Kaoru Chapter 67: Noble Again~

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Kaoru Chapter 67: Noble Again~



At last, things other than military disease medicine began to sell.

Shampoo and basic cosmetics, you ask?
No, it’s not sold…

However, instead of it, glassware and ceramic goods became hot products.
Although those glasswares are considerably less transparent than those of the Earth, however, it still clearly superior compared with the ordinary glass products of this era in this world.

And the ceramics are pottery such as Ōtani ware (Japanese pottery most famously known for its large size)

Maiolica (Italian tin-glazed pottery),

Imari ware (brightly-colored style of Arita ware)

Kutani ware (style of Japanese porcelain traditionally supposed to be from Kutani), etc.


No, I liked pottery, so I know the material soil, glaze, firing temperature and so on and the real thing was well seen at the exhibition and I also touched it.

So, even if I can’t make it by myself, but I won’t meet any trouble when people ask about it. I can just tell them I order from a 【goddess-like mark manufacturing factory】(Goddess’ Branch)

Although I’m kind of feeling bad for painting over such pieces of art, however, if I don’t do it, people might sell the imitation of it. I always pay attention so that it won’t happen.
I have a suspicion that it might be resold somewhere.
No, buy it cheaply and sell higher.
It is the basis of business.

There are buyers who can afford the expenses it but can’t meet the maker directly, thanks to the resellers, the buyers can get the famous product from the maker that they have never met, and buy it at the price they agree with.

Maker, seller, buyer, everyone can be happy, is a legitimate economic activity.

… or die!

No, I hate resellers.

I missed the ticket for the concert due to the touch difference and saw that it was resold on the net at 5 times the price, from that day on!

Somehow, there is no way to get rid of the resellers…


*Chirin* (Door Bell SFX)

『Hmm, this is the property …』(Noble-like Person)


If I have to say something, the people who just came in are fishy…

Nobility: 1,
Butler-like: 1,
Escort: 3,
And, as the lender of this store, the Real Estate Agent (REA): 1

Oh, here comes trouble… AGAIN…



『Please come in!』(Riette)


Yeah, there’s no more Riette’s super clumsy greeting【repeating gags】, 【promised gags】
Geez, you do it with a sense of duty, don’t you… it seems she succeeds in observing customers now.

However, this time I lost the timing to let Riette-chan escape to the second floor.
I wonder if I have to think about something good.
Like: escaping with a single button, an ejector seat… or …

However, won’t our necks break when our heads hit the ceiling? (T.N: Dragon Quest Zoom in Dungeon)


『I am not a customer, I am Earl Oram, the owner of this store』(Noble)



This place is a former general grocery store, and they lent it from the Real Estate Agent.
Because the owner’s children didn’t follow the parents’ work, the elder couple got out of business to rent out the store.
And I heard that they intend to have a retired life with the rent.
It should not belong to a noble.
In the first place, if it belongs to a noble, it won’t be for rent from the beginning.
As I look at the Real Estate Agent, his face looks somewhat pale…


『 Don’t worry, I’m not driving you out but as the owner has changed, the agreement with the former owner is ineffective.
You need to re-sign a new deal with me or get chased out.
Hey, bring me the contract』(Nobleman)



The person, who seems to be the butler waiting from the side, took out some documents and offered to me.
I received it and looking through the content…

Hereinafter we call the borrower A and lender B.

A shall pay 50% of the sales proceeds of this store as the rental fee of the store to B.
A shall comply with the instructions of the owner B regarding the price of the item of this store.
A shall comply with the instructions of the owner B regarding the seller of the merchandise of this store.
A will disclose all information on suppliers, manufacturing methods, etc. of the merchandise of this store to B.


Are you kidding me?


『Oh, the purchase price of the material is 60%, the processing expenses are 20% and the profit is 20%, under this condition, the more we sell, the more deficit it will be…』(Kaoru)

『It will be enough if you raise the selling price.
If you double or triple the price, you will have several times of your current profit.
Use a little bit!』(Noble)



Does he mean to say like【Can you use your head?】?


Can this man use his head?
I understand well.


『Okay, let me sign the contract. Of course, there are two copies of the contract, right?』(Kaoru)

『Oh, ah, of course …』(Noble)


Earl Oram somehow has a smug face because I agreed to sign the contract too easily.
And the REA also looked surprised.
Well, people usually will not agree, this is a ridiculous contract.
But he thought that the girl gave up because she would not be able to do anything against the aristocrat.
The REA looked sorry and turned his face down.

After signing the contract and confirming other matters, the Earl returned home with a joyful face.

Perhaps, besides 50% of the earnings of this shop, he plans to monopoly the glass products and ceramics that are getting popular recently.
There are a lot of uses for it. He might plan to use it as a trading material.

He is an Earl, the same rank as Lt. Colonel’s parent, meanwhile Mr. Lt. Col. is the only the 3rd son with a low probability of succeeding.
Which means he won’t afraid Mr. Lt. Colonel, and he doesn’t need to obey the instructions of the captain of the King Army because he is not a soldier.

And in the first place, a soldier can’t order a noble.
Even though the soldier side is also a noble, but he is only a 3rd son. In any case, Mr. Lt. Colonel can’t help with this one.

That Earl is a noble and not a soldier. (T.N: Not in the military)
He has a lot of servants to help him wash and clean his feet or applying the perfume oil.
I don’t think he is suffering from military-disease.

Anyway, 【He did it now】
Yes, I am really strict with malignant adversaries.


『So, first of all, please give me an explanation』(Kaoru)


And after the Earl returned, I asked the Real Estate Agent for explanation and apology.


『I’m sorry…, no, I’m really not at fault here…
Even so, I don’t have any choice』(Real Estate Agent)


And so, the Real Estate Agent explained.

Yesterday, the Earl suddenly appeared before the Real Estate Agent and demanded to purchase this store as 【The Earl’s property】

He wanted the REA to act as an intermediary to sign a new contract with the owner and me.

And in the afternoon, the REA hurriedly visited the elder couple, the owners of this store and purchased it.

Suddenly, a noble came and asked to sell the store considerably higher than the market price. It was a great deal and in the first place, they couldn’t turn down the noble. So, they agreed to sell the shop.
In any case, as long as the owner changed, I was forced to contract with the new renting conditions presented by the owner.


『That’s why it’s also difficult for me as well…
I’m sorry to change the conditions in the middle of the previous contract.
However, if you are dissatisfied,
You only have to cancel the contract.
Which do you prefer? I thought you would refuse it so…』(REA)


Well, he must be really surprised that I received the contract under that condition.

Well well, I can always look for another rental shop from now on, refurbishing the shop, moving out, but it will take time, money, and we have to take a break for the time being…

If it’s normal. (Average)

But, with such irritable conditions, people will normally choose that…

Yeah, if it’s normal. (Average) (T.N: Kaoru repeats it)


However, as soon as I reopened the shop, that Earl probably will appear again.
Say 【I owe this property…】


For now, I will have a talk to the Real Estate Agency that looks a bit sorry for me.


『Well, let’s have a little consultation, I have something to ask…』(Kaoru)


Yes, as a girl or as a merchant, I won’t tolerate it if they look down on me.
Behold the anger of the Nagase clan!

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    • Sam Walton (founder Wal-Mart) had that similar problem happen to his early store. He leased the store from someone. They saw he was making big money so they took away his store lease by using their contract conditions. They then re-opened the same type of store in the same space to basically steal the customers who were used to going to that location for goods. After that bitter lesson, Sam Walton would not open a store unless he completely owned the property and building.

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    • There IS a loophole. At least 1 if not more. This is a badly drawn out contract. I used to work for a law firm and I’ve never seen something so full of holes. Also, women bear grudges in general. Don’t ever make them have one against you. Or worse, two.


  1. suggestion:
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    Like: escaping with a single button, an {injection}->{ejector} seat… or …

    {Ann}->{And} in the first place, a soldier can’t order a noble.
    Even though the soldier side is also a

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    If this news get know by the royal guard and the military, i wonder how will it effect the security of the noble’s territory or his house?


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    • What!? Why would you feel bad for that noble!? Are you alright!? Is there something wrong with you!? What there to feel bad for!? That noble just wants to take advantage of Kaoru


  4. I’m guessing she signed as B and the nobleman signed as A because he was in too much of a hurry to notice. In a month’s time, she will ask him to give her 50% of her profits…

    Thanks for translating!

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