Sei Manga Chapter 7-4

Sei Cover vol 2
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Special Thank Reader “Someone” for the raw.

I will translate chapter 8 (4 Parts) later.

I will also re-upload chapter 7-1, 7-2, 7-3 in better raw (from “Someone)

WARNING: Please prepare Insulin, I’m not taking responsibility for how sweet it is.

Sei Manga Chapter 7-4

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Sei 2
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  1. no correction

    she is in daze when going back to research institute, i want to see her smiling and seeing distant eyes when she goes back.

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  2. I love this manga a lot and read it as soon as I see it is out. Thank you for your work!
    Though I would like a bit better quality of cleans (I don’t know how bad raw pages are but from cleans it looks like it can be improved). I would gladly help with this and share what is possible to do to improve quality of your works. Leave comment and I will provide my contact information if you are interested. Keep it up. 🙂

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        • Later, I will make fille .Zip of (Photoshop and raw) and upload online and email you the download link.
          You can fix it however you want and release it in your group.
          Just include me in Translate part.

          Right now, I’m kinda busy (Monday work), Maybe 1-2 day later.

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        • Y ou can translate and I can do all the cleaning (+ typesetting if you want), then I can send you all pages back and you can release. I don’t have active group I am working for at the moment, so You can keep releases in your blog 🙂


    • Ah. Oops I did a booboo and thot I was still where Blushy-san was with their LN translations XD.
      But whatever! Thank you regardless \₍ᵔ●ᆺ●ᵔ₎/

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