Sei Manga Chapter 6-1

Sei Cover vol 2
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Sei Manga Chapter 6-1

Page 1Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 01

Page 2Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 02

Page 3Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 03

Page 4Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 04

Page 5Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 05

Page 6Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 06

Page 7Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 07

Page 8Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 08

Page 9Sei Manga Chapter 6-1 Page 09



Sei 2
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  1. thank you so muchhh for thiss!!! is this manga still ongoing or you only recently have time to scanlate it again? because i really like this manga and cant wait for future updates ♡♡♡

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    • I translate it with my free time after translating a daily Novel chapter
      I will release 4 parts of chapter 6 in total.
      1 part takes about 3 days so you can count 9 days to read 4 parts of chapter 6

      Chapter 7 only has 2 parts released so I will wait until get 2 other parts and translate at the same time.

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  2. I just had all my teeth pulled because I read the raws for chapter 7.1-7.4 and chapter 8.1 and I had really bad cavities from how sweet those chapters were .


  3. The new hairstyle sucks. Looks like a hairstyle my grandma would wear. There is a reason why the most beautiful women in manga always have long or even long straight hair!


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