Arge Chapter 147: Two Silver

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Arge Chapter 147: Two Silver



『… Indeed, thinking during a battle is bad… You are such an amateur』(Isabella)


Arge Emo 28

The unexpected person who blocked Shiba’s sword is Isabella-san.
She protected me by standing in between me and Shiba.

Isabella-san used two of her fingers sandwiching and stopping Shiba’s sword.
As he saw a cool appearance Isabella-san, his eyes were opened wide in surprise.


『What… are you?』(Shiba)

『Haa~ “What are you”?
This insolent …
Ah, no… I can’t use such filthy words.
I will rephrase.
… What is it? These dirty dogs?
You make me uncomfortable, so please stop your breath now or explode』(Isabella)

『It’s some terrible rephrase…!!』(Shiba)

『Coming out of nowhere suddenly and getting in our way… Die, woman!!』(Akita)


The man named Akita swung down his big hammer to Isabella-san’s head.




『Fuu~…there is no problem』(Isabella)


As I planned to move and help Isabella-san, she lightly waved her hand.
It’s not a movement to deny my assistant, but a movement to intercept the opponent’s attack.

But she doesn’t have any weapons.

There’s no way a normal person can catch the big iron hammer that can easily crush the human head.
Even so, Isabella-san seems to be confident.
Or rather, she is even smiling.

And when the big hammer was swung down.


『… ….』(Akita)

『Oh, what’s wrong? Didn’t you try to kill me?』(Isabella)


Everyone in this place other than Isabella-san was surprised.
The big hammer certainly hits her hand, but there’s not even a scratch, she doesn’t even break a sweat.
But I did hear a shrill sound like metal clash and feel the shock.
As I saw that scene, I was reminded of the fight the other day and I started talking.


『…So, it’s not just Mutsuki-san, but also Isabella-san, too?』(Arge)

Arge 5

『Mutsuki-kun is level-headed, I am more… physical… Yotto』(Isabella)


Saying so with a light tone, Isabella-san waved both her hands and deflect both weapons.
Even thought Isabella-san is tall but she has the woman body.
Her arms are thin, which don’t seem to be powerful.
But, the power she demonstrated is way stronger than any man.


…Because I have a woman’s body, so, I don’t want to show this to people too much』(Isabella)


Muttering like it’s troublesome, Isabella-san tore the arm part of her suit and her gloves.


『Isabella, that … ….』(Arge)

Arge 6-1

From the elbow of her exposed arm, it wasn’t her normal skin. But a brilliant sparkle, silver arm.

It should be heterogeneous to have silver fingers, but it’s moving rather smooth.

The reason why she always wore a long sleeve and didn’t remove the gloves was that she didn’t want to expose that shining silver arm except when it was necessary.

Isabella-san looked somewhat sad about her silver arm illuminated by the flickering flames and said.


『Magic Artifact, 《Silver cross》
Although it’s clunky, it’s the result I chose for the desire to protect something important to me』(Isabella)

『Changing her own arm to a Magic Artifact, this woman…!?』(Shiba?)

『If you already understand it, I don’t need to talk with words then』(Isabella)


As Isabella-san says so, she lowers her hips.
Toshukūken (empty-handed)
No, even though she is empty-hand, her hand still has clear silver sparkle.
Using the same stance as Mutsuki-san.

Perhaps one of them taught the other person how to fight.


『My prayers, my wishes, my hopes, respond to all despair and desire…
The abominable silver arm! Agate Ram!』(Isabella)


Along with the magic words,
A wave of magical power occurred.

The silver arm glows brighter and starts to blow hot air that I can feel even from behind.
It’s probably the reinforcing magic system.
In other words, Isabella-san has switched to battle mode.


『My 《silver cross》is made of monster’s material with high magical power conductivity, so it doubles the effect of the reinforcing magic system …
Well, although it’s a simple ability, it can be handled easily』(Isabella)



『I will earn time for you to extinguish the fire,
I will also try to knock out those damn men if possible.
Arge-san, you can go』(Isabella)

『…Yes, I’m okay.
Sorry for the trouble, Isabella-san. You helped again』(Arge)


『We also have a friendly relationship with Valeria territory.
I just happened to be here when this place was in a raid,
It was a coincidence because I brought a letter from Mutsuki-kun…
…However, now that I’m here, I can’t let it go to waste』(Isabella)


She can’t let it go to waste. Is it?
For me, that’s also true.
I came here and made many memories in this place.
I remember all the people who were laughing with me until this morning.
I want to see this area again, I remember Richelle-san who shed tears with a desire to return home.
I certainly remember the nice time I spent and the nice sleep I had in this territory.


『 We can’t let it go to waste, isn’t it?』(Arge)

Arge emo 36

Although I can leave it alone. But I don’t want to let it go to waste anymore.

It has become impossible.

This was troublesome that I had encountered because I was idle, but I didn’t want to escape like I did before.

I look straight at the men.
The three were already fixed their stance and readying their weapons.
As usual, the number is disadvantageous.

As usual, the number is disadvantageous. Besides, their combination is good as well.

Still, I don’t want to retreat.


Even with the same cold and hard feeling of the blade in my hand,
I can feel the affirming my heart has changed.
It’s full of things I don’t understand,
I still don’t know well the existence of other world people except me.

However, right now, I understand there is something I want to protect.

Arge Maid
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  1. suggestion:
    『… Indeed, thinking during a battle is {strange}->{bad}… You are {}->{an} amateur』(Isabella)

    I will also try to knock out those damn men if possible.
    {Alge}->[Arge}-san, you can go』(Isabella)


  2. Does someone know if it’s soon or not that arge meets with “his” acquaintance reincarnated into the Alraune ?


  3. “My 《silver cross》is made of monster’s material {that good to conduct magical power} > {with high magical power conductivity}”

    “I can’t let it {goes wasted} > {go to waste}”
    “She can’t let it {goes wasted} > {go to waste}.”
    “We can’t let it {goes wasted} > {go to waste}, isn’t it?”


    Oh? Is Arge getting some backbone? I’m sure it’ll be temporary.

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  4. So are we sure she said Agate Ram and not Airgetlám (the silver arm of the Celtic god of war Nuada) it has been a while since i was last here and no one raised this question so i thought i would. For a more pop culture reference look up Sir Bedivere’s Noble Phantasm on fate grand order its the same but slightly different, although not different enough to matter

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s also the “argetlam” aka dragon rider (literally silver hand) from the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini


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