Arge Chapter 151: Silver Color raised to the sky and fallen

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Arge Chapter 151: Silver Color raised to the sky and fallen



『…what does this mean…?』(Arge)


I repeat that question many times while looking up the airship going away with increasing altitude.
Even though I knew that no one could answer the question, I still said that question.

… That was the Kuon family crest.

A crest of Kuon family with a Laurel as a motif.
I won’t make a mistake about that.
Because I lived in that house since I was born.
I was born there, was abandoned as unqualified, died in my asleep and disappeared like a dream.

It was before I became Argento Vampear.
It is impossible for me as Kuon Ginji to mistake that emblem.


『Arge-san, do you know about that?』(Isabella)

『… No, I don’t understand about it either』(Arge)


I do not understand.
That is not a lie.
I know about that.
That family crest might be the work of reincarnations other than me.
I have also guessed about that when meeting the Shiba’s Trio, no, the Terrier Bandit Trio.

But I do not know the details.

I wonder if it was really someone came from in that world, the Kuon family.
I thought if I answered that I don’t know, Isabella-san won’t be satisfied.
That’s why I had no choice but to answer that I don’t understand.

But right now, I have a terrible anxiety in my heart.
The words that Shiba said when he left still resounds in my head.
《You do not have to worry about such a thing anymore》
That word is totally meant that I will never get involved in that crest again.

And it doesn’t mean that the airship will raise its altitude and disappear beyond the sky.





Richelle-chan seems to be panic as she runs to me.
Her clothes are in disorder and tattered. It was probably because of fighting.
Then Kuzuha-chan and Felnote-san also came to this place after Richelle-chan.


『Everyone was safe, is not it?』(Arge)

『Somehow …
… Zeno brought some soldiers from Mutsuki’s territory to help us,
The firefighting activity is also going well』(Felnote)

『… but, a lot of dark elves have been taken away…』(Kuzuha)


Kuzuha-chan holds her small fist and seems to be flustered.
Although they are also good at fighting. It was a sudden raid and the ones who attacked were advantaged.
Just like I fought with the Shiba’s Trio.


『…If I shoot down that iron chunk…』(Richelle)

『Please wait, Richelle-san, it is dangerous to shoot that one down』(Arge)



I try to stop Richelle-san, who seems to be very angry and about to act hastily.
But I guess she knows that as well.
What will happen when shooting down an object with that mass to her territory?
If thing goes wrong, her people, those who have been taken away, will end up in no avail.

For Richelle-san, this must be very unpleasant.
In the first place, she is a person who willing to sacrifice herself to protect her own people.
She must be frustrated with the fact that she couldn’t protect her people.


『But what is that kind of thing?
I have never seen nor heard about it before…
…Such a big iron vehicle,
How can it fly like that …

『Felnote-san, what’s wrong?』(Arge)

『There is something moving…!?』(Felnote)



As I look at the place which Felnote-san points to.
The lower part of the airship that was far away above the sky opened its hatch.
And then, something was dropped from it.


『Well… I’m sorry, everyone!』(Arge)

『Arge-san… !?』(Kuzuha)


The moment I saw that “something” dropped, I moved immediately.
Growing a bat wing from the back and flying.
It was a technique from bat form skill.
I unconsciously do what I didn’t test from a long time ago, and I flew to the sky.
And I accelerate my speed as fast as possible.


『As expected… after all …!!』(Arge)


I flew as fast as possible and nearly caught up with the airship.
The thing that has been dropped down is as expected.

A black thing which reflects sunlight,
In the beautiful sky of this world, it’s an absurd and venomously abnormal thing.



This thing will definitely demonstrate its evil power at the moment of touching the ground,
Something can’t exist in this world where magic is the mainstream,
weapon of large-scale destruction by technology.

And when I come near, I feel unpleasant signs on my skin.

The sign of a curse that I felt several times after coming to this world.


『… It may be dangerous to put it in my Blood Box or try to dispel it…』(Arge)


If this is some kind of curse, it might be dangerous to put it in a blood box, which is a skill to melt thing in my blood.
Even though my curse resistance is high, it’s already proven not invincible.
It’s also possible that another curse will occur after I dispel the first curse, just like Elsee used to do.
Apparently, this curse seems quite complicated, and the disgusting signs are stretched just like a spider web on the surface of the bomb.




It is impossible to overlook this bomb as it will fall to the ground as it is.
I do not know how big an explosion will occur, but with the bomb as big as my body.
There should be considerable power.
It is obvious that everyone on the ground is in danger if it falls like this.

I can’t leave it alone.

While I’m still thinking, the dropped bomb is pulled by gravity and falls straight to the ground.
Judging that there is no time to think, I decided to do it.


『Eii… !!』(Arge)


I did it even though I don’t want to decide anything big.
Even though I do not want to die.
Even though I don’t want to get hurt, I don’t want to have trouble.
But, I don’t think I want to run away from this
It is impossible to forsake Kuzaha-chan’s group.

There were many kinds of bombs.
This bomb is probably a detonation with a shock of falling, which means it will not explode by vibrations due to air resistance while falling.
If so, it will not explode when I touch it.


『Take this…!』(Arge)


I was surprisingly desperate and I accelerated while holding the bomb.
I spread and swing my bat wings with full strength, trying to leave the Dark Elf territory as far as possible.

… This is the fate that I brought.

From what Shiba said, this bomb was probably dropped to erase my existence.
It seems that a Reincation of Kuon’s house was wary of similar existence and was giving instructions.
In other words, without me, they might never drop this bomb in the Dark Elf territory.
People might have been kidnapped away, but it would end with just that.

It might be my fault that this kind of thing has been used.
That’s why I have to do it.
For Richelle-san, for my friends who took care of me. I must make sure that no harm will come to people who have become my deal travel companions.

Because this isn’t a problem of this world.
I do not want to involve them in the troubles brought by people coming from my world, from Kuon’s family.


As I was thinking, the scenery flowed steadily, and the land under me seems to be changed from continent to ocean.
As I already come this far, this bomb might not cause harm to everyone anymore.
From the inside of the bomb, which I do not want to hold anymore, there is a sound just like a clock.
Perhaps it will explode not only by the impact but also by time.


『… Sorry』(Arge)


When I fly away, I remember saying words of apology to everyone.
That word was talking with nature.
What was that for?

At the moment I thought of such a thing, my sight stained with white light.
There is no sound and there is no scenery.
At the moment, I realized that it was the explosion’s time limit, and I lost my consciousness.

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  1. Perhaps the bomb is only gimmick? true purpose is to find who knew and came from earth… ? i don’t really like arge to suddenly doing suicide bombing like that though xD

    thanks for the update ♥


    • no,it is not a gimmick. because she already mention Kuon already, they will not risk their shadiness/secrecy to be spread in that world.

      And who know how much Arge already mention about them, Kuon family to the locals at that area. so eliminate every information that have potentially leak is the way it is. Bomb away

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the treat~

    Uwaaahhh… A bomb has been dropped to kill everyone… A rampage is going to happen…


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