Arge 153: Restart

Arge Maid
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T.N: Guys, what should I do?

I can’t shake the urge to brag about Taru in chapter 180+ about dolls (which mean 170 more chapter) Read 100+ for 2 days straight is such a bliss.

Even if I translate with my hardest, it still takes 1 year to reach there.

Arge 153: Restart



When I first felt my consciousness came back, I had a unique floating feeling.
It’s somewhat similar to the reincarnation place. However, it’s not a soft awakening, but a sudden floating feeling.
And it wasn’t just an illusion, it was clear.

Apparently, I seem to have been literally thrown out of that world.
My floating body eventually caught by gravity.
Falling to the ground with a rough landing.




The impact against the hard stuff strongly hits my buttocks.
And I gave out pretty cute voice un-intently.
The last time I opened my eyes as naturally as I woke up from sleep, but this time, I was roughly thrown out instead of reincarnation.


『Ao…uu… Loli Gramp-san, no…, Miko-san, isn’t this too rough …?』(Arge)

Arge 4-1

I returned to the original world, so she can’t hear I complain anymore.
However, it’s kinda hurt so I still complain while rubbing my buttocks. As I touch the ground with fingers, there was a hard and cold feel.


『…A wooden table?』(Arge)


I felt the ground where I land is kinda smooth and took a look. Indeed, it was a wooden table.
Apparently, it seemed pretty sophisticated and the surface was shining brightly.
As I Looking around, the furniture is gorgeous and the ceiling is high.

I was wondering whether I have returned to the original place, that is, either over the sea where I bomb exploded or the ruins of Antares, the starting point when I was incarnated, but both of them seem not to be the case.
This place isn’t over the sea.
And the ruin isn’t gorgeous like this. I didn’t remember that I could find a good place to nap there.


『Well ….?』(Arge)


Forgetting the painful butt, I check this place.

Because the furniture is so gorgeous, I also thought that it was Richelle-san’s mansion for a moment, but I feel that this place is a bit different from Richelle-san’s hobby.
She is indeed in the lord of a land, but she doesn’t have adult hobbies like this.
At least, I don’t think there is any golden jar decorating in her room.


『… this place maybe…』(Arge)


It is well-organized, Although it is luxurious, I can’t understand the owner’s sense of taste, but it’s not the kind of atmosphere that I hate.
Most of all, I remember this unique smell of this place.
And the gentle tide scent shows that this place is close to the sea.

The thing I remember is the warm smiles of the city people.
The laughter of a certain living person.
And although he is a weirdo but a gentle lord.
This is the beginning place of my journey in a sense.




Port town Arlesha.
No doubt.
This is the town where I was able to settle down for the first time.
If so, this place…


『…Argento!?』(Mushroom Lord)

『Oh, Arge-san… Why are you in such a place?』(Pink Hair Maid)

『… surprised』(Twin Tails Escort)

『Oh, Mushroom… Samaka-san, Maid-san, and Escort-san』(Arge)

『…Just now, did you mistake again how to call people?』(Samaka)

『It’s just what you are thinking, it’s just your imagination.』(Arge)


It seems like he doesn’t want to be called a mushroom, but it can’t be helped because his hairstyle is like a mushroom.
As usual, he wore flashy costumes, but his fashion sense is just weird.
And with that fact, surely the person in front of me is that Samaka-san, the lord of Arlesha.

Apparently, I didn’t return on Demon Continent but have been returned to the port town Arlesha.
Also somehow, I went to the lord, Samaka’s residence.


『By the way my name is Eldera』(Eldera)

Arge Eldera.jpg


Arge Yuzuriha.jpg

『Ah, yes. Thank』(Arge)

Arge 3-2

Because we greeted each other, I lowered my head to them.
Remain smiling happily, pink hair maid is Eldera-san, the escort guard girl seems to be called Yuzuriha.


『Uhm… Well well, anyway, don’t sit on such a place forever』(Samaka)

『Oh, yes』(Arge)


Samaka-san gives his hand to me, while still looking somwhat confused.
He gently grasps my hand and takes me down from the table.

… As usual, he is a gentleman.

Aside from his looks and tension, Samaka-san is basically a gentleman.

He is still looking my body from head to toe, to confirm whether I am injured.
As he satisfied alone, he held a sigh while holding my hand


『Still as beautiful as ever… How about it, Argento? Become my wife?』(Samaka)

『NO…I’m sorry but I refuse』(Arge)

Arge No.jpg

『……I see』(Samaka)


In just a moment, he became rather disappointingly disgusted.
I don’t care about this person.


『Samaka-sama, even in this emergency, you are still the same as usual』(Eldera)

『Truly Erotic Mushroom Lord』(Yuzuriha)

『You guys are as merciless as ever …
It is not true that I want to hear it now,
So, Argento, why are you here …?』(Samaka)

『Well, there are a couple of things …』(Arge)

『I can’t feel the sign of using transposition magic…?
Either way, right now Alesha is…』(Eldera?)


The ground was trembling before the sentence was finished.







The shaking wasn’t from the ground but from a big shock occurring in the distance.
And such tremors are occurring once, it’s repeated about three times, and the dust falls from the ceiling.
Samaka-san covered me with his cloak and protected me from the dust.
He tells me after confirming that the shake ends.


『…as you can see, we are in an emergency, I would like to have you quietly wait here if possible, but it seems I can’t do that anyway』(Samaka)

『…Were you attacked by monsters again?』(Arge)


Hearing Samaka’s words, I remembered the past.
The reason why I was leaving this town was that a huge monster attacked from the sea.
That was a pretty huge squid invasion. Is this time the same?


『No, this time again is something else… Specifically, it’s the pirate』(Samaka)

『Pirates … are there such things too?』(Arge)

『And in a sense, they much worse than monsters,
because they are skillful pirates, who have more control over their armies …』(Samaka)

『Is that something …?』(Arge)


And again, the impact is shaking again.
The other party seems to be the pirates, is this a shelling or something?
Given the level of civilization in this world, armed ships can be loaded with cannons.
Or is it damage by some magic?


『…… I can not calm down and talk right now』(Arge)


There are many things I want to tell him, but we can’t talk in this situation.
Most importantly, this is a town that I have helped protecting once.
There are also many memories.
I can still remember a lot of things just by closing my eyes.


『Wait, Argento, now is …!!』(Samaka)

『I have something I’d like to talk later, so I will help you clean up as soon as possible.』(Arge)


I worried about Kuzuha-chan’s group, but I will do it later.
The bomb was detonated far away, they should be safe.
There are countless things that I don’t know, but if the Kuon’s house is involved in it, I think I have to know.

For now, I will deal with the problem in front of me.


『Ha, it’s troublesome … ….』(Arge)


I want to finish everything quickly, I want to take a nap with an ease feeling.

(T.N: time for Arge to get serious. Over Power)

Arge Felnote
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