Arge Chapter 163: Hatred comes from the sky

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Maybe I stop translate for so long that readers forget:

1, Aoba is the queen of Sherwood, a forest in the Kingdom. She allied with Subaru in exchange for her forest to become independence.

2, 3 Japanese doggies Shiba, Akita Spitz said their master is “Father” = Male (T.N: Oh, how I hate him but It’s Arge, she might not kill him again like other hateful characters)

3, Aoba thought Kuon family and her life in the Earth is worthless. Why bother to work for some worthless thing.


And Most important is what she said about Kuon family in this chapter.

Arge Chapter 163: Hatred comes from the sky





The scenery I saw in royal castle garden was trampled, it’s a raid.
What suddenly fell from the sky was something different from what I saw in the Dark Elf territory.




Just as Aoba-san says.
It was huge coffins made of some kind of metal.
An innumerable coffin destroyed the house and part of the wall of the royal castle just by falling.
Then the lid of the coffins open and the ones coming out of it started attacking the inhabitants of the castle city without mercy.


『No way… Vampires?』(Arge)


The Raiders are just like me, have pure white skin and long ears.
There were certainly the sharp, pointed fangs in their mouths that attacked people in the castle town and set their fangs on their neck.
Their crimson eyes dwell much more crazy light than mine and they move into the night town.
Their number was countless, and it was a size that could be called an army.
The castle city had become a terrible fuss because of the sudden attacks of obviously dangerous creatures.
The city can not even prepare for a counterattack, people are attacked and got blood sucked.




I was reminded of the other day and I got a cold choking.
On Demon Continent, the raiders who attacked the settlements of the Dark Elves in their land ruled by Richelle-san.

And before that, the dog-named three were talking about things about vampires and wanted to catch me alive at first.

There must be a relationship between the vampires who have lost their sanity in front of us and those who came to dark elf hunting.
Above all, the emblem on the open coffin was undoubtedly a family crest of Kuon family.


『Laurel flower family crest…
It certainly means we will see such an abominable thing in this world…』(Aoba)


『… I am in a friendly relationship with the Kingdom of Pleiades as Queen Alraune, I will not overlook the crisis of my friend』(Aoba)


Aoba-san said in a dignified voice and readied for combat.
From the magical power that I felt in my skin, I could understand that she was out of the common.
As Aoba is also a reincarnate, it seems that she was given great power just like me.


『I love Laurel flower.
But I didn’t want to see that crest ever again.
It was like a sin that exposed to me…
No matter how many I break it, it will not be enough…』(Aoba)


Lighted by the light of the moon, the petals coloring her body shake.
Aoba-san stretched out her hand with a relaxed movement and shake it casually.
At the moment the bell on her head rings *chirin*, her myriad ivy spread from her wrist and captured the vampires.


『I hear that vampires are racially rugged, I’m going to destroy rather than kill…』(Aoba)


Aoba-san exerted his strength with full power.
The captured vampires are swayed by the ivy and are beaten up to the stone floor, made a dull sound under the night sky.
No matter how rugged vampires are.
If they got beaten repeatedly many times, there would get damaged.
However, vampires have something to escape the physical capturing.


『Aoba-san, some vampires can become fog…!』(Arge)

『… It seems like that…
There were some 【missed】 sensations.
Okay, Arge-san, please close your nose for a moment』(Aoba)


Aoba-san doesn’t seem to care and changes her method.
A dense scent rose from Aoba-san’s flowers with a sound like spraying.
As I heard her warning, I blocked my nose in a hurry.
The vampires who became the mist to escape the ivy restraint reveal their shape and falling to the ground.
Looking at the situation, Aoba-san nodded in satisfaction.


『They seem to have a good nose. But I’m good at dealing with scents as well』(Aoba)

『Aoba-san, just now you are…』(Arge)

『It’s a magic flower…
A powerful flower scent among the flowers blooming in this world.
The effect is different depending on the type, but this time the flower scent will make people lost conscious just by sniffing…』(Aoba)

『… Alraune is amazing, right?』(Arge)


I have come to this world for a few months, I had met several races, but this is the first time I saw plant people.
Aoba-san used the style of fighting of the race called Alraune with flowers and ivy is becoming after she reincarnated.
She probably chose it herself.
For reincarnation, you will be given a second chance.

In addition to me, Miko-san told me that even she didn’t know the details but there was someone else did the reincarnation from another person of Kuon.
Aoba-san is probably a reincarnation from that jurisdiction.


『It’s indeed amazing.
You can praise me.
Or rather, please praise me.
Flowers are nothing but love, right?』(Aoba)

『Well … it’s terrifying, as expected of Aoba-san』(Arge)

『Tee hee hee… ♪』(Aoba)


Aoba-san smiles in a good mood, the flowers that color her body are swaying.
Meanwhile, her hand that manipulates the ivy has not been loosened.
She was glad because she was praised but she didn’t forget to keep flowers in front of us.

While Aoba-san was dealing with vampires, the army of the Kingdom seemed to regain control, and the battle began at various places.
After all, this is the capital of the country. The soldiers must be excellent as well.


『Anyway … is this raid …?』(Arge)

『I guess from the empire. The only country has a hostile relationship with the Kingdom.
And only the Empire that doesn’t care a thing about fighting in the capital like this』(Aoba)

『…That means there is a person of Kuon family in the empire, isn’t it?』(Arge)

『Unfortunately, it seems to be like that…
Haa~, they only just bring shame wherever they go…』(Aoba)


Putting her palm on her temple, Aoba-san talks with a tired voice.
Her sigh is rather heavy.
It’s rather surprising.
Aoba-san is someone who had a proper place in the Kuon family.
For her to think about Kuon family like this.


『…What’s wrong?』(Aoba)

『No, it is kind of surprising that Aoba-san says bad things about Kuon family』(Arge)

『As I mentioned earlier, it’s a rotten family that has made up a world judging you as worthless.
Even I used to have a consciousness that I was indebted and I didn’t want to be worthless… but I didn’t like it at all』(Aoba)

『Is that so…?』(Arge)

『Well, at least the value of the flowers is different depending on the viewer.
I like any kind of flower…
The Kuon family might have their own sense of value that doesn’t want to decorate a bud like when you are still alive.
However, I’m allowed things such as cutting beautiful flowers like this.
It can be said to be nonsense.
That artistry doesn’t sit well with me』(Aoba)


Aoba-san grips her fingers as she says so.

…So, she can have such a face.

She was calmer than when she was in Kuon family and she was still able to tell a joke.
She now seems to be a little childish than that, but she still looks fun.
She was sorry to know that our appointment wasn’t fulfilled, even when she was doing well with the Kuon family.
Is that her reason for her reincarnation?


『…It’s noisy!』(Subaru)

『Oh, your majesty』(Aoba)

『I don’t think that it will be such a thing.
That is our hostile country… and an engineer from the empire…
They have that crest carved into their own weapon』(Subaru)

『Ah, as expected…』(Arge)


We heard the words from the king as she pointed to the Kuon family crest and we fully understood.
It’s nothing but a show of power of that crest.
In other words, the empire really has a stakeholder of Kuon family.
No, he is rather a formal official, right?


『You could say that they used reinforced vampire soldiers, deprive their own will and raised their abilities…』(Arge)

『It is better to investigate the details later.
This is the first time for our country to be attacked in the capital, which is a stain, a humiliation.
Where did they come from?』(Subaru)

『Subaru-san, uhm… maybe they are coming from the sky』(Arge)

『Excuse me…? It looks like there is nothing』(Subaru)

As the king says, there is only a night sky.
But I already know.
This is probably 【Technique】 from our world combined with this world.
Airship and stealth.
It’s not only science but also magic. It’s probably made using technology like the Magic Artifact in this world.


『They have dropped the coffins to this place in a state that we can’t see with our naked eyes』(Arge)

『I also saw where those coffins come from, my king. What she said is correct』(Aoba)

『… It’s troublesome, but… if it’s really there, I can still shoot it down』(Subaru)


Subaru-san said that and then she pulled out the sword in her waist.
The blade which exposed to the night wind has indigo color and several stamped markings.
A beautiful sword that seems to be used in ceremonial.
As Subaru-san points it to heaven, she speaks.


『I will show you the stars』(Subaru)


Just as her king title, her words are dignified.
That voice passed through the night sky and shook the stars.
The glow of the sword became brighter.


『Subaru-san, that sword…』(Arge)

『Magic Artifact, 【King castle’s Star Sword】
Arge, don’t get away from my side』(Subaru)



My shoulder was abruptly hugged by Subaru-san’s other, and my voice leaked out unintentionally.
Without looking at me, the king after closing her distance looked up to heaven.


『My memory is perfect, I remember everyone in my territory.
The only friendly vampire is Arge.
Everything in the sky is my enemies』(Subaru)

『Eh…, is that so?』(Arge)

『Hmm, those smugglers are spread everywhere…
I just need to remember my men. My guardian sword will not attack them.
For now, my target is all the vampires outside my arm and the entire sky!!』(Subaru)


The shining of the sword has increased even more, and the stars in the sky have shone as if to respond to it.
I remember this feeling.
The magical power that I feel on my skin is as if the atmosphere itself is trying to use magic.
And it’s not the evil magical power.

It seems like the power handled by Mutsuki-san, the vampire lord on the Demon Continent.
Outside of the standard, his Magic Artifact is the earth itself.
What I feel now is close to it.


『A sword of absolute monarchy that converges the light of the star and judges everything.
No one allows bringing harm in my castle and city』(Subaru)

『Well, it seems better to face down,… I feel a terrify magical power』(Arge)

『You should do that, too Aoba
… The judgment of the stars!
Let the foolish know the majesty of the king!』(Subaru)


Subaru swung the sword from a high degree down.
A sword swung vertically to the stone pavement and makes a shrill sound.
And indeed the judgment was handed down.

Several lights fall down from the sky, penetrating the vampires on the ground.
The vampires who were hit by the light turned to ash in an instant.
In other words, those lights have the Holy attribute, the same as Felnote-san.
The Light accurately penetrated only the enemy army.
Although they may destroy walls, they all attack the enemy and don’t harm the people of the capital at all.



『 The range is restricted to my castle and the city, it’s a defensive weapon…
Indeed, it was just like Arge said, they are in the sky』(Subaru)


Even while Subaru’s voice was echoing, the judgment from heaven didn’t stop.
The light of the star tore away the sky and crushed the huge shadow that was hiding its figure in the sky.
It seems that stealth function was also removed by being destroyed.
A huge lump of iron revealed its appearance in the starry sky.


『I praise you for having hidden well without dirtying the starry sky with an uncanny figure.
But the sky is one with the stars
This royal castle is the place where I can always see the stars.
In other words, this night sky means there are more of you in hiding.
Just stay there, I will show you, not a rain of blessing but punishment for a sin that has caused disaster in my country…


After exposing the stealth, Subaru-san’s aim was more accurate.
The light of the star was no longer hit the airship randomly but hit it from all directions.
Finally, the airship’s hull bulged and exploded in the sky.


『The shards will be dangerous, don’t you think?』(Aoba)


Aoba-san started moving to stop to the fragment from the airship that was exploded and caught by gravity.
We know about the technology of an airship.
We know that things that are used are probably minerals such as iron and it is dangerous if the debris falls to the ground.
Out of nowhere, no, perhaps it was hidden in her body, Aoba took out the flower seeds.


『Bloom as my will』(Aoba)


As the words were spun, the seeds from her palm grew instantaneously.
The budding plant stretches the ivy and becomes like Aoba-san additional limb.
Numerous ivy response to the falling fragments and catch them before the debris is hit on the ground.

Her behavior was calm and it made me feel like she is used to it.


『Aoba-san seems to be accustomed to using Ivy』(Arge)

『Since I came to this world, I had faced several dangers.
As the result, I get used to it, it’s the same as flower arrangement, I need to cut waste』(Aoba)

『Haa … is it so?』(Arge)


Aoba who speaks like it’s nothing, but to be honest it’s abnormal.
At the Kuon family, we were all given some swordsmanship, etc, but the house only cared about the best talent.
As my memory served, Aoba-san had been recognized as a genius for Flower Arrange since the young age.
So she should have spent time only on the flower arrangement, her original combat capability should be low.
I wonder if Aoba-san, who can perform her battle skill as if it’s nothing, is also one of the high talents as a human being of Kuon house.


『It just means that things are different…』(Arge)


Unlike me, who only get the ability after reincarnated.
Aoba-san was so talented that she was originally recognized by the Kuon house.
The cheat is different in the failing person and the outstanding girl.
It would be better to not make her an enemy.
While idly considering such a thing, I was following the movement of Aoba-san.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    Whose the Demon and the Beastkin in the picture? Are they characters we are going to meet in the empire?


  2. suggestion:
    『Excuse me…? It looks like {}->{there is} nothing』(Subaru)

    『I also saw {that}->{where those coffins come} from, my king. What she said is correct』(Aoba)

    『Since I came to this world, I had faced {dangerous several}->{several dangers}.


    • the race called {Arlaune}->{Alraune} with flowers and ivy is becoming {}->{her weapons} after she reincarnated.


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