Arge Chapter 148: The Memory of Kuon Household

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T.N: Arge sure took her time too long to get serious.

It’s been so long, so I forgot we were still on the chapter where Arge is sleeping around in a fight (I read the raw far ahead). It’s kinda boring that I almost fell asleep.

Must do my best until… Arge gets serious… just 7 more chapters

I can understand why many readers were frustrated.

Arge Chapter 148: The Memory of Kuon Household


『…we just need to bring back the vampire, we can cut the limbs or deal with the other one as we want』(Shiba)

『I understand…!』(Spitz)

『Next time, I will break your head…!』(Akita)


Shiba swings his sword and gives out instructions.
Perhaps he is the leader.
The other two moved instantly as they heard his words.
They must understand each other well to fight with only a few words exchanged.

Are they the same as Terrier’s Trio?

The familiar Japanese dogs’ name.
The teamwork of three kinds of weapons compensating for others’ weak points.
With many things in common like this, they must be related somehow.

But right now, I don’t have time to think about it.
I’m sorry for exposing the gap again.
I parry all arrows that flying my way. To think he can shoot this accurate, perhaps there is a correction by skill or magic, but still, it isn’t a speed that hard to deal with if I concentrate.




Arge 7-2

It seems like they use the same type of tactic again, Shiba runs to attack me while shouting.
Because I don’t distract this time, I can see everything clearly.
And I casually avoid his attack and I deliberate evade at hairbreadth.
His attack leaves a small cut on my hand, and a little of my blood blurs out.
It doesn’t hurt.


『Blood Arms, Chain』(Arge)

Arge Blood Chain.jpg

I have used this once when fighting Terrier Bandit Trio.
Let the weapon of my opponent cut lightly on my hand, and create the blood arms from it.
The flowing blood can change to anything I want with just one magic word.
And from my hand, a scarlet chain was created.


『Damn it, this vampire is a troublesome opponent! Spitz!』(Shiba)

『Yes, yes, you are harsh』(Spitz)


While clicking his tongue, Shiba asked for Spitz’s help as he tried intercepting the chain.
Spitz shot his arrows to help Shiba.

Akita has been busy from a while ago.


『I will deal with the big man』(Isabella)


I believe in Isabella’s words from nearby and don’t pay attention to Akita.

I can hear battle sounds from afar as well, it’s not only Isabella and Akita are fighting.
Felnote-san, Richelle-san, and Kuzuha-chan are fighting to defend this land.
Moreover, the dark elves are also fighting to defend their own land.

As Isabella-san deals with one of the opponents, I can concentrate on the other two.

Since Spitz now needs to support two people at the same time, his number of arrows shot has lessened than before.
And with just this, there’s no way they can do anything against my speed.
And it seems that he realizes that as well.

Shiba said curse words without hiding his anger.


『Damn, it became troublesome…!』(Shiba)


He steps ahead again.
His movement is fast and his attacks that based on his movements are also fast.
Although his blow strikes are light, he attacks non-stop.
However, a speed-oriented battle is also my forte.
My passive specified status when I reincarnated on this body is 《super agility》

There’s no kind of speed that I can’t keep up with.
Moreover, right now, I have Isabella-san’s support, I have more room to afford.

…After all, those men don’t aim for my vital points.

None of their attacks are fatal.
That’s why it’s easy to predict.

In addition, I don’t fight them bare-handed, I also wield my katana.
Of course, I don’t use to take the opponent’s life.
I don’t want to kill anyone or end a life, and more than anything, there are many things I have to ask these men.

And just like that, I move around to avoid getting hit even it’s not the vital point.
The sound of swords clashing continues to resound.

And the man starts talking in between of their attacks.


『Without three of us as usual, we can’t deal with this vampire in this situation …!』(Shiba)

『It seems that you are familiar with vampires』(Arge)

Arge 5-1

『Oh yeah that’s right. Our work was to deal with vampires all the time』(Shiba)


I was thinking about one possibility from the conversation up until now from the gap of his attack.
The word “hunting”
The conversation about “Their Father will be pleased”
And most of all, it’s a method of attacking by arson, as if smashing out residents.
Their purpose is to capture alive, alive.


『To capture …vampire, dark elves…
What do you plan to do …?』(Arge)

Arge 11-1

『I don’t know such a thing, I just capture them because our father told us to bring them』(Shiba)


He answers it right away, it seems like the other party is serious.
In other words, for them, it really is just that.
They don’t care about the reason. They capture people alive, just because they were told so.

The moment I understood it, I remind of something back there.

I thought that they looked like Terrier Bandit Trio and they would be related.
But there’s one thing that is definitely different between Terrier Bandit Trio and these three.

Terrier Bandit Trio was bluntly stupid but had firm own will.
But I can’t feel it from these three.

They speak like faithful dogs, it sounds good, but their eyes have no living intention.
It’s empty and it’s indifferent.
It’s as if I see myself when I was at Koun’s house.


『Well … I won’t let you!』(Arge)


I wonder why.
I have seen the same thing as myself before, but my heart tangles somehow.
It feels like I’m seeing something I don’t want to see.
I shook off the feeling from the back of my heart and ready my blade.

Arge Vol 3 Page 3
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    • may be something like this
      1st stage: you come to attack me?, just go away! “swat the attacker by using wind magic”

      2nd stage:
      it is too troublesome (mendokusai) to attack hard. just use light fast attack and end it quickly.

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  1. suggestion:
    However, a speed-oriented battle is also my {force}->{forte/speciality}.

    reincarnated on this body is 《{supper}->{super} agility》

    In addition, I don’t {find}->{fight} them {bare-hand}->{bare-handed}, I also wield my katana.
    Of course, {it doesn’t use to rob}->{I don’t use it to take} the opponent’s life.

    I don’t want to kill anyone or {rob}->{end/take} a life, and


  2. Thank you.
    My current frustration with Arge is that she’s not drinking to her fill. Just once I’d like for her to pin down an opponent and drink to the max. Power up.


  3. “Although his {blow strikes} > {blows} are light, he attacks non-stop.” – in this context blows and strikes are the same thing, so using them consecutively is like saying ‘attack attacks’.

    “It’s as if I see myself when I was at {Koun’s house} > {the Kuon house / house Kuon}.” – This should refer to a family estate rather than a person’s house.


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