Arge Chapter 155.5: Character Introduction

Arge Kuzuha
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Arge Chapter 155.5: Character Introduction



Name: Richelle · Arc · Valeria

Race: Dark Elf

Physical ability: 【Balance】


☆ Skill:

【Visual Enhancement】  6

【Magical Enhancement】  2

【Thunder Magic】  3

【Light Magic】  1

【Dark Magic】  1

【Archery】  4

【Natural sensation】  2

【Food appraisal】  2


☆ Contracted Magic Artifact

【Comet Flow】


☆One word from Richelle:

『I will make an effort not to be ashamed of the Valeria family as the 36th generation’s head』


☆ Details

A dark elf woman. 73 years old, quite young as a dark elf.

Specifically, it’s about late teens for human beings.

She is the 36th generation’s of the Valeria family and is in a position to rule the Valeria territory behind the forest area of ​​the Demon Continent.

It is called a lady from the people and is loved. Nickname is 《Richel》

Appearance: smooth long golden hair, brown skin peculiar to dark elves.

Have the same purple eyes as the thunder magic she is good at.


Personality is rather relaxing, eating a lot.

Even though she is skillful but it seems that she is simply a food fighter.


The dark elves of the Valerian territory use confusing words called ancient spiritual languages, and there are few people that can talk to the dark elf species on the devil continent.

She lives in the back of the forest. It’s a relatively peaceful and hidden life in the Demon Continent.


Skill 【natural sensation】  is an unusual skill to grasp the surrounding wind, pressure, weather and road conditions.

If the skill is a little bit higher, she can grasp the weather, the change of wind flow beforehand.

But her skill value is 2, she can use it with max effect in her land’s forest.


Excellent with bow skills, as well as work as a lord, of course, the hunting arm is also a top class skill in the province.

Arrows released by composing with 【Visual Enhancement】  and 【natural sensation】  precisely pierce targeted things.


The level of 【Visual Enhancement】  skill is quite high.

If she concentrates, she can even visualize the flow of magical power, a slight atmospheric movement.

But since the person herself is quite relaxed, she can only notice after stepping on an approximate trap.

Her physical ability is 【Balance】

But she is rather quick, it also affects her shooting while moving.


Thunder magic is a rare skill in this world, the same goes for the users.


【Comet Flow】  is her portable rarity contacted Magic Artifact.

As usual, it blinks like a star in the sky and will come to her hand when she calls its name.

That’s why it’s impossible to use it unless she can speak, the enemies can seal it when they gag her mouth.

After the death of the contractor, it will remain on the ground until the next contractor appears.

As long as the contractor still has magical power remain, it can shoot infinite magical arrows, it can create magical arrows even without magic sword skill.

It’s the compatible Magical artifact for Richelle


☆ Vampire Comment

Arge: 『Her breasts are surprisingly great… ah, her blood has awesome taste as well』




Name: Mutsuki

Race: vampire

Physical ability: 【strength】


☆ Skill:

【Muscle enhancement】  3

【Speed ​​enhancement】  3

【Magical Sword】  2

【Blood sucking】  8

【Blood contract】  7

【Atomization】  2

【Shadowing】  5

【Shadow movement】  4

【Language translation】  6


☆ Contracted Magic Artifact

【Scarlet Moon Garden】


☆ One word from Mutsuki

『Hmm? What’s wrong? Is there a problem?』


☆ Details

A vampire ruling over a certain territory of the demon continent.

He is named 【Red】  out of 【Gold 】, 【Black 】, 【Red】  which is said to be the most powerful three among vampires.

By the way, Elsee is 【Gold】

He mostly lives on the demon continent. His influence seems a bit small among the three.


His territory isn’t large.

It’s only his castle, castle town, small villages around it.

As a whole, it’s a rather small household.

However, his fighting power is the highest in the Demon Continent.

The residents of the last generation in demon continent never pick a fight with him.


He looks like a juvenile with a characteristic black, smart, but he is quite old on the demon continent.

It seems that he also met Satsuki.

Richelle called him as 《Uncle》so his actual age would be considerable.


Because his personality is slightly naive, some people might underestimate him in a sense, but he also has many friends.

He is moderate, quite rare in the Demon Continent.

People loved him with that character, and his interaction with Isabella, his secretary is a specialty among the people.


Contracted Magic Artifact 【Scarlet Moon Garden】

During the day, he can create a barrier/space that will allow him or anything he wants to enter,

During the night, he will gain a portion of all adversaries’ parameters in the affected area of his Magic Artifact.

It’s probably one of the most powerful Artifacts in this world, but its effective range is only a part of the Demon Continent, mostly can cover his territory.

In addition, the color of the moon will become red within range of the Artifact.

Because of its nature, it’s the strongest defense Artifact.

However, it also has a weakness that the contractor can’t move outside the affected area.


Although he is still quite strong even without the Magic Artifact, his fighting power is falling down considerably outside his territory.


【Shadow movement】  is the advanced skill of 【shadowing】

By placing his shadow in several places, he can move there instantly like waypoint.

It’s quite powerful, it’s almost impossible for him to die because he can freely go anywhere he placed his shadows. But because of the nature of the Lord, he can’t freely use it to leave his land.

This skill is exclusively used to go to the republic in a certain coffee shop…


Even though he has 【magic sword】  skill, but he himself can’t use any magic.

Therefore, 【Magic Sword】  skill is used only to put magical power on fists.

That is… a muscle brain vampire.


【Language translation】  skill is rather high.

He can understand the words of animals to some extent.

Also, his 【blood sucking】  skill is abnormally high,

So, he has quite a lot of bloodsucking impulses.

The man who sucks every day is happy.


Actually, he seems to have better cooking skill than Isabella.


☆ Vampire Arge’s Comment

Arge 『He is as good as Elsee-san, he might be a bit scary… right?』




Name: Isabella

Race: human

Physical ability: 【Balance】


☆ Skill:

【Visual enhancement】  2

【Strength enhancement】  2

【Speed ​​enhancement】  2

【Magic Enhancement】  2

【Dark Magic】  4

【Magical Sword】  4

【Blood follower】  5

【Language translation】  7


Contracted Magic Artifact

【Silver cross】


☆ One word from Isabella

『Haa~, Especially nothing…』


☆ Details

Secretary of Mutsuki.

Although she is a human being, she has a long-lived life.

Her family name is unknown because she doesn’t tell it.


Her breasts as good as Felnote, and she is tall as a woman.

She always wears a secretary suit and white gloves, with no skin exposure at all.

She has golden short hair and green eyes.


Personality: honest. In other words, she is frank.

She has a habit as secretary that rephrases words worse with poisonous tongue.

As a secretary, she is quite capable, especially when negotiating with her weak lord.

Her husband seems to be the victim of her terrible eyes.

She has no mercy even for her lord husband with her poisonous tongue, but it’s probably because of love that she has a distinction between public and private.

However, she is a troublesome secretary because she will deny it when it is pointed out by others. (T.N: Unlike Typical Tsundere, she is the troublesome type of Tsundere that I don’t like)


【Language translation】  skill is high, she can communicate with animals to some extent, and she also likes quite a lot of animals.


【Blood follower】  is the skill acquired by serving under a blood contract for a long time.

It raises the effect of strengthening by blood contract.

Her status is very high and balanced.

Her fighting power is extremely high among humans.


Contracted Magic Artifact 【Silver Cross】

【Silver Cross】  is made of a rare slime-type demon that prefers magical powers.

It can change in any form.

Isabella joins it to her body and uses it by taking the shape of the fist.

In order to be tied stronger, her original arm was cut off and replaced with it.

Attached the Artifact directly makes her body stronger but can also affect her mind as well.


She went berserk once.

As a result, Mutsuki stopped her at that time and they were together till now.

In private life, she is a good wife who did all the housework.


☆ Vampire Comment

Arge 『She is a shy woman. Maybe she is Tsundere…
What is it, Isabella-san, you have such scary eyes』






Name: Ronja Theorora

Race: Dark Elf

Physical ability: 【Agility】


☆ Skill

【Language translation】  4

【Speed ​​reading】  3


One word

『About Roro, Please call me with Roro!』


☆ Details

The only maid of the Valeria family.

Brown Elven maid.

Nickname 《Roro》

Although the territory is small, she seems to be talented to take care of the mansion alone.

In fact, she can cook enough to satisfy Richelle’s stomach, and clean the whole residence.


【Speed ​​reading】  is a rare skill even though it’s plain, thanks to that, she is a considerable reader and diligent.

Because her reading speed is fast, she can finish a simple document just by looking when cleaning.

She doesn’t have other skills, she isn’t reliable as a battle staff.

Even as an elf, she is also bad with bow and magic.

However, she isn’t incompetent.

She can do almost all office work with Mutsuki while Richelle was not there.


Her height is short, just like a child from the outside, the same as Arge and Kuzuha, but in reality, she is 191 years old, she is a fine adult in human conversion.


☆ Vampire Comment

Arge: 『Oh, so she is that much older!?』




Name: ??? → Amabashi Miko

Race: former human (Spiritual body)

Physical ability: None (Spiritual body)


☆ Skill

Manage of reincarnation


☆ One word

『No way, there is a visitor coming to this place…』


☆ Details

The Divine staff of God, who takes care of reincarnation.

She was a former human shrine maiden, who served God, dedicated as a priestess before life.

She was given a duty as a priestess in charge of incarnation after death.

By the way, the reason for death is human offering to God.

In a sense, it’s correct.


Amabashi Miko is the name of her past life, which is meaningless now, but she told Arge without hesitation because she didn’t like to be called Loli Gramp-san every time.

She speaks about taking a figure of a young girl in her past life because it’s easy to move.

But it seems that her proportion won’t change much even when she becomes an adult.


She can’t get out of the reincarnation room because of her duty as a reincarnation shrine maiden.

But she seems to be enjoying the current situation, trying out various dimension items and tasting sweets.

Also, it seems that she will be rewarded for her work, actively investigating the incarnation.


Although it looks like a Japanese system, it is a type that unexpectedly uses horizontal letters.


☆ Vampire Comment

Arge 『I meet her for the second time, but she seems to be fine.
Anyway, that fluffy bed in that room, too regrettable…』

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