Kaoru Chapter 63: Soldiers

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Kaoru Chapter 63: Soldiers



『No, please do not think it deeply… because it’s just the name of the shop!』(Kaoru)


If I explain that there is another person named Riette, they might ask to meet her, so in a hurry, I try to mislead them.


『Oh, I see… I will ask you again.
I’d like you to tell me more about what medicine for military illnesses selling in this store』(Officer)


Well, that?
Just a remedy for athlete’s foot, why does a military officer want to know about it?


『No, nothing particular, it’s just a medicine…
The supplier and recipe are trade secrets.
If you are telling to teach you about it, it will be just like I ask you tell me about the confidential information of the military』(Kaoru)

『Ugu… Oh, is that so?』(Officer)


When I thought that he might get angry, but he was convinced with a bitter smile on my salt correspondence.
Isn’t he quite decent? Maybe I should speak well.


『Let’s change the question, is it possible to deliver this medicine in large amounts?』(Officer)


If it comes to business, then it will be another story.
Smile Smile, Smile Smile…,

Why are the three you backing out together? So frustrated!

… No, I’m used to it, have been living with these eyes for nearly 27 years…


『Yes, there are limitations of production to a certain extent…
Oh, it’s no use trying to make it with the army.
Even though I knew the manufacturing method, I never get a profiteer because it’s not pricy.
If you gather the ingredients, sort them down, boil down, refine, mix, boil down and do with the military, perhaps, it’s much higher than buying at my place.
In the first place, you will not be able to find the place where medicinal herbs are growing.
I won’t tell you which area, which tree’s side, river edge…
And in the sense, there is a trick to find a colony place, such as inside the forest, at the summit or sand…』(Kaoru)

『I have anticipated so, mostly at a price of one bottle is three small silver coins.
I don’t think that you will get any profits.
In the first place, you might be in the red just with the bottle fee…
Well, but then I thought that cheap price might be for promotional purposes, and it seems to be used as a bait for people to buy the high price one…』(Officer)


Oh, amazing! He read my settings well!
No, but you can’t ever guess the true reason for it.

At first, I planned to make the price a little higher or asking the customer to return the bottle but I stopped.
I didn’t want to receive the bottle that someone with Athlete’s foot lays their hands on!
Of course not!

And the cheapest one is also a remedy for people who don’t have money.
Well, will it be the remedy even though they will be exploited forever?

They need money to buy medicine so that their consciousness of having to work properly must be growing more.
Death or neat.
It’s a good remedy and a charity project as it is to support it.

Furthermore, my financial situation will be relieved, so it is a double relief project.


『Well, even if three pieces of silver coins are never expensive.
It’s not surprising that it will act as sowing spots for the three silver medicines, or getting a surplus with 3 small gold coins one…』(Officer)


It’s a tremendous analytical force!
As expected he is an officer!

…This is a big deal.
Well, I guess he could never think that I can make bottles and medicines for free.

Yes, for free.


『Well, well… well.
Actually, I can’t make too many of them anyway, the plants of the materials around here will be extinct.
And in that case, I must be leaving for other countries looking for new colony…』(Kaoru)

Oh, the soldiers have a blank face.
I wonder how many they expected to buy…

Anyway, this should have prevented unreasonable mass ordering, listening to the recipe, etc.
In preparation for the appearance of those customers, it was nice to think about the explanation properly…


『Then, how many supplies can you supply each day?』(Officer)

『Eh, every day?』(Kaoru)


That’s a little troublesome.

No, I don’t have any problem, but I told the customer 【Up to two bottle limit per people】, and it is annoying if 10 soldiers come to buy every day.
What should I do…

Oh, I must check before that.


『Well, are you the military doctor in the Kingdom Army?』(Kaoru)


Yes, I have to confirm the identity of these soldiers.
I wish I could be a medical officer at the military of the kingdom, but if it was not so…


『Oh, forgive me, I have not introduced myself yet.
I am the 2nd Captain of the King Army, Lt. Colonel Vonthas.
The other two are sergeant Tide and Maelic』(Vonthas)



It was a surprise.
Far from being a medical doctor, to think he even has a title…


『Oh, Uhm, how many kingdom’s battalions are there, and the number of people…?』(Kaoru)


If I ask the soldiers about this in the country of the Earth, I may be charged as a spy.

However, in this world, there’s no way to hide the number of soldiers, and the country prefers to show off, not to hide.
So, both the citizen and those of other countries know about it, so there should be no problem.


『Oh, the King’s army is organized in 10 battalions, the total number is about 10 000.
However, less than half of them aren’t battle personnel, like engineers or workers behind the scenes and support staff』(Vonthas)


As expected, the Lieutenant taught me the number of people, he didn’t care about it and told me in detail of the military.

Perhaps, because he thought that knowing that it would be necessary to do this business in the kingdom, so he taught me kindly or because he noticed why I asked that question…

Perhaps, the latter.

After this, I must have anticipated what I would talk about.


And according to the explanation of Lieutenant Colonel for the Royal Military

A squadron: 9 soldiers is a minimum unit

A platoon: 40 people, 1 platoon commander, and non-commissioned assistants plus four squadrons

A company: 4 platoons

A Battalion: 4 companies.

Each Battalion has totally 640 soldiers, plus the headquarters personnel, support staff etc.
Of course, they also possess transportation units, training forces, teaching forces, and various other support organizations and subordinates.

… That is to say, including them all, 10 battalions will have close to 10,000.

And to hold and maintain that 10,000 soldiers, more than ten times of civilians’ tax were needed.


However, this is not the ordinary city but the capital city of a country.
Goods, money, and human resources flow from within the country,
that is a direct jurisdiction of His Majesty the King.

The King cared about the army because the King Army protects not only the capital but the Kingdom itself.
It differs slightly in various parts from the Lord Army led by the lords of various regions.

I received a convincing explanation from the Lieutenant Colonel and I was convinced that I was still in danger.


『Well, then it would mean that there are nine other battalions in the King Military, nine other captains who might be the same title as a Lieutenant…
They might also come to this shop and say that they want me to sell the disease treatment medicine…』(Kaoru)

『Oh, the other captains will not come, but if it’s just the subordinates, they will be 100 percent coming』(Vonthas) 

(T.N: 100 percent in EN)

『Eeeehhh ~!?』(Kaoru)


Why do you have a flat face while saying that?


『Then, there will another nine times, the same conversation as this and they demand the priority to themselves…』(Kaoru)

『There will be, of course.
It’s natural that each battalion is rival of each other, even though we are in the same King Army.
It’s natural that everyone wants to keep good things, and not limited to battalion units,
I wonder if they will also come apart by platoon unit』(Vonthas)



I’m in trouble.

Mister Lieutenant colonel is a decent person, but some of the soldiers will be brute force people and people who think that civilians obviously obey what they say.
If such a person says that I must deliver all the medicine to their place, I can’t take care of it.

Besides, if they come in units of small units, my shop will be saturated just by that.

It will be more trouble when they can’t reach an agreement with each other.

Civil war, civil war, civil war, the cause is athlete’s foot medicine.
The girl who caused this war was executed as a parole in another country.


Mister Lieutenant Colonel starts to reassure me as I became frightened and became impatient.


『Please be relieved, other battalions’ captain will not come all the way by themselves.
Perhaps a young officer or non-commissioned officer will come around.
When that happens, just tell them 【These medicine have already been bought to the military.
Accordance to the direction of Lt. Colonel Vonthas, the King Army 2nd Battalion Captain.
If you need anything please go through him】
Anyone will withdraw after being told so.
Well, I don’t intend to monopolize.
Don’t worry because we allocate it properly at some cost.
Just a little bit, I only have other battalions flexible in other respects』(Vonthas)


There is nothing but a great deal in the military!
However, I came up with something to worry about.


『Oh, what if other troops were coming here not as representatives of the troops, but as ordinary customers?』(Kaoru)



『『Eeehhhh?』』(2 Soldiers?)


Even if he is a Lieutenant Colonel,
There seemed to be no big deal.

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  1. Hahaha poor kaoru. That same goes to the knight captain.

    Thanks for the chapter…
    And BTW please stay healthy and don’t overwork, treasure your body translator-dono. Sorry for say this but what I look from your post it look like you push yourself.
    So stay healthy ok.

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  2. [Smile Smile, Smile Smile…,

    Why are the three you backing out together? So frustrated!]

    Kaoru used the power of smile !!
    It was very frustrating !!


    The terms dictated by a decent Captain or a legion of itchy feet each with their own demands?

    They may not lay their hands on you but they can lay their feet on your shop

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  3. the military have eyes on the atelier of Riete, the cause is because Kaoru’s common sense on medicine and price still not enough to be seen as ordinary. Now she convince that these guests is troubles that she must avoid at all cost.

    so what will she do? wait for it in the next chapter, tee hee…

    NB: nothing to suggest for correction
    good job 👍


  4. If Mile is average, Mitsuha is the brain, then Kaoru is the muscle. I’m not implying that kaoru is an idiot or stupid, but she is kind of lacking in planning and management.

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  5. Long chat, and lots of silliness(not stupidity cuz it’s funny :P). LOL,just tell them they need to wash those damn boots and you will escape the siege:D
    Thanks for the double release, take care of yourself!👍

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  6. So many people with Athlete’s foot…
    hmm? Does Holy Knight Fran have Athlete’s foot too? since she is a military person…

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