Mile Chapter 238: Ascham Viscountess 7

Mile Vol 8-6
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Mile Chapter 238: Ascham Viscountess 7


『Wh…wha… what should we do…?』(Rena)

『What should we do …?』(Mile)

『Calm… calm down, everyone…』(Maevis)

『It’s strange, isn’t it …?』(Pauline)


While Rena, Mile, and Maevis are struggling, Pauline was still rather calm.


『Certainly, we withdrew villagers and goods from the village on the enemy’s advancement route to the main town.
And we wrote that the final decisive battle was in the capital …
Even if you enter the main town, it’s still just a rural town after all.
This isn’t a castle town, the lord residence is just a big house, it’s not a castle or a fort, so our soldiers can’t have a defensive strategy…
From the situation at that time, I do not think the soldiers will ignore the letter from Mile, and until now, they have done everything according to the instructions …』(Pauline)

『『『…………』』』(Mile’s Trio)


It’s as Pauline says.
She confirmed the sentence of the letter Mile sent many times over and over.
So, there was no mistake.
Everybody kept looking at the Ascham’s main town direction, but they still didn’t see anything.

Even though they didn’t believe that the soldiers would abandon the main town and ran away.


『Oh, the Imperial Army has issued a reconnaissance unit!』(Maevis)


As Maevis said, the Imperial Army also seemed to have issued a reconnaissance force of around 30 people, wondering whether the area’s defenselessness was suspicious.
And after that reconnaissance unit entered the main town a little…


『『『『Gya!』』』』(Enemy Soldier)


Soldiers fell down one after another from flying objects such as arrows, throwing spears, stones and various other things from building windows and rooftops.
And men jumped out of the building, holding “arms” in their hands.


『『『『Eh……!?』』』』(Red Oath)


《Red Blood is Justice》girls are dumbfounded.

The men wasn’t equipped with only swords and spears but knives, hoe, pickaxe, and a variety of other weapons that weren’t suitable for soldiers to possess.


『Most of them are not soldiers, they are just local citizens and villagers who evacuated…』(Pauline)



It seems that Mile has understood something about Pauline’s words.


『It’s a town war…
Junou-san thought that 《The final battle is in the main town》 isn’t a battle to defend the main town, but the town itself is a battlefield…』(Mile)

『What, what’s with that!?』(Rena)


Mile explained to Rena who seems to be confused.


『If the battlefield is a flat ground with no obstacles, the one with a large number is overwhelmingly advantageous, even after their soldiers have been weakened…
So, Junou-san chose a place where the big number was difficult to take advantage.
So, he picked the main town as a battlefield, as it has many obstacles, the prospects are bad, narrow back alleys and so on which doesn’t allow many soldiers to fight together at once.
They are also familiar with the topography and building situation,
A place where all the citizens can participate in the battle…』(Mile)

『Battle with the citizen? How foolish!
A battle is the role of the soldier, what will you do if the enemy’s soldiers kill the people!
If the soldiers are defeated, the battle ends, even if the ruling countries and lords change, the people can still live on.
That would be a battle, a war!
But with this, noncombatants, girls and elderly people, sick people and injured people, everyone will get caught up in the fight and die!』(Maevis)


Maevis cries out loud, but even if she says so, there’s nothing they can do anymore.


『… A battle can be a total warfare.
The war isn’t necessarily done only by the government and the army.
The citizens also have money, labor, and other things.
They are required to contribute to war in various fields, of course, sometimes their own lives…』(Mile)


Although Mile said so, in this world, this concept was yet to be recognized.


『The medicine was too effective …』(Pauline)


『Because I used the misunderstanding about Mile-chan as her mother who became a goddess.
I have no choice but to do anything to win, whatever hands I use, I also thought of something like that …
I also propagated it to the citizens…』(Pauline)

『Then, it’s because of me…』(Mile)


As Mile heard Pauline’s words, she changed her complexion.


『No, it’s not.
The fault lies with me, who proposed Mile-chan to write so and I couldn’t foresee this to prohibit it
I was to blame for not having included this in the letter.


『I will take responsibility.
If I released a lot of hot magic into the center of the enemy, their army will become a big mess …』(Pauline)


That still isn’t good enough.
No matter how confused the enemies are, the citizens might not be able to return alive.




Mile cut down Pauline’s words without hesitation.


『 This place is Ascham territory,
my other name is Adel von Ascham,
this is my territory,
they are my people,
so that is my role!
And …』(Mile)


Mile had a mischievous smile on her face.


『If the goddess doesn’t appear in the place of the final battle,
Junou-san may be called a liar and it will be a pity…
Well, I’m going for a while!』(Mile)


Hi~yun (Mile’s high-speed move SFX)


And at the next moment, Mile’s appearance was no longer there.


『Mile-chan …』(Maevis)

『Mile … Okay, then, we follow too …』(Pauline)

『No, let’s prepare to run away!』(Rena)

『『Eh?』』(Pauline + Maevis)


As they heard Rena’s words, the two girls raised their surprised voice at the same time.
But Rena did not mind it, she continued with a vague tone.


『Even if we go, it will only get in the way of Mile.
And shouldn’t we consider what else we have to do next?
Anyway, immediately after Mile solved the situation, she would go back with《Ah! I have gone and done it now, let’s run!》』(Rena)

『……That’s right』(Pauline)

『Well, that’s correct … right?』(Maevis)


Maevis looks in a distant when she says that.


『Besides, apparently, nothing will go wrong with Mile’s ability…』(Rena)






『Grid Barrier Activated!』(Mile)


Mile cast a grid force barrier of about 1-meter radius around her entire body passed through the middle of the Imperial Army at a fairly slow speed.


『Uwa!』(Enemy Soldier)

『Uguul!』(Enemy Soldier)

『Uoooh!』(Enemy Soldier)


Then, one after another, the Imperial Army soldiers were blown off by the barrier.

And then Mile jumped out in between the Imperial Army and the main town.
Then she stopped there, and started using “that”

Yes, it is “that”


『 Henshin(~desu)! Mile’s Goddess’ Phenomenon!!
Ray refraction, Scattering!
Moisture condensation, cooling, and crystallization, Formation!
Gravity neutralization, formation maintenance…, coalesced! 《Final Fusion (EN)》!!』(Mile)


Wings made from sparkling ice crystals formed behind Mile.
And a shining ring formed over her head.


『Cavorite (Princess Principal’s Artificial Gravity C-ball)(Mile)


Blocking gravity, and lightly kicking the ground, Mile rises to the sky about 10 meters.
Then breathe out towards the upper side, stop the flying by applying a brake.


(Anyway, it’s a big mess!
Even thought I’m wearing a mask right, they might still be able to recognize me.
My identity might be busted.
When they knew that I’ve done such a thing, I can’t have a relaxed average life anymore…) (Mile)


Even she thought so,  but Mile’s heart was already burning.
Then Mile vibrated the air and let her voice reach every corner of the Imperial Army.


Foolish Mortals (Orokamonome)!』(Mile)


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    • Except that “Cavorite” is from “First Men on the Moon” by G. Wells. It’s named after the inventor. We can assume the cavorite in Princess Principal is named after the fictional material.

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        • >why you have to be so serious
          Serious? I’m talking about origins of fictional alloys, there is nothing serious about this. It’s just a light-hearted discussion.
          It’s just that I wanted to tell that somewhere, and answering to your post seemed to be the most fitting place.


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  4. suggestion:
    large number is overwhelmingly advantageous, even {}->{after} their soldiers have been weakened…

    the prospects are bad, narrow back alleys and so on which doesn’t allow many {}->{peoples/soldiers} to fight {}->{together} at once.

    『Besides, apparently, {there will be nothing wrong}->{nothing will go wrong} with Mile’s ability…』(Rena)


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    • group of girls with battle offensive capability. will give a hint of mercenaries or hunter. empire and Kingdom will began their investigation on mercenaries and hunter. this will not be good.


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