Kaoru Chapter 62: Unexpected

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Kaoru Chapter 62: Unexpected


I offered a room on the second floor to Emil and Bell, and without a doubt, we had a joint life with four people.

Even in the same room, Emil and Bell are just like older brothers who have lived together since the early childhood, and there’s no such thing like this at the moment.
The waste disposal is good as well.

No, they lived in a scrapped shelter, and they still managed it where there was only one room.
And now, they are lovers…

Halt, Emil is still 12 years old and I don’t think he will lay his hand on Bell as his sister for the time being.
Also, when we divide the room, It’s not Emil but Bell who refuse to do so.

Anyway, this is the first step.
The rests are Fran and the other. Well, there will be 【encounter】for them.
It’s good now that they are at the inn as they are having fun.
Grr, no, of course, I still have…

And after a late breakfast break, it’s almost time to open.


『We will be going now』(Emil)

『Ha~ve a sa~fe tri~p』(Riette)

Kaoru Vol 3 Cover

Riette-chan replies, of course, from above my knees.
Bell seems to envy about it.
No, you are heavier than me, are not you?
I’m going to be crushed.
Well, if it’s the first time we met, four years ago, I might be able to…

Emil and Bell went to the guild for work.

I got downstairs with Riette-chan, opened the curtain and opened the inside glass window.
I was able to make glass freely, of course, the window was refurbished.
I left the original wooden window on the outside and attached a glass window inside.
…If I turn the outside into a glass window, it will be stolen during the night.

No, high purity glass is a luxury item.
Anyway, once I open the glass window and open the outer wooden window…



… No Audio (Kaoru)


I guess I should be 【Kya!】 about this but I…!
As usual, my girl power is low…
Not when you are saying!
What’s with that!?

Outside, close to 20 people gathered.
…All this… customers?
Well, on the first day it was rare and nearly 10 people came in, but after that, it was like a pop,… but why?

Anyway, with the wooden window open and fix, I close the glass window and open the door…





No, Riette-chan, you are already doing it, right?
You usually talk normally, you aren’t bad, right?
Uwa, Riette-chan is a bad girl!


『Give me the treatment medicine!』(Customer)

『Me too!』(Customer)

『Oh, me too!』(Customer)


Oh, People whose body have become unable to live without drug… (Make it sound bad and easy to misunderstand on purpose)

Just according to the plan! (Raw: Keikaku Doori)


『Three silver coins』(Customer)

『me too』(Customer)

『me too!』(Customer)


Apparently, as the effect of the drug was clear, it seems that they decided to aim for complete recovery rather than a temporary prolongation.
Well, even if it recovers, it will recur as soon as possible anyway.
There are lots of colonists around you, and their shoes will be the same as it is.

Is the number of people wanting to purchase increased because they saw the state of the person bought the drug before, or because they used it once?

Well, in any case, it is appreciated that the advertising effect comes out.


『Three bottle』(Customer)

『me too』(Customer)

『I am five』(Customer)




『Well, you will get better with one. Why don’t you just buy at that time it recur again?
Besides, it’s obviously over-buying like 5 bottles?』(Kaoru)

『Oh, give it to my boss at work and earn points.』(Customer)

『I will present to Ilysa』(Customer)

『Hey, you…!』(Customer)

『I resold at work …No, it’s nothing』(Customer)




『…Up to 2 bottle limit per person!
My house is a drug store, a retail store, I don’t deal wholesale!』(Kaoru)


Because they say unnecessary things, no, they broke their friendship with their friend or something.
I could make a lot of misunderstanding.
Anyway, after I told so, they bought two bottles each obediently and returned.


『I need a medicine for constipation and medicine for diarrhea』(Customer)

『Why do you buy 2 opposite drugs?』(Kaoru)


Normally, shop clerks in shops should not be involved in the customer’s private life.
But, I am a drugstore.
I can not give up because I sell medicine.
I can not overlook unconvinced usage.


『Oh, when I go out and eat on the site, the food is biased, sometimes strange things are mixed in.
If you think about it, it might become terrible constipation, or the next day will be *fi fi*…』(Customer)

『Thank you for your patronage! (Okaiage, arigatōgozaimashita!)』(Kaoru)

『Tha~nk Yo~u (~mashi ~ta!)』(Riette repeats the last word of Kaoru)


And the sales grew steadily.

The shop sells painkiller such as abdominal pain and toothache.
However, if it’s a sign of a serious illness, if only the pain is extinguished, there is a possibility that the medical condition may worsen more and more without noticing.

To prevent it, the painkiller gives the effect that 【while the pain is stopped, the progress of the disease stops as well】
I don’t make it cured because I might attract the eyes to the great and bad people when I cure it.
Just keeping the status quo.
Completely cure isn’t the role of medicine at 【Atelier Riette】 but the role of 【goddess’s tears】 which is a goddess’ mercy.

And then, I am planning to ask Emil and Bell for the work as the 【goddess’ eye】, that is, 【choosing those who are suitable for receiving the mercy of the goddess】
In the end, it’s just a small number of suitable persons.

The benefit of the goddess is not that all qualified people can be received.
To the extent that it is possible that people who happily luck happen to be received in a very small part.
God is a selfish one.
Especially the goddess of this world.





Because there were no customers, I was healing myself with Riette-chan, and I heard a voice from outside the store.
No, children often scare and flee when they see my face, so I hadn’t be able to play with lolis for ten years!

Well, it’s about a bit (lonely)… no, that’s not it.

Oh, a bad feeling…
And that’s right, my 【bad feeling】
Oh, at this stage, it’s no longer 【premonition】
Because it’s always a hit.


『Riette-chan, go to the second floor and hide』(Kaoru)



Riette-chan rushes up to the second floor.
No, it’s not a passionate thing.
It’s because I tell her to obey the instructions without saying anything in such case.
Because if there’s a slight time delay, it will make me disadvantageous.
In other words, obeying my instructions as soon as possible is a way of expressing loyalty for Riette-chan.


*Chi rin* (SFX)

『Is this a shop called 【Atelier of Riette】?』(Soldier-like man)

『Yes, it is.』(Kaoru)


It was a soldier look-alike entered the store and made the doorbell ringed.
Besides, he isn’t a simple soldier, this person seems to be even greater.
After that, two soldiers… they should be called soldiers, two young people who seem to have a low class for a long time.


『I want to meet the owner, is it okay?』(Greater than a Soldier)

『Yes, it’s me』(Kaoru)

Ah no, it’s not the manager responsible for the current store
it’s about the manager of this company』(Greater than a Soldier)

『Yes, it’s me.
It’s my job to have a rental agreement with this shop, pay rent, purchase goods, sell them, and get involved with customers or even soldiers』(Kaoru)

『What …』(Greater than a Soldier)


Is the second surprised voice of the 【greater than a soldier】 man against the fact that I am really a shopkeeper, or against the disgusting things from the mouth of a child…?


『Well, are you Riette?』(Greater than a Soldier)

『No, it’s wrong…』(Kaoru)



Along with the 【greater than a soldier】 man, other 2 soldiers also have a blank face.
No, in order to avoid catching attention from some certain people, I named this shop 【Atelier Riette】 instead of 【Atelier Kaoru】!

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  1. “Also, when we divide the room, It’s not Emil but Bell who bend her belly button.”
    That’s an off mental image… Is this a mangled Japanese idiom? I can’t figure out what the intent was, cute as the result sounds.

    Incidentally, googling for the exact phrase “bend her belly button” seems to only return copies of this chapter 😉

    “… No Audio (Kaoru)”
    Kaoru.exe has stopped responding…


    • “… No Audio (Kaoru)”
      nope it is not
      Kaoru.exe has stopped responding…

      but she already expect things would come like this.


  2. when we divide the room, It’s not Emil but Bell who {bend her belly button}->{refuse to do so}.

    Anyway, this is {one paragraph}->{the first step}.
    The rests are Fran and the other. Well, there will be 【encounter】for them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. what an overpower painkiller【while the pain is stopped, the progress of the disease stops as well】

    is it the same as “while not felling pain, the status of the body is stop, no skin can be tear or pierce also stop the aging of the body” (invinsible and youth potion)?


    • No, just the disease.
      It will be both Pain Killer and keep the disease the same state as it is.

      For example an Ulcer Last Stage patient that will die in a few days uses Kaoru’s medicine.
      He will no longer feel pain and the Ulcer will not progress any longer.
      If he keeps using Kaoru’s medicine he will be healthy like normal people.
      But if he stops using it in a day, he will return back to an Ulcer Last Stage that will die in a few days.


  4. If you think about it, it might become terrible constipation, or the next day will be *fi fi*…』(Customer)

    first time i read censored text at the novel.


  5. There’s no way the owner is a barely legal(by middle age standards) baby faced loli !!

    Show the owner !!(An even smaller loli which makes age as just a number and jail as just a room).

    Kaoru you are not convincing soldier-san.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. do you really think that changing names would attract less attention?
    No, Kaoru, your thinking is naive. You need to become average to avoid problem


  7. “Ah no, it’s not the manager responsible for [the current store] it’s about the manager of this [store”] ->
    “Ah no, it’s not the manager responsible for [this place/shop] it’s about the manager of this [company]”
    Just my idea, not really necessary.
    Fun times with lolis :D, only girls can do that without getting in trouble.
    Thanks for the chapter!


    • By the way, is it just me, or did Kaoru have a bad/evil face from the start? It seems natural in the story, but I can’t remember why XD


  8. 『I need a medicine for constipation and medicine for diarrhea』(Customer)

    『Why do you buy 2 opposite drugs?』(Kaoru)

    I was hoping that with this author, the customer would have then said “By taking these two opposites, their effects will combine and make me average and normal again.”

    Liked by 1 person

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