Arge Chapter 146: The truth is always

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Arge Chapter 146: The truth is always



『 What… does this mean …!?』(Arge)


Even though I said that, I understood it well.
Because it was what I knew from the beginning.
The Demon Continent is a dangerous place, a place where conflict may easy occur
I knew about it before I came here and saw it with my own eyes when I was at Mitsuki-san’s place.
That’s why I should have expected the flames, screams, and resentment in front of me.

Because, above all, the fact that Richelle-san was kidnapped from this territory in the past already proved it.
I was just looking away from the reality.
I was blind with the coziness, and it came while we were grueling.
It’s just that.





As I ran to this place, I saw a familiar face in the past few days.
It was Roro-san, the maid at Richelle-san’s mansion.


『Pain Pain fly away』(Arge)

Arge 3-1

Seeing how Roro-san seems to be hurt from her face, I activate recovery magic.
The wave of recovery is flowing like the wind and heal her body in a blink of an eye.
I didn’t know how she was hurt, by magical or something to do with this fire,
so I decided to heal her without fault, my recovery magic can heal anything.
Even though I already cured her, Roro-san has fainted on my arms, she must be mentally tired.
She was breathing like sleeping on my arms.


『…It is most correct to think that this is a raid』(Arge)

Arge 10-1

If I listen carefully, I can hear a crying sound, mixed with the sounds burning the forest and the sounds of collapsing houses.
The irregular high-pitched wave is clearly the sound that someone crosses the blades.
The crushing sound from trees being destroyed,
and the sound of the wind is from flying arrows are cutting through the sky.

Obviously, there are many battles in this place.
And I have not heard of the story that the territory of Dark Elves has declared war anywhere.
In the first place, Richelle-san seems to be moderate among the lords of this Demon Continent
There’s no way she declared war against anyone.
This is a raid. It is also a kind of assault.


『Are you alright, Arge!!』(Neguseou)

『Neguseou, take Roro-san to a safe place』(Arge)


I have been calling Neguseou with telepathy from our blood contract, and he has arrived.
And now, I tried to put Roro-san on his back.
Neguseou seemed to understand my intention instantly and responds by bending his body.


『Evacuate the injured person as a top priority.
Neguseou, do you understand the situation?』(Arge)


『I do not know. Well… but, they 《fell from the sky》as they came. Be careful, Arge!』(Neguseou)


I don’t know if that information will be useful or anything.

And Neguseou carried Roro-san out without a big deal.
His legs are quick.
He is qualified to move those who need evacuation to a safe place.


『Arge, we are …』(Kuzuha)

『… let’s stop this madness』(Arge)

Arge 11-1

Even I surprised at myself, that I casually said such words.
I don’t think that it’s troublesome at all, and I don’t feel sleepy either.
I don’t have enough time to think and understand the meaning of the word Neguseou said,
but nothing will not start unless we move anyway, or this madness won’t end.


『I got it! I will hand it! Beast Division 《Hypericum Patulum》』(Kuzuha)

(T.N: Kuzuha used a flower name for her skill)


It seems like Kuzuha-chan also couldn’t overlook this or so I thought.

Just like she expected my reply from the beginning, she immediately created 3 Alter Ego.
The Alter Ego appeared with her Division skill has the same ability as Kuzuha-chan, and the same thought.
There was no need to issue instructions, the group of foxes came running in four directions.

While watching the fox ear and tail girls in red and white clothes ran away, I spoke soliloquy.


『This smell … It is not a magical flame …』(Arge)

Arge 7-2

I can be certain about this.
This fire wasn’t caused by magic.
I don’t feel the waves of magical power and there’s a smell of anything else.
This is a smell that I know.
And it’s a stinky smell here.
No, there may be…

But, in this magical world, is there a human being who could think of such a thing?
There may be. No, but…

I have a bad feeling about the incompatibility and a sense of crisis.
I feel uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling in situations that I don’t understand yet.

And a shadow fell over my head.


『Wha …!!?』(Arge)

Arge 13-1

Because I have the super agility skill that I was able to react.
This skill affects everything about speed, including even the reflexes. And I take a quick move as I got a sense of crisis.
I saw a huge iron gob dumped in the place where I was standing.
And now I can feel the shock from that thing.


『I missed!』(???)

『It cannot be helped, I don’t want to have more trouble』(???)

『uu … Oh the Wind!』(Arge)

Arge 9-1

At that moment, I realized there were for two people talking.
They started attacking.
And then I point my hand in the direction I heard the voice, speak the magic word.
The magic that helped me quite often.
And then a strong wind occurred from the air, it blew away the flying arrow.


『You must be kidding,
She can also react to it…!?』(???)

『However, this is the end…!』(???)

『…!! Ei!!』(???)


From the third person’s voice, he didn’t seem to be surprised.

I called force to the Japanese sword from the blood box, 《Suiren》
The sword that I used to fight Elsee, and used it to block the weapon that man swung down.


*Gin* (SFX)


There’s a strong shock, and each weapon is repent back.




Even though my arm is numb due to shock, my body is dirty with dust, I was still standing firm.

And three men posed with their weapons on the background of the burning territory.
The first man who struck me with the giant metal arm.
The second man is slender four-eyes, holding a bow has already attached the next arrow.
The third man is a little small compared with the two, he looks at the sword in his hand and talks.


『Children with power, aren’t you?
You are not a dark elf.
And those Scarlet Eyes … are you a vampire?
Why there is a vampire in the dark elf territory?
It’s still the daytime』(3rd man)

『… The same goes for you,
Although you are human beings,
What are you doing to in the dark elf territory?』(Arge)

Arge Emo 26

『 Don’t you already know』(3rd Man)


*Kuku*He laughed as if he found it amused and holding down his blade.
As if responding to him, the other two also begin to ready their weapons.

And they attacked for the second time.

At the moment I thought so, the 3rd man kicked the ground and flying at me.


『In order to hunt, of course…!』(3rd Man)


He released countless slashing leaving behind the sound that splits the wind.
He was obviously aiming at my arms and legs.

In other words, although it’s not a vital point, those attacks can disable me.
While parrying countless numbers of slashing, I chose to retreat.

And from the back of the person holding the sword, arrows fly one after another.



Arge 7-2

『You won’t get away, we haven’t done yet, enjoy it slowly …!』(2nd Man)


When I tried to block the flying arrows and tried to take some distance, the 1st Man swung his weapon at me.

…Hm… It’s hard!

Well, I should expect this when fighting many at once.

However, I remembered this kind of fight before.
Even though these men’s ability is higher and their cooperation is better. It can be said as the Trinity.
The attacks that drive their opponent by combining the difference between each weapon. It’s kinda familiar to me.


『Oh the wind,… please!』(Arge)


『Chii~…!?』(1st Man)

『Uo~!?』(3rd Man)


I cast wind magic toward them while stepping back to take some distances.
The two melee men were blown away instantly returned from their positions.
As I confirmed that there was no other arrow flying my way, I asked a question.


『Perhaps you three have some relationship with an amazing trio performer?』(Arge)

『…… Hey Shiba. What is she talking about?』(Akita)

 Akita Inu dog.jpg

『 Don’t use your common sense with something like a vampire, Akita.
Especially when she may be as strong as that Vlad 《Black Count》or Elsee 《Golden Princess》
All your arrows are missing, Spitz』(Shiba)

Taka Shiba.jpg

『It’s not a problem.
If we bring back a good vampire, our father will be pleased…
…I am also happy.
I’m so happy that my glasses are about to fall』(Spitz)



Shiba Inu, Akita dog, and Japan Spitz have such conversation.

I was convinced now that I heard the three names that only sound like jokes.
It was that same as the Terrier Bandit Trio I met for the first time when I came to this different world. Terrier, Dachs, and Chihuahua.

I thought that their name was 《coincidentally the same name as a small breed dog of my world》
But what if that isn’t just a coincidence.

Just like Cyril-san, who unified the currency system of this world, from the story I heard, she was a reincarnation from the same world as I am.

I was not the only one who was reincarnated in this world.
So, if there were other reincarnating people, and somehow that person used the dog’s name on people, it wasn’t surprised.

And if it’s really so, everything will be connected.
Their names and the origin of this chemistry fire.
The smells mixed in this flame is definitely not 《magical》but 《oil》
In this magical world where people can use magic, only the idea of a different world, that leads to the scientific idea of oiling and arson.


『If so…』(Arge)

Arge Emo 52

『Do you have time to afford thinking, Silver color』(Shiba)

『…… !?』(Arge)

Arge 13-2

At the moment I was deep in thinking, my enemy attacked.
It’s not that I let my guard down.

However, at the moment when I confirmed the existence of a different world, for a moment, I forgot about the opponents in front of me.

And he released an attack with no gap.
I was late to avoid or intercept.

In the slow-moving scenery, I was ready to take the attack.



『- What are you doing?』(Female)


…get cut.
At the moment I thought so, an unexpected voice came from behind.


*Gin (SFX)*


And the shrill sounds resonate in hot air.

Arge Remilia Scarlet Moon
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  1. suggestion:
    Even though I said that{}->{,} I understood it well.
    Because it was what I knew from the beginning.

    {It}->{I} was blind with the coziness, and it came while we were grueling. It’s just that.

    The crushing sound {is intended to destroy something}->{from trees being destroyed},
    and the sound of the wind is from

    I don’t have enough time to think and understand the meaning of the word {Negseou}->{that neguseou} Said


  2. Off to a quick start right into the the middle of something.
    So I don’t rember all the names, but the ones that could be suprise at the end could be the blind knight, I know she got better but I’m being specific, Tsundere Assassin that was sent in the wrong direction, Cyril bank people either one, The dark elf, and the mermaid from earlier, most likey its knight or elf, but Assassin would be funny to see how she got here. The others were just me listing off other female characters to jog some of my memories.


  3. Thanks for the chapter

    another puppy trio bandits ^^
    Shih-Tzu, Poodle and pomeranian may come up in the next group ^^, LOL


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