Arge Chapter 164: The sky of the night has ended

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Arge Chapter 164: The night sky has ended


In the castle town which people have been working all night, there were still traces of battle remaining.
Subaru-san’s Magic Artifact 【King Castle Star Sword】 has dealt with all invaders without harming her people.
However, the impact of the falling coffins and the scratches due to the previous battle were certainly there.
While looking at the reconstruction work in a relaxed manner, Subaru-san started talking.


『Hmm, for the capital to be attacked like this…
It was such a provocative action』(Subaru)

『Is that so?』(Arge)

『We have been in the state of war for a long time.
But we were gathering information about our military and glared at each other.
This Star Sword has been transmitted by my royal family for generations.
Even the enemy should have known about its power.
They should know that they wouldn’t get anywhere by sending those 【Mystery】 vampires.
…But they did, it was just like saying 【You can always kill them】』(Subaru)

『Haa, I see』(Arge)


I do not know what country’s abominable arts are, but I can understand a bit if Subaru-san explains so.
In other words, yesterday is just a matter of greeting, they are not even serious yet.


『They were looking down on us…』(Subaru)

『Well then, my King. Is that also including me?』(Aoba)

『Of course, just as they wish, we will start a total war…
And you will be helping us, Queen of Sherwood』(Subaru)

『Of course, there is a delicious condition that my land will be independent as well.
It’s hard to handle Sherwood’s creature because they are non-human, but let’s keep it.
Because we are not good at weapons, please use it as you see fit』(Aoba)

『… Mu?
… Wait, Aoba.
Are you not going to command?』(Subaru)


Even though Subaru-san is surprised, Aoba-san just calmly nods.


『Of course.
I am just a flower.
And this is a really really serious war…』(Aoba)

『…Are you really planning to do something else?』(Subaru)

『Oh my, isn’t that fine?』(Aoba)


Aoba-san smiled and licked her tongue. The king breathed a heavy sigh.
Apparently, it seems that Subaru-san has been already through a lot with Aoba-san.
From what Aoba-san told me last night, she seems to be in the position of the Queen who governs the forest called Sherwood now.
She was promised to acquire the independent state for her forest, in exchange she would cooperate with Subaru-san.
She was calm when she was in Kuon family or rather she was quiet…
Well, look like 『human being』of the Kuon family still couldn’t be true with themselves.


『At ease, my king.
I’m not doing anything without thought.
I am but a flower, a nice flower.
So, don’t you like a bouquet of flowers as the proof of our friendship?』(Aoba)

『… speak briefly, your words are sometimes too far around』(Subaru)

『Let 【us】 enter the empire and bring down the emperor over there, so the war will end easily』(Aoba)




『Excuse me, Aoba-san, are you saying 【now】?』(Arge)

『Yes, I said so』(Aoba)

『…And was it just me or I really heard 【us】?』(Arge)

『Of course, if there is only one flower, I can’t say it as a bouquet』(Aoba)


How can she say such a thing suddenly with a straight face?
This is a new beginning for me.
My purpose is to take a nap and have an easy life, so I don’t want to go to war with complacency or something.
Perhaps it was showing on my face or something.
Aoba-san gently came closer to me.


『Gin… Arge-san.
There is no doubt that there are people of Kuon in the empire.
It’s a nuisance from our original world, we should clean up』(Aoba)

『I am afraid of that kind of trouble.
I want to sleep gently and I want to live quietly…』(Arge)


A while back, I was driven by a strange feeling of frustration, but my basic policy is this.
Therefore, I don’t want to engage in the act of war in the first place, so, I am honestly reluctant to be told to participate honestly.
Moreover, that role is like an assassin, it’s a forced military that cannot expect prompt support.


『Could you still be able to say such a thing if the world became rough?
Besides, I am trying to develop a country called Sherwood.
The reason why I want to live and enjoy flowers』(Aoba)

『… that』(Arge)

『If we end up this battle, how about I let Arge-san taking a leisurely life in my forest?』(Aoba)



What shall I do, it’s a nice deal.
It overturned my thoughts of a few seconds ago.
In other words, if I help Aoba-san clear up this work.
I can ask her to provide me with a relaxing life.
It depends on the position of the forest, but the nature of this world is beautiful, there are many good places to take a nap.
If I have fruit etc., I will not be bothered by meals.
If I can be relaxed there, it’s just like that my hope becomes true.


『Apparently, right now you are a vampire, the race wants blood.
If you are okay with Alraune’s one, I will provide it』(Aoba)

『…Is that ok?』(Arge)

『It may be closer to sap or honey than blood though』(Aoba)


This world’s vampire drinks blood because they are seeking their opponent’s magical power.
In other words, if there is magical power flowing, whether it’s an Alraune or a human, any kind of blood is irrelevant.


『Besides, you know it, right?
There’s a single man of Kuon family on the other side.
So, this is a calculation that two of us can win』(Aoba)

『…I’m not a human of Kuon family』(Arge)


Kuon family doesn’t admit what isn’t excellent.
And I wasn’t excellent.
In other words, I’m not a human being.
I’m dead, unnecessary and trashed.
Aoba-san should be knowing this as well.


『No, you were surely a human of Kuon.
You just happened to be broken before flowering』(Aoba)

『… I think you buy (metaphor) me too high』(Arge)


Somehow, for a long time, she has always looked straight at me.
She gave me flowers while everyone diverted their eyes, the eyes that looked at dirty things, and the eyes of compassion.
Hanako was also watching me firmly, but she is a maid, not a man of Kuon.
I’m a Kuon’s human being, she was talking seriously about me.


『…Kuon, isn’t it?』(Arge)


The name I got on my previous life.
Kuon Ginshi, my past self.
Even though sometimes I dreamed about it, I thought that I would not hear it anymore.
I never thought that I would listen to it again.


『Mu, is that a secret story? Could you fill me in?』(Subaru)

『No, it’s not even a secret … but …』(Arge)


Subaru-san isn’t a stakeholder in Kuon family.
It’s a story of another world in the first place, so I don’t speak.
She will not understand anything rather than a secret story.


『…Hmm, that’s it.
You want to finish my work as my wife?』(Subaru)

『 The story suddenly flew away to another direction』(Arge)

『Hoo…, just a moment. What does a 【wife】 mean?』(Aoba)

『Ah, somehow I think you make a terrible misunderstanding』(Arge)


I had a feeling that it would be troublesome to process the bomb dropped by the king with a natural feeling.
In fact, it was a troublesome talk.


『It’s simple. We will get married』(Subaru)

『Will get married? Hee… Just what does this mean?』(Aoba)

『Eh, well … it will be like that for the time being』(Arge)

『…Hoo… I don’t understand for a moment… would you please explain it properly?』(Aoba)


Somehow, Aoba-san is so scary.
Even though her face is laughing, I feel a bottomless signature from behind.
Or, obviously ivy squirts.


『Hm, it’s what it means…
In brief summary, her existence will be of great benefit』(Subaru)

『…A flower is a thing to love, my King… Do you intend to use Gin… Arge-san like a tool?』(Aoba)

『No, before that. I already fell in love with her, the benefit is simply just a bonus』(Subaru)

『It’s still the first day you meet…!』(Aoba)

『It’s strange.
It was you who told me that love is a falling thing, it will naturally happen』(Subaru)

『Ugu… that.
It’s hard to get angry when you say so…』(Aoba)


It seems that Aoba-san also part of the reason why Subaru-san came to the conclusion that she is going to get married to me.
Come to think of it, so, it’s our Alraune-san who said what.
When I was pondering, my body was pulled by her.
I have no time to react with the sudden event and I was hugged by Aoba-san.




Her body pressed against me, it was tender, just like a plant.
The fluffy and scents belong to the flowers that color her body.
It was complicated and badly sweet. It’s somewhat nostalgic, I guess because it’s Aoba-san’s smell.


『…Anyway, my king, I will go with this person to the empire.
Arge-san is also fine with it, RIGHT?』(Aoba)


Why did you need to embrace me when you talked?
I had my doubt, but I decided to quit because pursuing it seems to be scary.
As usual her tentacles… I mean the ivy is swaying and Aoba’s eyes are clearly angry.
Look at her in the hugged state, I talk.


『…I don’t want to kill people, to be honest』(Arge)

『It’s not like we need to assassinate. We only need to suppress him… and… have some talk, right?』(Aoba)

『…Yes, I understand』(Arge)


There is still something disturbing in my heart.
However, it’s true that I’m concerned about the person of Kuon family in the Empire.
I still don’t know well the word 【make your own thought】 from Miko-san.
Still, right now, in order to solve this question, it seemed that the choice of staying with Aoba-san was right.


『… Is it really good?
It’s not an assassination.
But you still have to get on enemy territory with a small number, you can’t afford to get local support』(Subaru)

『I do not mind… And my king, have you not expected it in the first place?』(Aoba)

『…You mean even if you fail, our troops will not be reduced?』(Subaru)


The strategy Aoba-san thought of has a little disadvantage to the Kingdom.
Investment and talent are unnecessary and it doesn’t hurt or itch at the point of failure.

Subaru-san thinks about it and understands that much.
She is just asking if it’s really good.
After all, her essence is a nice and kind person.
Maybe Aoba-san also likes Subaru-san quite a bit.

Although both of them are realists, they are very similar in their honesty.
That is why the two of them cooperated.


『Fufufu. That’s what I wanted.
Because the harsh environment makes the flowers blooming more pretty』(Aoba)


In Aoba-san’s arms who laugh with plenty of confidence, I quietly sighed.
I want to take a nap and live a comfy life, but now I have to do some infiltration with my acquaintance from my previous life.
The future trip seems to be tough.

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    『Of course.
    I am just a flower.
    {Ann}->{And} this is a really really serious war…』(Aoba)

    whether it’s an {Arlaune}->{alraune} or a human, any kind of blood is irrelevant.

    『It’s strange.
    It was you who told {you}->{me} that love is a falling thing, it will naturally happen』(Subaru)


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