Kaoru Chapter 64: Noble

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Kaoru Chapter 64: Noble


As a result of discussions with Mister Vonthas…

In the end, I declined customers buying in large quantities as representatives of units and decided to sell up to two bottles as individuals.
However, I accept offering only for military disease medicine in a large number.
Otherwise, I would have to tolerate a long line of troops every day.

Some may come to buy secretly in private clothes but the Lt. Colonel doesn’t mind.
If his business is fulfilled, there’s no problem.

Also, there aren’t many people who do that kind of thing, it must be hard to hide it from colleagues, seniors, and superiors.
In addition, they can get free medicine from the military hospital, if they buy it on their own, they must pay for that price.
It doesn’t apply to elite soldiers or someone of the nobility who could afford to pay the money though.


And then I decided to deliver the medicine to the 2nd battalion once a week.
It’s somewhat bad decisions to decide my shop policy as retail and not wholesale.
Plus I don’t want to just sit at the store, I want to go out here and there as well.

There seems to be a large number of military elite young soldiers in the headquarter, and even it’s a secret, I still get acquainted with various people that would be useful for marriage.
Besides, I will let the soldiers remember our face, and if they think that 【We must protect this girl!】
It will be useful for our safety.
That’s a big deal.


Anyway, if something happens to me, the supply of military medicine will be cut off.

Normally, the soldiers might not care or overlook things happen in the city, but if they know me well, they will definitely help me.
Well, maybe I will get the escort of 10,000 King Army troops?

It’s amazing, it’s too amazing!
Roland’s couple is already unnecessary, Fu~ha~ha!


『Well, I wish you best luck!』(Vonthas)


After saying his farewell, Mister Vonthas went back.

Then Roland and Francette jumped right in.


『 Have you gotten any troubles?』(Fran)


Apparently, they seem to have kept watching from outside the store.
If there was something wrong, they would rush in soon to help me.
I’m sorry… for thinking that you are unnecessary.


『It’s okay, it’s just a business negotiation. Thank you』(Kaoru)


For now, Let’s say the grateful word down.
I don’t know when they were watching…

maybe they were watching overnight…
…No, it’s no doubt, ahahaha…

Hey…, Francette, that sleepy face and yawn, and those eyes!
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! (T.N: Kaoru keeps repeat it)

Anyway, drink this, Fran.
No, it’s fine!
Just keep silent and drink!






A horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of the store and customers came in.


『…… Hey, is this the place selling drugs for soldier’s disease? Hey!』(Noble-like man)


Two people. Mr. and Mrs. who seem to be around 30 years old. They look like nobles.


『Yes, that’s right ……』(Kaoru)


I lost the timing to let Riette-chan evacuate to the second floor.
I have no choice but to do 【Keep silent and take a role as air】 by making a 【Head ponpon】 signal as the opponents seem to be aristocrats.


『Okay, get me everything and deliver to my place with the price 30% discount』(Noble-like Man)

『I refuse』(Kaoru)

『Well then, for the time being, how about delivering these things…
Eh?』(Noble-like Man)


He must be thinking that a commoner would not refuse his order or thing and after heard it, his face stiffens and consolidates.

Is he trying to monopolize my medicine and intend to sell it high to the military, or to use it politically…
How could the medicine for the athlete’s foot raise up so much?
Are these military supplies or strategic goods?

However, by any chance, 30% was arbitrarily drawn, I would not bear it.
Well, I make it for free but that happens by chance.
As a merchant now, I can’t forgive that kind of thing as a merchant.

No, if it’s discount negotiations or part of the deal, I will do the partner and negotiate until we reach an agreement.

But, forced compulsion is useless.
It’s outside of the acceptable range.
It is a transaction suspension case.
If I receive such a thing, I can’t face other merchants.
Although I have a life of social work in the previous life only about six months, I’m proud of my work.


『Wha, what!?
How dare you, a commoner goes against me…?』(Noble-like Man)

『Oh, in regards to mass delivery of military disease medicine treatment,
King Army 2nd Captain, Lt. Colonel Vonthas has bought a wholesale.
For all consultation, please go to the Lieutenant Colonel.
Also, for all events that interfere with delivering drugs to the military must be reported to Lt. Colonel beforehand…』(Kaoru)

『Wha…what!? That Lieutenant Nevas von Vonthas, the third son of Earl Vonthas…』(Noble-like Man)

『I do not know his full name, but it’s the second King Army Commander, Lt. Colonel Vonthas』(Kaoru)

『…………』(Noble-like Man)


The aristocrat kept silent for a while and attempted to go back by turning around, but I talked to his wife.


『Uhm, Madame. You seem to have trouble, how about some shampoos and beauty medicine?』(Kaoru)

『Eh?』(Noble Woman)


Yes, because I don’t want to make too much an enemy, I’d rather not to make the aristocrat feel unpleasant, so I offer shampoos and beauty product.

At any rate, I wanted an ad to sell it.
I’m confident that once a noblewoman uses it, she will brag about it in the tea party and advertise it for me here and there, it will sell well soon.


『With this one, it will remove the dirt of your hair.
This medicine that makes it smooth and shiny.
And this medicine that will moisturize your skin smoothly!
And this medicine can regain the youthfulness of your skin!』(Kaoru)


The clerk in a cosmetics department store often said so to the lady customers.
As for 30′ is about time that the woman starts to worry about skin and hair decay, the noble’s wife’s foot stopped perfectly.


『… Is it true?
Do you know what will happen when you trick a noble?
We won’t show mercy even with a child』(Noble wife)


There’s no such a nice story, there can’t be such a miracle medicine in a small personal shop like a child’s store.

Even though the noble might think so, his wife seemed to be unable to stand up to that attractive word.
Well, as a husband and a noble, he couldn’t refuse his wife for the beauty products, perhaps.

I left Riette-chan inside the counter and walked to the sale floor side.


『Please check my hair and skin for yourself』(Kaoru)


Heard my words, the Noble Wife looked my hair as if staring, combed my hair with her hand, and moved closer to sniff the smell.


『Hey, what are you doing …?』(Noble Man)


Ignoring the husband’s words, the wife touches my face, rubbing and pinching my hair.

My skin is smooth and it’s not due to basic cosmetics.
It’s due to the 【youth】 from the age of 15.
Initially, I don’t use basic cosmetics.
That will be good from about 18 years old.
But I didn’t bother to say such a thing and kept silent.
It’s not my fault that she accidentally misunderstands that the basic cosmetic effect is guaranteed.


『I will buy it, prepare them at once』(Noble’s Wife)

『Hey, you…』(Noble Man)

『The payment…』(Noble’s Wife)


『Hey…』(Noble’s Man)


Ignoring her husband completely, the negotiations ended.
Shampoo, rinse lotion, essence, milky lotion, and cream.
For nobles and a collection of luxury items in an artistic container made of crystal glass.
As a bonus, serve a small bottle of perfume’s sample.


『These are six small gold coins.
Please be careful, not to mistake the amount used and the order of use in usage instructions here.』(Kaoru)

『I understand, I pray for good effect and for your life …』(Noble’s Wife)


Scary, Aunt!

However, with this, seeds for selling shampoo and basic cosmetics will be spread.
After that, I just need to wait for the reputation to spread in word of mouth!


After Noble’s couple who I didn’t hear the name returned, I thought I should close the store soon, the soldier came.
People who seem to be young executives and people who seem to be non-commissioned officers.


『I would like to purchase a mass medicine for military’s illness…』(NCO)


Oh, it appears, it appears (Ita ita)

From now on, these people will continue for a while until the colonel’s foundation is over…
So fast,… the lieutenant colonel’s subordinates came, their footwork is light…

Well, thanks to that, my hardships have been greatly alleviated, I’d like to thank you once.

I wonder if this is a big advantage here.

Well, it’s a win-win relationship.
Well, I’m sorry, even though those officers came all the way but I only gave the refusing explanation.

Well, it’s not a big deal but let’s sell two bottles for each of them.
I have not done the foundation for the lieutenant colonel yet.


And after this, I might as well dance while looking forward to shampoo and cosmetics to sell…

However, I was not noticed at that time.
A nobleman woman will not tell other women the secret of keeping her beauty.
It’s natural that such secrets will be kept as much as possible.

There was no sale of shampoo and cosmetics at all, and it took a while for me to notice it.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. It takes time before the secret of beauty will reveal. Like she needs to flaunt her beauty in nobles party or tea party; makes a lot of friends (rivals).

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  2. A Wild Nobleman and a Wild Noblewoman appeared!
    Nobleman used Authority!
    It was not very effective…
    Kaoru used Beauty Product!
    Noblewoman is confused!
    Noblewoman used Thumb!
    It was super effective!
    Nobleman fainted…

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  3. suggestion:
    {Normal}->{Normally}, the soldiers might not care or overlook things happen in the city, but if they know me well, they will

    『{}->{It’s} Okay, {}->{It’s} just a business negotiation. Thank you』(Kaoru)

    Anyway, {let’s}->{} drink this, Fran.
    No, it’s fine!
    {}->{just} Keep silent and drink!

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  4. No Kaoru that’s not how you make a walking billboard, learn from Mitsuha.
    But then again Mitsuha is a scheming con-artist, don’t learn from her Kaoru.

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    Thanks for the chapter!


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