Mile Chapter 236: Ascham Viscountess 5

Mile Vol 8-1
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Mile Chapter 236: Ascham Viscountess 5



『They seem to have moved…, right?』(Rena) Mile-Rena

『It’s as I expected』(Pauline) Mile-Pauline


Mile retorts to Rena and Pauline.


『You don’t say things such as 《Keikaku Doori》or 《It’s within the range of assumption》, 《The soldiers are like garbage》?』(Mile) Mile-Mile

『『『…………』』』(Rena’s Trio) Mile-RenaMile-PaulineMile-Maevis


Three girls stared at Mile with lethargic eyes.


(Well, I guessed she just tried to be hilarious on purpose …) (Maevis) Mile-Maevis


Maevis thought so.

Apparently, it seems that Maevis still doesn’t know well about the average creature named 《Mile》


『 The letter should be arriving now』(Pauline) Mile-Pauline


Pauline murmured.

Yes, Mile has contacted the soldiers of the Ascham armies and entrusted them to relay the letter to the commander.



【The Imperial Army has lost all supplies, including food and water.
Their supply troops have been sabotaged as well.
The Ascham soldiers are asked to make sure that supplies won’t be handed over to the Imperial Army and tried to prolong them from advancing】


Mile didn’t write down the name of the sender, but the soldier who delivered the letter will convey her appearance to the commander.
Yes, the appearance of a girl with silver hair…


『Well, we will be going soon!』(Rena) Mile-Rena

『『『Oh!!』』』(Mile’s Trio) Mile-MileMile-PaulineMile-Maevis






『……What did you say?』(Enemy Commander)

『Water is leaking little by little from all the water barrels, now all the barrels are almost empty …』(Enemy Staff)


The Commander shouted at his staff after hearing the report.


『What does it mean?』(Enemy Commander)

『The cask of the barrel is loose,
The wood part is also slightly scraped… so that the amount of leaking water won’t be noticed immediately…』(Enemy Staff)

『And you could only realize that after a half of a day travel!?』(Enemy Commander) (T.N: this is shout but I refrain from using CAP)


No matter how loud the commander yells at his staff, they won’t be able to help it.


『… Immediately repair the barrels and go get the water!』(Enemy Commander)


The commander ordered that his subordinates…


『Well, there aren’t craftsmen who can retighten the bowls, repair all the scraped wood parts.
And it’s not like amateurs about logistics like soldiers can repair it…』(Enemy Staff)

『Then, what should we do?』(Enemy Commander)

『…………』(Enemy Staff)


The staff members were unable to answer and kept silent.
It is useless to collect water with hand-held containers other than barrels, like hand tubs, wooden dishes etc.
Even if they draw water to such things, they will only get a very small amount of water and it will splash out while they carry it for half a day.
Besides, there are only a few containers in the first place.

Needless to say, the commander knew about it.


『… Give our order to collect barrels all at once.
If it’s just barrels, they can be acquired in the occupied land without going to the main town
Gather as much food as possible, whether the food is seeds or vegetables
Because it is a natural obligation for peasants to present everything for a new ruler.
Now, go!』(Enemy Commander)


Many barrels were already stolen, so there was a shortage of barrels.
But they can secure a large number of barrels from the locals.
If it’s just empty barrels, they could carry a lot of barrels at once.
The commander thought so and ordered his subordinates.

After his staff members left in a hurry, the commander swore.


『Damn, why did this happen, one thing after another…?』(Enemy Commander)


The staff members’ complexion was bad.
Their enemies without being noticed by anyone stole all the supplies, sabotaged the barrels etc.
They feel unrest, their vigilance is rather high…

Of course, for the first time, the supplies may have already been stolen because they didn’ keep their vigilance.
However, the second time proves that the enemies may freely go back and forth to their camps even under strict security.

If the enemies could free scrape the barrel at any time. They could also stab the staff members, the soldiers or even the captain, the commander when they sleep without being noticed by anyone.
No matter how overwhelming the Empire’s forces are. If the headquarter’s personnel are all killed at night…
… As they thought so, they couldn’t shake the feeling that there might be a traitor in their army, who was able to communicate with the enemy.


And there were other problems as well.


The relationship between each battalion right now is very bad.
No, rather, it was the worst.
The soldier may endure a poor environment, fight for life on the battlefield, and exercise ability beyond capability because he wants to protect his country, his family.
But more than that, strong desire to protect the fellows who fight alongside with him, don’t want to let him die, which makes the greatest force.
But right, they are all hungry, thirsty and they think of those from other battalions as traitors, cowards…

With this, their morale will not recover.


As soon as the commander decided a 《redistribution》 of the remaining supplies, the other battalions’ supplies got stolen as well.
Could it be that they didn’t want to redistribute the supplies so they hide the supplies while saying 《we were stolen》as well?

Yes, when they suspect other people have taken away the food and water that is the lifeline of them, they will not consider other soldiers as comrades any more.

It’s no more different than 《enemies》
And those who considered soldiers of other battalions as 《enemies》quickly expanded their target.
Other squadrons. Other platoons. Other squads.
And everyone except himself might aim for food and water that he should get.

If it’s trustworthy colleagues, they might willing to fight for the motherland and die together with such colleagues.

However, why should they have to starve and die for those who might be traitors?

With a useless death. Dog death.

When those traitors, who stole water and food, survived to go back home.

“It’s so stupid. Who cares if they die. I will be the one who returns alive…”

And when the soldiers think so, they will not fight seriously.

It is because they give priority to their own safety rather than defeating the enemy.

… Yes, that kind of person was called 《weak soldier》








A letter that Mile asked the soldier to deliver has reached Junou’s hand.
Junou, Ascham military commander read the letter without the name of the sender, was overflowing with tears.




Juneau shouted aloud when the surrounding soldiers didn’t understand anything.


『It is a divine!
Our Ascham soldiers are now under the command of the goddess!
We are the divine army.
We have become the heavenly soldiers now!
We are justice.
And the goddess’ protection is with us!!』(Junou)


Oooooh! (Soldiers)


Among the soldiers, a stormy cheer raised up.

Commander Junou isn’t a man who tell such an unbelievable lie for no whatever reason.

And the surprise attack troops of the Imperial Army have been captured a few days ago with the goddess’ help.

It’s the story which everyone from Ascham would easily believe in.

…The Admired lady Mebel has become a goddess to protect her people.
And there are three angels who follow the goddess.
They can win.
No, they have to win.
It cannot be forgiven that the army led by the goddess loses to evil.


『According to the goddess, she has been working on a strategy.
The Imperial Army has lost all supplies such as water, food, etc., due to the goddess’ punishment, and even their supply line was cut off.
We are asked to retreat while helping the local evacuate, interfering with the enemy advancing, waiting for the enemies to weaken day by day.
We only fight with a small number of enemy reconnaissance units.
The goddess takes care of the lives of the people, and you are also one of those people.
You are not permitted to die in vain.
Do you understand?』(Junou)



The soldiers’ shouting rose again.


『Well then, we are falling back while hunting Horn-rabbits and Orcs that may become the enemies’ food.
We are also collecting as many edible tree nuts and wild vegetables as possible!』(Junou)


The army started withdrawing from the hidden station.






『… That ‘s why I’d like to help you temporarily hide all the food and barrels in the goddess’ name.
I will return it afterward.
And if you stay like this, the Imperial Army will rob you of everything.
Do you really think that the Imperial Army who lost all supplies would think about the citizens of the enemy country and leave food, drinks, and seeds for next year and so on?
Everything will be stolen, and on the contrary, they might capture all of you as forced labor to carry the supplies to the battlefield.
And for those hungry beasts in man-skin, women will be required, young girls might be included as well…
For now, concealing all the goods and temporarily hide in the mountains.
Is there any damage that everyone in the village suffers?』(Mile?)



《Red blood is Justice》 has been going around all the villages near the main road leading the main town of Viscountess Ascham land
And just in case, the girls also asked the villager to relay the message to other small villages as well.
A message saying 《Villagers should hide in the mountain after hiding food and barrels》

Regarding the Ascham main town, it’s left to the army forces.
If they follow instructions from the letter, they should have taken the same action.
The army doesn’t have the item-box like Mile, but they should be able to deal with it.

And everyone in the 《Red Oath》, no, the 《Red Blood is Justice》had no doubt that the troops would follow the instructions.

This is because one sentence was added at the end of the letter by Pauline’s idea.


『Junou, protect Ascham』


It was a demon’s job…

Mile Vol 8-6
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  1. On this day came a divine proclamation and the Red Flat Loli Goddess is justice army was formed.

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    Mile’s scorched earth strategy is too environmental friendly.

    I guess we have Kaoru for that.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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    • The Tits Devil who deceives
      The Loli Goddess who protects
      The Princess Knight who aims to reach the speed of God.
      The redhead…

      Yes Red Blood is(flat) justice.

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      • Hum… I remember the demon on which Rena made a suicide explosive hug, and said demon that was apparently a bit perturbed afterward because of the hug (we saw his sister some chapters later and she said that Rena cursed him or something like that.)
        “The redhead who blazes your heart.” ?
        “Blow up”, “Soul” ?

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        • The demon who received her Burning Love?

          A peculiar lad that one is.
          If I was forced to I’d rather sell my soul to the tits devil rather than that redhead.

          That sister is a brocon and is just sulking that he can’t have his onii-chan and be spoiled by him too.

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    By the end of the invasion the entire territory will be worshipping the Goddess.


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    • They are just like Emo.
      Which is really common on the Internet.

      They also shouldn’t be big enough to hinder your reading.
      And I thought even Mobile Wifi can load it.

      For Mr.bear-san to be bothered by Mini / Chibi loli?

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      • My issue with them is that on android, with Simplified View enabled (reader mode), the images appear under the text one after the other. So if more than one of them react, you have a bunch of emotes one on top of another vertically instead of appearong right beside one another horizontally, increasing the length of the page, making us swipe down more and can make us lose track of where we were due to the extra added length.


    • Just block them with whatever adblocker you use.
      Something like “*.jpg?w=40&h=40” should work just fine.

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  5. suggestion:
    Three girls stared at Mile with the {lethargy}->{squint} eyes.

    handed over to the Imperial Army and tried to {prolong}->{interfering} them from advancing】

    『Well, there aren’t {}->{any} craftsmen who can retighten the bowls, repair all the scraped wood parts.

    『It is a {divine}->{divination/divine intervention/divine revelation} !
    Our Ascham soldiers are now under the command of the goddess!

    And for those hungry beasts in {man}->{human}-skin, women will be {required}->{taken}, young girls might be included as well…

    Is there {any damage that everyone in the village suffers}->{anyone who is injured or sick}?』(Mile?)


  6. Low moral and trust, vs people who way higher moral than normal, I’d blame the Lolicon, but he is being toyed with by the Viscountess so he passes for now.


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    • What you said is true with Modern Earth.

      But this world are more like from the Slave Age
      People still didn’t treat Logistics in a war well.
      Soldiers can’t carve arrow, there’s no siege engine.
      Build camp is too easy, anyone can do it.

      Mile Sabotaged the barrels on purpose, like putting several dozens of holes in each Barrel.
      Even Engineer might find it hard to repair such Barrel.
      How can you fix it then?


      • Repairing a barrel isn’t as easy as carving wooden arrow shafts. You need the right tools and materials. Just look at the wiki for coopers and you’ll see that it requires the right wood as well as the right tools. Most pre modern armies would bring craftsmen and engineers if they feel its needed, but why would they need it when they thought its going to be a pushover to invade the Ascham territory?

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        • Because they are going to capture a town and the local lord’s home, and in the medieval era most cities were fortified and even small lord would live in a castle, meaning that if they want capture the territory before the reinforment arrive they would have to assault two fortified position, and they need siege engine and ladder to do that. I mean if they don’t have wood worker and enginneer , they are just asking to be beaten.

          And also barrel building barrel need specialized tool, but repairing a barrel is different, leak are repaired by simply hammering wood in the leak, you just need a wood chisel and a hammer and some wood.

          IT is alos really unlikely that nobody noticed the barrel were leaking i mean the barrel were emptied in half a day ( i am assuming 5 hour) , so they were losing between 40 and 20 liter a hour, that’s a leak between 33 cl and 66 cl by minute , that’s quite noticable.


        • Translator Note.

          I already said.
          There’s no siege engine.
          This town is just a normal town, not a catsle town, it doesn’t even have stone wall, just some wooden wall to prevent animal. (Explain in next chapter)
          It’s just a Viscount land after all.

          And also as I said, Mile sabotaged with hundreds of very small holes (done by Nano machines) in each Barrel, how can you fix it?

          I challenged even Mordern Earth Technology woodworking to fix a Barrel with hundreds of mini holes.


        • that just give more material to critizice. Who would be idiot enough to not fortify a frontier town, i am am not expecting the whole town to be behing walls, but there should be at least a sizable part that would have a wall, and a moat. or at least a motte and bailey castle to control the country side

          Actually if t is and extremly small hole it is extremely simple to repair, to repair small leak in barrel, you make a bigger hole with a wood chisel then you hammer a piece of wood in whole you just made/


        • Hundreds of Holes.
          Hammer hundreds of piece of woods?
          I don’t think so, labor, material and I doublt the ablity to keep water.

          Try to fix a Wooden Roof (which is way more easier than Barrel) with hundreds of “shower spray hole” and see for yourself if you can prevent leaking.

          For poor people that used to live in countryside like me, I know full well how hard to preven water leak from an old roof.
          Not to mention my roof only have a few holes not hundreds of holes.

          So what if it’s a frontier town?
          Ascham family is just Viscount, where can they get money to make a wall?


        • Get your version straight with the fact, shower hole aren’t nanomilimeter hole, and they can’t be a lot of shower hole, or the leak would be more important that it is in the story. So they aren’t hundreds of hole to patch, and hole that are too small (like nanomilimeter hole are so small that they can patch themself, or can simply be patch by rubbing wax or resine. We are also talking temporary repair, they just have to patch the barrel enough so they can contain a bit of water, it’s not a big deal if they still leak few mililiter minute.

          I know how it is to patch a roof i have done it multiples times, and today we have impermeable coating to repair little leak, so you don’t have to remake your entire roof.

          Why wouldn’t they have that money did you see the size of that territory it is quite big ! And they have a standing army of 300 you need a quite a treasury to maintain that, for comparison in 1445 French king had a standing army of 12 600 men non combatant included, 300 combatant was 1/42 of the kingdom army, and there was way more than 42 fortified city in france, so someon with 300 soldier, would rule other a quite sizable city and multiple town and village


        • I said holes done by (Nano machine) not Nano-milimeter hole.
          It can be as big as a needle or as big as shower hole.

          They don’t even have food to eat, you think they have wax (all supplies have been stolen)?
          They only have their tents, carriage, horses, armor and sword on their body.

          The water doesn’t leak much, it still takes half a day. But they can’t go back to the river again after each half a day to collect water.

          Did Napoleon build 42 fortified city at once?
          Surely he built one fortified city at a time with 12600 men (in less than a year).

          In history of Vietnam that I learned, we also had dozens of thousands soldiers back then but only the capital city is stone wall fortified.
          300 soldiers back then is still rather cheap that a military noble can afford.


        • A hole made by nanomachine or a hole made by a nail aren’t really different, They can also follow the river to travel, which is a thing that was regulary done because people generally build near river and with that you don’t have to transport tons of unecessary weight that are barrel of water, Also why are they transporting they should actually be transporting wine, water don’t conserve in barrel if you needed provision for a travel you would take wine. Also people during medieval era used candle for interior lighting and torch using pitch for exterior lighting, and pitch can be crafted rather quickly, and was used in ship construction to make the hull impermeable

          Also since they are no mention to the arrow stock, and weapon being stolen we can assume only food was stolen

          But we are not in vietnam we are in an europeanish medieval era, And stone working was an european speciality. Every big city had stone fortification and they were fort build a everywhere at the frontier. Maybe napoleon fortified only one city, But Vauban a talented french architect have build and enhance hundreds of city and fort, during is life so fortifying on city in a life time was quite possible, a small stone castle can be build rather quickly in less than a year, In ten year the grand father of mile definitely had the time to build a decently sized stone castle, and a wall around the most important part of the city. Also the generally you quickly build a wood castle,then with time you enhance that to became a stone castle. It make no sense that Ascham territory don’t have a castle and better fortification. And in medieval europe the power was decentralized if you had 300 soldier they were really equiped, and you were rich enough to build a stone castle and multiple small fort.


        • They can never follow the River, they changed their route to the river to collect water once and return to the main road. (The River distance with the main town more than half a day travel)
          They can only follow the River to go to the mountains.

          Village and the main town both have WELLS OF WATER that have buried.

          I agreed with pitch is good for this case.
          (Actually I don’t even know about pitch, I only know about paint and it modern tech so I exclude it)
          but how can they collect pitch without proper tools, their goods have been stolen?

          Ascham doesn’t have stone fortified wall but they have wooden fortified wall, which is enough to prevent Animals and Monsters.

          I don’t know well but I think I remember we can travel between the countries in EU group without even cross checkpoint at the border.
          The border is just a notice board or something?


        • Youj just need a pot, water and an axe, and a fire, and they may still have a bit of pitch left from torch that weren’t stock with the rest of the supply.

          In the 21th century yes, you can travel between european country without crossing a checkpoint it is not set in the a era inspired of 21th century, in the 12th century every little noble lived in a fortified mansion call a castle, the poorer that bearely had 10 soldier would live in a tower castle( not the same thing than a castle tower, ) Generally a lord would have a castle that could host all of his army so if the territory is attacked it could retreat inside his castle and wait for reinforcement, if the enemy decided to pass the castle without taking it, they would just have to use cavalry to launch raid attack on the rear, Yes in a fantasy world where they are monster it would make sense that every city town and village to have a wooden wall( which are already a huge pain in the ass for any attacker) , But the point of stone castle and fortification is to stop invasion and gain time so your ally (like your king) can gather an army to counter attack, The ascham territory is at the border with the most power hungry country have a standing army of 300 it should have a stone castle that can host at least 300 soldier, it doesn’t even make sense that a noble live in a mansion, noble rarely lived in a castle, or they were the lowest class of noble,like knight, and even if noble don’t have that much power, any wise king would have built a fort in the ascham territory. the Brandel kingdom just have a bif town sitting near an empire with no protection and could easily be fortified to launch an invasion, any ruler that have common sense would have build a castle or a fort there

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        • Opps.

          It seems that I’m the one lacking knowledge about Europe here.

          I’m sorry, it was my fault.
          I used my standard and knowledge about Europe and I didn’t recognize the that plot-hole


        • That’s kind of the point of my comment to teach rudely people about medieval era, i would love to see an isekai that really inspire itself from medieval history and not just use common misconception about this era (my favorite being european sword are thiccer that katana) , But not having a castle for a lord living at the frontier is only half of a plothole, but it is still a bit ridiculous when you read in the chapter 240 that they will sacrifice a territory to build a defense line behind. they should have already built the defense line. The rest about barrel it is my vision of what should be able to do the imperial army based on the military strucuture implied by battalion. i am kind of hard on the imperial because i read a lot about roman legion and that were extremely organized and did incredible enginnering work like building ship for the second invasion of britain by cesar or build the hadrian wall.


        • Ascham territory had a lot larger standing army, until someone dismissed the majority of them to fill their pockets. Even with a few members of the royal army they are not even a 1/3 of what they used to be. So, they used to be around 1000 or about 1 battalion before. (5 on 1) vs (50 on 3) The Ascham territory definitely looks weaker now.
          As for repairing the barrels they should be able to do it. It would simply take time that a thirsty army doesn’t have.


      • That’s totally not true scorched earth and attacking enemy supply is a strategie as old as war itself and was well know and used notably during the hundred year’s war, the american revolution, the gallic wars ( i remember at least 4 different times where cesar legion were starved by the enemy one times by the gauls, two times by the celts, and one times by pompey so everybody was quite aware of the importance of supply).

        The difference between modern army and ancient army is that we need more logistic today than in ancient, an ancient army didn’t needed to have a constant flow of ammunition, fuel and gear to come to the frontline, they just needed to bring enoug food for the whole campaigning season, and the size of the army allow them to even forage enough food for the entire army, if there was a supply problem. Allowing them to stay deep in enemy territory.

        A century in the roman army count only 80 soldier, because for every 8 soldier you would have 2 non combatant helper. And that number stay true for medieval army, a lance wich was a french military subdivision counted 1 noncombatant for 6 soldier (4 archer 1 pikemen 1 horsemen,). But roman legion were also kind of unique as they rely only on their soldier for the logistic( giving the nickname of marius mule to roman legionnary) a sizable medival army would also have a large number of civilian following the army, and would at least bring blacksmith and carpenter.

        Also you can reapair a hole in a barrel quite easily, you just need to hammer wood in the leak you just need a hammer, a wood chisel, and small bit of wood

        It is alos really unlikely that nobody noticed the barrel were leaking i mean the barrel were emptied in half a day ( i am assuming 5 hour) , so they were losing between 40 and 20 liter a hour, that’s a leak between 33 cl and 66 cl by minute that’s not a drop to drop leak, that’s quite noticable.


  9. Thanks again for the chapter!
    Pauline in her natural habitat… Everywhere is her natural habitat!!!


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  12. “And {scrape} > {gather / scrape together} as much food as possible, whether seeds or vegetables Because it is a natural obligation for peasants to present everything for a new ruler.” – Scrape: to rub (a surface) with considerable pressure, as with an edged instrument or a hard object. – Also, obligation? That guy be shameless.

    “But they can secure a large number of barrels from the {local} > {locals}.” – Locals: the people. Locale: the area.

    “No matter {how much overwhelming troops the Empire have} > {how overwhelming the Empire’s forces are, / how overwhelming the troops the Empire has are,} if the headquarters’ personnel are all killed at night…” – The Empire ‘has’ and troops/forces ‘are’

    “interfering with the enemy advancing, waiting for the enemies {weakening days by days} > {to weaken day by day}.”

    “You are not {permissible} > {permitted} to die in vain.”

    “We are also collecting as many edible tree nuts and wild vegetables {as much} > {} as possible!” – ‘as many’ ~= ‘as much’ and refers to the same thing.


    Ah, so stealing the food in parts makes the enemies distrustful of eachother that little bit quicker, and once the sabotage of the barrels is discovered, thus proving hostile action, it’s too late for group cohesion to be salvaged.

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  13. stared at Mile with {the lethargy}->{lethargic} eyes
    Mile has contacted {with}->{} the soldiers
    they will only get a very {little}->{small} amount of water
    and it will {drop}->{splash} out while
    barrels, {we will be gathered at}→{they can be acquired in} the occupied
    {And}->{} gather as much food as possible, whether {}→{the food is} seeds or vegetables
    {And,}->{} After his staff members left in a hurry, the commander {said his curse words}→{swore}.
    they are all {in hunger, thirst}→{hungry, thirsty} and they think
    their morale will not {restore}->{recover}
    of the {remain}->{remaining} supplies
    soldiers as {comrade}->{comrades} anymore
    unbelievable lie for {whatever}->{no} reason

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