Arge Manga Chapter 149: Shaking Silver

Arge Isabella
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This chapter in Isabella’s POV

Arge Manga Chapter 149: Shaking Silver





As I attack with my Silver Arm, my swaying blonde hair is hinder my view.
Should I cut my hair shorter?

No, if I shorten it too much, Mutsuki-kun will feel lonely so let’s stop it.

And then, I decide to leave it alone and concentrate on attacking.
The man is kinda big and his weapon mainly uses raw power to crush the enemy.
I can intercept it, however, the shock from it might affect the house in the surrounding, it’s troublesome.

This land is the land that the dark elves have maintained since the ancient times.
If this land is somehow destroyed, in the post-war, Mutsuki-kun will help with the reconstruction even though it will affect the country’s wallet.
Indeed, my boss is full of troubles, he likes it.
He really likes to do it.

That’s why I want to do something so that my stupid Mutsuki-kun doesn’t have to struggle later.


『Anyway, do you like to suffer as much as possible, vomit blood and then die?
Like with poison etc. I will prepare right away』(Isabella)

『This stupid woman…!』(Akita)

『Calling other people as stupid at the first time meeting, such a rude garbage』(Isabella)

『Say what!? Can you look into the mirror …?』(Akita)


I have been checking every day to get Mutsuki-kun’s compliments. What’s about it?
In any case, it seems like he is angry somehow.
It seems like he increases his rate of attack. The man over there also is also timing his arrows to support.
While dealing with their attack with my arm, I also don’t forget to counter.

But they aren’t hasty, they patiently keep attacking to find the gap in my defense.

…And although they have a linkage, they are strangely amateurs.


How can I say this, their cooperation is admirable.
Shooting arrows against enemies from the back of the allies.
Both the vanguard and the rearguard must be skillful in timing the attacks and have a mutual understanding so that they can communicate without saying anything.

However, contrary to their skill, their movement is too honest.
Normally, for a group to reach that mutual understanding, they must spend a great deal of practicing to that extent.
But they are so stupid, they use the same method over and over again.

Even though they have great cooperation, but they don’t have the wit.
They are just like some children who learned how to fight just a little while ago.

Arge can also easily deal with their attack but they still repeatedly attack just like that.

Honestly evaluate, 《There is no trick/feint》


『… Are you really a soldier?』(Isabella)


『What does that mean…?』(Spitz?)

『Ah, no. if you don’t know, that’s fine.
To be honest, I don’t care』(Isabella)


Most of my spoken questions are soliloquy, it doesn’t mean to get the answer from them.
Well, I don’t care about it anyway.
I concentrate my power on my Silver Arm, ready for the next attack.
Even though that big man can take my blow, he is still staggered.
Then, if I strengthened my attack with magic, I can blow him away.


『Gu~o… !?』(Akita)

『When we stand on different places, misunderstanding bound to happen』(Isabelle)


Each person has his own reason and decides where he is.
There should be some reason for the precision of their collaboration and their low wits.

… I have a reason, too.


From below my elbow, my arm was no longer a human arm.
I looked at my Silver Arms.

《Silver cross》

I got it with my own selfish, Silver power.

But I made a terrible misunderstanding on how to use it in the past.
My Silver Arm is an Artifact that easy to strengthen with magical power.
That’s the characteristic of the rare species of the slime that prefers magical powers, which was used as the material for 《silver cross》

However, it caused a sense of hunger that I couldn’t bear.
My mind was swallowed by the urge, and I stop at nothing unless I get more magical power, more blood to satisfy my Silver Arm.

It’s just like a vampire dominated by his blood-sucking impulse.

As a result, I couldn’t protect my important thing at all.
With my Silver Arm on a rampage, I broke everything that I supposed to protect.
In my desire to want power, everything that was supposed to be my important thing was crushed to nothing.

But, there was someone who stopped me, who lost everything on a rampage like that and hugged me.
He told me to live, to continue to reflect on that regret and mistake.

There was such a man who told the strict and gentle words.


『I don’t think that I am right, but whether I am right or wrong.
I decided this time that I would not mistake what I should protect』(Isabella)


I lower my posture and ready to make an initial movement.
I only use this speaking occasionally, it sounds good and it fits me.
Most importantly, this speaking is taught by an important person.
Just saying this makes me remember that person’s back.
With that alone, the inside of my heart is clearing up.
It’s not something nice like a martial artist clear his mind.
I just need to remind of him, the driving force that makes me do my best.


『After all, we will end everything like a fist fighter.
One attack will decide who will win, that’s it.
And I … I’m not going to lose…』(Isabella)


At that moment, I step forward while looking at the opponent setting his position.
I kick the ground and rush to the target.
Blocking the arrow that was aimed at me to intercept and rush the big man.



『(Here come the) Punching…!』(Isabella)


Even if I can not carry everything on my back like him.
My hateful Silver Arm, that I don’t plan to use again if it can somehow ease his sorrow.
I’m willing to face my regret in the past and use it again.


『If you think you can stop it, just try…!』(Isabella)


Without hesitation, I give a straight punch.
With such straight attack, my opponent can easily defend him in time.
And as I expected, the big man holds his big hammer in front of him like a shield and takes my fist head-on.


『I stopped it… this damn woman!』(Akita)

『No, I stopped just now』(Isabella)


『…Because it’s gonna hurt, try not to die』(Isabella)


《Silver Cross》responds to magical power and amplifies the flowed magical power.
That means it didn’t only strengthen my physical attack power like my punches, but also my magical attacks.

At this zero distance. While my opponent is in the defensive stance. I spoke the next word.


『Heed my word, eat your prey… Darkness Magic Fist, Luceid』(Isabella)

(T.N: so Chuuni, a Mechanic Arm with a magic of Darkness that can control your heart and a dark history)


The magic of darkness in my Silver Arm certainly heard my words.
The dark-colored fire with a beast shape rushing to the enemy, trying to eat every part of his weapon.


『What… Guaaaa~!?』(Akita)


The magic of the darkness is persistent.
Once it targets anything, it will chase the enemy to the end of the world.
However, it’s difficult to hold back because it will finish its work without fail.

Without question, the big man throws away his weapons, rolling on the floor.
Of course, there’s no way he can dispel my darkness magic with just that.
It’s a dark flame of a curse.
There’s no escape other than using holy recovery magic.

But I will not kill him until he talks about the mastermind of this stupidity.
He will keep suffering until then.


『Well, I’m done with this one. Next』(Isabella)


Should I help Arge to defeat the swordsman, or should I take down the archer?
As I thought of choosing which one, I felt the air shake.

Arge Isabella 1
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  1. suggestion:
    Honestly evaluate, 《There is no trick/{art}->{feint}》

    『When we stand on different places, {incomprehension}->{misunderstanding} bound to happen』(Isabelle)

    the enemy to the end of the world.
    However, it’s difficult to {handle just}->{hold back because} it will finish its work without fail.

    rolling on the floor.
    Of course, there’s {}->{no way} he can dispel my darkness magic with just that.


  2. Isabella:
    -i am the Fist of my lord
    -my body is for my lord, my soul is for my lord
    -through all the mistake from my past
    -even if what i do is right or wrong.
    -my decision for what i should protect should not be wrong
    – One attack will decide who will win, and that’s it.
    -And I’m not going to lose
    -come my “silver cross”
    -straight to your foe ” Punching!!!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • continue chant:
      -as my punch straight through.
      -come and stop me if you can.
      -even if i am stop, i will keep going
      -cause my fist is to protect my lord
      -and it will eat the foe who stop my punch.
      -Heed my word, your prey is in front of you
      – Darkness Magic Fist, Luceid

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the treat ~

    Hmm… I feel like arge is going to tell her companions about her past life and I also felt like she’s going to go on a rampage


  4. “Most of my spoken questions are {soliloquy} > {rhetorical}, {it doesn’t mean to get the answer from} > {I don’t mean to get an answer for} them.” – Since she has been speaking to them, rhetorical is a better fit even if she is just idly speaking her thoughts. The second part is just a bit weird.


  5. I like the pictures. The one up top seems to be Yang from RWBY, but i’m not sure who the gal down at the bottom is.


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