Arge Chapter 155: Dancing with the Sea Breeze

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Arge Chapter 155: Dancing with the Sea Breeze



Port town Arlesha has changed to a battlefield.
The peaceful and vibrant town in my memory is now filled with battle and anger.
A properly armed group who seem to be the Lord’s army of this town, Samaka-san’s soldier.
And a group of rough body men is laughing as they attack other people.
And those who can not fight escape according to the guidance of the soldiers.
The cannonball flew over from the sea, blew down some houses, sometimes it blew people flying up.
There was no longer gentle scenery I saw when I just recently reincarnated as a vampire.


『Uuu… 【Blood Arm】 Chain』(Arge)


I moved to collect the persons who blew off by the cannon shell.
【Blood Arm】
It’s a vampire’s skill to turn blood into a weapon.
With the blood coming out by biting on my fingertip, ignores the original mass and turns into a chain.
I rolled up the blew away humans and put them on the ground.


『What … is that!?』(Man)

『Oh, you are the silver…!』(Man)

『Okay, Pain pain fly away』(Arge)


My 【Blood Arm】 Chains caught everyone, pirates, soldiers or residents and I properly healed them.

And I only released the soldiers and residents from the chains.


『I will help you now, please tell me the situation』(Arge)

『Yes,… Uhm… The pirates attacked the town, there are a lot of enemies… they were already landing on the town…』(Soldier)

『Okay, I understand.
I will go and capture them all.
And please bring the injured to this place, I will heal them』(Arge)


I put down the soldiers and I instructed them right away.
And even though I told them to bring the injured, but I don’t feel like staying still.
Besides, it is more efficient to get the soldiers to bring the injured to a fixed place.


『Thank you for your help again.』(Soldier)


The sound of the battle is still very intensifying.
I create more chains to capture any pirates in sight.
How to deal/punish with them later is Samaka-san’s job.
I can just do it if I can finish this stupidity as soon as possible.


『Pain pain go away』(Arge)


While passing through many people in the way, I recover the injured people at random.
Of course, not only the soldiers, residents but also the caught pirates.

…I do not like this.

I felt my heart roars with high speed.
The peaceful port town that was in memory was now changed.
The scent of the tide is drowned by the smell of fire and blood.
Smile and laughter are overwritten by pain and scream.
The only thing that does not change is only the sea breeze.


『What… are you!?』(Pirate)

『Silver hair… It’s the Goddess of the sea breeze…!』(Soldier or Resident)

『I’m passing through』(Arge)


It’s really bothersome.
Why am I supposed to do this?
I accelerated further so that I could overwhelm the discomfort with the sea breeze.
I want to finish this troublesome thing even a second sooner.
I’m sick of screams, anger, cannon shell, and corrupted laughter sounds.
The sea breeze is gentle here, everyone is laughing, it is best for a nap.
Most importantly, this town is where there is a house of the former knight who picked up me.
I feel sick because it has broken in unreasonably.


『…It is harsh』(Arge)


I rushed up to the walls of the house, speed up, speed up more to get rid of the riot around as I came up to the port.
When I run at high speed, I can climb up the wall before gravity catches me.
And as I’m on the roof.
From the sea, a bombardment, which is the identity of the harassment, was just fired from an armed ship.


『Oh the wind, please stop it』(Arge)


An intense wind forcibly stopped a myriad of ammunition flying.
Before hitting the harbor, metal clumps are forcibly stopped.
And I speak an extra word before they fell.


『【Blood Arms】 Chain』(Arge)


The shells are just some simple iron block, it will not explode.
So, it’s okay to catch them with my chains.
Objects created with 【Blood Arms】 can be moved freely by me.
The new chains caught and lifted the shell that was about to fall into the ground.


『From a little while ago… You are annoying』(Arge)


I am short of blood.
I judged so and bit on the other hand without hesitation, to bring out more blood.


『Please extend』(Arge)


According to the word, the chains which held the cannon shell were extended even further.
And the chains reach above the flock of pirate ships with skull flag.


『…Please be quiet』(Arge)


I hit it from above with the chains and cannon shell like 【Wrecking ball】
All of the vessels were destroyed from the upper to the bottom. They became scattered wood chips and sunk.
I can see that several people jump into the sea.
If this keeps up, they might get caught in a sinking ship and sink.


『Ah, it’s troublesome…』(Arge)


In order to deal with this trouble, I didn’t hesitate.
I bit my wrist again. And this time, it’s not a small place like a fingertip but my palm, so that I can shed enough blood.
For a moment, my head was spinning. But I must finish this trouble soon.


『【Blood Arm】 Additional creation, catch them all』(Arge)


This time I created the largest amount of chains to catch everyone drowned in sight.
Because I got everyone in sight, it’s possible to move to catch them with my 【Blood Arm】 to some extent automatically.
As I spoke 【catch】 in it, the chains will definitely do it as I said.

Pirates were pulled up from the sea one after another and were put on the harbor with the ties of the chains.


『Pain Pain Go Away』(Arge)


Some people are drowning and others are injured, so I recover them all in sight.
Whatever happens to the pirates in the future, it would be better to cure them of their suffering now.
It’s not my job to judge and I don’t want such responsibility.


『Uuu… Pain… Pain Go away…』(Arge)


I didn’t use much magical power, but I had shed a lot of blood.
For now, It’s better to close the wound on my hand.
Thought so, I also use recovery magic for myself.
Recovery magic also has the effect of helping the body build blood.
It would be better than nothing.


『Okay… Next…』(Arge)

『Stop, Argento!』(Samaka)

『… Samaka…san …?』(Arge)


The moment I called his name, he pulled my hand strongly.
Lord of port town Arlesha, Samaka Suwaro.
He doesn’t have his usual gentleman attitude which fawns over girls.
He is looking at me with a serious expression.


『 Don’t be unreasonable …!!』(Samaka)

『… I’m not doing something unreasonable. The vampire body is sturdy』(Arge)


The body of a vampire is more robust than a human being.
In addition, I have the physical ability 【super agility】
I also got a lot of cheat ability when I was reincarnating.
The only I’m worrying right now is the result of shedding blood myself to use many 【Blood Arm】
In other words,


『It doesn’t really matter …』(Arge)

『It doesn’t matter, you say! Don’t do things you don’t usually do, it’s not like you!』(Samaka)


I was retorted unexpectedly, and I opened my eyes wide.


『Am I…?』(Arge)

『You are over-impatient …
Calm down, Argento … you are a kind woman, but you would not throw yourself in that way』(Samaka)



The wound on my hand is gone.
Because it was cured with my recovery magic.
However, my flowing blood certainly remains as a loss.


『…I see』(Arge)


I mostly cared about myself.
Rather, I wanted to find someone who fed me three meals a day, give me the freedom to take a nap anytime.
I’m inherently troublesome, a musky. To get serious like this, to hurry finding a solution until worn me out, it’s not me at all.
I even wasn’t serious even years after years under the cruel treatment of Kuon house.
Even Samaka-san who has only met me once also told 《It wasn’t like me》


『Sorry, Samaka-san, I think I wasn’t as usual for a while』(Arge)

『As long as you understand.
…Actually, well done.
You already submerge the ship, the pirates can no longer withdraw or have the mean to attack the town.
We will win easily from here』(Samaka)


Samaka-san laughed and released my hand.
He mushroom hair is still disturbing, but he seems to be determined.
He spread his hand to the front.


『I can’t let the guest work alone for my problem.
Let’s clean up this up quickly!』(Samaka)


It is a gag-like gesture I saw somewhere, but it’s still somewhat cool.
With that word, his surrounding air changes, he is definitely a good lord.
He can definitely protect this town with his hands just like I thought when you came to Arlesha for the first time.
That’s why I will act as usual as well.


『Haa, it’s troublesome, let’s finish this early』(Arge)


The silver hair loli vampire who thinks about nothing but sleep, always frowning with a sleepy face over a meager task.
Let’s stay here as Argento Vampir.

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    • Well … it’s not because a dragon sleep almost all time is not a dragon. And if you steep in his tail … he will go on rampage ! Like Argento.


  1. suggestion:
    There was no longer gentle scenery I saw {recently after}->{when I just recently} reincarnated as a vampire.

    And even though I told them to bring the injured, but I don’t feel like staying still.
    {}->{And also} It is more efficient to get the soldiers to bring the injured to a fixed place.

    I’m sick of screams, anger, cannon shell and {corruption}->{corrupted laughter}(from the pirates) sounds.

    I feel sick because {it’s broking}->{it has broke in} without permission unreasonably.

    I rushed up {}->{along/to} the walls of the house, speed up, speed up more to get rid of the riot around as I came up to the port.

    He mushroom hair is still disturbing, but he seems to be determined.
    {I}->{He} spread his hand to the front.

    always frowning with a sleepy face {with a troublesome}->{over a meager/troublesome/small} task.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you 😊.
    I see what’s happening here. Her mind and body are the port, but her heart is still on The Dark Continent/wherever it is the dark elves are.
    Now we just have to wait for the fiery fox.


    • Yes, that’s why even with her over power cheat, she wasn’t that strong compare to other vampires.

      Her Blood Arm can change 1 drop of blood to a chain.
      Imagine if she really kill 1 person like other vampires, get 5 liter of blood = 5000ml = 5000 drops of blood = 5000 chains to capture or kill 5000 soldiers.

      The only shortcoming is blood, her magical power is lvl 10, she can’t run out of magical power (MP)

      Her blood contract is also lvl 10, imagine if she contract over 9000 soldiers / monsters and boost them a great deal of power.

      Liked by 1 person

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