs 1, it will take a lot of time but I think I can do it.
However, if I encounter multiple pairs, I may be as good as dead.


『Are we going home soon?』(Kouya)


Kouya told me so as he looked up at the sky.
There is no cloud, the sunset dominates the sky above the forest.
As expected, we couldn’t meet the Wiseman Misora after all?


『Dusk comes to the forest of Misora, and the mystery about Wiseman Misora is still unknown.
In the end, we can’t confirm what NPCs talked about?』(Yuuki)


While listening to Yuuki murmuring about the forest of Misora, I also look up to the sky.


Misora’s Forest…
Misora, Misora, Clear(Mi) sky(sora), sky(sora) is beautiful.
The forest here is sunny all the time.
It is a clear(Mi) sky(sora) where weather changes such as rain and cloud can’t be seen.
That’s why it’s Misora, Clear sky?

When I was thinking about such a thing.

A ripple appeared in the sky, a dwarf with feather wings suddenly came out.

(小人が: Dwarf, Taru don’t know that is the fairy, even when she meets the fairy, she asks the fairy “are you a dwarf”, only when the fairy answers “I’m a fairy” Taru’s dialog change from dwarf to fairy)

Image result for anime fairy dwarf (This is the chibi/dwarf fairy)

 (This is the tiny fairy)



Then the Dwarf laughs at me happily and goes in the crack in the sky again.
It was a momentary event.


『Yuu! Kou! Did you saw that just now!?』(Taru)

『What’s wrong?』(Yuuki)

『Just now, a ripple appears from the sky…
No, from the appearance, it’s like the sky becomes like the upside down pond…
And something jumped out the sky like a fish that jumped out from the pond…』(Taru)

『Any…anyway, a fairy-like Dwarf came out from the sky』(Taru)

『 Are you sure?』(Yuuki)


The place I point to, it’s even higher than the trees of Misora’s forest.

Is it about 10 meters?


『But there is no means to reach that height in the first place』(Kouya)


But I’m sure I’m not mistaken.


『How about climbing a tree and jump?』(Taru)


There is something in this forest.

I am convinced that I will explore whether I can’t go to the point where the dwarf appeared.


『 We can’t reach there at our current level』(Kouya)




『 Shall we search here again later?』(Yuki)


Yuuki tries to persuade me, it seems like he is a little impatient.

I wonder what they are so impatient about.


『Well ….』(Taru)


Even though I finally found something.
But from the response of Yuuki and Kouya…
The appearance of that dwarf from the sky must be 《 unknown element》in the Clan-Clan.


『 The problem is… the monsters will become stronger in the forest at night』(Kouya)


Kouya explains to me who is frustrated.


『If it’s just us, it will become a war of attrition and we’ll be wiped out.
In other words, when a night comes in Misora’s forest, we have to end the search』(Yuuki)


I see. It seems better to go back in such a case.
Clan-Clan has a penalty due to death in battle against monsters.

It is a devil setting that 1% of the total acquisition experience gained so far is lost.
If you are still a low level like me, you can quickly get back the experience value you lost,
The higher the level you are, the more this penalty will hurt.


『Oh, okay, let’s go back』(Taru)


After all, they are my best friends who didn’t abandon me on my worst failed confession.
While appreciating the consideration of the two.
It will not be long before the day comes again.

As I was muttering on my chest, I narrowed my eyes looking at that place once again.


And just like that, the three of us return to the pioneering city, Michelangelo.



Status Chapter 9.jpg

Equip Chapter 9.jpg

Title: Elder Loli

Triple Skill point acquisition amount at level up.


Skill: 《Alchemy》Lv 10


*《 The Copper law of Convert》

*《Failure is the royal road of success》


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    • Even at the cost of being stuck in a bear suit?

      Oh, sorry, that’s the Divine Protection of the Bear Set Equipment. And it’s not that you’re stuck in it, but you’re almost useless without it. Close enough.

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  1. 『『It was troublesome』』(Yuuki + Kouya) -> 『『To save the trouble』』(Yuuki + Kouya)
    Will I become my old self or will I become handsome? I am lost. -> If I create a character based on my real appearance, will it be handsome? I doubt that.
    If possible, I want to become handsome like them… -> If I become handsome, will they still make fun of me?
    Shintaro / Jinzaru -> Jintarou
    『 Hime-chan is also playing, I wonder if she is also the same』(Kouya) -> 『 Some may even do princess-play, I wonder if there is someone like that』(Kouya) ///I guess this means treating a girl like a princess///
    『I will not forgive you if you bad mouth Hime』(Yuuki) -> 『I can’t stand guys like that』(Yuuki) ///see the line above///
    『Oh, I’m going to organize a PT before I get to the forest』(Yuuki) -> 『Oh, let’s create a party before entering the forest』(Yuuki)
    《Chiko’s Fruit》 -> 《Chiko Fruit》
    『Is that true? -> 『Is that so?
    『But… do your best…』(Yuuki) -> 『Do… do your best…』(Yuuki)
    I will wear all of it at once. -> I’ll put them all on right away
    『Oh, you have become more like』(Yuuki) -> 『Oh, now you have a more appropriate look』(Yuuki)
    『Is it possible to endure a blow with this?』(Kouya) -> 『Will he be able to endure at least a single blow with this?』(Kouya)
    『If Taru went that far…』(Yuuki) -> 『If Taru says so…』(Yuuki)
    gather hate -> pull aggro ///various locations///
    a feather-back Dwarf -> a tiny person with wings ///totally not a dwarf///
    『Any…anyway, a dwarf-like fairy came out from the sky』(Taru) -> 『Any…anyway, a tiny fairy-like person came out from the sky』(Taru)
    dwarf -> tiny person ///can’t find a better word///
    『If it’s just us, we will be annihilated when it becomes exhaustion warfare. -> 『If it’s just us, it will become a war of attrition and we’ll be wiped out.

    ///not sure about some things but they should make sense in the context///


  2. If taru can make op grade potion just by combine low rarity item, then alchemy is not trash, but broken skill, just need lot of skill point to level up.
    Tanks for the chapter.


  3. As long as there’s a non shoujo ai male to female gender bender that is not so ecchi them I’m all here for full support. O>


  4. I like gender bender and LitRPG. I don’t mind the loli part, but I find the stalker-type players to be super creepy. I just hope those scenes stay small going forward.


  5. Suggestion:
    I reply to the question of Yuuki and {Koya}->{Kouya} with the same reply to my sister.

    『Did you like that {}->{(kind of girl)}?』(Kouya)

    However, for those who were full of despair, and thought that they finally met a beautiful {}->{girl}.

    Looking at me holding a caterpillar {as i am} in heaven, they seem to be amazed, but they don’t say

    His hair is kinda messy, he doesn’t {}->{care} about the explosive {impact/fireball} in front of him.

    HP Potion is the only one thing that I don’t worry about.
    Now that I know the recipe, I can easily make it again and I want you to receive it here.
    {Just receiving from them}->{just being on receiving end} doesn’t sit well with me, {}->{ aren’t we are equal friends.{}->{?}

    『Dusk comes to the forest of Misora, and the {mysterious}->{mystery} about Wiseman Misora is still unknown.


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  7. OH. . . this one is good… seeing as i think it is better than OSO since the MC is now actually a girl and not a trap and most of all… I’m an atelier fan… and to say i was getting late on edits because i was actually busy playing atelier… just finished with sophie and now at mid game Firis xD
    Suelle and Lydie @ queue

    this one, i will actually read and edit it at time of release starting next chapter… not that it really needs editing aside some typos tho haha

    [Lost Editor Cyan]

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    • First, if you build on (STR) Attack, you will be vanguard class.
      Kouya is main (STR) Attack build but he can’t hit fast monster if Yuuki don’t gather aggro.
      And you also need HP, DEF and Magic DEF to survive,
      MP to use ability. (5 main Status Build)
      Really hard to build.

      For DPS, you should main Magic Attack and MP (2 main Status Build)
      Let your tanker be your shield (you don’t need HP, DEF and Magic DEF)

      And Taru is MVP build.
      She is always the center of everything.
      Boss fights, events or anything.


    • Spoiler, she have 100 level point not up anything yet.
      After she adds more speed and intelligent (Craft success), she can perfect solo Mofu Rabbit with 5x attack.

      Supper Spoiler, Taru still only has 1 Attack when she battle with Boss, PVP Boss, Event Strongest World Boss that 1 hit KO any player.
      But Taru is always the MVP, center of everything, the lady of luck that bring Victory to any impossible battle.

      Why bother to waste level point to increase a little Attack why she has other means to cause damage.

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