Arge Chapter 158: Guide destination

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Arge Chapter 158: Guide destination



『Fuwa …』(Arge)


Unconsciousness, I raised an admired voice with the amazing sight.
The view from the window was amazing.
After handing the letter from Kutira, I was officially accepted as a goodwill ambassador after Samaka-san checked the letter.

I was invited to the capital city of Subaru Kingdom on a fine carriage dedicated for Subaru and spent a couple of days traveling.
To be honest, I still pretty much concerned about Kuzuha-chan’s group, but with this unexpected situation, I had no choice but to ride with it.


『This is the capital of our country, Alkione, goodwill ambassador』(Subaru)


Samaka-san sitting next to me explains it as supplementing.
The townscape of the capital was quite different from Arlesha in the atmosphere.
Arlesha, a port town which is the center of trade, was full of lively and salty winds.
However, in this city, there is a smell of calm and well-balanced stones.

Although it is certain that both are prosperous, for the capital, as a matter of fact, all the people here are well-dressed and dignified.
The arrangement of the roads and the houses are also orderly, and I feel at ease somehow.


『…As expected of the capital, the cityscape is really beautiful!』(Arge)

『Well, since my grandfather’s grandfather’s time and also my grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s time, we have never allowed any foreign enemies invade us…
It seems that the other generation was under wartime with the empire, but the empire’s blade had never reached this place』(Subaru)


As expected to be the center of a major power, the defense seems to be quite sturdy.
As I’m admiring the well-organized townscape, the horse-drawn carriage advances.
Passengers deeply lower their heads towards the carriage, make me realize the reign of Subaru-san.

The coach went on while he was dazzling and eventually reached the royal castle.


『Well, allow me to guide you inside of the castle directly』(Subaru)

『……thank you very much』(Arge)


I obediently express my gratitude with a soft smile and nod.
From the story I heard from Samaka-san, I thought the Subaru-san was more cold, sharp and selfish.
However, he actually talked gently, he smelled nice, better than I thought, or rather he looked charming with natural blurring.

However, I didn’t forget about the change in the atmosphere when I met him in Arlesha.
He seems not to be a cold person, but as a matter of fact, he probably thinks of reign.
That’s why he was able to hold a strong person like Samaka-san as a subordinate.


『Samaka-san, you are the lord of Arlesha and the queen this time has a capital at the bottom of the ocean… I will leave it to you』(Subaru)

『Please leave it to me, I will write a reply letter as soon as possible』(Samaka)

『Prepare a seal and wait for it.
Leave the explanation to others in the castle to me』(Subaru)

『Yes, your majesty…!』(Samaka)


Although Samaka-san wasn’t even in battle, he was replied with respect and serious to Subaru-san. And I was reminded of our conversation that he was loyal and respect Subaru-san.

While thinking, I followed Subaru and got off the carriage.
As a matter of course, many people gathered to welcome him back, but the Subaru-san treated it lightly and he went into his Castle with only me in the name of guiding the guest.


『As expected the ministers and the maids are too noisy…
They are noisy even when I returned from the inspection』(Subaru)

『You are loved』(Arge)

『Because this is the resting place for Subaru, I can’t sleep with confidence unless I’m loved』(Subaru)

『I think that is really important』(Arge)


There is a danger of assassination etc. after all Subaru is a King. And it’s important that the surrounding subordinates are reliable partners.
As I was convinced, Subaru made a difficult face.


『Well … Well, recently a little, due to a certain flower I cannot be careless』(Subaru)


『… you don’t need to worry about it, goodwill ambassador… let’s stay silent』(Subaru)


Perhaps he was not honest when he said it was nothing.
If I don’t feel like Subaru wants to talk about it, so, I will not ask for it because it’s bad to pry.


『Well, then goodwill ambassador ……』(Subaru)

『Well, that way of calling is a bit uncomfortable, can you call me by name?』(Arge)

『… Argento, is it okay?』(Subaru)

『Well, it’s better than Vampyr-chan, I don’t mind if you call me Arge』(Arge)

『Let’s go well, allow me to guide you, Arge』(Subaru)


It’s uncomfortable to be called with a title that I just thought of, as I’m not used to it.
I appreciate that he accept it and decide to let the Subaru guide me.
It’s quite luxurious as a guide but considers the situation I will just accept it.

The Castle was wide and it took a considerable amount of time to guide.
It was such a construction of a 【medieval castle】
It wasn’t a boring time because I was able to look around in the mood like being in sightseeing.


『…Ahuu』(Arge’s yawn)

『Mmm, are you sleepy, Arge?』(Subaru)

『Oh, I’m sorry… I am sleepy because I have not slept for 30 hours today』(Arge)


『not yet』(Arge)


Unfortunately, there isn’t a day with 30 hours, so it’s a goal I could never do.
Subaru-san had a subtle face to my words and eventually nodded as he thought of something.


『I will allow it, you can come here』(Subaru)



While I did not understand the translation, my hand was held.
He held my hand gently, his fingers were rather soft as if they were of a woman, despite his neutral appearance.
As I was surprised by such a feeling, I was pulled by the Subaru.
He leads me to the inside of an unknown building that he didn’t explain in the guide yet.

And then Subaru stopped in front of a room.


『This is my bedroom, we still have time until the dinner, so it’s better for you to have a rest』(Subaru)

『…… Uhm, is that okay?』(Arge)


Subaru’s room is his private space.
Since he should be quite busy as he is the king. It should be the only space where he can calm down, and although I have spent a couple of days with him on the horse carriage, I am just an acquaintance.
Was it good that I could freely use his bedroom?


『If I let the goodwill ambassador get tired with proper rest, I can’t be hospitable』(Subaru)


Subaru-san said that with a refreshing tone and he opened the door, invited me in.
The room is really the room of the person who rules a country, interior good quality could be seen as the first-class items.
Since I often saw it when I was at Kuon’s house, I can tell at a glance whether it’s a luxury item if it’s about beds and beddings.
This room is definitely the room that Subaru wants to sleep in.


『I will lend you a bed, do not hesitate to sleep』(Subaru)

『Well … well then, I will take up on your offer…』(Arge)


Even me, who always wishes to take a nap, still know to withhold in this situation, but Subaru himself doesn’t seem to care at all.
I think that it might be rude to refuse, so I decide to jump (metaphor) into the guided bed.


『Fu~a … Oh, how great, it’s pleasant…』(Arge)

『Of course it’s the King’s bed after all』(Subaru)


It’s been a long time that I could have such a fluffy bed. The last time may have been when I was still in Kuon’s house.
Not only they have the fancy appearance, but the bed and beddings are also very soft, it’s embracing me as I relax on it.

Arge love Bed 2

I completely forgot to refrain and tried it out. I could feel the fragrance of the sun on the bed.


『Oh… such warmth… In the future like this, I want to sleep every day in such a fluffy bed…』(Arge)

Arge love Bed 1

『I want to be fed on the bedside three meals a day…
I would rather sleep here forever…Fue …』(Arge)

Arge love Bed 3.jpg

It may have been because of various things happen that make me tired.
In a blink of an eye, my consciousness fades.

Arge Cover 2
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  1. little typo:
    『Well, it’s better than “Vanpyr”->”vampyr”-chan, I don’t mind if you call me Arge』(Arge)


  2. Thank you, thank youuuuuu 🙂☺️.
    I’m happy whenever Arge has an easy and relaxing time. 😂😂 The irresistible bed 🤣🤣.


  3. Thank you for the update~

    Arge is going to be kidnapped… Eheheheheheh… Or just Subaru loves Cute loli even though she’s a woman…Thanks for the spoiler Loli O Mamoritai.

    That reminds me, are you going to continue translating Mira?


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