Arge Chapter 162: Something I don’t see for a long time.

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Arge Chapter 162: Something I don’t see for a long time.



『I showed an embarrassing sight』(Aoba)


King’s Castle garden.
In a place where we can feel the night wind, Aoba-san lowered her head.


『No, I was a little surprised, but I glad that you are okay』(Arge)


After bringing her out of the bath and adjusting her physical condition with recovery magic.
I was invited by Aoba-san for a walk in the evening.
For now, I am the goodwill ambassador from R’lyeh so I can go sightseeing freely.
And I can not afford to sleep after all that.
In the first place, the current time is midnight.
In other words, I have no particular plans and there’s no reason to refuse so we went for a walk.


『…but still, I can’t shake off the habit of human beings.
… Alraune is weak to the heat … I never knew it』(Aoba)


Aoba seems to be shy as she says that.
I think that she was trying to say something to me in the bath a while ago but I wasn’t able to listen to it.

However, at least for me, I somewhat understand that our small promise is very important to her.


『Sorry, Aoba-san, I promised and I couldn’t fulfill it』(Arge)


I apologize obediently and lower my head.
It was a small thing for me, but for Aoba-san, that promise had a big meaning.
To the point that she can end her life.

If so, I think I should apologize.
Although it wasn’t what I wanted, I couldn’t do it otherwise at the house of Kuon.
And I had slept forever.
I couldn’t tell anyone goodbye and left that world in my sleep.

That is now, it’s very strange that we can talk in this way.
Still, we are now facing each other.
I can apologize for the promise I’ve put to the past where I can’t return anymore.
It seemed like precious things.


『… I do not mind, because we could meet again.
You have been looking like a flower much more than in those days.
The scenery I wanted to see is now… surely here』(Aoba)

『……Thank you』(Arge)

『But, it’s no use…
When we are facing each other this way, my selfish self will come out.
A bad mind will sprout』(Aoba)

『Bad…, heart…? is that so…?』(Arge)

Because, during that time, flowers were blooming somewhere not in this world and I wanted you to see it…
…But what I care right now is just that you are in front of me.
I want to see you closer. It’s such a feeling…』(Aoba)

『… Aoba san』(Arge)


She seems to be reluctant as she tries to express her feelings and I get closer to her next to nature.
My outstretched hand touches the flower blooming on her shoulder.
Did she have such a feeling? Somehow I have a tickling mood.
The words that I said naturally were the feelings from my own heart.


『Actually, I don’t think it’s strange.
If one hope is fulfilled, we will hope for the next one.
I think that having a lot of goals and doing what we want to do isn’t a bad thing』(Arge)

『… Ginshi-san』(Aoba)

『It’s Arge, Argento Vampyr, I like the name better now』(Arge)



Even with acquaintances from long ago, I don’t want to be called with my old name.
After all, I wasn’t fit in that world.
And right now, I feel comfortable to be here as Argento Vampyr.
However, the fact that I had the name Kuon Ginshi is also an undeniable fact.
It is also a past that I can’t throw away.
And the person who knows about that past is in front of me right now.
If so, I’m sure I should fulfill the promise I had left on that day.


『… Aoba-san … I know it was late, but let’s go and see the (Sakura Hanami) cherry-blossom viewing …
I know a good place, the place where cherry blossoms bloom beautifully 【Sakuranomiya】』(Arge)

『Sakuranomiya… It’s the capital of the Republic, I have heard of it』(Aoba)

『Yes, I came to this world, I saw many things, I met many people …
I was able to make even many beautiful memories different than my past』(Arge)


The people who I met after reincarnating and the place I dropped in were carved into my memories so vividly that they could remember vividly.
My goal was still to have three meals a day and nap anytime.
And sometimes, there were times when I faced a lot of problems, but there were lots of fun things as well.


『If you listen to it, I think Aoba-san will change your feeling about me as a bud』(Arge)

『… you also grew greedy.』(Aoba)

『That may be the case』(Arge)


We smile naturally at each other and that voice disappears in the night sky.
We were comfortable even our body after soaking in hot water was getting cold, we faced each other.
I’m sure that we exchange words more naturally than when I was at the Kuon family.
I think so.


『… …?』(Arge)


That’s why my sense of smell reacted sensitively to something disturbed that pleasure.
The smell I felt was obviously unpleasant and I remembered it well.
It irritates my nose to pierce, a cold smell.




It’s the smell of machine and oil in Richelle’s territory.
The moment I realized it, I was looking up at the sky.


『Arge-san, what’s the matter?』(Aoba)

『… There is something I have to say to Aoba-san』(Arge)


『…It seems that we are not the only from Kuon family in this world』(Arge)


It came at the moment I spoke that word.
Something came down from the sky, accompanied by a sound that cuts the atmosphere.
And the hit of the blow destroyed the silence of the night.

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  1. Thank you for the extra.
    That hateful thing making a visit. I wonder if it’s a raid or a scheduled visit. Judging from it’s bombastic “docking”, there is a high probability that it’s the former.


  2. suggestion:
    habit of human beings.
    … {Arlaune}->{alraune} is weak to the heat … I never knew it』(Aoba)


    • I thought I already translated the part Aoba think Kuon family as Garbage because Arge/Ginshi died.
      And the part Aoba wants her forest to be independence after helping the Kingdom?
      And the part 3 japanese dogs Shiba, Akita, Spitz said their master-mind is father (male)?


  3. i have worthless son(talentless) and daughter(suicide) and because of that I also feel this world is worthless, so i get a chance to be reincarnated at other world.


    • i’ll train a group of men that will not embarassed me like my son and daughter before life. and they will obey every order i give. (and so come the trio doggies failed one and successful one)


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