Arge Chapter 165: The Living and the Living.

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T.N: By the way, this is the last chapter of this ARC. Next Arc is the Republic.

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Arge Chapter 165: The Living and the Living.



『Well, although there are stories to accumulate, let’s first confirm the journey』(Aoba)

『I agree』(Arge)


Of course, it will be about each other’s previous life.
Aoba-san and I have been acquaintances from our previous life.
And we know each other pretty well.
There’s not much to be able to talk about.
As I understand that, I obediently nod to her and give priority to what I have to think about now.
If we want to talk about our memories, we can do as much as we can while traveling.

We are now on an evening walk at the King’s garden.
While looking at the flowers bathed in sunlight as the sun rose, we decided to discuss the future plan.


『First of all is the route.
We will enter the Republic and then we will enter the empire from there.
It’s dangerous to go from the Kingdom anyway』(Aoba)

『Well, the Kingdom is at war with the Empire…』(Arge)


Of the countries on this continent, the biggest are the three countries.
They are called the Kingdom, the Empire and the Republic respectively.
The Kingdom and the Empire are hostile against each other but the Republic isn’t.

In other words, it’s easy to move from the Republic to the Empire, no matter what you think.
I have been to the Republic once,
Although it’s not like I have good intuition about land. But I can honestly agree with that opinion.


『As a matter of journeys, like meals, etc. just leave it all to me.
Even though it will just be plants and fruits, but as a queen of Alraune, I can promise a journey without worry about food』(Aoba)

『I see. Speaking of which, even in last night battle, you have grown flowers and ivy from seeds in an instant』(Arge)

『Yes… That’s my skill…
It gives a high concentration of nutrients generated inside the body and also combines magical power to make it possible to grow at a high speed…
It is a rare skill…. even in the Alraune system』(Aoba)

『…As expected, it’s that, right?』(Arge)

『Yes, I think it’s mutual.
So I’d like to check skills etc. if you do not mind… So?』(Aoba)

『Okay, well, there’s nothing to hide』(Arge)


Even in our previous life, we are quite close.
I know literally what kind of person Aoba is from before I was born here.
Even if I told all of the skills I have, there would be no problem.
So I concluded and I decided to explain to her what I could do.
Of course, Aoba-san also gave me a detailed explanation of the skills she had.


『The storage skill is useful, it seems convenient to be able to freely create weapons even if it consumes blood』(Aoba)

『In fact, storage is pretty handy…
And then again, I also have a Magic Artifact.
It has a spiritual effect of slashing things that don’t have a shape…
It’s highly effective for opponents like vampires or demons』(Arge)

『It’s reliable, I basically use physical attacks.
But if I want, I can make a fake hand that uses magical flora』(Aoba)


As there is a possibility that other vampires will come at us as enemies, I think 【Suiren】 will be a reliable weapon.
The fact that the attack on the Kingdom’s capital last night.
Even though it might just be a provocation, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Empire must have a lot of Vampires at their disposal.
Given the fact that stronger opponents might emerge from now on, it’s the best weapon ever.

Then, as we were checking each other’s ability, someone with swaying golden hair appeared.
It’s Subaru-san, the King of the Kingdom. She walks to us with a dignified appearance.


『Aoba, as you said, I have prepared the horse』(Subaru)

『Thank you, my King』(Aoba)

『Good, but… do you only need the horse?』(Subaru)

『Most things could be managed by our skills that each other has, so the horse will be sufficient』(Aoba)


The food can be solved by Aoba-san and I can store the baggage.
As Aoba says, as long as we have a horse, we can go out without problems.
I feel bad that it’s not Neguseou, but if it’s the horse prepared by the King, it will surely be a good one.


『…I have mixed feeling to let someone on the other side of a goodwill ambassador do something like an assassin and I also planned to marry』(Subaru)

『Even though I said I’m a goodwill ambassador, it was just a promise to deliver a letter with Queen Kutira.
I will leave that matter regarding that to Samaka-san…
And about the marriage… I’m sorry』(Arge)


Actually, it is hard to understand the difficulty of relationships between countries.
The position and letter of goodwill ambassador were passed only by progression.
As for the marriage, I still can’t receive it because it doesn’t match my wishes.
In response to my apology, Subaru-san relaxed nods.


『Good, I accept it.
Broken love is also the best part of love…
It was written in a romance novel I borrowed from Samaka yesterday』(Subaru)

『Haahaa… please do your best』(Arge)


It’s said that the king’s prospect of looking for a marriage partner is hard to come by.
I guess it is probably due to the natural person’s principal.
Regarding color love, I’m also a single that has been imprisoned without experienced love, so I can’t give advice in particular.
After considering, I decided to talk about another topic.


『Well, Subaru-san, apart from that story, I’d like to ask one favor』(Arge)

『…I allow it. You can talk, Arge』(Subaru)

『Well… It’s about someone I know, although it’s a monster.
He is the guardian of the forest and it seems that the poachers are often targeting him and forest animals
So, I wonder if you could do something about it』(Arge)

『… Is this favor as a reward for going to the empire?』(Subaru)

『Yes, once we are done with Empire though
I will write the position of the forest on a map later』(Arge)


The forest that I’m talking about is the place I dropped in before I left this country.
Oswald-kun, the Minotaurus that protects the forest that I don’t know the name.
It’s rich in nature, therefore it’s often targeted by poachers seeking rare medicinal herbs and the like.
I don’t particularly need anything as a reward.
But Oswald-kun lives in the territory of the Kingdom.
In other words, if the King gives her support, the attacks of poachers may become less.


『You don’t have any desire? As expected from someone who was called an Angel』(Subaru)

『No, I’d like to hold back about it for a moment…
Well, that place is where I got indebted so I would like to ask you if possible』(Arge)

『If you want it, I will do it as a reward.
Strengthen the monitoring of the fishery products, make an order/notice about poached, increase penalties, is it acceptable for the time being?』(Subaru)

『Thank you very much』(Arge)


Because I think that it is a sufficient response, I obediently lower my head and say thanks.
After that, Subaru-san left the garden to prepare a map.
The garden again only has me and Aoba-san.
The gentle wind blows, mixes the fragrance of the flower.
When I narrowed my eyes to comfort, the sound of a bell echoed.


『Tee Hee hee』(Aoba)

『What’s wrong?』(Arge)

『No, I am considering the unclear future
Well… I’m looking forward to going to the Republic…』(Aoba)

『…Well, and it was also about our promise』(Arge)

『It is said that cherry blossoms bloom all year round in the capital called Sakuranomiya…
It’s a little lonely that there is no seasonal feeling, but it’s nice to see it anytime』(Aoba)

A soft smile is floating on Aoba-san’s face as she is speaking so.
She laughed at the flowers that bloomed in her own body.
She looked much more pretty than when she was in Kuon family.


『…about that, Arge』(Aoba)

『Yes, what do you want?』(Arge)

『… Can I hold your hand?』(Aoba)

『…here you go?』(Arge)

(T.N: So lewd, how can they hold hands just like that)


It was quite simple when I thought about what was going on.
And since I have no reason to refuse, I spread my hand obediently.
It is much smaller and smoother hand than when I was Kuon Ginshi.
And the hand that I hold isn’t the one of Kuon Aoba, but of Alraune Aoba, whose skin color different from human.
Still, the warmth that I could touch was similar to the hand stretched from the other side of the iron cell on that day.


『Rather than touching each other as the living and the dead…
Oh, nostalgic… and it’s a pleasant thing…』(Aoba)

『…Well … we both have changed a little bit from that time…
But we are able to live at the same time as this again』(Arge)

『Yes… Yeah… That was what I wanted… more than anything else』(Aoba)


The transparent thing spilling out of her eyes was evidence of her emotion.
I think that it’s very beautiful
I close my eyes.
There’s nothing like tears overflowing in the same way from my eyes, but still, I was very happy.
On that day, I accepted that hand without any words
And now, I accept that hand with something can’t be mentioned with words.

Arge Igu
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    • Sorry, I don’t know that word (お触れ) from Japanese as well so I keep the MTL-ed one.

      Now that, I check the Japanese Dictonary on the internet again, it says it means like “Order or Notice” from Government.

      Thank you for pointing it out, I will fix it to Order from Government now.


  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Now I’m all caught up on Mile, Taru and Arge it’s time to read some of the other stories here. Think I’ll start with Mira, that looks interesting. xD


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