Kaoru Chapter 61: Newbie Hunters

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Kaoru Chapter 61: Newbie Hunters



『Please check this』(Emil)

『Oh, good work, you must be tired』(Guild Staff)


Emil puts the harvests at the hunter guild’s buying counter and the guild staff receives it.

Emil and Bell had been working as newbie hunters for several days.

From that day four years ago, Emil has never missed a day of sword training.

About that, when Kaoru first helped Emil and other orphans, Kaoru said
【You all, do you want to become my servant and help me?】
From the time, Emil-group has decided to become the shield for Kaoru.
And with their spirit, they have trained themselves to a certain level.

At first, Emil’s training was done with a wooden stick.

And when Kaoru knew about it, she gave him a simulated sword for training and a real sword.
Except for the time he must earn living expenses and care for young fellows, from early morning till late night, Emil has always tried to train.

He has but one purpose, to protect Kaoru even with the cost of his own life.

However, with that daring skill training, there was no way he could improve his skill.
Efficient training method?
A good leader?
【An Oni (Demon)】 has nothing to do with such a thing.

And Kaoru who noticed that Emil’s swordsmanship isn’t about protecting himself at all.
It is just for 【Beating the enemy, defending those he needs to protect using his body as shields】
That’s why Kaoru pushed Emil into a sword dojo.
A former hunter is the master of that dojo.
He retired from the hunter job from his old age and do a living by teaching youngsters.
Emil has trained in that dojo for sword skill and the spirit to be a swordsman.

The reason why Kaoru made Emil learn swordsmanship is to make him realize:
【Who will save your important person in the next crisis if you save them with the cost of your life?】
In fact, that teaching is really helpful
By doing this, Emil came to conclusion 【I need to survive too】

Well, that’s why Emil had a considerable ability in terms of fighting people for his age.

However, it was about 【fighting people】 to the last.
Emil could neither hunt a quick horn rabbit, shot down a bird flying in the sky, or took down a wild boar.
And of course, as a newbie hunter, he has limited restrictions, only escort or gathering.

Therefore, the only work they could receive is gathering.

Same goes for Bell, her fighting ability is 【Killed secretly with a knife, sting and stabbed】
It was not something that could count as a fighting force.

Even though there are people solicit the two of them to their party.
But they weren’t decent people.

They only need to let Emil die and they can share Bell in themselves.
They don’t kill to kill Emil directly. There are countless kind of dangerous things for hunters if their party members don’t support properly. It’s easy to guide him to do so.
But whether they knew it or not, Emil and Bell never agreed to any solicitation.

And in the past few days, the two had become recognized as 【the fresh newbie, but isn’t stupid brother and sister】

Emily and Bell, who had lived ever since the moment of attention, only looked like a good brother and sister, no matter how they looked.
And when the clerk received the medicinal herbs collected by Emil, 【that】 came.


*Chirin* (Door Bell SFX)


The door opened with the sound of the doorbell, and the hunters reflexively watched over there.
This is already the habit of the hunters.
And then…


Biku ~! (SFX)


Everyone’s bodies shiver all at once.
…After a moment of silent, they returned to their original business.
Back to their conversation, or their meal…

Yes, it was only a girl, who came into the guild.
Also, the hunters got ashamed of their reactions.
For a moment, they let themselves be frightened by just a young girl.

And the girl had a scary face.
Actually, it didn’t mean they felt unpleasant about her.
…It was just that they didn’t use to it.

The girl walked straight and headed to the window for accepting the request.


『Putting this up please』(Kaoru)


The girl handed a request over to the receptionist. The request was written like this.


『Escort recruitment
Period: until either the requester or the contractor wishes to terminate
Reward: 1 small gold coin per day
Number of people: two people
Condition: both or one member is female』(Quest)




The receptionist received the request surprisingly leaked her voice.


『Ah, uhm, the condition of your request …』(Receptionist)


She saw a request she had never seen before and was a little disturbed.


『Uhm, I think that there are no parties will accept it under this condition…
And even in the case that no party accepting it, the mediation fee will still be charged.
You might be just wasting the request registration fee…
Uhm, until you have a bit better condition…』(Receptionist)


The receptionist explains so to the girl.


『No, this is the only reward that I can issue.
And since we are only women, we cannot be relieved unless the hired party are all females or a male and a female party.
And if the contractor doesn’t appear even after waiting for a while, we will think again at that time』(Kaoru)


If the requestor said that, the guild can’t refuse it anymore.
The receptionist gave advice.
So, she has fulfilled her duty and did it sincerity.
Thinking so, the receptionist performed her duties.
And a new request card was hanging on the request board.


『What’s this!?』(Hunter)

『A small gold coins?
It will disappear with in-house fee and food expenses.
Who in their right mind would get this quest?』(Hunter)


The laughter came from the hunters who confirmed the protruding request.


『Besides, if it’s a long escort or a long restraint time.
Before you ask, you should check the market price…』(Hunter)


After a long laughter, the party of two approached the request board, peeked off after reading the request card.




Two people are heading to the reception desk quickly ignored the surprised hunters.


『We will accept this』(Emil)




The receptionist’s mouth and eyes open wide in surprise.


『…Ah, I’m sorry!
Uhm, well, the reception is also okay.
But since the client is still here, would you like to confirm the details with her now…?』(Receptionist)


After the male and female nodded, the receptionist brought them to the said girl.


『I am the shop owner, Kaoru. I’m both the owner and craftsman of 【Atelier Riette】and the client.
As for the requested conditions, as stated there, one small gold coin each person per day.
Since we expect a sufficient intimidation effect, we want you to use a private room and live in my house.
Since we expect a sufficient intimidation effect, we have the food expenses, expendables, other miscellaneous expenses fully paid for the escort hunter to live in.
If we can get the expected sufficient intimidating effect, you are free to do other requests except when I ask something of you.
Are there any questions?』(Kaoru)

『There isn’t.
Bell and Emil. We might be some clumsy hunters but please take good care of us from now on』(Emil)

『Yes, the same to you』(Kaoru)



A cry rising from the surroundings.


『 A piece of small gold coin per day!?』(Hunter)

『Having food and living expenses provide?
And freely going to other jobs?
Isn’t it like getting a free inn?』(Hunter)

『It’s such a favor condition …
Well, there are two of them and must include female.
We can not do it in the first place』(Hunter)


If there is another party that meets the conditions
They may have raised the voice of grudge.

But it’s a party and at least one of them must be female.
There were no other subjects in this place, so everyone ends off with just with envy.

Of course, there were reasons why I purposely did such roundabouts.
At the same time, the request card is affixed to the board, it’s unnatural to peel off without reading the contents.

And in the unlikely event, there are other parties corresponding to the conditions and it will cause trouble if the request is taken first.
If it comes to jumping to a request with a too bad condition, it’s still unnatural, and it’s not good for the future of Emil.

So, at first glance, I made the condition seems to be bad, even though it was in fact really favorable condition.

Anyway, with this, it became clear that Emil and Bell have become inhabitants of 【Atelier of Riette】

After that, sometimes they help me with the shop, and they can do their works as a hunter.
Then, after separating from us, they can return to the Kingdom of Balmoa and protect the orphans, the 【goddess’ eye】 and live properly.

Yes, they can’t keep traveling with me forever.
Because Emil and Bell have their own lives and I want them to take care of it.

… No way, do they intend to be together forever even after my marriage?

(T.N: Well, do you really need to ask? Kaoru)

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  1. suggestion:
    They only need to let Emil die and they can share Bell in themselves.
    They don’t {kill}->{need} to kill Emil directly.

    Since we expect a sufficient intimidation effect, we want you to use a private room and live in my house.
    {Since we expect a sufficient intimidation effect}->{}, we have the food expenses, expendables, other miscellaneous expenses fully paid

    place, so everyone ends off with just {with}->{} envy.

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  2. “till the end of our life, we will represent the [goddess’ eye] to protect our goddess. and our will also will be inherit to our descendant. so don’t say that we will leave you ,Oh, my goddess!” Emil.

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  3. How to “hire” your friends. In some novels, Emil would be the lucky guy, now with 3 girls around him, but this is not that kind of novel😁
    Thanks for the double release!!👍


  4. “Newbie Hunters”
    i thought someone would make trouble for them like they purposely target newbies but it´s LITERALLY hunters new to the profession


  5. Kaoru wants to be normal….
    First hint don’t become close friends with a goddess who has a crush. Lol


  6. “Same goes for Bell, her fighting ability is 【Killed secretly with a knife, sting and stabbed】”
    That sounds disturbingly like an assassin. She’s like that assistant from the guild in Mile’s story when they went to fix Pauline’s family problems, she’s a rearguard who is a knife wielder.

    Liked by 1 person

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