Kaoru Chapter 60: Atelier Riette

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Kaoru Chapter 60: Atelier Riette



『【Atelier of Riette】?
Is it a workshop or something?』(Citizen)


A new store which moved into a former grocery store that closed before.
It was opened unexpectedly.
Because it doesn’t seem to have undergone refurbishment work, it’s commonly referred as【Inuki】

【Inuki】 is a property that the interior and equipment etc of the former tenant are left as it is, there is a disadvantage that all are second-hand goods.
However, the new shop can open cheaper and earlier than to renew everything.
Well, as the choice depends on the manager, it doesn’t matter to the customer.

And the citizen was surprised that it opened suddenly in just a few days.
From the people who peeked into the store, they were further surprised.


『 …the clerk is a child and a young girl…』(Citizen)


The young girl’s height is about 157 cm, the average height of a 12-year-old girl if she is an American.
And while her eyes were very bad, she has a baby face.
…No, since it’s the body of 15 years old and her appearance is even younger, she can’t be anything but a【baby’s face】
And furthermore, for Western races, Asian race originally looks just like a baby.

And from the signboard of the store, the explanation was written with a little small letter under the store name.


『Various drugs, stocks.
We will also accept the formulation of special medicine』(Board)


『Are you serious…?』(Citizen)


No matter how people see it, it’s a child and a young girl.
They can be a sweet seller, which isn’t costly nor difficult to handle.
But they can’t be a medicine seller which doesn’t allow to make mistakes.
Well, if it’s a [private medicine], they might be able to handle it.
Some of the civilian medicines have strong effects, not only in terms of medicinal effect but also in side effects.
Besides, [private medicine] is something amateurs who can collect and use them relatively easily but you can’t expect to sell enough to keep the store.
Well, if it’s 【private medicine】, it can be used relatively safely.
It’s usually a family’s tradition.

Anyway, [Private medicine] in other word is something like traditional Chinese medicine or herbal medicine, but the fundamental definition is different from them.

And about ten people gathered in a corner of a back alley.
Then finally, one of them stepped into the store.
Others also caught on it and enter the store one after another.


*Chirin* (SFX)


A light doorbell sounded, followed by a voice of the clerk’s girls.



『Well~ com~ e!』(Riette)


…Kanda (Moe attack SFX)

And those who entered the shop were likely to die by Moe.




While being anxious about the lovely young girl, the customers try to hide it and look at the goods silently.
Since the former was a general merchandise store, as for this kind of store of this era, the inside of the store was relatively wide.

As for the medicine, the clerk must know those that can be arranged at the front store.
Even if it contains a dubious medicine that people don’t know whether they can call it medicine or not, there isn’t much variety.
Unusual medicines, expensive medicines and the like are put in a safe at the back instead of at the shop front.
They were used for orders.
Many of them aren’t handed out unless they are aristocrats or royalties.


『… drugs for military’s disease?』(Customer A)


After a while, a man gave a loud voice by watching a description of the medicine on the shelf.

Military’s disease.
Listen to that name, people on the earth will be reminiscent of 【Legionnaires’ disease】
Yes, it’s a disease that causes a lot of death.
It was caused by Legionella bacteria.
It’s an old story like beriberi.
However, in this country, the 【military’s disease】 is…


『Is the unbearable itch going to be better?』(Customer B)


Yes, it was 【athlete’s foot】

This sickness isn’t limited to soldiers.
And there are overwhelmingly many diseases that soldiers can be caught.
However, there are many people with particular sickness have encountered troubles as soon as becoming soldiers.
It was unreasonable called 【military disease】


『Ah. Yes yes.
As you can see there are three kinds of medicine.
Three small silver coins medicine will suppress itching in one day and will not deteriorate any further.
Three silver coins medicine will gradually recover you from suppressing itching
And 3 small gold coins will cure you in a few days.
…Well, but if you get re-affected after it has cured, it’s out of our responsibility』(Kaoru)


Three small silver coins, 300 yen (3 bucks) in the sense of Japanese yen, it seems to be cheap, but once you start using it you can never stop using it again.
The itching will not cure even if it stops.
It’s a malignant as a drug.
It’s good to consider that itching will stop but not continue using make you feel worse.
It’s a demon’s job to continue winding money forever.
Even if you buy a higher medicine and cure it completely.
If you have an athlete’s foot in the vicinity, or used shoes and mats don’t change, the recurrence will be early.
Continue to sell forever, continue medicine.
The fountain where gold coins spring…
It was a devil job.


『… Is it really effective?』(Soldier)


The man asks with a suspicious face.
It is reasonable to think so.
It is impossible for a small girl and a young girl’s shop to have a medicine with such a high efficiency.
At best, they could only collect weed grass medicinal herbs around her…

But the man rethought.
Even if the clerks are a little girl and a young girl, as long as they have enough money to rent this store, they should have some sponsors.
Some are in charge of purchasing and various things, and these children are just clerks, employees who are employed.
Then, as soon as the store is offered in anticipation of profit, it should have good products to sell, in other words, it’s decent items.

A good thing for a try.
Besides, it’s 3 small silver coins and so on.
It’s just as much as chicken Feed.
Even if it has no effect, it’s not so regrettable.


『Is this the diarrhea medicine and constipation drug …?』(Soldier B)


Another man was looking at the two drug vials.
In this country, especially in this capital, people are mostly [carnivorous]
Many people tend to have constipation because they don’t consume many vegetables like [herbivore].
Well, not taking too much meat will also cause constipation
…Kaoru has studied about that within the last few days.


『This is the medicine for wounds and is this the medicine of abdominal pain sickness…?
You don’t have much about severe drugs…』(Soldier C)


Yes, this shop does not have drugs for serious diseases.
Drugs for serious diseases are important in relation to human life if they don’t work.
But if they work, this shop will become famous and it’s really important.
Nobility, the royal family, large merchant etc.
Those guys will surely come.
That’s troublesome and it becomes an obstacle to marriage.


I don’t want to marry a person aiming for me because of my potion.
The potion is to use for the sake of my safety and a happy life and to help a little bit for those who suffer.
It’s by no means possible to sprinkle benefits unlimitedly and to use for power and rich people.

So, what I sell at this shop isn’t something that might catch powerful people’s eyes, the political value like human life.
It’s a small medicine shop. It’s modest but will be appreciated for commoners.
The Price is cheap.
Well, even though the cost is zero.

Also, various glass bottles and ceramics, ornament type containers, perfume, lotion, beauty lotion, milky lotion etc are also put in the display.
There are a lot of spaces on the shelf with medicine alone.
It’s just in case to have products that can sell even when there are no injured people or sick people.
… And if women are for beauty, they will pay considerable money.


『Let’s buy this』(Customer)


Was he interested in trying to buy it as a trial?
One male purchased the lower military’s disease treatment medicine (3 small silver coins).


『Thank you for your patronage!』(Kaoru)

『Tha~nk yo~u for yo~ur pat~ron~age!』(Riette)


…Riette-san clumsy talks again.
Is she deliberately aiming for moe?

And, in front of the clerk table, there was a row of customers.
I don’t know if everyone just came for a new store opening a shop where young children work, or just wanted to try out the effect of medicine really thoughtfully,
but anyway, there are sales early in the store【Atelier Riette】
It was a good start.

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  1. “Listen to that name, people on the earth will be reminiscent of 【Legion Soldier’s Disease】”
    I’ve never heard it called that before… Proper English name would be “Legionnaires’ disease” 😊

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  2. Well, not taking too much meat will also cause constipation

    <- do you mean "not taking enough"? (Though, wouldn't it rather cause diarrhoea or flatulence? Both extremes are stomach troubles, so maybe the word was a more general term.)

    Thanks for the chapter!


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