Kaoru Chapter 65: Delivery

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Kaoru Chapter 65: Delivery



Five days after promising to deliver medicine with Lt. Colonel Vonthas.

It was about time that I thought that it wouldn’t be strange to say 【I made a request for mass production to the manufacturer】

And I decided to go for the delivery of medicine.

Of course, yesterday, I used the child of an orphanage to delivery the Apo (JP short word for “appointment”) first.

It’s normal to use the child of the orphanage as a messenger and it’s unlikely that an orphan will do something unreasonable as it involves the trust of the orphanage.
If people lose their credibility, there will be no one asking the orphan for such a job after that.
So, I can trust them more than asking adults.

Besides, I am used to asking orphans for work.
Um, with the children of the 【goddess’ eyes】

By the way, Emil and Bell were also orphans.
They aren’t from an orphanage, they work hard to find anything to eat.
Even if they get sick, they can’t get any treatment.
They do almost anything to survive…

From the way they are now, people might not realize that though.


The gatekeeper of the army didn’t drive away the messenger orphan.
Some of the soldiers are also orphans.
They might be orphans from the beginning, and some of them have become orphans by losing their parents who were soldiers.
As soldiers, they easily sympathize with the orphan.
That’s why the matter of delivery was successfully transmitted to the army.


And of course, I took Riette-chan along when delivering the medicine.
It was my purpose to make the soldiers remember our face. And when something happens, we may ask the soldiers for help.

Yes, My purpose is to make the soldiers think that 【Riette-chan and I are the subjects to protect if they don’t want the supply of military medicine to be cut off】

Even if Riette-chan isn’t directly involved in the creation of the medicine, but by coming with me, she will be seen as important and so on


And the problem is the amount of medicine to deliver.
Even if it’s too much, it will be unnatural.
And if it’s too little, the soldiers will be dissatisfied, so the balance is difficult.

And the soldiers only buy the ‘three silver coins’ and ‘three small gold coins’ type.
It seems that three small silver coins are in deficit and it’s natural that people have problems with medicines that 【pay only to maintain the status quo】 while the payment is from the military, the soldiers can use it for free.

The ‘three silver coins’ type will cure for 5 days or so and the ‘three small gold coins’ will cure for about a month.
Of course, depending on the medical condition and individual constitution at the time of starting treatment,
Also depending on the way you apply medicine etc,
There are variations in the healing period.

The amount of use for just fingers is about 40 times each bottle.
In order to surely cure with one, they have a good margin.

However, when spreading beyond the fingers of both feet or doing poor painting (applying) methods, it won’t end perfectly at 40 times but lower.

The ‘three silver coins’ medicine may not be enough for each soldier. I thought it was nearly about 【two portion per person】

So, you must use at least one of ‘three silver coins’ medicine for one soldier when you can use a ‘three small gold coins’ for around 8 soldiers.
I think the price should be ten times to be more reasonable, considering that it can be used for 8 times the number of people and that the treatment period is shorter.

Okay then, the initial delivery amount decided, 72 pieces of ‘3 small gold coins’ medicines and 24 pieces of ‘3 silver coins’ medicines.
It’s 72 × 8 + 24, just for 600 people.
When I deliver for 10 times, it will be for 6000 people.

Not all of the soldiers will be suffering from it so it will not be necessary so much.
Yes, it looks like this.
Once everyone has healed, let’s continue to sell to the relapse and continue to earn a small amount of money…

This sale is (72×3) 216 small gold coins and (24×3) 72 silver coins two?

I don’t have an account at a bank…!
To the commercial guild, no, keep it in the item box.

Calm down, me!

No, if the number of patients doesn’t reduce I will make a lot of gold coins.
Besides, since I sell it at the store, I also need a pose saying that I’m giving the military more priority.
Okay, departure!

Holding hands with Riette-chan and coming to the facility of the military near the north gate of the kingdom.
The military-related buildings and facilities are inside the outer wall, but the training ground which needs a wide place seems to be outside.

Well, in an emergency, there might be a battle against the sneaking invaders so the military facilities must be inside.
When hurrying, the soldiers can go out from the north gate immediately without passing through the city.
When the soldiers have time to spare or when they want to raise the morale, it seems that they will go through the city and come out of the main gate on the south side.

Yeah, for the time being, I’m thinking…


Put the medicine in 4 boxes, put the boxes in the bag and put on both my shoulders.
Ugh, heavy…

From behind, Roland and Francette follow after us pretending to be some strangers.
No, you don’t have to worry about it, it’s the main street in the morning and the destination is the home of the military. If this isn’t counting as secure than will there be any places in the country can be secured.
They seem to be worried about that too much and staying with me almost anytime anywhere, my privacy is bad!

I can’t do date schedule.
No, I don’t have any partner yet…


At the main gate, it seems that the words have been spread properly. They let me pass through easily and there is even a guiding people waited for me.
Well, I don’t know where I should go in the first place.

No, I will not walk around without permission, and since I don’t have a phone, I can’t call the person in charge so I must ask the soldier to relay the message. Mister Lt. Col must anticipate it would take time, so he arranged for the guide in advance.
Truly competent, Mister Lt. Col.

As expected, Roland and Francette can’t enter the military grounds, so they hide somewhere outside.

… You will not wait until I come out, right?
No, as this is my first visit today, it will take a lot of time to talk with people who are in charge of medicine purchase is not it?

And on the door of the guided room, there was a nameplate attached.


【The second Battalion captain’s office room】


… Is this different from the room of the purchaser?
Well, as important strategic goods (for fellow troops) I guess they were wary of sideways, reselling, sampling, etc.


『You finally came』(Vonthas)


The face of Lt. Colonel Vonthas is smiling, he is in a good mood.


『Thanks to you, various negotiations and disputes with other battalions have finished quite smoothly, for now, let me thank you』(Vonthas)


For the time being, it’s heavy so I put down the bag, bring out the boxes of medicine and put it on the table for visitors.


『There are three boxes of ‘3 small gold coins’ medicine, 72 of them in total.
The other box is ‘3 silver coins’ medicine, 24 of them in total.
Totally, 21 gold coins, 13 small coins and 2 silver coins』(Kaoru)

『Well, here you are』(Soldier)


The soldier who guided us here, after checked the boxes, picked up the sachet of cloth that Mister Lt. Col left out of the desk drawer and handed it to me.
Yeah, the number of deliveries and amount was written in the letter that I asked the children of the orphanage to relay the messenger.
As a social person, it’s natural consideration.
I will be nervous with the sudden large amount of money.

As I took the sachet, I pretended to put it in the cloth bag and store it in the item box.
A woman will not carelessly carry a large amount of money.


『I have already informed that the medicine purchase will go through me.
Was there any problem with the shop?』(Vonthas)

『Yes, thanks to you…』(Kaoru)


Yeah, a couple of soldiers came to my shop, two or three days from then.

But I can refuse any 【contract of mass purchase came by orders of the superior officers】 as I mention Mister Lt. Colonel’s name.

There is no problem because ordinary soldiers who came without knowing that they responded in the same way as ordinary customers.


『Then, we will continue to ask for the matter of delivery.
Is there anything you want to request?』(Vonthas)


Because we are children, Mister Lt.Colonel who says so with care.
It may be an expression of socializing but I’m thankful for that.
That is my quality!


『Well, if you don’t mind, may I ask for a guide around here!
Well, I may come to deliver another type of medicine, and I’m also curious!』(Kaoru)


Yes, it is not a lie.
The rampage with military disease medicine is likely to settle down in about two months, and I would like to see various kinds of hints for that.
Also, my original purpose is letting the soldiers know our face.
Yes, I’m a carnivorous girl!
Actually, I’m not that persistent, though.
No, it’s true.


『Well, shall we go?』(Vonthas)


Mr. Lt. Col stood up saying so.
Do you want me to guide you!
Why don’t you let your subordinates do it!?


『No, I’m glad that pretty girls are interested in the work of the military.』(Vonthas)


It feels like there is something behind you.

Well, that’s why, with Lieutenant’s guidance, I and Riette-chan are guided around the wide military site.
And on our chest and back are attached…
The shop label that I made last night written like this.


『Drug store Atelier Riette』


Yes, in order to let the military know that we are a supplier of military disease medicine.
Because it’s more than half of the purpose for this delivery.

Attention gathers everywhere!
It’s commonplace for everyone to pay attention and salute just with Mister Lt. Colonel appeared.
Because there are the young girls Riette-chan and I sticking together with him. It has more impact, moreover, advertisement on our chest and back.
An crazy attention gathered by this.


I wonder if Mister Lt. Colonel aware of my intentions, or just thinking I’m promoting my shop…


Anyway, in the heads of the soldiers of the 2 King Battalion Army, the soldiers must think in this way, 【If there is something happening to these two, the star of hope for our salvation】 we will not be able to get the 【medicine for military disease】anymore.

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  1. small suggestion:
    The {bib number}->{shop tag/label} that I made last night written like this. (because Kaoru and Riete is not a runner athlete so bib number somewhat feels incorect)

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  2. “and there is even a {guiding people waited} for me” -> “and there is even a {guide waiting} for me”(maybe {a man waiting to guide me});
    Publicity using a tiny loli for the win.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. “Yes, My purpose is to make the soldiers think that 【Riette-chan and I are the subjects to protect if they don’t want the supply of military medicine to be cut off】”

    Pledge to protect

    “Also, my original purpose is letting the soldiers know our face.
    Yes, I’m a carnivorous girl!”

    Oi Oi you thirsty girl.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  4. Thanks for the chapter
    Anyone can tell me what chapter Kaoru will reunited whit her friends? Thanks :3


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