Taru Chapter 11: Forest that produces jewels

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Taru Chapter 11: Forest that produces jewels

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My heart feels like dancing as I experience strolling through the sparkling bright forest with the fairies.


『Can I collect anything here?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


『Why not?』(Fairy)

『It is rare for humans to come.』(Fairy)

『A little』(Fairy)

『It’s fine』(Fairy)


The fairies rapidly reply to me one after another.

They rarely exchange words with humans, so they ask me about various things.


『Humans are greedy』(Fairy)


『Hurt each other』(Fairy)

『I heard that they are attacking tribes~』(Fairy)

『Is it true or is it wrong?』(Fairy)


There are many things I want to ask but for now, I must concentrate on replying to satisfy the fairy’s desire.


『Well, among human beings…』(Fairy)

『There are man and woman kinds』(Fairy)

『Is there a difference?』(Fairy)

『Which kind is Misora?』(Fairy)


Oh, the name of Sage Misora ​​came out.

This is my chance.


『Can I meet Misora?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


Apparently, when summarizing the stories of the fairies, the Sage Misora ​​seems to be elder of this forest, she seems to be the one protecting the fairies.



『To report to Misora if a human comes​​~』(Fairy)

『That’s our duty』(Fairy)


That means Misora-san has already known that I have reached this forest.

So if I search for Misora while collecting moderately, it will not be a problem.
To be honest, for the forest that produces jewels like this,
There must be a reason for hiding Crystalier, this is a warning that I better not to do anything bad.

Well, as this forest is named 《produce jewel》, maybe she wanted to keep it secret even in terms of protecting rare ones.

Well, for the time being, I will pick up the surrounding materials.


Examining the flowers.


: 《Leaf crystal》was obtained:

: 《Flower crystal》was obtained:


Examining trees.


: 《Branch of crystal》was obtained:

: 《Leaf crystal》was obtained:


From trees where things like sap are flowing.


: 《Amber Water》was obtained:



Candy shining liquid.

It looks like honey.


I observe a lot of other liquid-based materials and I can see things that shine brightly on big leaves.

It is a drop of water accumulated on the leaf.


: 《Crystal Drop》was obtained:



Got a silver-colored liquid!


『Human seems Fun』(Fairy)

『There are lots of such things』(Fairy)

『There are also more beautiful things~』(Fairy)

『Are you happy?』(Fairy)


Fairies who cheerfully talk to me, they are absolutely cute.


『It’s so much fun! It’s nice to talk with the fairies.』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


I will tell them an honest impression.

Even though I’m very excited about getting so many new materials.
But the fairy which jumps around “choko~choko~” is very attractive.
To the extent that, I wanted to bring one home.



『We are also having fun~』(Fairy)

『Hu~man Hum~an』(Fairy)

『is not scary~』(Fairy)


Caught by energetic fairies, I also got a lighter mood.


『Huuuhumm~~~~♪』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


Somehow I start humming together.
Then the fairies gradually increased their numbers and they held hands around me.
They started circling around me with the “kuru~kuru~”
I want to dance together and start stepping on the appropriate steps.
And when the fairies are looking at me, they start grabbing the edges of clothes and pull.
Just like some little children, they tell me to dance and dance.


『At the end of the time being forgotten~』(Fairy)

『The Son of God, the Son of the Forest, the Son of Man』(Fairy)

『Make friends with each other~』(Fairy)

『Love each other dearly~』(Fairy)

『Under the sunshine, under the starry sky~』(Fairy)

『Dancing in the moonlight~』(Fairy)

『Dancing and dancing~』(Fairy)





I listened to the magical singing voice of the fairies and I danced.

Then a small light scattered every time the fairies fluttered, it filled the surroundings and created a fantastic scenery.

Taru Fairy Dance.jpg

『Fairies are beautiful』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Human is also beautiful, beautiful~』(Fairy) (T.N: Fairy talks in a childish tone, repeat beautiful twice)

『We will give beautiful, beautiful things』(Fairy)


As the fairies who said so, the brilliance of their wings shines even more and drops on me.


: You got 99 《Fairy Powder》:

Oo! What is this?


《Fairy powder》

【Fairies’ sparkling feathers starch.
In the past, people often kill a fairy to obtain it.
The rarity value is very high.
However, it seems that we can obtain it if we can build the friendship with them】


As I was surprised at the amount I got, there was an unexpected voice from behind.


『Oh my, my.
To be surrounded and loved by fairies like that, are you a witch ~nano?
A witch, I wonder?』(Unknown Legal Loli) taru-neige

Taru Misora.png

The owner of that voice is a girl wearing a dark blue robe and a pointed hat like a witch.
She is around sixteen years old and she seems a bit older than my avatar.
The color of her hair and eyes are light blue.


『Uhm…』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Are you the one the fairies’ whispering about? A human, I wonder?』(Unknown Legal Loli)taru-neige


To hear about me from the fairies, then the person in front of me is Sage Misora?


『Yes, my name is Taru, are you Misora-san ​​the Sage?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Well, that’s right, I used to be called so』(Misora)taru-neige


Misora ​​starting to look at the sky from Crystalier somewhat sad.
After a while, she introduced herself when she returned her line of sight to me.


『I am Misora, the witch ​​that guards the fairy, why are you here, I wonder?』(Misora)taru-neige

『Uhm….』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


And I tell her everything honestly.
When I was looking at the sky, a dwarf appeared.
When I explored the scene, I found a resilient tree, I jumped and reached this place.


『Oh my, a crack from the barrier … and that tree …』(Misora)taru-neige


Misora-san, the Sage indulges in thinking for a while after listening to my story.


『Aah …the Genesis Alchemist left it there … I wanted to keep it so…』(Misora)taru-neige


I instinctively shivered as I heard the coolest word came out in her murmuring.


『Alchemist of the Genesis!?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Uhm, aah, yes』(Misora)taru-neige

『What kind of alchemist?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Saint-Germain …Ah, but right now, he is called Noah World, I wonder』(Misora)taru-neige


Uhm, Is it because of the different generation?
I don’t really understand.


『So, what kind of alchemy does that person do?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『You also experienced yourself, didn’t you?
You did it, right?
He can change the nature of everything.
He is a monster that rebel against the law set by gods』(Misora)taru-neige


The alchemist who changes even the property of substance…
An unexpected information about alchemy’s supremacy.
But there’s no player who possesses such a high level of alchemy skill.
He is most likely an NPC the same as Sage Misora.


『Is that so? Do you know where he is now?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


I definitely want to see him.


『U~n. Mu~m
Unfortunately, I do not know where he is.
It’s unknown』(Misora)taru-neige

『Is that so……?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


Someday, I’d like to see him somewhere.
Alchemist of the Genesis, Noah World.

Misora ​​talked to me when I was grinning while thinking about the person who is the alchemist of the Genesis.


『Homme, hm.
You do not seem to have come to defile Crystalier, this gem-producing forest.
Besides, that vivid shining particle …』(Misora)taru-neige


Misora ​​murmured while observing my pale light-haired.


『You have the quality of a witch, too』(Misora)taru-neige


The quality of a witch?
But it’s thanks to my title that my hair is shiny.

《Elder Loli》title

《 A magical girl whose appearance and content are incompatible.
Because the old soul dwells in a young body, you can take far more efficient action than others.
The enormous magical power maintains her beauty and young, and it overflows from the hair just like the witch》

Acquisition condition: rejuvenation.

Efficacy: Triple skill point acquisition amount at level up.

This is…
Even if she said such a thing, I was worried about how to respond.
Ah… but the other party is an NPC, it’s not necessary to be troubled.
Well, when I’m talking with this girl, Sage Misora, I can hardly think of her as an NPC.
This programmed Artificial intelligence (A · I) Is it such a high performance?


『Are you going to be my disciple? I wonder』(Misora)taru-neige


However, I already heard what I should aim for.
Alchemist of the Genesis, Noah World.
If I try to become an alchemist.
I want to keep pursuing with Alchemist of Genesis as future policy.


『I’m an alchemist, I can’t be your disciple』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Oh, I see…
…Because you are loved by the fairies,
I thought that I could teach you about Witchcraft but that was a shame, how regretful』(Misora)taru-neige


After her serious look when asking me, she has a frustrated look.
The Sage Misora dropped her shoulders, she has a face like it’s the end of the world.


『Eh…』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


I didn’t expect her to be discouraged so much, and I panic.


『Please, please don’t be so sad』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


The Sage Misora heard that and began to change her facial expression


『Just kidding』(Misora)taru-neige


Misora, the Sage has a smile like a mischievous child.
I found out that this girl has such kind of personality.


『But you are a strange child, aren’t you?
Shaking the opportunity to be the disciple of the Sage Misora, the guardian of the fairy, the inside of your head is full of alchemy.
Besides, You weren’t ambitious with the crystals and fairies of this forest.
You didn’t try to rob them.
Truly a strange person, a human, I wonder』(Misora)taru-neige

『I am curious about the material of this forest』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『My~ my~, so honest,  good』(Misora)taru-neige


Misora ​​smiled and laughed again.
Then after a while, she started talking about the surrounding with the fairies.
Once, Human, Elves, and Fairies used to coexist in this forest.
However, a certain human kingdom was ambitious about the crystal created by Fairies and invaded this forest.
Many crystals contain abundant magical powers, it seems to be a material that will produce excellent things in various applications.

Furthermore, the human also went fairy hunting aggressively after knowing that magical powers and sharpness increases when fairy powder is used in the production of weapons, which is rarely obtained when killing fairies.

Neighboring villages with this forest were placed under the rule of the kingdom quickly and all humans fought with the elves and fairies to plunder everything.

However, this forest remained untouched, the fairies could live in peace with a powerful barrier relying on the power of Misora.

In return, Misora ​​can permanently obtain a certain amount of fairy crystal.

Elves seemed to have lived in this narrow forest for a while and thought that it was impossible to live, and migrated to the far west forest.


『In those days … I lost a lot of friends … I lost them』(Misora)taru-neige


Misora​’s face gets gloomy.

She looked at the fairies quietly and thought of her friends who are gone now, she felt somewhat lonely.


『But Misora ​​has friends who support you even now, aren’t you?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


Even with my biggest failure confession, I should be feeling down and covering myself in my room. However, I can relax like this because of Kouya and Yuuki.

With the weight of life that Misora lost,
It won’t be a good comparison, but I also have a few things I have lost.

This is the only word that I can give to her.


『Well, that’s right …
Thanks to everyone I can keep doing this like a fairy guardian.』(Misora)taru-neige


She smiled to push back her sadness.
Her expression looks strangely real and sophisticated.
I have never seen such a face of a real girl of the same age.
Sorrowful and strong at the same time, the beauty like a solitary flower.
I got worried about Misora​​’s attitude and changed the topic.


『How old is Misora?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


The story that the Kingdom attacked the forest seems to be a long time ago.


『Well, it’s… a secret, how old do you see me as?』(Misora)taru-neige


I thought she might be older but for now, I will tell her the age that’s more suitable to her appearance, the same age as me.


『…Sixteen years old? 』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Ara ara, but I am a half-elf,
I guess it might be true if you think of me as a human』(Misora)taru-neige


Half-elf …
Misora ​​insisted so and raised her own sky blue hair and show her ears.
Indeed, it was longer than a human being.


『I am half-devil and half-elf, so I can handle four kinds of magic: Red, Black, Green, Blue. I can handle all of it』(Misora)taru-neige


I see.
I hear that elves have a much longer lifespan than humans.
Even though she lives for 100 years but because she is a half-elf, she still looks like 16 years old or such.


『You are amazing』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Uhufu. Ahaha. You amused me.
To Taru who is such a good girl who compliments me,
I will give you this, a gift from me』(Misora)taru-neige


She giggles, then she puts her hand into the belt of her robe and takes out an item.


『Yes?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


It was a silver crystal brooch with dwarfs decorated in her hand which seems to be very expensive.

Taru Crystal Brooch

『I want you to receive this, I insist』(Misora)taru-neige

『this is…』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『If you use this brooch, you can warp to this forest once per day,
I don’t want you to come here from the tree left by the alchemist of Genesis.
I don’t want other people than you to get a wind of this place』(Misora)taru-neige

『Haa haa…』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『 This accessory will disappear if you tell anyone about this forest’s existence.
It’s the same even if you feed information on bulletin boards and the net! It’s the same!』(Misora)taru-neige


Do not give the real-life explanation, this NPC.


『How will you find out if I post the information on the net?』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『 There’s no other mercenary to ever come to this place.
I will judge by the number of people.
Even now, mercenaries are rarely coming here, weren’t they?
You understand this meaning, right? You got it?』(Misora)taru-neige


So am I the first visitor?


『Yes……』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


Including the beta test period, even though this field is present for more than two months, no one has arrived here, but if the number of people entering the Crystalier suddenly increases, it’s my fault…


『If people knew about this forest, I will transfer the location of this forest.
If other mercenaries found it by themselves, I wouldn’t take that measure, I will not do that』(Misora)taru-neige

『Yes』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


This is a story of sharing a secret if I want the material here.


『As long as you keep that condition, I don’t mind you collecting anything you want here, as long as you don’t take too much』(Misora)taru-neige

『I don’t know the extent of taking too much…』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

『Well, that is what the fairies will decide』(Misora)taru-neige

『『『Leave it to us』』』(Fairies)taru-neige

The fairies put their feathers on top and take guts poses.


『And about the elves, I will explain to them about you, so don’t worry okay? Alright?』(Misora)taru-neige


I see.
There were elves here other than Misora-san.

Elves. I want to see you soon.


『Well, thank you.』(Taru)Taru Icon.png

Taru Crystal Brooch

: You got the 《crystal brooch》:


When the log flows, I confirm what I got.


《Crystal Brooch》【Accessory】 Rare degree 6

  • Required stats: Magic Attack 300 MP 100
  • Magic Defense + 220


【Necklace to invite you to the Fairy Forest when used as an item.
The usage limit goes back and forth once a day.
When you use it again, you can return to the original location】


The equipment conditions are pretty high, and the effect is quite amazing.
And the rare degree is 6, it’s an outrageous accessory.
I remembered that my sister’s weapon was said to be the highest peak at 4.
I must be cautious and keep this in mind.
I can’t use it as equipment, but there’s no problem to use it as an item.


『……Thank you』(Taru)Taru Icon.png


After thanking Misora, I gathered the materials with the fairies on watch.
I was able to get lots of crystal series materials.
After I finished foraging what I want, I bid farewell to Misora ​​and immediately went out of the Fairy Forest using 《Crystal Brooch》


I hope to see what kind of items can be produced by the alchemy with these crystal material series.

Taru 9
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    • well, being a witch requires a lot of magic, taru might need to use a lot of skill point for her to become a proper witch. alchemy is considered trash. one of the reason for it to be considered so is people have yet to find the proper/effective way to master alchemy.

      considering that, there might be a lot more undiscovered skill that she might need for better alchemy mastery. bear in mind that taru capability to level up is very low since she has yet to invent/create proper way to gain exp (killing monster).

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      • It’d be hilarious if witchcraft was different from magic – I mean, I think it is, actually, because it was four elements, Red, Black, Green, and Blue (stated in this chapter), as opposed to magic’s five, Water, Fire, Wind, Soil, and Lightning (stated in the skill shop in chapter 3) – but the difference I was thinking of was that it’d be hilarious if she does end up learning it at some point, and discovers that it does damage based on INT instead of MATK.

        No intentional spoilers here, I legit haven’t read any farther than chapter 11 at the time of writing this, so even if I’m right, this is just a theory and an observation. No, it’s not even a theory, it’s just a “what if?” sort of comment based on an observation of past chapters.


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  2. Man, this story is a lot more fun than I thought it’d be when I first saw it on NU. (Kinda just shoved it in my reading list, remembered about it once it got to C9. Started to read, and oh boy, it’s interesting)

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    Caught by energetic fairies, I also got a lighter foot{}->{(mood)}.

    『{Eru~fu~in~ erufin~}->{El~fin~Elfin~}♪』(Fairy)

    a dark blue robe and a {tangled}->{pointed} hat like a witch.

    『Yes, my name is {Taro}->{Taru}, are you Misora-san ​​the Sage?』(Taru)

    『Oh my, a {fray}->{crack} from the barrier … and that tree …』(Misora)

    {Mum. Is it generation alternation}->{Uhm, Is it because of different generation} or something?
    I don’t really understand.

    and all humans fought with the elves and fairies {to rob}->{plunder} everything.

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    She looked at the fairies quietly and thought of her friends who had {not}->{} gone now, she felt somewhat lonely.

    Her expression looks strangely real and {domesticated}->{sophisticated}.

    I guess it might be true if you {apply with}->[think of me as} a human』(Misora)

    『Uhufu. Ahaha. You amused me.
    To {Taro}->{Taru} who is such a good girl who compliments me,
    I will give you this, a gift from

    『I want you to receive this, I {want so}->{insist}』(Misora)

    『I don’t know the {hurdles}->{numbers} of taking it too much…』(Taru)

    『And about the elves, I will explain {}->{to them} about you, so don’t worry okay? {It’s okay!}->{alright?}』(Misora)

    {So logs flow}->{when the log flow}, I confirm what I got.

    amazing. And the rare degree is 6, it’s an outrageous {substitute}->{gift/equipment/accessories}.

    I can’t use it as equipment, but there’s no problem to use {}->{it} as an item

    {I finished searching for it}->{After I finished foraging what I want}, I {greeted}->{say farewell to} Misora ​​and immediately went out of the Fairy Forest using 《Crystal Brooch》

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        but when you close your eyes sleeping, the music soulds many times better.

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    『Well then, human beings』(Fairy) -> 『Well, among human beings…』(Fairy)
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    『Do you get it?』(Fairy) -> 『Is there a difference?』(Fairy)
    『Just like Misora?』(Fairy) -> 『Which kind is Misora?』(Fairy)

    『If a human comes, report it to Misora​​~』(Fairy) -> 『To report to Misora if a human comes​​~』(Fairy)
    『That is the role of us』(Fairy) -> 『That’s our duty』(Fairy)

    『I might be happy~』(Fairy) -> 『We are also having fun~』(Fairy)

    You do not seem to have been blessed from this gemstone created forest, Crystalier. -> You do not seem to have come to defile Crystalier, this gem-producing forest.

    『Wait wait, I will accept that』(Taru) -> 『Please, please don’t be so sad』(Taru)

    『 This accessory will disappear at the time when you told someone -> 『This accessory will disappear if you tell anyone

    『How do you judge that I have written information on the net?』(Taru) -> 『How will you find out if I post the information on the net?』(Taru)

    Equipment necessary status -> Required stats:

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    • Not Stat (Level) Point, It’s Skill Point. Skill Point has no use in Min-Max.
      And skill level also keeps increasing as we keep using it.
      And because Taru uses Alchemy, she wastes a lot of Stat (Level) points on intelligent which has no use on combat.

      I repeat, Author wants to make Taru a Trash Stat Character (Weakest Character in the whole server)

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    • Bomb? What is it? Is it delicious?
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      Taru only gets a wind fairy.

      Hate words?
      Taru only says Chuuni words.

      Player Mobbing?
      No need to ask, they are always prepared.


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