Arge Chapter 152: Yet so close, Yet an extremely far away place

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Arge Chapter 152: Yet so close, Yet an extremely far away place





First of all, I was surprised that I could open my eyes again.


『I was… in the territory of Richelle-san… holding a bomb…』(Arge)


As I remember slowly, my memory comes out clearly and steadily.
Shaking my head and shaking my silver hair, apparently, I was asleep in a bed.
Looking at the surroundings, it was a white familiar scenery.


『An… whit~miliar ceiling…』(Arge)

『You wake up, at last, this Bakatare (Idiot Sauce)』(???)


I heard it, a familiar and very nostalgic voice.
Yes. An unforgettable voice.

I have only been surprised a lot today.

I met three people who closely resembled the Terrier Trio, witnessed the technology close to my original world, and saw the family crest of Kuon family.
I thought that I couldn’t be surprised anymore, but it seemed like that the prediction was wrong.


『…Loli Gramp-san』(Arge)


As I call out a nostalgic name and looking back in the direction of the voice.
This time, she isn’t just a voice but a certain entity.


『 That way of calling is still dissatisfied as usual…
Well… you just got up anyway. So, it’s fine』(Loli)


Loli Gramp-san said with a shaky voice, her voice seems to be in a good mood.
Her yellow eyes are narrow a little, her face seems to be happy somehow.

Her clothes are close to Kimono, but from the waist downwards is a quite short skirt, her slim thighs were exposed.
Her tied black hair is really long and it’s swaying with her movement.
The shape of the eyebrow is distinctive but adorable.
When I was incarnated, she was just a voice, but somehow Loli Gramp-san has an entity now.


『Loli Gramp-san… So … You are really a Loli, aren’t you?』(Arge)

It’s can’t be helped.
I am just taking the figure of the age when I was the easiest to move!
After five more years, I will get a little bigger!』(Loli)

『How big you will be?』(Arge)

『…about 3 more centimeters…』(Loli)


It didn’t change much.
In other words, Loli Gramp-san-san seems to be really a Legal Loli (will remain as a Loli)


『By the way, Loli Gramp-san, am I dead again?』(Arge)


From this situation, it’s the first thing I can think of.
I met her in this pure white space, the so-called rehabilitation room.
I heard from Loli Gramp-san that this is room to do procedures when a deceased person reincarnated.
Loli Gramp-san’s work is a process of reincarnation.

Now that I meet her again like this, I wonder if I have to reincarnate again somewhere.
Or if the reincarnated person dies, we must visit here again and pay some price?
I don’t know how strong the bomb was, but I was at the center of the explosion, I was as well as dead.


『Idiot, try looking at your feet』(Loli)



Listening to her words, in order to see my feet, I turn over the sheets.
The part which was hiding in the shadow of the sheet.
My pure white and smooth, vampire feet. It was very different from usual appearance.

After becoming Argento Vampear, even though it was a short time, I have remembered how my vampire legs are.
There is certainly a ticklish feel when I touch it, and I can move it like I will.
But, my legs were certainly seen through to the other side.
It was translucent.


『Uwa, what is this?』(Arge)

『This is the space between the world where God lives and the rest of the world.
Originally this is incomprehensible to exist, without the permission of the gods』(Loli)

『What does that mean?』(Arge)

『I have permission from the gods with my authority and have maintained it. But you can’t stay here for a long time because it will disappear soon』(Loli)


I see.
Apparently, this is a big bed, but it seems that it can’t be used for a nap.
And then Loli Gramp-san sits on my side and speaks with a serious face.


『You suddenly have fallen here. Now, you have to talk about what happened in the world over there (T.N: Loli doesn’t want to read the thick report book again)』(Loli)

『…I understand』(Arge)


I obediently nodded and told her everything.

The territory of Dark Elf was attacked, I saw an airship with my family crest.
And I tried to move the bomb which was dropped from the airship even a bit further from there, and I was wrapped in light, lost consciousness.

While understanding that there is no time, we talked to each other firmly to gain mutual understanding.
At the end of the story, Loli Gramp-san nodded.


『…… I see I see』(Loli)

『Loli Gramp-san, do not you know anything?』(Arge)

『… The reincarnate from Kuon’s family,
From my jurisdiction, it’s only you』(Loli)


『However, there are other shrine maidens who are in charge of incarnation besides myself, they might have incarnated someone else』(Loli)

『Is that so…?』(Arge)


Well, then, it’s not strange if Loli Gramp-san doesn’t know?
I was wondering if I could get a small clue about this situation, but it seems that it’s not as expected.


『… I can do the examination, but it’s forbidden to teach the content of the database for personal affairs』(Loli)

『As expected. You are just like the Office Ladies at work…』(Arge)

『 Don’t call me Office Lady…
…But that fact that you have come this time is very irregular even from the gods』(Loli)


『Yes, that’s why as a special case, I’m listening to your circumstances and maintaining this place for you』(Loli)


Although her words are complicated, I understand that this situation is unexpected even by Gods who manage things like reincarnation.

Because I wasn’t doing anything, perhaps there was something special made on that bomb.
There was a clear sign of a foreign curse on the surface of that bomb.
In other words, it wasn’t a weapon born of simple science but also had some magical power.
It would not be strange even if that curse might even blow off the continent rather than a simple explosion.


『… Then, after this. Can you return me to the normal world?』(Arge)

『This was neither you nor I nor God’s intention.
I already heard enough of what I need so I will return you soon』(Loli)


As Loli Gramp-san says so, she used her index finger, shook something like a baton.
After a loud noise, and the bed in which I was laying my body has disappeared.




Although I was surprised for a moment, the fall was surprisingly light.
While the edge of my skirt fluttered swiftly, I landed with both feet without any hardship.
Apparently, it seems that I can put my feet on the ground even though it was translucent.
Loli Gramp-san gently looked at me from head to toe and nodded.


『You seem to have gotten used to that body』(Loli)

『Yeah, it was very good. And with that much time has passed…』(Arge)


When I was reincarnating, I always felt less interested than usual, or the empty feeling around the crotch mainly because I became a woman, but recently I got used to it.
It has become more natural to think that I was Argento Vampear.
It doesn’t mean that I forgot myself as Kuon Ginji though.
I think Loli Gramp-san is the same.
She was a human before became the person in charge of reincarnation like now.


『So, do you think it’s good you were incarnated in this world?』(Loli)

『I still don’t know if my soul fits or not, but there were quite a few pleasant and memorable things』(Arge)


Honestly, I don’t know if I can say that I’m good with this reincarnation.
However, after the reincarnation, I have not much time to sleep.
Rather than barely being able to remember anyone as a human being Kuon Ginji, who has lived for nearly two decades. There are a lot of memorable people who I can remember as the vampire called Argento Vampear, who lived for only a few months, and it’s vivid.
The only vivid thing that I can recall as Kuon Ginji is about the event that I sometimes see as a dream.


『I see.
If that is the case then I guess it’s worth』(Loli)


Loli Gramp-san held my hands and nodding in satisfied.
Her hands are cold, there’s no heat.
It’s almost like a vampire or a dead man.


『Loli Gramp-san’s hand is cold, isn’t it?』(Arge)

『Well, it may be true, I have not set my body temperature …』(Loli)


I had heard the word 《setting》before. In this world, Loli Gramp-san can control a lot of things.
And she talked about it earlier 《I was only taking the figure from the time when I was the easiest to move》

And from how I saw it, it seems that furniture can be put in and out freely, so perhaps this world may be quite comfortable.


『Loli Gramp-san, can I have a great fluffy bed before I return to the original world for a moment?
If possible, I wonder if I can lower the temperature…』(Arge)

『You are going to take a nap until everything is broken down!?
Stop it, you big idiot!』(Loli)


Unfortunately, she was very angry.
I thought that I could finally sleep in a luxury bed after a long time.


『Honestly, something never changes』(Loli)

『Pardon me, my sex has changed』(Arge)

『…Well well, I get it. Let me end up with one more thing』(Loli)

『Yes, what is it?』(Arge)

『… Amabashi Miko. That’s my name. Stop calling me Loli Gramp forever』(Miko)

『…Miko-san, right?』(Arge)

『Well, it’s already a name that has become meaningless in this world or in my world … yet, it’s still better than Loli Gramp』(Miko)


Somewhat sullen, Loli Gramp-san, No…, Miko-san taught me her name.
Even though this is our second encounter, I feel like we have been acquaintances for a long time.
Being acquainted with her name makes me feel happy somehow.
While I was chewing on the name I was given, I gradually became distant.
Apparently, it seems to be about time.


『Miko, I am…』(Arge)

『Thinking on your own, it’s the reincarnation’s purpose.
Your power was given for that.
If you find something you wish, do it』(Miko)

『…I see』(Arge)


It’s mean a lot to me even though it’s the same words that I first heard when I was incarnating.
At the same time recalling the nostalgic words, my body is enveloped in light.


『…as usual, you have the atmosphere like 《Yes, I said it》』(Arge)

『So, you had heard it from the last time』(Miko)


Even I was unmotived, it still remained in my head.
While I was relieving somehow in my mind about that, my consciousness faded.

Arge Maid
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    Although the surprise was {surprised }->{just} for a moment, the fall was surprisingly light.


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