Mira Chapter 56: Rumors

Mira Vol 1-6
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Mira Chapter 56: Rumors


『No-one know when it starts.
But on a certain day, a ghost ship comes out in the water surrounding Kadia Smite Island』(Cero)


Cero creates a nice atmosphere by himself and he says it in a lower tone.


『It’s definitely a classic one!』(Mira)


Kadia Smite Island.
It’s the name of a small island located at the west of this continent.
Currently, it is famous as a Kadia Smite Alliance, an omnipresent one who possessed the strongest navy of the Sumegfee region, in the name of the Valle Port Country.


『This is a well-known rumor story among sailors.
I asked an acquaintance captain, he told me, it was about ten years ago, a ghost ship seems to emerge from the deep fog at the time of twilight.
All the witnesses are saying like this:
Suddenly, their ship was wrapped in fog, and an old galley ship was running along.
The ship of Jolly Roger and some say that he saw a captain wearing red clothes on the deck.
In addition, there were various speculations about this rumor.
If you follow the ghost ship, you can find the treasure of a pirate.
There are many marine accidents because they chased that ghost ship.
Besides, there are some precious things inside the ship, the long lost legendary weapons.
There are a number of speculation that it’s Valle’s secret weapon,
but, as for me, I give one vote to legendary weapons as well.
I am a swordsman』(Cero)

『I, one vote!』(Emella)


At the end, Cero says it with jokes, but Emella casts a vote on the legendary weapon theory while shining her eyes.


『But it’s still just a rumor after all』(Mira)


As I said so, Cero frowns his brows like a little troubled.
Flicker has a bitter smile like being amazed, and Zeff looks up at the sky as well.
Legendary armor.
Emella who was excited about the legendary sword began to be immersed in delusion without noticing the surrounding.


『Well, it’s a rumor that you might care
If it was before, I might just laugh it off, but right now is…』(Cero)

『Yeah, that’s right, that’s another fun place』(Mira)


In reality, the ghost ship rumor might be only an avid gang.
But in this world where various fantasies exist, even such rumors have some real credibility.
Mira and Cero laugh each other from such common recognition and think of it as a ghost ship.


『Well, now is the next rumor story』(Cero)


When asking for another Honey Ale and Herb Tea, Cero started talking with a seriously enjoying expression.


『Next to the sea is the sky
This is a rumor that is whispered vividly among the flying sailors…
Yes, Mira-san?』(Cero)


In the middle of the story, Mira cried out some words.
Cero understands the intention of that action instantaneously and nominates it like a teacher.


『This is the first time I heard about airships!?』(Mira)

『Yes, it is, it’s like a ship that flies in the sky.
It seems to have been realized by state-of-the-art magic engineering about three years ago.
But that development costs are also high.
Currently, it seems that there are only five vessels,
Even the great countries like Mikami, Atlantis, and Nirvana only have one each』(Cero)

『The great countries are really different after all』(Mira)


Mikuni is a country which is also regarded as the starting point of players, boasting the largest war potential and scale of the continent.
And, the other two countries which were founded and named by the top players, side by side make such three great countries. (Romance of 3 Kingdoms’ refer?)


『It seems that the number will increase slightly as the airship makes some impact.
However, I want to talk about the next rumor, the story I heard from a sky captain.
As far as I heard, it seems that the beginning of this rumor was when he was chosen as an executive on a flying boat.
It was a fine day, it seems that it was a perfect sunrise.
But it was suddenly, their airship got caught up in a huge storm.
Inside the storm is dark like the night, the lightning sometimes illuminates the surroundings.
And it seems that something appeared when all crewmen trying to escape from the storm while being exposed to heavy weather』(Cero)


Cero breaks at one end there, and the shopkeeper carries the drinks that he was ordered.


『Adventurers really know a lot of stories, I love such stories too』(Innkeeper)


While keeping cups and glasses, the shopkeeper smiles curiously.


『Although it is a job’s related pattern.
It’s great to have collected it as a hobby, too.
I also like it』(Cero)


Cero answered so as he received the drinks cup and smiled with the owner.

It seems like they have the same wavelength, they seem to be friendly with each other.
In fact, the shopkeeper with his profession has met many adventurers and heard a lot of stories.
And he was attracted to the nature of adventurers who risk their lives for their dreams.

The shopkeeper returns to the counter after bowing lightly to Cero.
Cero tilted the cup gracefully again,
Mira also put the glass on her mouth as lip service.
Other Ecarart Carillon’s members also listened to Cero’s story,
Only Flicker hasn’t noticed it, she is continuing her work of closing in her seat with Mira.


『Well, it is a continuation …
Well, as I just talked before.
When the Mariners were desperately trying to get out of that great storm.
With such bad weather, people also have bad visibility,
But when black thick clouds are illuminated by a flash of light, it seems that the shadow of a big castle was spotted.
And not just 1 or 2 people but almost all of the crew saw it.
The shadow of a giant castle floating in the storm far from the sky.
It seems that it has been witnessed many times not only once but also after that time and location』(Cero)

『That is …!!』(Mira)

『Yes, it’s a castle in the sky, Mira-san』(Cero)


The second rumor is a castle in the sky.
Mira stood up in the seat without thinking of her appearance of the Wiseman’s disciple and representative of the Royalty.
Flicker also rose almost at the same time, and the two of jumped out of the store as it was.


『When it comes to a big castle floating in the sky,
There must be a book written about the magic that has never been seen before』(Flicker)

『Oh, an unexpected reaction. Aren’t you somehow looking like a real magician now?)』(Mira)


As Mira heard Flicker’s unexpected words from how she normally behaved, Mira said that with a mean smile. And Emella explained.


『Before meeting with Mira, she is like this. She is always a serious magician』(Emella)


And after Emella explained about Flicker’s behavior to Mira.
The three of them looked up to the sky, there are some large white clouds floated,
Mira cannot stop her excitement that the castle might be hiding in them.
And then Flicker shouts something from the side.

The three people thought it’s no use looking up to the sky now and return to the store.
As Mira had full of thought about the castle, she didn’t care much about her seat.
And Flicker used that chance sat down next to her, she was appreciated the chance without words.


『When I heard this rumor, I often saw the sky up』(Cero)


Cero seems like understand what Mira is thinking and smile at Mira.
Telling her that she should look for it when she is on Pegasus rather than from the ground.
Imagining about it, Mira raised her mouth slightly.


『 The common point of eyewitness testimonials is a sudden storm.
It seems that everyone was caught up in the storm and sees the shadow of the giant castle inside of it.
Surely, the sky castle is protected by the storm, I guess』(Cero)

『Oh, that might be the case』(Mira)


And they nodded, talking about the magnificent giant castle spreading past the storm for a while, talk about the delusion that it surely will be like this.
Initially, the other people gradually began to be inspired by the talks of the two people,
eventually rising to the point where they make up their own arbitrary utopia with five people.


『I derailed a little bit, but the next one is the last one』(Cero)


An ancient spiritual beast is sealed in the castle in the sky and in the basement the holy sword that the former hero used to seal it there.

The ancient magic books fill the bookshelf.

Gold and silver treasure is piled up like a mountain in the treasure chest

There is a fountain where we can collect drops of life in the courtyard.

When such utopia about the sky castle completed between five people, Cero talks about the third rumor with a slightly embarrassing look.


『This is a story I heard from acquaintance adventurers, it’s more like a rumor than a story.
He is an adventurer who is mainly active in the northern part of the Arctic continent.
But he seems to be able to reach the mirage temple on that day.
Luckily from the excavator, he bought a magnetic quartz crystal, was aiming for the temple and was striding in the Oriat desert.
But the magnetic quartz seemed to be defective in every case, it seems that the reaction has lost on the way』(Cero)

『Well, he must have a difficult time…』(Mira)


Mira sympathizes with the adventurer acquaintance of Cero from that story.
Mira has experienced a similar situation as well.
The Ark continent is the name of the vast continent located on the west side of the strait, also called the pioneering continent among players.
As its alias shows, it has a very large number of countries where players founded.
In the southwest of that Ark continent, the Oriat desert Cero said is spreading.
There is a sanctuary that will not appear on the map called Mirage Temple, and only the tool called magnetic quartz can find about this place.
And anyone who knows that there is a rare deviation in the magnetic quartz is an advanced player.


『Yes, he seems to have lamented himself to a great extent here.
But when he was trying to return home after searching surrounding for a bit, as he had already entered far enough, …
And then he stepped in the sand hell and was swallowed to the bottom of the ground』(Cero)

『he must be a very unlucky guy…』(Mira)


The sand hell in the Oriat desert.
When you are swallowed, you will be forcibly transferred to the dungeon of the underground ruins.
That adventurer, whether lucky for a moment or not, Mira bitterly smiled at that news with Honey Au Lait in her mouth.


『I also wanted to say the same thing, but when I bitterly smiled at him like you.
He took out the golden lump from the bag.
He picked up at the end of the sand hell, he answered so when I asked.
And he told me the place where he fell wasn’t an underground ruin.
It’s a huge city spreading in a large underground space, all of it was shining golden color.
He told me that he couldn’t understand the situation at first, and was impatient with the sight.
And at that time, a black shadow suddenly approached him from away.
At that moment, he had a tremendous chill ran throughout his body, he desperately ran away from that shadow, and when he noticed, he seems to be immersed in the oasis lake.
He could only bring back a chunk, but as a result of this appraisal, it turned out to be pure gold.
He called it the golden city and seems to try going over again, but he still couldn’t reach that city again eversince』(Cero)

『A golden city… but what was that black figure…』(Mira)

『Oya (ooh), you are more interested in that?』(Cero)


When Mira finished listening to the story, she focused on the black figure that appeared before the acquaintance of Cero.
It seems to be the guardian who defends the golden city.
Speaking of a guardian, it’s the turn of a summoner.


『Maybe I can sign a contract』(Mira)

『Well, that’s true for summoner like you』(Cero)


Mira talks will full of expectations, Cero understands that Mira is a genuine summoner and somehow is convinced.
A guardian is often a spirit that lives to guard the place.
And if it’s a spirit, it is included in one of the contract targets.


『A nice, golden city.
If you can find such a place, you won’t worry about living for a lifetime』(Zeff)

『I wonder if there’s a golden treasure weapon?』(Emella)

『I like a golden magic book』(Flicker)


After the fantasy about the castle in the sky, people start to express feeling about the golden city.
And there was no one to stop it, so the talk continued until the lunch ended.


Milla got excited and talked about rumors with Cero until finishing lunch.
As the tavern of Hunters Village is getting more crowded, the people are overflowing this place. Mira picked the Pure Rabbit up comfortably and ready.


『Well, Mira-san, see you again』(Cero)

『I still didn’t have enough Mira-chan dose…』(Flicker)

『See you again』(Emella)

『See ya, Mira-chan』(Zeff)

『Well, it was nice meeting you after a long time.
Please be careful on your way』(Mira)


I said my farewell with Cero’s group who are returning to their escort mission because the break time is over.

Well, we can meet again somewhere just like today.

And Mira left while looking forward to what kind of story she can hear at the next reunion, without feeling regret like how a separation normally should be.


And then Mira summons Pegasus in the square, jumps on its back and leaves the Hunters’ Village.
The human chattering sound is fading away, only the sound of the wind and Pegasus’s wings echo in her ear.
The grassland spread under her eyes, and behind was the Great Tree which became hazy even from afar.
While flying higher in the blue sky and spreading the field of vision, Mira started returning home.

After a few hours, Mira landed in the middle of the meadow, confronted Pegasus and was checking the map.


(Maybe I should report tomorrow instead)(Mira)


Because she has kept traveling in the sky, it seemed her body has accumulated a corresponding amount of fatigue.
The Pure Rabbit was anxiously licking Mira’s fingertips.
Mira thought that it would be nighttime when she reached home even if she kept traveling in fatigue like this.

So rather than pushing herself, she decided to go home slowly.
Seeing Mira, who seems to be tired, Pegasus turns his neck and supports her little body.
Mira stroked the neck of Pegasus who showed kindness, then she pulled herself and Pure Rabbit together.


『Sorry, let me do this for a while』(Mira)


As Mira said so to Pegasus, it spread its large white wings and gently covered Mira.
While feeling the pulsating warmth, Mira got a brief rest.


After several tens of minutes, When Mira woke up from her nap, the birds were peeping through the gaps of the white wings.
Pegasus sees Mira waking up and slowly spreads its wings.
Mira’s eyes reflected colorful birds, which spread all around.
However, despite a large number of birds gathering, the birds quietly surround Pegasus without raising cries.
You can only hear the whispers of the wind.


『There are so many birds gathered here』(Mira)


While stroking the Pegasus’ neck, Mira laughs 『You are very popular』 even though it’s not the scale in the Ancient Forest of Prayer’s Lake.
Pegasus sounded pleasant, he looked up at Mira who smiled cheerfully, and the Pure rabbit was looking up at Mira from her knee.


『It’s alright, I just got tired a bit』(Mira)


When Mira calls out, Pegasus spreads its wings.
And the birds began to fly all at once in the meadow where silence had dominated.
Even though the birds don’t cry, however with such a large number of birds flying all at once, it’s still noisy.
And Mira awakened by the beautiful scene with birds’ tone color.


『I made you worried, but I’m okay now』(Mira)


As Mira say so, she lifts the Pure Rabbit with both hands.
The Pure Rabbit raises his pleasant voice as he is held in Mira’s chest.


『It’s rather late now.
May I ask for your help again, Pegasus』(Mira)


While being both tired and drowsy, Mira rises herself up and the Pegasus also slowly rises up.
And he flies to the sky with the surrounding flying birds.
The spreading sight was gorgeous like a cherry blizzard, and a pure white Pegasus running through it.



As the sun goes down, tourists will only remain sparsely at the square in front of the Silver Tower.
After landing in front of the square, Mira recalled Pegasus who smiled very happy because he was of use for Mira.
As Mira looked again, the nine towers are extending to the sky.
Even it’s not as great and the World Tree but it’s still a magnificent sight.
Mira has the feeling 『I came back』to that view, and she increases her pace faster.

When she stands before the summoning tower.
Mira looks around, there is no wagon.


(Hm …Creos is out) (Mira)


Mira thought about boasting with Creos, lowered his brows a little.
However, she thinks that it’s okay, for now, she wants to show Pure Rabbit the tower more.


『This lodging shall beest thy new home anon (This place will be your new home now)』(Mira)


Somehow he understands the meaning of Mira’s words, the Pure Rabbit cries out joyfully. Mira headed to the room on the top floor of the tower with satisfaction.

Using her Master Key to open the door of her room and take off the coat on the sofa, then drop the Pure Rabbit there.


『Please quietly wait here for a while』(Mira)


Having said so, Mira rushed to the toilet as it was.
Soon after that, the sound of water is echoing.
And then Mira has a fresh look, she directs her line of sight to the next door as it is.
That is the changing room that leads to the bathroom.


『Let’s try refreshing together』(Mira)


Mira uses her hand holding the Pure Rabbit and opens the door of the changing room…


『Eh… !?』(Mira)

『Mira-sama, Welcome back…』(Mariana)

『I’m sorry!』(Mira)

Mira Vol 4-3

Mira closed the door in a state of dismay.
However, her eyes have the dynamic vision which can react to ambush,
have already burned out the appearance of Mariana in underwear in that instant.

And when Mira tried to clear her mind.


『Mira-sama, welcome back』(Mariana)


Mariana’s word was blocked in the middle because Mira closed the door right away.
That’s why she opened the door and bowed down greeting Mira without worry about her clothes.
Mariana right now is wearing a simple white robe half-close on her body.

And then Mariana raises her face, showing a happy smile, her cheek is fair and smooth from hot water that she just bathed.


『Well, I’m home』(Mira)


Mira regained herself with that smile returned the greetings,
And then Mariana’s eyes catch the Pure Rabbit that is hugged by Mira.


『This Rabbit-san, where did you get him?』(Mariana)


As Mariana says so, she gently stretches out her hand.
At first, the pure rabbit showed confusion, but when he feels Mariana’s sign on Mira’s hand, he can bring his face to Mariana’s hand.


『I get him from the forest …
Would you mind if I want to keep him here?』(Mira)


Mira asks Miriana just like a child asks her mother about keeping a pet.
Although she is the Lord of the Tower, she needs to ask Mariana to take care of it while she is away.
So, this attitude is unavoidable.


『Of course, I will take care of him while Mira-sama is away』(Mariana)

『Thanks. Mariana』(Mira)


After finished talking, Mariana returns to the changing room and takes off her robe.


『What art thee doing…! (What are you doing)』(Mira)


Milla hurriedly removes her gaze but asks while controlling her instinct.
At the edge of her eyes, Mira still can see Marianna in her underwear figure.

Mariana stood with a cool face and answered full of motivation.


『Mira-sama wanted to take a bath now, so, I will wash your back』(Mariana)

『…Well …May I asketh thee then (May I ask you then…)』(Mira)


It’s impossible to stop Mariana who became full of motivation.
Mira has learned from the previous event and stopped useless resistance, instantly nodded and entered the changing room.
This time as well, Mira’s clothes are being taken off with the help of Mariana.
Then Mariana folded the clothes she took off from Mira and put on the washing basket.


『Mira-sama, are there any other clothes to wash?』(Mariana)

『Oops, that’s right』(Mira)


Mariana asked Mira while putting clothes in the basket.
Heard Mariana’s question, Mira took out the bag that she just remembered,
and put the used underwear to the basket.


『That’s all, may I ask you then』(Mira)


And then Mira tried to enter the bathroom with the Pure Rabbit, Mariana called out to her.


『How did your hair become like this?』(Mariana)


With a slightly strong tone, Mariana touches Mira’s silver hair that is tightly bound in twin-tails.
Mira’s hair still remained as twin-tails after White taught her how to dry hair.


『There was a girl called White, who I met at the forest, tied up my hair like that』(Mira)

『Oh really……』(Mariana)


While undoing Mira’s beautiful hair tie, Mariana briefly nodded in reply but bitting her lips a bit.
However, Mira, who tried to remove her line of sight from Mariana as much as possible, had not noticed such a change in Mariana.

When entering the bathroom, Mira washing her hair and whole body as prompted by Mariana.
The sponge that Mariana uses in her hands are smoother and softer than last time, fine bubbles envelop Mira.

Mira relaxes completely from the tiredness of the trip.
As Mira still relaxes, Mariana slowly pours water into the bubbles.
As the bubbles are clear, it’s the Pure Rabbit that sitting on Mira’s knee.
The Pure Rabbit shows no sign of dislike, whether it’s accustomed to water or it’s happy sitting on Mira’s knee.

And then Mariana gently washed Mira’s hair as Mira washed the blue fur of the Pure Rabbit.


『It’s done with this, Mira-sama, did you already have dinner today?』(Mariana)


While assembling the wet hair of Mira. Mariana asks.


『No, not yet. Can I have something ready?』(Mira)

『Of course, I will prepare dinner now, so please enjoy the bath slowly』(Mariana)


Mira noticed her hunger when she was asked and nodded with Mariana.
Mariana acknowledged it with a cheering voice and ran out of the bathroom.
As Mira catches a glimpse of Mariana’s back when she headed to prepare for dinner cheerfully, Mira heads to the back of a large bathroom.

There is a bathtub made by processing black pyroxene.
Black pyroxene is a stone with a pattern resembling a galaxy shining in the universe,
a fantastic color that attracts a lot of people and is a luxury item widely used in furnishings.
The bathtub is filled with plenty of water, and when Mira submerged there, it slightly overflows.




The hot water is a little hot, and Mira seems to be pleasant to a stimulus like striking the body.
The water seems to be a little high temperature.
The bathtub is very spacious and ten people will be able to relax there.
Because the bathtub is black, so whenever Mira stretches her limbs, her white body and silver hair will reflect clearly.


『Ah … paradise』(Mira)


While immersed in a relaxed feeling,
Mira enjoyed the best time with Pure Rabbit with Apple au lait in one hand.

Mira Vol 3-6
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