Mile Chapter 241: Ascham Viscountess 10

Mile Vol 8-6
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Mile Chapter 241: Ascham Viscountess 10



The Imperial Army desperately continued their march.
With the condition of the Imperial Army, it’s an unreasonable march.
However, if the Kingdom Army catches up, they will die.

But if they can escape far enough, they don’t have to fight or die.
With that in mind, they have to proceed even if they die.
They absolutely don’t plan to fight, they try everything to live and return.

And because the commander had permitted abandonment of unnecessary goods and equipment, the Imperial Army, which had already lost most of its supplies, was now light-footed. It can move faster than the Kingdom army with full equipment and supply.


The Imperial Army, who had lost most of the food and water many days ago.

The high ranked officers still had little food and water which was placed near the headquarter so they were still alright.
However, normal soldiers only had a small amount of water that the magicians create with magic and wild grass as food.
They are too tired, hungry and thirsty to continue.

Moreover, on the return trip, they can’t afford to go near the river.
Because the pursuing Kingdom troops would most likely go that way.
The Imperial Soldiers move legs almost unconsciously while wandering in hunger and thirst.

Only if they could escape the Ascham land and cross the border of the empire, there are villages that can buy food and there are also wells.
Or if they could meet the Imperial Border Garrison soldiers and asked them to share food…

And while the front unit walked, dreaming about something stupid.

They raised the face in surprised, looked forward, something was there.

… One tent, a long table placed in front of it and three girls sitting on simple chairs.
And there are barrels, wooden boxes placed between the girls and the tent.

On the tent where the entrance was closed and the inside could not be seen, a signboard was written.


【Traveling Canteen Saintess Shop】

Mile Vol 8-3

『『『『『『What’s thatttttt』』』』』』(Soldiers)

『…Do you have water?』(Soldier A)


A soldier stopped in front of a long desk asked so with a trembling voice, and a big tits girl with a gently feeling smiled, although she was still young, the soldier wonders whether she is adult or not.


『Yes, water, each cup is 5 silver coins,
each Ale cup is a small gold coin,
wine cup is 2 small gold coun』(Unknown Big tits girl)

『『『『『『It was too expensive, lower it down!!』』』』』』(Soldiers)


Yes, 5 silver coins are about 5000 yen in the Japanese currency. (T.N: 50 bucks)
One small gold coin is equivalent to 10,000 yen. (100 bucks)


『It’s too expensive!』(Soldier A)


A young soldier complained so, and the girl answered calmly.


『Balance between supply and demand.
It is the basis of business.
If it seems to be expensive, it’s only a matter of not having to buy.
We just sell it for customers who seem to be able to buy at this price.
Besides, what do you think about the young girls carrying water barrels and selling to the battlefield?
The danger of getting involved in the battle, the danger of being attacked by soldiers.
Do you think the water we brought over for days has the same value as the drinking water in town?』(Unknown Big tits girl)

『Uuu…』(Soldier A)


He can’t argue.


『Well, but it was…』(Soldier A)

『Give me 1 cup of water!』(Soldier B)


Another soldier interrupted the soldier who was trying to ask for a discount.


『 Your money would be useless if you die here anyway.
I will gladly buy the water that the girls carried for us with the life-threatening danger!
Five silver coins, the price of life is cheap!』(Soldier B)


Saying so, a soldier who puts five silver coins on a long table.


『Yes, thank you for your patronage!』(Pauline)


The big tits girl immediately hands the cup with the water from the barrel.


『Ume~e! Ume~e (gulp*)…』(Soldier B)


Soldier B drinks the cup of water down all at once. It is a splendid drink, not a single drop out.
Soldier B became cheered up after drinking the cup of water, murmur with kind of frustrating face.


『I would like to have another drink, but I will not drink all the limited water myself. I will give it to another comrade in my squad…』(Soldier B)


And then, Soldier B put another 5 silver coins on the long table, paying for another cup of water.


『It’s water!』(Soldier C)

『Oh, me too!』(Soldier D)

『Ale for me!』(Soldier E)

『You are an obstacle if you don’t buy it, get out of the way, soldier A!』(Soldier F)


Soldiers, who complained about the price, are pushed aside, and the soldiers who were willing to buy came in one after another.


『Yes Yes, since we have stock, not just this Barrel alone.
Please do not panic, do not press, please line up calmly.
Also if you push it too much, the desk will fall and all the water cup here will drop on the ground』(Pauline)


In fact, because ale has a diuretic effect, it’s rather prone to dehydration.
But Pauline doesn’t know such a thing so it can not be helped.
She never felt bad.

When Pauline was busy selling drinks, a soldier muttered as if he had noticed something.


『Traveling canteen… Saintess… shop…』(Soldier X)


And the soldier asked Pauline.


『Why, is there a 《shop》word in the name? Did you also sell something else?』(Soldier X)


The soldiers around heard it stopped moving and quieted.
And Pauline answered smartly.


『Of course, we are』(Pauline)


『What do you sell?』(Soldier X)

The soldier asked with a trembling voice.


Zosui (rice soup), hard bread, dried meat,
Hot Soup with wild ingredients and kudzu vegetables, etc
Everything is a small gold coin.』(Pauline)

『『『『『『It’s too expensive, Lower it down!!』』』』』』(Soldiers)


And… both drinks and food have been sold like hotcakes.

Because the front stopped, the soldiers in the back became impatient,
A noncommissioned officer (NCO) ran ahead from behind,
Knowing the reason, he started to partition immediately.


『Keep going!
Bought quickly and proceed forward.
Made way to those from behind!
Besides, the Kingdom Army is approaching, if you already bought it, advance ahead!』(NCO)


Thanks to the noncommissioned officer (NCO), the selling went pretty smoothly.
For those who wish, the girls also have a service to put water in bottles instead of drinking on the spot.

To make it easier to use.
After receiving the rice soup and vegetable soup, the soldiers are eating while going around the tent in a large circle, return the container, and go forward.
It is a method to not block the front of the store.
Truly an NCO, wisdom of age.

Of course, that NCO also bought his own portion and moving on that circle as well.


『Thank you,
Because of you girls, many soldiers will live and can return home. I appreciate it.
It seems that your stock is running out. So I guess you sale stops here.
Before the Kingdom army found you, You’d better get away earlier』(NCO)


When the NCO told Pauline so. Pauline turned backward, the barrels and wooden boxes that there were almost empty.


『If you please』(Pauline)

『『roger that!』』(Rena + Pauline)


When replying to Paulin, Rena and Maevis went into the tent, brought out another barrel and wooden box.




Then Rena and Maevis go back and forth between the tent and the shop repeatedly, bringing out new barrels and wooden boxes and bringing the empty one back to the tent.


『Okay, there is still plenty of water and food.
As long as there are those who suffer from hunger and thirst, whether it is the battlefield or the bottom of hell, if there is a call, we will soon come and go!
As for we are…』(Pauline)


Rena and Maevis ran to the left and right of Pauline and posed.


『『『Traveling Canteen Saintess Shop!!』』』(Pauline + Rena + Maevis)


This time, there is neither color smoke nor explosion sound.

And from the inside of that small tent entrance, Mile was staring at the other three while chewing on a handkerchief.
Even though she wore a mask at that time, however, she was witnessed by many people. She couldn’t show her faces before the soldiers now.
And she devoted to serving replenishment items from the item box inside the tent.
Apparently, Mile also wanted to join the posing herself.




And besides Pauline, the NCO was still stunned while standing.

Mile Vol 8-3
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    • I wonder why soldier didn’t try to rob food and water from Pauline.

      After all, there are just 3 young girls, and soldier has 5000 men.

      Don’t forget before they retreat, they try to rob food and water from village/town.

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      • Ethics and morals? Or rather societal pressure. The army is huge… if one of them tried to do it, many other people in the army would judge them for it. Even if everybody in the army is desperate enough to steal from them, each individual doesn’t know what the other members would think. Its like how you would never commit a crime in a public area when everybody is watching you.


        • there are no ethics and morals in wars.

          After all, they invade without declaring war.

          AND just like I said before, they already tried to rob food and water when their supply is gone. That’s why Mile visit all vilage around them to evacuate villager and hiding their food.


        • they just too tired from run away and it is more easy to buy than robbery. (that’s my conclussion after long discussion) “soldier B” don’t have energy to do robbery, and others just follow soldier B buy the supply.

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        • If they are too tired to to rob they are too tired to run away t andhey would have already been captured by the kingdom,


      • The sergeant was behind them.
        One thing you need to know is when you let an army rape, murder and loot randomly, you’ll get no army left at all because everyone is going in different directions doing their own thing.
        While ‘looting and pillaging’ armies are common in grimdark stories, they are less common in real life, not because of lack of desire but because the upper ranks in a military know that if you let them do it, you won’t get your army reorganized in less than a day.

        Rape and robbery is very corrosive to military discipline, you’re only allowed to do so if very specifically ordered in the past and in the present day, you’re supposed to reject it as an ‘illegal order’.

        Just because it is a war does not mean everything is a smart choice.
        Though if this was not a comedy, the food and water would have been ‘requisitioned’ or confiscated.

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        • Looting was common it just wasn’t as violent as we thought, genrally looting would involve the soldier going near a peasant and say give me that , that and that, and then go on his way without burning and killing everyone. Notably during the european medieval era where looting was part of the normal way to supply an army. Not only that they could have just take the suplly and decided on the price themselves that’s kind of a sort o looting, but the looted are only robbed of the massive profit or of a small amount of money.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Guess the term ‘pillage’ might be a better term for the extreme case instead of ‘loot’. The mild form you described can also be loosely called ‘forage’.


        • Well english is not my first language so yes i mix up the word, but still the reality is a bit of the two generally, most of the looting would be done the most pacifically possible (like most bandit do) but multiple time through history where town village and city were pillaged and burned to the ground. IT was done ever as a revenge or warning, (that why most assieged town castle or city were pillaged if conquered, it was to encourage futur target to surrender when the army arrive, if the town had surrendered they would have been no damage at all)


      • >>I wonder why soldier didn’t try to rob food and water
        While highly unrealistic in real-life logic, this is a WN/LN story with lighthearted non-lethal fighting and lighthearted non-lethal wars where it is bad to kill the enemy soldiers. So the Red Oath girls hit the enemy with the flat of the sword blade and allows that to completely disable the soldiers. The author has forced the logic of this story down this path for the types of fans that enjoy this kind of story. So of course the thirsty and hungry maurading looting soldiers will not simply take the food and water, loot, or rape the girls, but instead purchase at high cost the water and food.


  1. suggestion:
    which was originally losing most of their supplies were now {liberal}->{light-footed}. They can move faster than the Kingdom

    【Traveling Canteen Saintess {Store}->{shop}】

    Soldier B became {cheering}->{cheered} up after drinking the cup of water, murmur with kind of frustrating face.

    『{Movement}->{Travelling} canteen… Saintess… shop…』(Soldier X)

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  2. I know i am nitpicking, But why the soldier didn’t try to rob the canteen ? They are starving to death, and stealing supply from civilian was common even when the army was supplied.

    Still nitpicking,, but genrally in this situation the kingdom cavalry would harass the imperial army, and inflict casualties, I mean it’s a fantasy country based on european medieval era. So the brandel kingdom should easily have at least something like 1000 heavy horsemen, That’s actually what knight are heavy horsemen. So where are they ? Whera re the knight ?

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    • It’s a lighthearted story. Don’t think too much about it! Realistically, a medieval army with such low morale after losing a battle and had lost their supplies, would not only attempt to rob the girls, some at least would try to rape them too.


      • just try and you will see hell envoy (Pauline’s trio) and goddess of death(Mile) again. beside they can throw away all of the water if the soldiers try to do wrongdoing.


        • beside they are all being pursuit, so they don’t have time to wreak havoc, better line up for fast food and water replenishment. after finish food and water quickly run away again that is already being said by NCO.


        • but it will hinder their escape if they put soldier to distribute the water and food by themselves, and the girls can throw away their waters like i say if they are being rob.


        • It is sure that against red oath the soldier would not just get away with the stealing, but it make sense for them to try, they don’t know that they are facing extraordianry girl.

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    • Then go to the authors house and demand a re-write.

      Seriously, if you’re here from the start you’ll know not everything is done with common-sense.


      • I am here from the start, but that don’t, but normally it is red oth that don’t apply to common sense not the other normal people. The story already have bloodthirsty bandit in large quantity, a small theft by starved people would not be surprising

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    • last about kingdom didn’t pursue empire.
      1. they have huge army so the chain of command have large gap of time
      2. empire already have huge distance when they retreat include they light footed after throw away things that will hinder their retreat.
      3. fast action from kingdom have disadvantage, they only know total manpower of empire who invade their land. but they don’t know if there are others empire army that comes later as reinforcement and may ambush them. so if they split army of horseman to pursue, they have change being ambush and they will not risk it.
      4. even if they already reach empire army but if they pass the border, empire can lie and say the kingdom has invade them, because they have not been war, empire have no war announcement from start.


      • The two army were able to see each other, so the imperial army was definitely in the “range” of the cavalr”. If the Brandel army advance like that on the city that means they have already scouted and know where the enemy is, they had no way to know that the city wasn’t already taken, advancing on the city without being battle ready would have been suicide. So the order wouldn’t take so long and horse are definitely able to catch up with the imperial army. And dispatch the imperial army the first day they meet it.

        And that’s the point of using cavalry for fast action, they can always disengage if they meet another army,The imperial army is also not expecting any resistance so if the cavalry forces meet another empire army there is a huge chance that It is the empire army that will be ambushed. The only real threat for the cavalry is another cavalry forces, but after facing a cavalry force where they didn’t expected it the’re more chance that the empire would no pursue the cavalry. and if the kingdom pursue there is a high chance it is not fully armored and could disengage any heavy cavalry force.

        The empire can lie i don’t think any kingdom will pay attention to the power hungry country rant, and there invasion is already repelled, so they will not counter attack.

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    • Its not based on european middle ages, it just looks like european middle ages. Very few japanese novels are based on historical european medieval history, they’re based on fantasy medieval ages cuz you want swords, magic, and nobles in the background, that’s it. Just by having an adventurer guild and monsters, you already change the world’s common sense from any actual earth history. Besides, you don’t use heavy horsemen for harassment, you use light cavalry.


      • Yeah but can you explain how magic make starved people more honest than in the real world ? No because you can have magic and other fantasy things but you still make logical character in your story.

        Take out the armor of the horse, and use the underneath armor of a knight and you have light cavalry, and the two army were able to see each other, the brandel kingdom definitely had the occasion to lauch a cavalry charge, with heavy cavalry, and nothing forbid them to make their cavalry lighter the next day to continue harassment.


        • and the light cavalry will face risk from being ambush by empire reinforcement because there are no information?

          no, thank you.


        • Medieval knight would go on “chevauchée”, they would only take cavalry and charge into enemy territory to loot everything. If that was considered a valid strategy i think that pursuing an enemy army is not that much of a risk, and pursuing the army with cavalry, doesn’t mean that they don’t send scout to see what’s up ahead. The cavalry force can regulary send scout to see if they are reinforcement ahead, and then retreat back to town if they have the report of an army.


        • then you already lost time by sending scout. scout have more risk being send behind enemy line. so no scout to confirm for empire reinforcement.


        • And it is cavalry they are quicker than men on foot and can travel while eating and drinking. You don’t pursue an enemy army by constantly galloping, scout can gallop miles ahead come back quickly and change horse and go again, while the cavalry force advance at trot. And we are in medieval era they are no frontline, at night you can send an entire amy behind the enemy line and make it come back, without being seen, that actually happened in history. So one horse men can definitely come back even if it is behind enemy line. And also it is a medival army to travel they only follow roads and river, if they don’t the suplly can’t follow them, the scout just have to follow the few path the enemy can take and they will never get behind enemy line


        • read:
          Moreover, on the return trip, they can’t afford to go near the river.
          Because the pursuing Kingdom troops

          (they do not follow road or river because of pursuing Kingdom troops)


        • there are pursuers only being mention a little in this story. and it is on empire’s commander assumption also.


        • Yeah because it make sense to crush a fleeing army with no supply, his assumption should be right because it is the best course of action for the kingdom army.


        • But we are talking about scouting, not the path taken by the cavalry. It’s easy to detect any reinforcement from the empire because they will take determined path, But it is common that scout will also see where is the retreating and see if they prepare an ambush, and i said 1000 knight but it is a low end estimation In the 14th century in a french army of 20 000 you would normally have around 3500 dedicated horsemen, and the rest of the army would fight as infantry or archer during the battle but would be mounted for travelling meaning that they can pursue the army with easily 5000 men without leaving the town unprotected, and even if the retreating army achieve to ambush them, they are starved and low on equipment they would most likely be slaughtered. Also it is really unlikely they try to ambush them, they are trying to flee and have nothing to protect ahead, and are in enemy territory, and know they are an enemy on their tail that is sending scout to see where they are so any tentative to ambush would most likely failed, and they aren’t outnumbering their enemy. they could choose a advantageous battlefield for a last stand, but they are so weak that it would most likely to end in their defavor


        • who need for last stand when being pursue?
          and how long it will take for scout to find the fleeting army and determine empire’s total army (including reinforcement) as updated information in one go? don’t say it can be done in minutes, you can’t determine the distance the scout go and back to report.


        • 5000 Different print are quite visible on the ground. so following the trail of the fleeing army is quite easy, they don’t even have to wait for the first scouting report to walk toward the enemy and scout don’t even have to see the enemy army, they just have to follow the trail and give the reprort ot the furture path they have to take.. There is also little chance that if any reinforcement are send to the fleeing army they will actually go toward the fleeing army, the news of the defeat will take at least one day, if not two or three to be reported to the reinforcement, and only if the fleeing imperial army actually have horse capable of running that distance.

          And i actually can know which distance the scout roam in one day, in an endurance course a horse have to make 160km in one day, that’s the distance a scout can travle in one day, that means they can scout 40km ahead two times a day, or 20 km ahead four times a day, and 10 km ahead 8 times a day.

          The distance maximum seeing distances is 5km so when the imperial army begin to flee the two army are 5 km apart in the most optimist case for the imperial army. In one hour an army at forced march speed can go at 5km/h (and i am quite gentle to consider than the imperial army can make a forced march with no supply left) so, a horse go at 7 km/ h when it walk, and arounf 15 km/h when it trot, and 30km when it gallop, so the first day while it will literally take les than an hour for the kingdom cavalry at trot to reach the imperial army and lead several charge before retreating.

          Now i will assume the kingdom reach the city and give the empire army one day worth of advance before launching the cavalry forces that have only three day worth of supply( which is also quite nice for the empire because that means i am considering the battle was fought during the morning and that kingdom army take an entire day and a night before launching the cavalry forces, instead of something like 4hour). At this point the imperial army is 40 kilometer far from the town and continue to make a forced march at 5km/h, If the kingdom make a froced with their cavalry they would go at the speed of 10km/h and reach the empire army in only one day, they charge multiple times the entire imperial army during roughly half a day, and then come back to the town without being short on supplies, with the most optimist scenario for the empire they still encounter two times the kingdom cavalry, that will charge them around one day worth of combat, in a more realist scenario it is even more.


        • “Yeah but can you explain how magic make starved people more honest than in the real world ? No because you can have magic and other fantasy things but you still make logical character in your story.”

          Logical? Who says humans have to be logical? Have you looked at real life? Do you think humans make logical decisions everyday? The Darwin Awards says differently. You can put two different people in the same situation and they can make totally different decisions.


        • It’s like pirate being bloodthirsty. or people being married at eleven during medieval age, you are taking the rare exception to justify something that would not appeared as much in reality. Huma ntend to be logocal more than being illogical, also from one point of you something can be logical when from an other point of view it is not


    • “why the soldier didn’t try to rob the canteen ?”
      they fear the goddess wrath, they are the bad guys in the view of the goddess you think they still dare to rob the girls?


    • They just met a goddess. You think they have the guts to do something that reckless?

      Even if they have 1000 knight, that doesn’t mean they should spend it recklessly. In the first place, warfare harrasment doesn’t work if the enemy is constantly moving. The knight have to pickup the pace leaving their supply behind. To catch up, it might take a day or two. And how long do you think the knight can survive without supplies? Also, depriving oneself in warfield is as good as suicide.


      • IT would only take one day in the most optimist scenatio nfor the empire, and with the cavalry being able to take at least 3 day of supplies they could battle the weak imperial army, like an entire day, before having to retreat.


  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    It becomes very obvious that this is a lighthearted story when a losing medieval army with low morale pass by three girls selling supplies with no obvious protection not only happily buy said supplies, but none of them even tries to molest the girls.

    Liked by 3 people

    • i am talking about stealing supplies not molesting. you don’t have to molest and burned everything to the ground to take supplies from civilian.

      Yes it is a light hearted story, but sometimes you have to be a bit realist to not break the suspension of disbelief.


        • Well In this fantasy world you have bandit that systematically kill and rape ans sell to slavery every girl they meet which is an extreme exageration of historical banditry, i mean killing and raping will always get you the attention from authority, just robbing people is way safer.

          And then you have soldier that act like gentlement and are ready to pay there food even when they are starving.

          The story already get away with worse than a robbery done by starved people, soldier trying to steal supply wouldn’t have darkened the mood at all


        • If you are enjoying the military strategy in this novel, you are enjoying the wrong thing.


        • They are not BANDITS, they are SOLDIERS. Soldiers operate in a system, they do as they are commanded. Officer commands them to pillage the village, they will pillage the village. The officer here doesn’t command them to steal from the girls so they don’t. And from the way the officer is talking to Pauline, he thinks the girls are merchants from the empire.


        • Except everytimes that soldier pillaged without order which happened regulary throughout history and more during medival era, and even if they are merchant from the empire they can take the good and pay the amount they want (that was also common).


        • Again, please leave “history” out of this. This is not Earth. This is not “medieval era”. This is an entirely different world.


        • An entire different world with human that use logic. i am open to new logic in fantasy world, but they need to be logical, it’s not like this world is always lightheated they are murder rape etc, it don’t make sense that people that are starving to death don’t steal, that’s a thing that i consider barely badd compared to executing people that have clearly surrendered, or other thing that bandit do in this world..


        • Except modern era command structure, war ethics and code of honor is also applied in this novel. Modern era Japanese values and culture is also mixed in as well. I thought you were here from the start, you should have already noticed that since the beginning…

          Just because the novel’s setting is modeled after our medieval era, it doesn’t mean it have to confine itself to it. Then there’s also the ancient technology from an ancient civilization, and the story of that civilization’s destruction, this novel is really set in a “rebirth” from post-apocalyptic era. In the first place it’s a different world and there’s also the existence of magic and other intelligent races. They have alot of things that’s different to our earth so the behavior and values of the people in this novel will surely deviate from our history because things that doesn’t exist in our earth exist in theirs.

          Is this the real life? No, it’s just fantasy.

          I guess Flexbot is… stretching it. (BA DUM TSS!)


        • Except that mordern army era do that kind of thing. And which modern japan value have that world, because i don’t remeber any.


        • Not everytime soldier met a Goddess and then would try do bad things after they’ve been punished by doing bad things.


        • That’s the explanation i would have used personnaly but it is not explained enough in the story


        • it is an honor of soldier, they are not robber “individually” if they are not being commanded by their higher up, remember it is start from one soldier. and the commander or leaders have not issue any command.

          think as one of soldier who have pride protecting his country.

          and remember sometimes one person started other persons will do the same.


        • They were ready to steal each other food after the supplies where stolen, but they wouldn’t steal four girls because of honor ? That’s doesn’t make sense with the behavior of the imperial army in the story. Also soldier robbing people during times of war without any order was common through history, and not only when the soldier where near to die of starvation

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        • and then they who stole got martial court law. because dishonor the empire and do pillage without leaders issue command.


        • we are not in a modern settings, nobody will care that they have stolen supply, and even if they try to punish soldier for that it will be a minority like in WW2. And the entire campaign is already dishonorable the empire didn’t have any claim over the Ascham territory, and didn’t declared war. And the soldier are mostly expecting to be punished because they fail the invasion.

          War and honor in war is just a poet thing.

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        • the one who expect to be punish is not the soldiers but the leaders and commander.


        • “War and honor in war is just a poet thing.”

          You’re still confusing earth history with this fictional world. Over in the fictional empire, the higher ups may not care but the soldiers do care about their honor somewhat. Remember the time those empire soldiers faked being bandits? They did it under orders but they really hated to do that.

          And don’t generalize earth’s historical armies. Each one may have their own views about what’s honorable and what they do under certain conditions will vary from time period to time period, as well as locale.


        • But you are starving to death, you are starving to death, that’s all, you need to be an incredible good men to resit to steal food when you are suffering that much. And i am not saying that they should have try to rob them and rape them or something like that, but that they should have at least try to take supply and give a compensation the soldier would have deem reasonnable, not only that i have personnally two or three idea to explain why they accept such prize, like for example red oath convince them that those price are that hight so they can reddeem theirself in the eye of the goddess


        • A barrel of water full weight between 75 kg up to 300 kg depending from the size, In their mind should definitely believe they can subdue them before they do so.


        • yes if already discuss in group, but not at this story where it start from individual soldier.


        • Even from just an individual soldier, in there mind they are facing three normal female villager. And in that situation people can quickly agree to such action, and also it don’t make sense that the order don’t give the order to do so they are starving, they can’t hesitate.


        • no, you are just forcing one individual “soldier A” tired and no energy to try robbery act. where the sense of that?


        • buy or robbery which is easy with your tired from retreating , thirsty and hungry body?


        • Dude they are an hundred against four, it’s easier to rob, and if you want me to bring an historical reference i actually can. During the siege if avaricum during the gaulic wars, the roman ended up with no supply left, not even fodder for the animal, but they still suceeded at taking the city after that during an assault. If starved roman can take a fort, i think a hundred soldier would think they can take four girl.


        • “why don’t you try to rob them?”
          soldier A: “I am too tired to rob them and run from pursuit”


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