Arge Chapter 150: The supposed furthest thing, yet the closest thing

Arge Igu
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Arge Chapter 150: The supposed furthest thing, yet the closest thing





It came when I prolonged the battle.
A strange sensation as if the air is trembling.
And the moment it happened, Shiba jumped back to take some distance.


『Spitz, the sign came! Lift Akita!』(Shiba)

『I know. Hey, stop sleeping forever … Go, Magic Arrow!』(Spitz)


As he heard Shiba’s words, Spitz released a magic arrow.
The arrow landed at the feet of Akita and disappeared as if it melted in the air.
And at that moment, the black flame wrapped Akita’s body disappeared.


『Hoo… there was a healer?』(Isabella)


While Isabella-san was surprised, Akita got up and jumped back, took the same distance as Shiba.
There must be something going on that makes them fall back.
Isabella-san also thought ominously and didn’t step right on,
But we still stayed as close as possible to our opponents.


『… Silver color.
Although you are a valuable subject for our father.
The time has run out』(Shiba)

『Timeout …?』(Arge)

Arge 6-1

『We got enough and that’s it』(Spitz)


Spitz grins and fixes his glasses.
They got enough.
That meant that they had caught a lot of dark elves alive.


『Uuu… you guys …!!』(Arge)

『This is also work.
I don’t say I don’t feel bad at all…
Well, but we still did it anyway』(Shiba)

『Hey Shiba, I’m sorry that I can’t hit that blond woman…』(Akita)

『Akita, it’s our father’s instructions』(Shiba)



Shiba cut Akita’s word when he tried to express his opinion.
The vibrations of the air became bigger, I can even hear the noise.


『What is this vibration? I have felt it for a while…』(Arge)

Arge 13-1

『If you want to know, look up at the sky. It just lifted the stealth』(Shiba)


Needless to say, I was looking up at the top.
Because it was what I knew. I have suspected there was something.

The territory of the Dark Elf is deep in the forest on the Demonic Continent.
It was impossible for many humans to appear suddenly in such a place.
Which means they must use something abnormal.

I looked up at it, the thing floating in the sky, and I murmured.


『 The smell of iron … as expected, an airship…』(Arge)

Arge 1-1

Before this uproar, I and Kuzuha-chan had spotted this bad smell.
From the narrow spaces of trees, a huge shadow made by combining countless steel plates was flying in the sky.
There shouldn’t be such technology in this world.
Because even in this world, there wasn’t even a car yet.


『They can make something like this big with iron flying in the sky …?』(Arge)

『Yeah, that’s right!
With the brain of our father, creating something can fly in the sky is nothing!』(Shiba)


Shiba seemed to be proud of it.
But I wasn’t that shock about the existence of an airship.



Arge 13-2

Not just surprising, even my voice is trembling.
No, it’s not just my voice.
My whole body is trembling, even standing up has become difficult.

(T.N: I always hate this kind of development)


I know that. I know it from the time I was born.
I lived with it all the time, forever until I die.

Impossible. But, I won’t make a mistake about it.

I knew it was shaped like a flower.
I was taught that it used the Laurel flower that was attached with wise, prosperity and glory that wouldn’t end forever.

What I was looking at all the time.
And what I am looking up right now.
It was undeniable the family crest of the Kuon family.


『Why… why is there such a thing here…?
Kuon family’s crest?』(Arge)

『It seems like you are more dangerous than we thought』(Shiba)


Shiba stared at me with sharp eyes.


『Kuon… 《Although I haven’t even said a word about it, you know the name Kuon》
It’s just like our father’s demand.
Can’t capture a promising vampire like you is really regrettable…
No,… you are more important than that』(Shiba)

『……What do you mean?』(Arge)

『It’s alright. Because you don’t have to worry about such a thing anymore』(Shiba)

『… please wait!
So that crest is really Kuon…』(Arge)


I couldn’t finish my question.

The airship that appeared in the sky lowered its altitude and continuously sent intense wind and vibration.

At the center of the wind, Shiba’s trio held the wire from the airship and was pulled up.


『Well then, I will excuse myself』(Shiba)

『Wait, wait… these doggies!』(Arge)


There’s no such enemy, who wait after being told to wait.

The wire was pulled up and the three dogs rose to the airship.

Arge Isabella
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  1. nothing to suggest.

    and is everyone who reincarnated go to this world? including all of “his” past family?

    i thought the reason he get reincarnated because he is not fit in his old world, a pasionless soul no drive to do a living in his old world.


  2. So her families found a way to the different world….
    Interesting… Time for our lazy vampire to become serious…


  3. But. . . why didn’t Arge and Isabella start fighting again once the ship was revealed?

    I thought the inclusion of the flower girl was bad, but this is just going to be annoying isn’t it? Did that goddess reincarnate the whole damn family after what I assume was something like a rebellion over their corruption? If I recall correctly, it seemed like she reincarnated Arge for her own personal reasons, but now it looks like it may have all been arbitrary.


  4. I have a theory before I go on.

    That theory being that Arge didn’t die in his sleep just by dying in his sleep. Something probably happened to the entire household of Kuon that killed everyone off. An explosion in the mansion? A poisoned dinner? Who knows? All we know is that they died and ended up in an isekai.


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