Mile Chapter 232: Ascham Viscountess 1

Mile Vol 8-1
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Translator’s Note: This is the map (It also contents spoiler for what will happen later)

Mile Vol 8-16

Mile Chapter 232: Ascham Viscountess 1

Mile’s spirit from 3 years ago was mixed of 18 years old Kurihara Misato and 10 years old Adel von Ascham.
However, while they are originally the same person, with the same soul, and the same spiritual body.

While in Adel’s body, it seems that the Misato had lost all her memories and thinking abilities which restarted her development from nothing.
In other words,《if Misato was born and raised in this world, she would have grown the same way》

That was Adel von Ascham.

Therefore, no problems occurred in the mental fusion.
Originally, they had the same soul, their differences in thinking are because of the result of their learning and growth and the differences in the input information.

That 《difference in experiences》was integrated.

Yes, it wasn’t one memory swallowed by the other, but one mind with two histories.
That was Mile.
So Mile has the basic way of thinking when she was Misato plus the way of thinking from Adel as well.

And of course, she still has Adel’s memory.

(Most of the servants of the Ascham family have been replaced by those who do not know about me or my mother.
But everyone, who was fired, also lives in my territory.
Until my mother and grandfather passed away, the former employees treated me well until they were dismissed…
The Ascham territory also was the land, that my grandfather, mother, and ancestors kept protecting…) (Mile)

Mile intended to abandon her hometown, she intended to do nothing at all, it was a logical judgment as Misato, however, the will and memories as Adel couldn’t accept that.

『What a strange look on your face, please be at ease!』(Rena)

Rena talked to Mile, who was thinking with wrinkles on her forehead.

『The Albarn Empire is a great country in the south of Brandel Kingdom, the home country of Mile. It’s also in the south of this country, the Vanorak Kingdom and the Tyrus Kingdom, the mother country of Maevis and Pauline and where we formed our hunter party.
We have gone west from the Tyrus Kingdom and came to this country via the Brandel Kingdom on the north side.
If the route on the south side was already in control of the Albarn empire, we should avoid it』(Rena)

Rena used the phrase 《the home country of Maevis and Pauline》because her father and Rena had lived the wandering peddler life.
Rena didn’t know her country of origin.
Because her father did not mention anything about it.

『Well well, as for our traveling route, we should avoid the empire,
we should go around the Brandel side close to the border, around where the Imperial Army has not invaded,
it will be a course going straight to the Ascham territory』(Rena)

That said, Rena pointed to the road a little away from the map’s border.
When coming to this country, they have gone through the northern border so this time they will go through a different route from when they came.
Everyone agreed with Rena’s decision and all the baggage was put in Mile’s storage.
Yes, it’s a sonic move, the high-speed traveling…

Actually, it’s just storing their belongings thus becoming lightweight. The name doesn’t have any great meaning to it other than a Chuuni’s name.
However, their movement speed is still a little faster.
Everyone wanted to arrive as early as possible.

Without doing so, they probably won’t be able to arrive before the Imperial Army invades the Ascham territory.

The battles of this world take time.
It takes time for movement and combat actions, even for preparations such as summoning of farmers…, instant training…, preparing for military action… etc.
The battle is also a struggle for a few weeks between both armies, while a siege battle will take several months etc.

Although this time the Empire aimed for a quick occupation, Ascham still has the home turf advantage.
They can ambush the enemy, foods, water, and place to sleep.
While the advancing army must deal with the traps, unfamiliar land, the surprise attack, etc.
Their speed of progress isn’t comparable to that of an Earth RTS game.


A few days after that,  《Red Oath》 arrived at the Brandel Kingdom.
They are already near the Ascham land.

『But, it was a waste of money!』(Pauline)

While walking, Pauline complained.

Actually, in order to save time, 《Red Oath》 had been camping all the time instead of staying at an inn, but sometimes they still dropped in a big city.

Yes, for information gathering.

And they listened to the paid information several times at the guild branch, but all of them were almost the same as the information they first heard, there was no new information or more detailed information than that.
Yes, the information charges after the second time were all wasted money, and it’s also wasted time.

Pauline understands the value of information well enough, she doesn’t regret a small gold coin if it’s new information.
However, despite the later date and nearer place of the site, it’s exactly the same as the first information.
With this, Pauline’s statement of 《wasted money》is accurate.

『Perhaps the source for that information was from only one person.
And they have spread it to all the guilds when they were on the move from Brandel to the west.
That’s why there is nothing more than that.
…Because it was only one information source.
How far can we trust…』(Maevis)

Maevis seemed a bit worried, but Pauline seemed to trust that information.

『But it’s the information that the guilds take money for it.
If it’s from an uncertain identity person, I will not believe it.
I wonder if there is a reason that the guilds judging it as a trustworthy information.
Besides, it was strangely casual content』(Pauline)

Certainly, it was as Pauline said, there might be something.

However, as Mile heard of it, something stuck in her head.

(It often appeared in Japanese news programs,
Who is the one who informed, and the information source?
If you hide who said it, It is not much different from《The Tobacco shop grandmother saying》…) (Mile)

However, the accuracy of the information wasn’t much of a problem.
Regardless of the intention of the empire, it’s an enemy that has invaded the Brandel Kingdom…without a declaration of war, and the Kingdom side can’t counter-attack well.
And because there was no declaration of war, the invaders are just 《Unidentified armed groups》 so they can be handled like burglars.
That’s right, just like some bandits.

Surely it is!
Even if the Kingdom crushes those invaders, there will be no problem.
Even if the invader side may be regular soldiers of the Empire or hired mercenaries.

『As you can see, we are not receiving the request through the Hunter Guild.
We have been asked for interpersonal battle by free request so we can not call ourselves《Hunter》, but 《Mercenary》
We don’t misrepresent that we aren’t hunters, but right now we are being asked for a battle action, that means 《We are carrying out our job as mercenaries》
so there is no problem.
Should anyone ask《Are you a hunter?》
We registered as hunters, but we would reply that 《we are currently acting as mercenaries now》』(Mile)

Three girls nodded with the explanation from Mile while walking.
They have already considered the strategy many times, this is the final confirmation before the actual battle.
So, they have no questions or objections.

『And leaving behind the fact that we are a hunter party.
I will now make our party into a mercenary group as a leader, and those who wish to join are asked to raise their hand』(Mile)


And there are three hands raised along with Mile’s hand.

『Thank you. I hereby declare the establishment of the mercenary group 《Red Blood is Justice》』(Mile)

And here it is, the 《Mercenary group, Red Blood is justice》again.
Mile seems to be taking a like to the name.

Actually, Rena didn’t believe they could do anything with only four girls.
However, if they do nothing, Mile will regret it for the rest of her life.
So Rena rushed Mile and forcibly dragging her to do what she wanted to do.

(I can’t just do nothing and let Mile suffer from regret for the rest of her life,
I alone am enough …) (Rena)

Maevis seriously intended to save Ascham territory.

(I believed that my dream will come true.
And with Mile’s help, I will be able to slay even God…) (Maevis)

No one knows what Pauline is thinking with her unchanging smiling face.

And Mile.

(It can’t be abandoned, even if my own peaceful happiness will be lost…) (Mile)

But, is that idea selected by Mile’ thought as Misato?
Isn’t it more like what someone with a sense of youthful justice, 《Adel von Ascham》will choose?
No, if you think about it, the girl, 《Kurihara Misato》, originally was a girl who could jump out in front of truck-kun to save an unknown loli.

There is no mystery.

(In case of emergency, I will declare myself as Adel.
And if needed, I will use the deadly weapon “Goddess phenomenon”, I must protect my people…
And, I won’t let anyone die, my friends!) (Mile)

The four girls didn’t care about the reason of this war…

Mile Vol 8-6
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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    If Adel/Mile was serious she could lay waste on the imperial army. But with the tone of this novel, it’s unlikely. Unless the author changed the tone.


  2. “(I believed that my dream will come true.
    And with Mile help, I will be able to slay even God…) (Meavis)”

    Oi oi oi.
    If you slay a god a certain kouhai goddess would get angry you know.

    I wonder if the wonder trio are already there waiting to ambush Mile.

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  3. suggestion:
    In other words,《If Misato was born and raised in this world, she would {}->{not} have grown that way》

    『What a strange look on your face, please {go more casually}->{be true to yourself}!』(Rena)

    the same as the first information.
    With this, Pauline said 《waste money》is {accuracy}->{accurate}.

    …{Becuase}->{Because} it was only one information source.
    How far can we trust…』(Maevis)

    (I believed that my dream will come true.
    And with Mile help, I will be able to slay even God…) ({Meavis}->{Maevis})

    No one knows what {Paulin}->{Pauline} is thinking with her unchanging smiling face


  4. Thanks for the chapter. I feel like your English fluency has leveled up recently, so congrats!

    I wonder whether the whole “Ascham Invasion” story is just some fake news put out by Marcella to bring in Adel/Mile for some reason or another? Marcella and her team have high-level Guild connections so putting out some false information might be possible for her.

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  5. thanks for the chapter

    if this is dejavu to what happen to kaoru and mitsuha before
    when our mc town was attacked by the great empire

    Mile-chan may use the supply route destroying plan and withdrawal to waitng for empire troops exhaustion
    then make her appearance like the goddess friend or princess shrine maiden later

    it may be easier if she just use her invisibility to sneak in their camp and disposed of their leaders

    very exciting to see what will happen with her average goddess ability

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    • Ahhh, never mind. It’s from Mile LN… I will get back to reading this eventually…. sigh, no time.


  6. Oh! It’s the return of Red Blood is Justice! Such cute members, yet such a fierce group name 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter.


  7. So this is a fine arc and all, but I kinda wish that we did have some more specific memories of Adel because most of what we have heard about was the two or three years she stayed bassicly locked away in a library after a semi hostile take over. We have now learned that the former staff took care of her properly before being dismissed, but the rest is somewhat blank, this is just my opinion, although it was over 200 chapters ago maybe this was not planned back then so this is fine as is.


  8. Maybe the end of this novel is Rena finding out her roots. She is from Misato’s world originally. And she must battle with Mile to see who can get back to their original world.


  9. “Thank you{, so} > {.} I hereby declare the establishment of {a} > {the} mercenary group 《{Red blood is justice} > {Red Blood is Justice}》』(Mile)”

    “Actually, Rena {thought that with only 4 girls, she didn’t believe that they could do something} > {didn’t believe they could do anything with only four girls / believed, with only four girls, they couldn’t accomplish anything}.” – With ‘didn’t believe,’ “thought” is left without connection in the first wording.

    “So Rena rushed Mile{,} > {and} forcibly dragged her to do what she wanted to do.” – run-on sentence. alternatively change {dragged} > {dragging}

    “(I believed that my dream will come true. And with {Mile} > {Mile’s} help, I will be able to slay even God…) (Maevis)

    “No, if you think about it, the girl, 《Kurihara Misato》{} > {,}originally was a girl”


    Beginning – Oh, Mile’s actions make a bit more sense now. Kind of a confused explanation, but still better.

    As soon as I saw ‘Ascham Viscountess’ in the title, it suddenly became quite hard to concentrate. . . I guess I don’t expect much from this arc.

    “I alone am enough …) (Rena)” – D’aww. Rena so crush. Something I probably should have expected from this novel.

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  10. same person, {that is}->{with} the same soul{,}→{ and} the same spiritual {body}->{essence}
    that the Misato {in the state of losing}→{had lost} all {}->{her} memories and thinking abilities {restarted in the state of zero}→{which restarted her development from nothing}
    no {particular problem}->{problems} occurred in the
    LN: weasel words, particular implies there were some problems but they don’t matter. In this case it seems like the author is trying to push something under the rug which she isn’t.
    they {have}->{had} the same soul, their {difference}->{differences} in thinking is because of the result of {}->{their} learning and growth and the {difference}->{differences} in {the input information}→{their experiences}.
    That 《{input information}→{difference in experiences}》{part}->{} was integrated
    but one {spirit}->{mind} with two {memories}→{histories}.
    LN: better wordplay
    know about me or my {mothers}->{}
    former employees {have}->{} treated me well until
    {And}->{} the Ascham territory {}->{also} was the land my
    {the}->{her} father {and daughter}->{} Rena {have}->{had} lived
    as for our {moving}->{traveling} route
    it’s just {minus}->{storing} their belongings {and}->{thus} becoming lightweight
    for a few weeks {of}->{between} both armies, {}->{while} a siege battle 
    Ascham still has the {}→{home turf} advantage {of their homeland}->{}
    Their {progressing}->{} speed {}→{of progress} isn’t comparable with {the}→{an earth} RTS game {on the earth}->{}
    《Red Oath》 {already}->{} arrived at the Brandel 
    second time {are}->{were} all wasted money
    Pauline {said}→{statement of} 《{waste}->{wasted} money》is accurate
    Mile seems {like}->{be} taking a like to {it}→{the name}
    front of {the}->{} truck-kun to save
    LN: we are personifying the truck here, truck became an name and the article is dropped.

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