Kaoru Chapter 66: Market Research

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‘Tokyo Xanadu’ and ‘Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana’ are so good.

Kaoru Chapter 66: Market Research



We were guided by Mister Lieutenant Colonel around the military camp and came across the dining room.
Because it’s a military dining room, it’s not open all the time.
The meal is provided only for the soldiers during the morning, the noon and the evening.
Other times, they are working with something like cooking and preparation, as well as purchasing ingredients and caring for equipment, various office work, etc.

It seems that they are never free.
It’s the type of work for people in this place.

And right now, there was no one in the table seat of the cafeteria.


『Here is the cafeteria for below the non-commissioned officer.
The officer will eat at the room beside it.
Well, normally, the captains will not eat in the same room with the soldiers unless it’s a dinner party』(Vonthas)

『Well, it’s just in case that even if the food is poisoned, there’s not much to worry about the high officer will collapse at once at all …』(Kaoru)



Mr. Lieutenant seemed to be surprised.
Well, didn’t you have such an intention?


『Well, don’t you also need medicine to deal with sick and poisoning?』(Kaoru)

『O, Oh ……』(Vonthas)


Somehow, Mr. Lt. Col. acts like a little kid.

He doesn’t know about tactic like:

Sneak into the enemy’s garrison, poison the well,
In the siege game, prepare the corpses of those who died of infectious diseases and throw them into the enemy’s position with catapults.

Aren’t the soldiers doing that here?

On Middle Earth, they often did it…


Oh ya, something is pinned on the board.


【Military drug treatment drugs are bought in bulk by the military.
Soldiers refrain from going to the dealer directly and take medical treatment in the medical office】(Board)


Hey, this must be what Mr. Lt. Col. did…
Besides it, there is a paper about recruiting members for the Cafeteria…
And various papers are pinned there.

Yeah, the employee cafeteria of the company that I worked in the previous life also had such a poster.
Is it the same here?


And then Mr. Lt. Col. took us to the outdoor training ground.

The soldiers are training at the ground.
There are many types of exercises, such as a wide exercise station outside the town gate or going out combing marching training at a place far away.

As I look at the corner of the exercise room, there is a group of several people moving a little apart, manipulating things like boxes *Kacha~kacha* against each other.

As he realized I’m curious about it Mr. Lt. Col. told me.


『Oh, that is the communication soldier training.
That’s the hand flag signal in the daytime and a signal that is sent by opening and closing the front of the box lighting the candle at night.
Since it’s now daytime, we use sticks instead of candles in practice』(Vonthas)


Hoo, there are hand signals and light emission signals.
It’s like Morse code.


『I can also read it for somehow, but I didn’t practice it, so I can’t read it fast enough.
Well, up until now, I can communicate directly so there are no problems.
Well, in any event, the communication should be done by the communication soldier, and meals should be left to the cook』(Vonthas)


Yeah, it’s just like Mr. Lt. Col. said.
The one on the top should leave it to the person in charge without doing everything by himself.
Just like the sales manager only need to deal with the sales only…, no, it’s nothing.
It’s already passed. (T.N: Past life?)


『Eh? what…
【Who is that?】,
【No sign of medicine yet】,
【What are you doing here?】,
【I am disappointed】, (T.N: There’s no “Son,”)
【This is my work】
can you let me hit (kick) him for a little bit?』(Kaoru)

『…Why can you read? Okay, I give you permission to hit』(Vonthas)



Yes, of course, this is…


【The ability to have the conversation, reading and writing in every language】


This country version of Morse code is also 【language】!






『… Well, this base is roughly like this』(Vonthas)

Alright, I won! (T.N: Kaoru, stop imitate Mitsuha)

Then, I ran over to the communication soldier for the time being and kicked in.


But, is it 【base】 …?
Is it part of the kingdom?

By the way, on the Earth, the Navy and the Air Force were the base, the place the Army stay was called the garrison.

Eh… ships and airplanes can’t run without a mother base, but the Army will be able to stay anywhere as long as they have supplies, so it’s not a 【base】 but a place to stay now, isn’t it just as a 【garrison】?

Well, unlike the Navy and Air Force who sort out from the base every time, the Army doesn’t return every time. So, it’s not a【base】 in that sense, right?

Then, it doesn’t seem to fight the battlefield outside the country.

It seems to be the base station in a resident place of the King Army.

And then I returned to the store without knowing all the purposes of the Army. (T.N: Stop, Kaoru, you aren’t a spy)

As for the soldiers, 【The older sister of drugstores, the girl with scary eyes,
There seems to be a service to kick you】 such rumors are spread etc.



******And 3 days later******



『I want to purchase a large amount of military disease medicine』(Officer)


A senior older officer came to the shop.
It’s strange. Isn’t he supposed to be talked by Mister Lt. Col. ?


『Oh, for that matter, you should talk to the second captain of the King Army, Lt. Colonel Vonthas…』(Kaoru)


But as I told the officer the name of Lt. Colonel, his face distorts.


『King Army’s 2nd Captain, Lt. Colonel Vonthas…
That man, how dare he monopolize the medicine with the King Army alone.
They have not given anything to the Royal Guards Army!
And even though we come here for bulk purchase, we will just be told that 【Please go through Lt. Colonel Vonthas…】
Do something for our Army as well…
No matter what we do, there will be a dispute between the Royal Guards and Army troops!
We, the Royal Guards serve as the guards of the royal palace, escort of the nobles, and ceremonial rituals.
Our missions are more important than those of the King Army!
Nevertheless, why do you give preferential treatment to the King Army and reject the Royal Guard Army?』(Officer)


Oh, that’s a pity…
Mr. Lt. Colonel seems only doing that for the King Army!
Well, even if he gave it to the Royal Guard Army. It was like another organization, he wouldn’t gain much advantage…
But this can not be overlooked.
Even though I didn’t know about the Royal Guards Army, but it would be terrible to oppose them.


『I understand, when the next batch of medicine coming, I will also sell it to the Royal Guard Army.
How many people are there in the Royal Guard Army?』(Kaoru)

『Oh! Oh! That’s nice! You have my thanks!
The Royal Guards Army, in its role, isn’t a large number of people.
There are about 200 people in total, including 4 platoon and headquarters, support staff, etc.』(Officer)


According to the officer who seems to be the Captain of the Royal Guard Army, when accompanying royal trips etc, transportation units and additional support persons seem to be coming from other organizations, which seems to be only an ordinary single company scale.

Mr. Lieutenant Colonel ignores them because it’s a small group, or perhaps there is a bad relationship between the Royal Guard and the King Army…

Well, there’s no problem if it is about 200 people.
The ‘3 gold coins’ medicine will cure 8 people each so they will need at most 25 bottles.
One Box of 24 bottles will be enough for fishing.

But this person, he should be a higher rank Captain.
Normally, the captain of the King Army is a Lieutenant Colonel or a Colonel, but the Royal Guard Army should be a Brigadier or higher.

Regardless of the size of the company, how can he make it to the top of the Royal Guard Army as a Captain or a Major while he still has a bad relationship with King Army!

When you assign a class from the top, is it going to be …


『So, I appreciate about that, but actually, there is something else I would like to ask…』(Officer)

『Yes, what is it?』(Kaoru)


It seemed to be a bit complicated, but I should ask for the details.


『Just like the King Army, we want you to reserve and delivery the medicine to the Royal Guards, there are still many people who still don’t have medicine yet…』(Officer)


What that!?

Speaking of security guards, they keep the security of the capital.

These People are equivalent to police officers on the Earth.

In the training days, they might be safe.
But it won’t be so when something happens.

Unlike the King Army Soldiers, the Royal Guard Army can’t earn a reward for anything.
Every day is a real battle, there are also dangers that criminals, drunk soldiers, hunters attack them with swords and they might be killed if they don’t do it well.

And even doing that kind of work every day, even when they capture a criminal, they get neither a praise nor a heroism. It was such a job.

What do you think if the guards won’t get the medicine?

Because I am ignorant, I thought that all the soldiers were soldiers of the same organization.

I did not think that the Royal Guard and King Army soldiers were separate organizations.
Even Mister Lieutenant Colonel thought about this Royal Guard as a different organization…

Well, isn’t he a person who collects profits for himself?
That is to say, it doesn’t profit to others.
To what extent does it apply, and how much it applies?
I should also be careful …


Apparently, it seems that people thought I trusted the King Army more, that’s why they tell the person in charge of the Royal Guard Army to come.

Perhaps, from the soldiers that came here, I chased them back saying 【Please go through the Lt. Colonel Vonthas】

After that, it seems that they came to buy as individuals, but since that medicines are sold too much every day (like the hot cake), it’s often sold out when they came after having finished their work, I guess.
No, I did it now, sorry…

However, in order not to avoid trouble, I chose to stop selling drugs (potion?) that cure injuries and illness immediately,
Even though I chose 【something that won’t cause trouble even the nobility and rich people having their eyes on it】
Why did such a thing happen?

The military disease is so terrible disease, isn’t it?

… Yeah, it must be a horrible disease.

Damn, let’s increase the number of general sales for a while.

… However, besides the sales of other medicines, there’s one more thing I wonder about.

Why do not the shampoos, rinses and the sales of basic cosmetics increase?
Umm, I wonder if the noble’s wife advertises it properly…

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  1. Yep, If you wanna sell those Shampoo, just put the Big Banner front of your Store. It’ll be lure all whamen

    Else, Big bewbs and l00d stuff banner always destroy my SQ/Gem/Rubies/Jewel/Crystal 😦


  2. 『Eh? what…
    【Who is that?】,
    【No sign of medicine】,
    【What are you doing here?】,
    【I am disappointed】, (T.N: There’s no “Son,”)
    【This is my work】
    can you hit (kick) me for a little bit?』

    – Okay, I am not sure exactly but the soldiers are “signaling” rumors about Kaoru and being disappointed about her looks(?) or age or…. chest size (please take that acid-potion away from me, I was just kidding!) or something.
    Kaoru is reciting out loud what the soldiers are saying with their signals and asks permission to hit them.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Sounds right. I think it’s like:
      “who is she?”
      “that medicine store sign” (from Kaoru’s clothes, there is ads-like thing)
      “what is she doing here?”
      “it’s disappointing”( no b00bs)
      “that’s work for me” (lolicon?)


      • i add more: [it is the conversation between two communication soldier]:
        【Who is that?】,
        【No sign of {}->{them bring the} medicine】,
        【What {are you}->{are they} doing here?】,
        【I am disappointed】, (T.N: There’s no “Son,”)
        【{This is my work}->{those/they are my type}】 (flat / loli enthusiast?)


        • remember there should be Kaoru and Riette all together so it should be in plural form


    • Look here. Let’s get this straight with you guys once and for all. NEVER EVER talk crap about a lady’s bust size not being enough. You’re just asking to be murdered.


  3. suggestion:
    『Here is the cafeteria for below the non-commissioned officer.
    The officer will eat at {a cabinet}->{the room} beside it.
    Well, {normal}->{normally} the captains will not eat in the same room with the soldiers unless it’s a dinner party』(Vonthas)

    there’s not much to worry about the {upper part}->{high officer} will collapse at once at all …』(Kaoru)

    『Eh? what… {(Soldier A)}
    【Who is that?】, {(Soldier B)}
    【No sign of medicine】,{(Kaoru read the letter from foreign country)}
    【What are you doing here?】,{(Captain Vonthas)}
    【I am disappointed】, (T.N: There’s no “Son,”){(Kaoru think this is too easy for her)}
    【This is my work】{(Soldier A)}
    can you {hit (kick) me}->{let me try (kick/hit)} for a little bit?』(Kaoru) (T.N: It’s kinda hard to translate these)


  4. “sales manager only need to deal with the sales ”
    Kaoru: develope product, research product, sale, advertise, human resource, security…
    As she said, It already passed 😀

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  5. Definition of Garrison is;1) a military post especially : a permanent military installation 2) the troops stationed at a garrison… …………………I can not speak to other countries but USA uses “Fort” (from the word fortification) for MOST of their permanent Army bases on US soil/land and uses the words “Garrison” for the really big installations and “Camp” or “Barracks” for other smaller permanent installations in other countries. (there are a few Camps, Bases, and Barracks located on US soil)


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