Mile Chapter 231: My Hometown

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Mile Vol 8-5
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Mile Chapter 231: My Hometown




『That was a huge failure …』(Rena)


《Red Oath》 continued to move on the road when the sun has fallen and it is getting dark.
Yes, from the beginning their identity was busted,
The girls were ashamed and they couldn’t stay in that town so they left again.


『A shameful display!』(Rena)


Rena’s trio still felt shame and their face still remained as red as a tomato.
On the waist of Maevis, the trembling nanomachines, that didn’t have a turn, also felt disappointed.


『Well, it is natural for the guild, because it was a major incident.
They spread the news to all other guilds as a warning,  to prevent other guild branches from repeating such mistakes.
It’s meaningless without letting all the guild officials and the hunters know about it, as it’s a warning.
So, it’s obvious that all the people who are concerned about the hunter guild would know that…
And, if it’s a female-only hunter party, well, there’s not many of them.
And furthermore, we also played as the lady again to stop by the guild just like the last time…』(Pauline)


Pauline calmly muttered so.


『Ah, if you had noticed, you should have said that from the beginning!
Why were you silent!』(Rena)

『…It was interesting?』(Pauline)

『Why is there doubt in your voice!?』(Rena)


Pauline was still Pauline…
And on that day, 《Red Oath》 camped a little away from the town.






A few days later, 《Red Oath》arrived in a city.

They still haven’t crossed the border yet, and it seemed that the information about 《Noble lady hunter party》 still hasn’t spread yet.
And of course, everyone wore their usual hunter equipment.


『I’m tired of funny little acts, we are an up-and-coming young C-ranked hunter party 《Red Oath》
We won’t accept anything small, we will raise our rank with a straight fight!』(Rena)

『『『Oh!』』』(Mile’s Trio)


And as usual, when the girls went into the guild branch, everyone’s eyes were on them as usual, the girls checked the information board as usual.


『『『『Eh?』』』』(Red Oath)


And the girls stopped moving.


《Class B Attention Information.
The Albarn Empire has invaded the Brandel Kingdom.
Those who head in that direction must be cautious》(Notice)

『『『『Eeeeeehhhh』』』』(Red Oath)


The Brandel Kingdom.
It’s the country the girls last visited and…


『Mile, your mother country …』(Rena)

『… Yes, and the southern side in contact with the Albarn empire is the Ascham territory, near the border…』(Mile)


She has abandoned her name and the territory.
It’s the country that Mile has decided that she would never be involved with again.
A country that has nothing to do with her already.
However, Mile’s complexion was bad.


『Follow me!』(Rena)


Rena took Mile’s hand and headed to the counter.


『I would like to hear more about the invasion of the empire』(Rena)


When Rena asked so, the receptionist answered with a smile.


『General information is free, detailed information cost’s one small gold coin…』(Receptionist)

『We want to ask for the details』(Rena)

『Well, please go over there, Welith please!』(Receptionist)


The receptionist called a female staff member who seemed to be their information broker and asked the girls to go to another room…
Of course, there is no reason to talk about paid information at the counter where there are a lot of people around.


『Well, I will explain the situation.』(Welith)


In a separate room, after receiving a small gold coin as payment in advance,
the female staff named Welith told the detailed information.

According to her, the Albarn Empire suddenly invaded, without declaring war, the Brandel kingdom on their northern border a few days ago,
The soldiers seemed to be currently fighting in the territory of Brandel kingdom near the border.
The Ascham main town doesn’t face the border, but half of its territory is already lost, so, the Ascham main town will be invaded sooner or later.


『The empire still doesn’t seem to be waging full-scale warfare yet.
It seems to be an analysis for the invading army, logistical supplies, deployment situation of other militaries, etc…
Perhaps, they are using the invasion as a test for their full-scale invasion later.
This invasion army’s purpose seems to 《cut off the territory》 from the Brandel Kingdom and use it as a relay point.
The Brandel Kingdom may be angry, but there is a difference in military strength between the empire and the kingdom.
Moreover, the Kingdom wasn’t prepared for the war,
Even if they prepared the soldiers now in a hasty manner, it would be a foolish idea to fight the Empire head-on and waste their army on somewhere far away like the border.
Perhaps the Kingdom might abandon their territory and carefully prepare for a counter attack…
Of course, the Empire also proclaimed invasion is due to the Kingdom,
Apparently, they said the kingdom went and snatched the territory from the owner and the legitimate successor of the Ascham territory who was absent.
They insisted it was a sortie at the request from the Ascham’s true successor.
Of course, there is no country that would believe such a thing, but they used it as their casus belli for the time being』(Welith)

『… …. Why do you know so much about it!』(Rena)


It is a surprise. It was cheap for information costing with a small gold coin.


『Well, where is that information from …?』(Maevis)


Following Rena, Maevis was also surprised and asked.
But Welith replied with a mischievous smile.


『That’s a secret!』(Welith)

(Yokki ~yun!) (SFX)


Even if she was concerned, Mile couldn’t do anything but lock it in her heart.
She was a deep business girl…
After Welith left the room when she finished the explanation, 《Red Oath》still remained in that room.
They paid a small gold coin as an information fee, so they got permission to use the room for a while.


『Apparently, the destination of the empire is the Ascham territory…
What will you do?』(Rena)


Rena asked Mile.


『Well, I will not do anything, because it’s a country that has nothing to do with me, an unrelated territory.
I am the magical swordsman of the C-Ranked Hunter Party 《Red Oath》that named Mile…!』(Mile)


Even though Mile tried saying that with a flat face, but her trembling body, blue face, and depressed expression have betrayed everything.


『Still, isn’t it the place where Mile-chan was born and raised?
Are they not still people who took care of you and people you knew?』(Maevis)

『… ….』(Mile)

『Although it’s in the past, it’s still the territory of Mile-chan, and the people of Mile-chan?』(Pauline)



Mile keeps her head down in silence with what Maevis and Pauline said.


『Then, I will ask you』(Rena)



Mile raised her surprise voice without understanding the meaning of Rena’s abrupt words.


『Anyway, I guess you are thinking you can’t get us involved in your own personal things,
Because it’s you after all.
So, why don’t you ask us, 《Red Oath》, for a job with a free request?
With the content 《going to the Ascham’s land!》』(Rena)



Free request.

It’s the request which doesn’t go through the hunter guild, but the client negotiates directly with the hunters.

The advantage is they won’t waste the commission fee on the guild.
And no matter the content of the request, they won’t need to worry about the guild’s rules if the hunters accept it, as long as it’s not illegal.

And the downside is that the hunters can’t get the guild’s achievement points.
And there’s no guarantee even if the client and the hunters are lying.
The hunters may not get paid and the client may end up with a false report of the results.
Free requests frequently happen with hunters who received an emergency escort request while encountering bandits.
Although it’s dangerous to engage in a free request with an unknown partner or an unreliable partner, there’s no problem if they know each other or trust each other.


『I want to have the free request for the C-ranked hunter party 《Red Oath》
The content of the request is 《go to the Ascham sacred territory and help the citizens of my friend》
Request fee is 1 silver coin.
Will you accept it, my party leader?』(Rena)

『I will accept it, my beautiful client’s lady…』(Maevis)



Rena felt embarrassed with a red face to Maevis’ serious face in response to her own 《playing game》
Even though Maevis showed it many times before, Rena still had insufficient training.


『Well, that kind of …』(Mile)


Pauline gently told Mile who has teary eyes.


『We all have been helped many times by Mile, and it also included the personal things of me and my family, the personal thing of Maevis.
And even if we didn’t receive help, we still want to receive this request to help you because…』(Pauline)


And, the voices of three people besides Mile were prepared.


『『『As long as red blood flows through our body, our friendship is eternal!』』』(Rena’s Trio)


Mile was clinging to Rena and crying,
Maevis drops her shoulders as she wonders why Mile always hugs Rena,
And Pauline is just calmly looking…

Mile Vol 8-4
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  1. “Apparently, they said they went and claimed for the owner and the legitimate successor of the Ascam territory who was absent.”

    Territory, legitimate successor, absent…
    Guess who? 😀

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  2. Guess they need to travel a s*** ton of Miles to get to the territory. Pun intended. And then have some meetings with some old acquaintances.

    Thanks for the chapter!


    • Omg XD
      When i read your “wonder tree” i was wondering if mile had befriended a treeman 😂 then i remembered her trio friends back in the school. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Guess i really need to go to sleep soon 😣


  3. Will Mile teleport back to her country in an average fashion, and averagely pretend to be a completely average goddess who will averagely punish those misusing her name?

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  4. damn. i was so damn sure it was going to be a plague that will make mile go back to her home country since i couldn’t come up with a reasonable idea for a country to have started a war. but i forgot that Mile’s land is lacking an owner.

    since we’re talking about Mile’s land here, i guess her relatives (most probably her uncle since he’s the only one ever mentioned before) must have some hand in this. he must have gone to another country and request for their backup to take the land by force.

    also, since it’s war, someone is going to try to make profit out of this. I’m looking at you Pauline :p

    thanks for the chapter.

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  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Maybe it’s time for the return of the “Goddess”. Go Mile! Do not let the empire strike back! Become a new hope for the kingdom!

    What? I can’t help it.


  6. Suggestion:

    prevent other them repeat such mistakes -> to prevent other guild from repeating such mistakes

    only-female -> female-only

    Lena -> Rena

    So, after the princess and the fairies, will there be a third “Descend of The Goddess”?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rather than machine translate.
      I DECIPHERED IT with my Japanese Knowledge and Japanese online Dictionary.

      You can always check the real machine translation from google.translate to see if your brain fried.


  7. thank you very much! This arc looks promising! Well, I can’t help but want to read more. And I wonder if Mile would use her “authority” in this arc, fufufu.


  8. suggestion:
    In a separate room, after receiving a small {golden price of prepayment}->{gold coin as payment} in advance,

    suddenly invaded without declaring war on the Brandel kingdom on {the}->{their} northern border a few days ago,

    they said {they}->{the kingdom} went and {claimed for}->{snatch the territory from} the owner and the legitimate successor of the {Ascam}->{Ascham}territory who was absent.
    They insisted it was a sortie at the request {}->{from the Ascham’s true successor}.

    『Although it’s {nominal}->{in the past}, it’s still the territory of Mile-chan, and the people of Mile-chan?』(Pauline)

    {Paulin}->{Pauline} gently told Mile who has teary eyes.


  9. Editing:
    {It}->{that} was a {big}->{huge} failure
    {The}->{} 《Red Oath》 continued to move on the road {where}->{when} the sun has fallen {when it’s}→{and it is} getting dark.
    their face still {remain}->{remained} as red as a tomato
    {And}->{} on the waist of Maevis
    nanomachines that {had no}→{didn’t have a} turn 
    guilds as a {meaning to warn}→{warning}, to prevent other {guilds}→{guild branches} from 
    Ah, if you {have}->{had} noticed, {say}→{you should have said} that
    Why {are you in}→{is there} doubt {}→{in your voice}
    {camping}->{camped} a little away from
    《Red Oath》{party}->{} arrived in a
    would never {involve}→{be involved with} again
    information {cost}->{cost’s} one small
    Well, please {come}->{go} over there
    female staff {}→{member} who seemed to be {in charge of explanation}→{their information broker} and asked
    suddenly invaded{}->{,} without declaring war{ on}→{,} the Brandel kingdom
    {And}->{} the soldiers seemed {}→{to be} currently fighting
    but {as}->{} half of its territory {}->{is} already lost{,}→{ so} the Ascham
    doesn’t seem to {have a}→{be waging} full-scale warfare yet
    they {used}→{are using the invasion} as a test for
    purpose seems to 《cut {}->{off} the territory》 from the 
    it {will}→{would} be a foolish idea to 
    Empire also {shouted}->{proclaimed} the {cause is from}→{invasion is due to} the Kingdom,
    kingdom went and {snatch}->{snatched} the territory
    course, there {was}->{is} no country that
    they used it as their {reason}->{casus belli} for the time being
    LN: proper term for “reason for war” you may or may not want to put this in
    cheap for {such}->{} information {with}->{costing} a small
    Maevis {}->{was} also surprised and asked
    {And}->{after} Welith left the room {after}→{when she} {finishing}->{finished} the explanation, {the}->{} 《Red Oath》
    Even {}->{though} Mile tried saying that
    {And were there}→{Are their not} still people
    for a job with a free request
    the guild’s {rule}->{rules} if
    may {end up with non-payment}→{not hey payed} and the client may end up with {}->{a} false report of {}->{the} results
    {And}->{} Free {request can}→{requests frequently} happen {that the}->{with} {people}->{hunters} who received {the}->{an} emergency escort request while encountering bandits
    dangerous to {exchange}→{engage in a} free request
    help the {citizen}->{citizens} of my friend
    Mile {}->{was} clinging to Rena and crying


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